Khazanah: What actions are to be taken on the losses of RM1.17 bil by MAS?

MAS losses for 2013 RM1.17 billion!
MAS losses for 2013 was RM1.17 billion!

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS, announced yesterday that MAS chalked up RM1.17 bil losses for 2013!  In August 2013 AJ had told the nation that MAS will be on track to profitability by the end of 2014 as his Business Plans of 2011 was gaining traction, in HERE. With the losses of RM1.17 bil for 2013, it will be a miracle if MAS could turnaround as predicted by the end of 2014. Continue reading “Khazanah: What actions are to be taken on the losses of RM1.17 bil by MAS?”

Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ

Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, MAS MD from 1972 to 1991
Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, MAS MD from 1972 to 1991. He left MAS with a cash reserve of RM5 billion
Dr Mahadon Abdullah, director of MAS
Dr Mahamadon Abdullah, who was a loyal  employee of MAS for many years and now a  director of MAS

Updates on 23-8-2013 @1:00 am:  

Rumour has it that Dr Hugh Dunleavy’s salary is in the region of RM100,000-00 a month plus other perks.  His two years contract will expire in mid January 2014.  Rumour also has it  that Dr Hugh is lobbying to have his contract extended.  Under the circumstances, Dr Hugh can not be blamed for lobbying for extension. This also apply to a few others!  

From now on, Dr Hugh had to be extremely nice to Puan Zahrah Zaid, formerly from Danone Biscuit Company.  She joined MAS during the MAS-AirAsia share swap.  About Puan Zahrah Zaid please read “Now Everyone Can Join MAS”.

 Dr Hugh is known for his VAST experience in Westjet. He joined Westjet in January 2005 and in 2011 he was made redundant. God knows why a man of such caliber was made redundant!

 As at December 2007 Westjet was flying to only 26 destination within Canada and 12 in America. It has 70 aircrafts including its 13 owned 600s series, 16 leased and 35 owned 700s series.  Revenue between $1 billion to $5 billion and employees between 5,000 to 10,000. Westjet is no bigger than AirAsia. No wonder Dr Hugh needed Seabury Consulting to think for him and his boys.  

Next Change/AKAN DATANG:  “The AJ’s Talented Hollywood & Bollywood STARS”

40 years and 9 months ago, the nation saw the birth of our “Golden Child”, MAS. That memorable day was 1-10-1972.  Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman and the loyal Malaysians including Dr Mohamadon Abdullah, who is now a director of MAS, had to steer MAS from nothing and they did make us proud.

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