Is Tourism Malaysia Everyone’s “ATM”?

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is a genius by all counts.

Updates at 11 am on 29-01-2019:  The Minister of MOTAC and Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of TM will be launching a Joint Incentive Tourism Development Programs in KLIA at 2 pm today (29-1-2019). The press should ask Datuk Musa about his involvement in the Speedy Gonzales deal and whether the deal was planned well before the inception of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd on 6-11-2017.  Please see below for the publicity generated by the misleading “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko” scheme devised by Datuk Musa Yusof in HERE


It is now clear that the shady “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal involving Tourism Malaysia (TM) and an infant IT company, Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko), was planned months ahead.

The new revelations which are part of yours truly’s continuing probe into the ambiguous “Speedy Gonzales” deal show an amateurish rip-off of TM funds.

Fundamentals in awarding contracts and making payments were neglected, suggesting that TM was an easy agency to milk, or rather an automated teller machine (ATM).

The Arrest & Remand of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & Ms Elizabeth Ken

Both Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Ms Elizabeth Ken were in orange “uniform”.

The “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal exploded when Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and the CEO of Geeko, Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying were arrested and remanded for four days by MACC on 10 January, 2019.

The Little Napoloens In TM

The little napoleons in the top management of TM have had inkling of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal as early as in November 2017 when Geeko was incorporated.

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof , the then Director of Bahagian Promosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika), was a known promoter of digital platform/Geeko deal in TM.  Datuk Musa knew or ought to have known that in 2016/2017 TM had already paid RM40 million to Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken), which was represented by Raja Firdaus and Mr Ron Chow the director of Kraken, to provide TM with digital marketing platform. Why was Datuk Musa so active in promoting another digital platform through Geeko in 2017/ 2018?

In January 2018,  a ‘foolproof’ scheme was devised to avoid seeking MAMPU’s approval to appoint Geeko to prepare a report /Kajian for TM to appoint Geeko!

The Relationship Between Datuk Musa & Geeko

Of course, Datuk Musa didn’t put in his “proposal” of his precarious position of conflict of interest:   that he was on the TM top management; and president of KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC).

KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. What a brilliant “proposal” by Datuk Musa!  From the said “proposal” below you will no doubt conclude that Datuk Musa is a genius!

No wonder he was promoted to be the DG of TM in a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ fashion.

The little napoleons in TM love quickies.

The evidence below clearly shows that Datuk Musa not only played an active part to promote the shady “Speedy Gonzales” but was also instrumental in securing the appointment of Geeko as the “go-between company” on the pretext of providing the digital platform for TM.

For the benefit of new readers, let yours truly reproduced some of the glaring facts.


Pic of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei when he was released by MACC. He was the chairman of TM. He is the current chairman of Ancom Bhd and MD of Nylex Bhd.

 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei

At the material time, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was the high- flying chairman of TM. Currently he is the chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD for Nylex Bhd and CEO of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).  The defunct print and online Malay Mail are part of his ‘empire’.

He is also a well-known corporate genius but not after May 9, 2018 though. He has many outfits like Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract with MRT),  Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract in Malaysia airports), Ancom Chemical Sdn Bhd (exclusive Methanol contract from Petronas), Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd and many others.

Geeko, Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd and Berlin Puncak Sdn Bhd share the same registered office address and the same company secretary, Mr Stephen Geh Sim Whye. What a co-incidence?? Please read HERE.

Ms Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group. She is also the CEO & shareholder of Geeko.

Ms Elizabeth Ken

Elizabeth Ken is one of the shareholders and CEO of Geeko. She is also the media specialist of Redberry whose CEO is, of course, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei.

Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko)

On 6 November 2017, Geeko was incorporated. Elizabeth Ken and her company EN Vouge Sdn Bhd and KOPEMA (Kakitangan Koperasi MOTAC) are the shareholders. At that material time, Datuk Musa Yusof, was president of KOPEMA and director of Bahagian Pomosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika). Datuk Ammar A Gapar is one of the director in TM and the deputy president of KOPEMA.

The little napoleons in TM have been playing deaf and dumb over the ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal. Then we witnessed the sudden crowning of ‘Musa the Great’ as the Director General (DG) of TM.  It was a “Speedy Gonzales” promotion.

When yours truly first wrote about the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei defended Geeko deal to the hilt. The little napoleons in TM have gone into silent mode since then.

The Conflict of Interest

Clear case of Conflict of interest, read HEREHERE.

