On/OFF Subang to KLIA. Now On again?

“Imminent Forced Migration of 1,800 MAS employees from Subang to KLIA” Continue reading “On/OFF Subang to KLIA. Now On again?”

Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government?

The above recent MAS circular/notice to all its agents was signed by Juliana Mohd Zulkifly, Pengurus Perjalanan Kerajaan dan Pelajar

Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director of MAS and also of PlaneConsult must be held responsible for ripping off the Government of Malaysia with its new fares structure for purchasing of flight tickets via Air Transport Warrant effective 16-4-2012.   Continue reading “Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government?”

Internet Access BLOCKED in MAS!

The latest circular from MAS’s IT Department dated 20-4-2012 was to ban and/or restrict MAS staffs’ access to the internet. This must be the TRIO‘s new found “BUSINESS PLAN” under the notorious MAS-AirAsia share “SUAP” and CCF.

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