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Buka puasa with Pusat Anak Yatim Asrama Penyayang Nur Iman, Taman Setapak

The function was organised by Keadilan Wanita Wing of Wangsa Maju on 28 August 2009 and supported by Keadilan Wangsa Maju.




20 packets of rice were contributed to the orphanage which has 75 boarders and the hostel head, Ustaza Sharimah binte Ali, in return presented us with a plaque as souvenir.


PAS retains Permatang Pasir with a majority of 4,551

PAS candidate, Mohd Salleh Man, has won the Permatang Pasir state seat in the recently concluded by-election with a majority of 4,551 votes.

The Returning Officer announced the results as follows:
Mohd Salleh (PAS) polled 9,618 votes, and
Rohaizat Othman (BN) 5,067 votes.

Bearing in mind this is a by-election and that the BN’s election machinery is not short of funds, the win was a very convincing one for PAS/PR and it was a clear rejection for UMNO/BN. Congratulations PAS/PR! Congratulations YB Mohd Salleh Man.

MACC and IRB: In BN we trust, the rest we will harass

When it comes to enforcement and deciding to prosecute, the behavior of some of the governmental bodies is amazingly strange and utterly biased. But what’s more unacceptable is the fact that their “selective acts” had never failed to insult the intelligence of the man-in–the-street and why they persist in making themselves appear as fools and laughing-stocks with their stupid antics is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

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YM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah's speech on "Race in the political life of Malaysia"


Sunday, 9 August 2009 – Prince Phillip Lecture Theatre, Melbourne University, Australia.

Thank you for inviting me to speak at this event.

Distance, home and reflection

1) The opportunity to study abroad is a gift. I remember my days as a student in Belfast so long ago. Now as then, overseas study gives us the chance to be educated at some of the finest, best established institutions of higher learning anywhere, and to be exposed to the best that has been thought and done, and to measure ourselves against the highest standards. It is an opportunity to see the world. Continue reading

DBKL to remove illegal telco dishes and antennas in Wangsa Maju

On May 20, 2009 I have brought up the issue of telco towers, antennas and dishes in Wangsa Maju and other places in Wilayah Persekutuan at the meeting with Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. I have also informed Yg Bhg Datuk Ahamd Fuad of the danger of these electromagnet/radio wave pollution and transmission dishes and tower to our health. I have also formally written to Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Fuad stating that there are reports stating that the electromagnet emissions may cause LEUKEMIA, BRAIN CANCER, SCLEROSIS and DEGENERATIVE DISEASES THAT AFFECT NERVE CELLS IN THE BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD. Continue reading

Perginya seorang lagi sahabat seperjuangan dan sastrawan tanah air: Allahyarham Abd Muluk @ Dharmala NS

Takziah di atas permergian Abd. Muluk atau lebih di kenali dengan nama penanya Dharmala NS.

Allahyarham di lapurkan telah kembali kerahmatullah pada jam 8.40 pagi ini. Ahli keluarga tersayang turut berada di sisi ketika Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir.

Pemergiannya pasti akan ditangisi seluruh rakyat yang cintakan kebebasan dan keamanan.  Kerana perginya seorang pejuang dan sastrawan terbilang.   Allahyarham adalah seorang sahabat seperjuangan politik saya serta pemurah dalam memberikan pandangan dan nasihat sepanjang masa.  Saya sentiasa menghargai pandangan dan nasihat Allahyarham.  Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk merakamkan penghargaan diatas sumbangan Allahyarham dan keluarganya semasa pilihanraya umum  di Wangsa Maju. Berani saya menyatakan disini bahawa tanpa bantuan dan sokongan dari Allahyarham dan keluarganya (khasnya isteri Allahyarham) saya tidak akan menjadi Ahli Parlimen.

Ucapan Takziah dan perasaan sedih saya iringi diatas pemergian Allahyarham dan ucapan serta perasaan yang sama juga saya ucapkan kepada seluruh ahli keluarga Allahyarham.

Wee Choo Keong