The “PLAN”

On 19 January, 2018, about 73 days after the incorporation of Geeko, Datuk Musa and other little napoleons hatched a scheme called “PROMOSI BERSAMA TOURISM MALAYSAI DAN TENCENT/GEEKO TECH BAGI PROMOSI PASARAN DIGITAL (SMART TOURISM)” (“Promosi Bersama Geeko”) that  cost TM a whooping RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/Kajian.

If TM were to directly appoint Geeko to prepare a report/Kajian for an IT Project it would have to submit the plan/proposal for approval to MAMPU. That would be time consuming and may not get approval.

Datuk Musa and the other little napoleons in TM must have mooted the scandalous Geeko/Digital Platform many weeks if not months before 19 January, 2018.

From the said proposal for “Promosi Bersama”, it will not be too far fetched to suggest that Datuk Musa and gang must have planned the scandalous Geeko deal well before the incorporation of GEEKO on 6 November, 2017.

The Bomb Shell & so-called Proposal For “Promosi Bersama TM dan Geeko/Tencent”

Please see the said questionable proposal “Promosi Bersama” by Datuk Miusa Bin Yusof below.

Page 1 “Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” To Be Approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG.


Page 2 of the “Minit Kelulusan
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” was signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.


In a nutshell it was just a simple proposal for a report/Kajian to be prepared by Geeko to appoint itself to be a “special purpose vehicle” for someone. What a brilliant proposal!

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Firstly, the important glaring conflict of interest was that Datuk Musa did not declare in the said proposal:

The possible conflict of interest on Musa’s part as the president of KOPEMA because KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. He is also the director of Bahagian Antarabangsa (Afrika/China).  At that material time, it seemed Datuk Mirza, who was previously charged twice for corruption, very innocently approved the said  “Promosi Bersama” for RM1,167, 900.00.

The said astronomical sum was paid for producing a report/KAJIAN. Not bad for a five-month old company to be awarded and paid RM1,167,900.00 by a government agency for a simple job.

Secondly, on 19.1.2017 the appointment of Geeko was not only unprecedented but violated the regulations of Ministry of Finance (MOF) because Geeko was not registered with MOF.

Geeko was only registered with MOF on 6-4-2018. However, the “Speedy Gonzales” contract was signed on 4-4-2018, two days before the said registration. This is evident of the little napoleons in TM who did not give a damn about MOF rules. TM is just a cash cow for some.

Thirdly, there was no real promotional activities for the so-called “Promosi Bersama TM dan Tencent/Geeko”.

The Glaring Points In The Said “Promosi Bersama”

Page 2 of the said “Promosi Bersama”.

Para 2.2        Objektif Pelaksanaan Smart Tourism adalah:

Para 2.2.2     Membekalan laporan data industry pelancongan bagi membantu dalam process  decision making.


Page 3 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 3.1        Table

No. 5 in the table:  Final Summary Reports

Deliverable: Project Summary report


Page 4 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 4.           JUSTIFIKASI BAHAGIAN (Glaring section)

4.1      Projek ini adalah wajar  dilakukan bagi membantu dalam pembangunan SMART Tourism. Khidmat dari Syarikat Tencent Technology yang digunakan oleh kajian ini juga adalah bersesuaian memandangkan syarikat ini adalah syarikat gergasi di China yang mempunyai pengalaman yang meluas dalam bidang teknologi.

The glaring questions are: 

Why didn’t TM go direct to Tencent Technology?

Why TM had to appoint a five-month old company to do the “KAJIAN” to use Tencent Technology?

Why was there a need for a “KAJIAN” from a five-month old company to appoint a big company like Tencent Technology, which is equivalent to Google or Yahoo?

Isn’t it obvious that Geeko was a go-between for this “Speedy Gonzales” deal? (On 1-6-2018 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei had declared that Geeko is a “special purpose vehicle” for Tencent, which he subsequently did an about turn 7 days later.)



Jumlah kos anggaran adalah sebanyak RM1,167,900.00 menggunakan peruntukan sedia ada mengurus 2018 Bahagian Pegiklanan, Tourism Malaysia.

At the material time TM was (and is still) operating under deficit of more than RM130 million.

If this is the case, where is the so-called “PERUNTUKAN”?

Was the so-called “PERUNTUKKAN” a means to siphon off RM1,176,900.00 from TM?

The Salient Facts:

Datuk Mirza (ex-DG of TM) approved the said above proposal  “Promosi Bersma” by Datuk Musa and Puan Azleen Mat Zip, TM Director of Finance, paid RM1,167,900.00 to Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd.  Puan Azleen had a copy of the so-called Report/”KAJIAN” prepared by Geeko to appoint Geeko/Tencent.

