Monthly Archives: June 2009

Parliament Questions Time, 30 June 2009

Ministry of Transport has no mechanism in place to protect the interest of passengers who have purchased tickets in advance …

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Parliament Questions Time, 29 June 2009

Fox Communications Sdn Bhd  appointed by way of direct negotiation to do public relations work for PDRM at RM33,250 a month  …

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Parliament Questions Time, 23 June 2009

Air Asia still owing (now more than RM65 million) Airport Tax! Also, Minister of Finance says MAHB is still negotiating with Air Asia to settle the outstanding debt!

Air Asia masih berhutang (sekarang lebih RM65 juta) cukai lapangan terbang! Lagi pun, Menteri Kewangan berkata MAHB kini masih sedang dalam rundingan dengan Air Asia untuk menyelesaikan isu tersebut!

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Parliament Questions Time, 22 June 2009

Outright abuse of TechnoFund by Taiwanese national Madam Chen Oyan Yun Shai who is politically well-connected …

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