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I am delighted to receive many Chinese New Year greetings from my friends particularly the non-Chinese. It is such a beautiful feeling to know that during Chinese New Year, Malaysians of all races celebrate with their Chinese friends which makes it much more special.

This year may be a significant year for all Malaysians. In 2017 Malaysians may be given the golden opportunity to chart the course of this beautiful nation. I hope that Malaysians will rise to the occasion at the appropriate time, restore faith in the future and bring Malaysia to a greater height.

May I take this opportunity to wish all Chinese good health and GONG XI FA CAI. May the year of Fire Roster brings all Malaysians everlasting peace, good health and prosperity.


Wishing Malaysians a Happy & Prosperous New Year

Whilst we welcome 2017, we all know that the nightmares of 2016 have not faded away. No doubt, we need strength to face the challenges in store for 2017.  Whatever the challenges may be, we must resolve to see a better Malaysia that is more secure for our rakyat especially our next generation. May 2017 bring us Peace, Happiness, Success and Prosperity.

Wishing All Malaysians A Happy Deepavali

May the Festival of Light illuminates all our homes and enlighten our great nation.  Let all of us celebrate the victory of truth over falsehood. Let this Festival of Light also foster a better race relation based on friendship towards nation building.

Waiving of Visa For Group Tourists

Waiving of Visa for group tourists of more than 20 from People Republic of China.

Waiving of Visa for group tourists of more than 20 from the People’s Republic of China.


The Minister of Tourism and Culture, YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz had announced in June 2015 that the Cabinet had agreed to waive  Visa requirement for group tourists from the People’s Republic China (PRC) effective from 1 September 2015.

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