Justice for TBH-2! [Part 4]

A gallery of rogues and untouchables in TBH sacking!
Another clear-cut case of double standard, selective justice and cronyism for the prosperity of the dynastic Daddy Anak Party sdn bhd!

Yesterday thestar online reported former Hulu Selangor district councillor K A Ramu had lodged a complaint with the Selangor Daddy Anak Party against Lee Kee Hiong in 2008 over the improper disbursement of funds for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency. The gist of the matter was many locals were disappointed that a company based in Shah Alam was given the bulk of cleaning and maintenance projects by her, which were meant for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency.

K A Ramu was unhappy over the party’s inaction over the matter and subsequently resigned his councillor’s post in October that year.

You can read thestar online report here or go to K A Ramu’s blog for his side of the story here.

Ronnie Liu - The innocent one!
Lee Kee Hiong - The innocent too!

Tan Kok Wai - And he did not know of Lee Kee Hiong's hanky panky!

Justice for TBH-2! [Part 3]

Highlighting glaring facts, events and selective-justice … which make “Justice for TBH-2!” campaign even more urgent, justified!

DAP, treated as the Daddy Anak Party Sdn Bhd by its supreme leaders, has been spearheading all kinds of political campaigns under the name of ‘JUSTICE”. Surely justice is a universal value that should be accorded to all, including members who are not cronies. If the dispensation of JUSTICE is only for Daddy and Anak and their cronies, then the Daddy Anak Party said struggles are not genuine but are for “SELECTIVE JUSTICE” based on CRONYISM! Continue reading “Justice for TBH-2! [Part 3]”