Sources in TM also confirmed that there was no agreement for the so-called “PROMOSI BERSAMA GEEKO/TENCENT” to support the payment of RM1,167,900.00.  The Head of Internal Audit, Puan Salinda binti Sany, picked up this glaring transaction during the audit exercise and questioned it. However, there was no further action. The issue just died down.  WHY?

Puan Salinda did prepare an audit report on this matter. Where is the audit report now?

Now we know why Musa, the newly appointed DG of TM, was and is a genius in “planning” and more importantly drawing up the “fool proof” proposal.

There must be an in-depth investigation into this so-called  proposal for “Promosi Bersama” and the “Kajian”, which cost TM RM1,167,900.00, by MACC.

KSN should examine what Datuk Musa had done or his role in the “Speedy Gonzales” deal when his DG post is up for confirmation.

Next: Another MOTAC/TM bombshell.

Please Stay Tuned.




Prosecute Directors of UKSB!

YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Yassin, Minister of Home Affairs

We support the Minister of Home Affairs, YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Mohd Yassin, for taking serious actions on the activities of the scandalous visa processing company, Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB). Yours truly had been asking the government for actions against these visa processing companies for sometimes, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

This visa processing business was finally blown wide upon by the article “Acaman Besar Negara” by Harian Metro on 15-11-2018. Thank you Harian Metro for highlighting this scam as reported.





Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) memandang serius pendedahan oleh akhbar Harian Metro mengenai dakwaan kelemahan sistem Visa Luar Negara (VLN) atas talian termasuk eNTRI dan eVISA untuk pelancong dari negara China dan India yang ingin memasuki Malaysia.

Pelaksanaan sistem eNTRI yang dikendalikan oleh syarikat Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) melalui satu perjanjian konsesi dengan KDN sejak tahun 2016 dikatakan gagal berperanan sebagai sistem saringan dan tapisan awal ke atas warga China yang memasuki negara ini.

Sejak memulakan tugas sebagai Menteri Dalam Negeri, saya telah mengarahkan pihak pengurusan KDN untuk mengkaji semula perjanjian-perjanjian konsesi dengan vendor-vendor yang mengendalikan pelbagai sistem imigresen termasuk sistem VLN. Tujuan kajian semula ini ialah untuk memastikan kepentingan kerajaan dan keselamatan negara tidak terjejas oleh sebarang bentuk kelemahan yang berkemungkinan wujud di dalam perjanjian mahupun pelaksanaan sistem.

Pihak KDN juga akan mengemukakan cadangan kepada kabinet untuk menaiktaraf sistem imigresen sedia ada sebelum membangunkan satu sistem baharu yang lebih efisien untuk memastikan perkhidmatan yang disediakan adalah lebih cekap, selamat dan menjimatkan kos.

Pada masa ini, pihak Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) sedang menyiasat pelbagai dakwaan penyelewengan yang melibatkan beberapa syarikat konsesi yang mendapat hak untuk mengendalikan sistem imigresen. Pihak KDN memberikan kerjasama sepenuhnya kepada SPRM dalam menjalankan siasatan.

KDN tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap mana-mana pihak jika terdapat bukti mengenai kelemahan atau penyelewengan di dalam pelaksanaan sistem ini.


Menteri Dalam Negeri


The above statement concern Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB), which runs the biggest visa processing operations in China, India, Bangladesh, Philipine, Dubai and others.  UKSB’s daily collection is in the region of RM500,000 to RM700,000.


S5 Systems Sdn Bhd


Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin. Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei. These are the two powerful corporate figures. Both are business partners and in ANcom Bhd.

The KDN should also be investigating into another visa processing company, S5 Systems Sdn Bhd.  Tan Sri Al Amin is the main player behind this company.  Up to May 9th, 2018 (14th GE), Tan Sri Al Amin, who is a close buddy and business partner of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, was politically well connected up to PMO. Many of Tan Sri Al Amin and Dato’ Siew Ka Wei’s outfits have been awarded with exclusive long terms contracts. Their outfits are Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (exclusive contract for advertising space in KLIA and others for 7 years plus 3 years), Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (exclusive contract for advertising space in MRT and stations for 10 years), Ancom Kimia Sdn Bhd (methanol exclusive contract with Petronas Chemical) and others.

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Tan Sri Serigar, the former Ketua Pengarah MOF were known to have actively campaigned for BN candidate against our PM YAB Tun Dr Mahathir in Langkawi Constituency during the GE14th.

When Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (TM), TM was involved in the scandalous RM 99.693 millions Speedy Gonzales  Geeko contract.  Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd‘s CEO is Ms Elizabeth Ken, who is a media specialist of Redberry Media Group. It was by co-incidence that  Redberry Media Group is also one of the outfits of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei!I   In June 2018, a report had been lodged with MACC.  We are waiting for actions from MACC on this simple and obvious case.

We hope that the Home MInister will take the necessary actions to terminate the so-called visa processing contracts with UKSB, S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd. Tourists arrivals from China have dropped tremendously because the tourists were charged with exorbitant visa processing fees. We don’t need visa processing companies. Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia could carry out the visa processing task easily. We don’t need an artificial “toll” set up for the benefits of certain powerful personalities.


Stay tune.

Visa Processing Is A Lucrative Business!


BEIJING, 2 Feb — Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, examined the electronic visa system (e-Visa) when he visited the Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd’s One Stop Centre – OSC Malaysia in Beijing.  3rd from left: is the Malaysian Ambassador to China, Datuk Zainuddin Yahya who is a defender of OSC.
Extreme Right: Tuan Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani a.k.a Wan Badak.


On 19 October 2018 YB Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Zahid), president of UMNO, was slapped with 45 charges off money laundering involving RM72 mil and criminal breach of trust and accepting bribes involving RM42 mil, HERE.

Out of the 45 charges, 3 of which is connected with a visa processing company or One Stop Centre (OSC) known as Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd (Profound Radiance).  The charge sheet for the said 3 charges will be posted below.


As early as in 2015 Nepal government was unhappy with the increased of visa processing fees more than five fold.  The Nepal governnment had protested about the excessive processing being charged for visa applications. A local company was appointed to work on behalf of Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB). For the full report by Asia News, HERE.

MACC has already started to investigate into the visa processing fees by UKSB from 2012 until 2018, HERE. Of course, Tuan Mohd Fardhi bin Ahmad, Pengarah Bahagian Visa (a.k.a. as “The Hebat One“, had denied that MACC was investigating into the activities of UKSB.  That detail was made before Zahid was charged for corruption and three of the charges were connected with one of the visa processing companies called Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd.

At any one time there were about 4 people working. Their job was to scan and key in the particulars of the applicant in the UKSB office.

The estimated daily income of UKSB is RM500,000.00. Its’ overhead is very negligible if compared two its daily income. All UKSB needs to do is to employ less than 10 staffs to key in the applicants particulars and send them back to Bukit Aman for clearance.  By 3 pm on the same day the same staffs will go to our Embassy to get the stickers for those that have been approved. Thereafter, they will stick the stickers on the the passports.

UKSB is the ‘big boy’ in the visa processing business.  Profound Radiance and S5 Systems Sdn Bhd are the new kids in the block.

Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd

List of Directors for Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd



List of Shareholders of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd

Azlan Shah bin Jaffril holds 750,000 shares in Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd (Profound Radiance). He has been named in the three charges for giving the three Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd cheque to the accused, Zahid.

Yours truly is curious about the identity of this Mazrina binti Mustafa, who holds the other 250,000 shares. Rumour has it she is politically connected.  Can anyone help with more info on her?

Out of the 45 charges 3 of them, namely the 16th, 17th and 18th charge are connected to Profound Radiance, which one of the companies involved with visa processing business and One Stop Centre (OSC).  In all the three charges, Azlan Shah Jeffril was name as the person who gave the bribe to Zahid.

The other two companies involved in the visa processing business and/or One Stop Centre (OSC) are Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) and S5 Systems Sdn Bhd.

Tuan Wan Quoris Shah Bin Wan Abdul Ghani aka Wan Badak is one of the key players in UKSB.

The key players in UKSB are Wan Quoris Shah bin Wan Abdul Ghani a.k.a. Wan Badak and Harry Lee Vui Khiun, who is from Tawau, Sabah. Wan Badak used to exhibit his fleet of cars like Porsche, Ferrari and etc in his Facebook.  After May 9, 2018 (GE 14th) when BN government was toppled, he deleted his Facebook. It is an open secret that he is a lieutenant of the ex-Minister of Youth & Sport, YB Khairy Jamaluddin.

For the background of UKSB, please read HERE.

S5 Systems Sdn Bhd

Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin. Right:  Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei.  Prior to May 9, 2018, these are the two most powerful corporate figures in Malaysia.

