Your MP’s Question of the Week #11

Maybank is Malaysia’s largest domestic bank. It is also a government linked company with the government having close to 60% control of the banking group’s assets.

Recently Maybank has disclosed that it intends to buy over Temasek Holdings’ (a Singapore government linked company) shares in Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) for a premium of 4.6 times above its book value for a total sum of RM8.6 billion. Continue reading “Your MP’s Question of the Week #11”

Parliamentary Questions for second sitting of parliament

Time to submit parliamentary questions, again!

Not ever wanting to be one of those ‘caught’ by blogger I am a Malaysian for “gross dereliction of duty” for not submitting parliamentary questions ;-) I wish to invite Wangsa Maju-ians to submit questions to me that you wish me to bring up in parliament for the second sitting in 2008, which will be from 23 June to 15 July. Continue reading “Parliamentary Questions for second sitting of parliament”

Mahadi's and Azlan's infamous 3 little words …

NOTICE: Read Maybank’s Briefing on purchase of Bank Internasional Indonesia from Temasek Holdings here.

(Terjemahan ada berikut di bawah.)
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Yesterday, in a Malay Mail online news item headlined Demolition chief was ‘carrying out orders‘” here’s what the paper reported in its opening paragraphs:

“THE City Hall officer responsible for depriving some 200 families of their livelihood by hastily tearing down eight illegally erected food courts in Taman Desa Setapak on May 21 said: “I was merely carrying out my duty.”

“Azlan Abdullah, who was in charge of the demolition of the eight buildings housing some 130 hawker stalls, said he did not receive any instructions to halt the demolition work.” Continue reading “Mahadi's and Azlan's infamous 3 little words …”

The faces behind the insubordination of orders & high-handed demolitions

Muka-muka dalam hikayat menafikan arahan dan perobohan angkuh

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This is the Ketua Jabatan Perancang of DBKL(City Hall urban planning director) and immediate superior of En Azlan, En Mahadi Che Ngah, who did not read his SMS for 5 days.

Inilah Ketua Jabatan Perancang DBKL dan ketua En Azlan, En Mahadi Che Ngah, yang tidak membaca SMSnya untuk 5 hari. Continue reading “The faces behind the insubordination of orders & high-handed demolitions”

Your MP's Question of the Week #10

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Kuala Lumpur is working towards being a world-class city. Apart from developing the environment and infrastructure in an orderly and responsible manner to live up to that dream, the city must – as top priority – look to managing its people’s issues with care, love and understanding. Continue reading “Your MP's Question of the Week #10”