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Amok’s crony Rashdan is OUT, who are NEXT?

Is Rashdan (right) out of MAS for good?

Updates @ 12:30 pm on 31-5-2012: Rumour has it that Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, who had played a very significant role in the uplifting of the 35,000 passengers from AAX Sdn Bhd with very low fares and the Re-Accommodation Agreement, has ended his “honeymoon” as Acting Commercial Director of MAS yesterday. Was his tenure ended abruptly? Is PlaneConsult still doing the “CONSULTING” work for AJ?

It seems that Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, is still running “AMOK” in MAS. He was seen accompanying AJ in the inaugural A380 flight from Paris to KL yesterday.

Can someone in MAS help to confirm the above?  Thank you

YB Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanazlah, Minister of Finance II said that MAS has been instructed to submit its projection plans to the Government to monitor its performance and ensure it remain competitive. MAS has been also instructed to submit its projection plans for the next five years to the government.  For full report in Sun Daily please read in HERE. Continue reading