Just to digress a little. The key player in S5 Systems Sdn Bhd is none other than Tan Sri Al Amin, who is closed to the ex-PM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  Tan Sri Al Amin is a business partner of Dato’ Seri Siew Ka Wei (who is equally closed to the ex-PM) in Ancom Bhd (Ancom).  Ancom’s  subsidiaries includes  Redberry Media Group, Malay Mail, Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (10 years exclusive contract for  advertising space for MRT and stations), Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd, Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising space contract  in KLIA for 7 years plus 3 years from May 2014), Ancom Kimia Sdn Bhd and others.

Ancom Kimia Sdn Bhd had been awarded with 5 years exclusive supply contract of Methanol by Petronas Chemicals Group Sdn Bhd. Yours truly believes that the 5 years monopoly is expiring in December 2018.  It is trying to renew the exclusive contract for another 5 years but six companies (users) are  protesting against the monopoly.

Both of these corporate figures are extremely powerful and effective up to May 9, 2018!


The Three Charges

Charge No: 16th

Charge No: 16th – Received a bribe in he sum of RM300,000.00.

On 3-8-2017 Received a bribe via a Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd cheque in the sum of  RM300,000.00 from Azlan Shah bin Jaffril, the manager of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, for the appointment of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd as a service provider for One Stop Centre in Pakistan and Nepal.

Charge No: 17th

Charge No: 17th. Received a bribe in the sum of RM1,000,000.00.

On 9-1-2018 Received a bribe via a Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd cheque in the sum of  RM1,000,000.00 from Azlan Shah bin Jaffril, the manager of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, for the appointment of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd as a service provider for One Stop Centre in Pakistan and Nepal.

18th Charge

Charge No: 18th  Received bribe in the sum of RM700,000.00.

On 15-3-2018 Received a bribe via a Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd cheque in the sum of  RM700,000.00 from Azlan Shah bin Jaffril, the manager of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, for appointment of Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd as a service provider for One Stop Centre in Pakistan and Nepal.

MACC Is Investigating On UKSB

Recently MACC had asked for data on visa processing activities that were connected to UKSB from 2012 to 2018 from Immigration Department Malaysia, HERE.  Rumour has it that Wan Badak had been questioned by MACC.  MACC should interview the main player in UKSB, Mr Harry Lee Vui Khiun.

Lets buy our popcorns and watch out for more movies from now on.


Stay Tuned.

Visa “Processing Fees” Collected By Company Related to Tan Sri Al Amin – Part – 2

Left: Tan Sri DR Mohamed Al Amin Abdul Majid.  Right: Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei. These are the two powerful corporate figures.  Both are DR ok!

Updates on 3-7-2018 at 4 pmYg Bhg Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim, a former Minister, has called for the dismantling of the companies involving in the visa “processing fees”. They are Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd ( Wan Quoris Shah and Harry Lee Vui Khiun) and S5 Systems Sdn bhd (Tan Sri DR Al-Amin, the business partner of Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei), HERE.  Both Tan Sri DR Al Amin and Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei are also connected to Ancom Bhd and Redberry Media Group. 


Beside Tuan Wan Quoris Shah bin Wan Abdul Ghani, the other prominent player for the visa “processing fees” business is none other than the famous and powerful Tan Sri DR Mohamed Al Amin Abdul Majid (“Tan Sri Al Amin”).  He is the business partner of Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ DR Siew”).  Tan Sri Al Amin appears prominently behind the company S5 Systems Sdn Bhd (“S5 Systems”) and NSA Technology Sdn Bhd (“NSA Technology”).  The relationship between S5 Systems, NSA Technology and Tan Sri AL Amin will be discussed in greater details below.

For the background of the “Visa Processing” business, please read Part 1, HERE.

Continue reading “Visa “Processing Fees” Collected By Company Related to Tan Sri Al Amin – Part – 2″

Siew Ka Wei: Who Doctored The Evidence?? (“Speedy Gonzales” Deal)

Ms Elizabeth Ken’s profile on the website of Likendin captured on 31-5-2018.

Updates as on 13-06-2018 @ 12 noon:  It is so refreshing to note the culprits are behaving themselves a little bit.  There is no change to the professional profile of Ms Elizabeth Ken on LinkedIn Website as of 12 June 2018 (i.e. Elizabeth Ken the “Media Specialist Dallas Media Group” with the same interest in Redberry Media Group). Yours truly hopes that the culprits will not mess around with the documents connected to the scandalous GEEKO’s transaction like what they have done to the said Elizabeth Ken’s profile on Linkedin.


Yesterday, we shared the above image to provide an interesting insights into the relationship between Yg Bhg Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ Dr Siew”) and Ms Elizabeth Ken through Redberry Media Group and Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO Tech“), in HERE. Continue reading “Siew Ka Wei: Who Doctored The Evidence?? (“Speedy Gonzales” Deal)”