Happy 53 years of Merdeka, Malaysia!

Today we celebrate 53 years of Independence.
53 years of peace, harmony and nation building.
May we have as many more 53 happy returns of the day.

Keep our Jalur Gemilang flying high and proud, Malaysia. Syabas!

DAP’s politics of expediency exposes the hypocrites riding on moral high horses

Update, 27 Aug 2010: Hah, I told you. I did say yesterday Mr Tee Boon Hock’s appeal will be a non-event, didn’t I? It’s preservation of the dynasty, lah! Full story here.

Make no mistake. DAP is equal to its supreme leaders, and vice versa. The rest of the minions are merely expendable party slaves tied constantly to a short, snug leash to cow them into absolute obedience. No matter what, the dynasty is to be served and its survival is all that matters. It can do no wrong. ‘Do what I say and not do what I do’ is law. The slightest hint of not showing “enough affection” to one or two supreme leaders can and will cost you your political career in the party. I was such a victim of this whimsical aberrance when I was sacked in 1998, a ludicrous ‘first’ in the world. No regrets though or I would be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; between hypocrisy and being a dynastic slave. Neither will serve integrity nor self-respect.

The recent sacking of Mr Tee Boon Hock, the ex-DAP councilor, who was alleged to have embroiled in the “letterhead scandals” is a clear example of blatant victimization for the sake of protecting the cronies – for the sake of endearing the dynasty.

But it’s this question of integrity that DAP falls way short on. The supreme leaders know it and for the purpose of the party’s political relevance and survival they will draw on their mastership of the art of political expediency to pull them through. It will save the day, no doubt, once more. PAS with its recent talk and posturing for an Islamic state will be muted and neutralized, yet again. PAS will withdraw into the background, re-group and wait to pursue its agenda another day. Why PAS will always do this like a gentleman beats me and this strategic behavior alone warrants a posting all its own on another day. Continue reading “DAP’s politics of expediency exposes the hypocrites riding on moral high horses”

TM UniFi “D-Link router only can do” – another TM monopolistic policy that raises suspicion!

I just found out to my disgust (after talking to a TM UniFi techie) that I cannot use any other router for the TM UniFi high-speed broadband service other than the D-Link router that is supplied in the package I signed up for. This is because of a “special configuration” dictate. And this is not acceptable!

As it is, Telekom Malaysia is already a monopoly and suspicion is already causing my brain to work overtime. And now that I have also been stung with this latest D-Link only router policy where I either have to “take it or leave it” my head is now running riot with even more suspicions with this company!

First of all, I would not have decided to junk the D-Link router supplied if everything was hunky-dory. This brand really sucks. I have had so much ‘signal issue’ with this D-Link router it’s not funny and I am beginning to wonder whether TM did it’s due diligence by properly testing it for UniFi high-speed use. Also, whoever at TM UniFi finally made the decision to exclusively assign this brand for its premium broadband service should have his/her head examined and taken to task, for the unit is an utter lemon! (As the British are known to call something that is unusually substandard and useless.) Continue reading “TM UniFi “D-Link router only can do” – another TM monopolistic policy that raises suspicion!”

One more letter to DBKL to relocate Danau Kota pasar malam, moved by residents like Jack Quah

Has DBKL the “political will” to make it happen and give meaning to BN’s slogan “Rakyat Diutamakan”?

The following is a copy of the letter which is cc-ed to Encik Jack Quah. The content of the letter is self-explanatory …

Jalan Genting Klang major upgrade – Datuk Bandar says “NO” to extention of completion date!

Ya, Wangsa Maju setuju DBKL tidak boleh ‘mesra kontraktor!’

(Terkini, 19 Ogos 2010 : Gambar pembinaan yang telah siap dan dalam proses pembinaan di bawah)

Yes, Wangsa Maju agrees DBKL cannot be ‘contractor friendly!’

(Update, 19 August 2010 : Pictures of completed and work-in-progress sections after text below)

At a meeting on 22 July 2010 with all Members of Parliaments whose constituencies are located within Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Bandar Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad B. Ismail had categorically stated that the major upgrade of Jalan Genting Klang must be fully completed by 18 November 2010 as scheduled.

Wangsa Maju had been informed that the contractor, Mentari Construction Sdn Bhd, had tried to ask for an extention of the completion date to be the end of the year 2011. Datuk Bandar was not agreeable to the request and insisted that all projects under the 9th Malaysia Plan must be completed within the period. Continue reading “Jalan Genting Klang major upgrade – Datuk Bandar says “NO” to extention of completion date!”