Swearing-in ceremony of Members of Parliament

Today’s session, which began at approximately 10.00 a.m., was mainly preoccupied with the election of the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, swearing-in of individual Members of Parliament totalling 222 members and finally election of the Deputy Speakers.

The position of the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat was won by YB Pandikar Amin as he was the only nomination. The positions of the two Deputy Speakers however had three nominations, namely YB Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar, YB Datuk Ronald Kiandee and YB Tan Seng Giaw. The first two YBs were successful in their election.

The first two newly elected lawmakers to be sworn in as Members of Parliament were the PM and the Deputy PM. My turn to be sworn in came about at approximately 12 noon.

It is important to note that newly elected lawmakers only become full-fledged Members of Parliament after they have taken their oath of office.

The gist of my swearing-in statements essentially covers my solemn declaration:
1. That I, Wee Choo Keong, being chosen as a member of parliament, vow to honestly fulfill my obligations to the best of my ability, and
2. I pledge my true loyalty to Malaysia, and ,
3. I vow to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

Tomorrow, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, will officially open the first session of Parliament which will be followed by His Royal Address.

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意



議 長的席位是由尊貴的PANDIKAR AMIN在沒有對手的情況下獲得﹐兩名副議長席位卻有三人角逐﹐那就是YB Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar, YB Datuk Ronald Kiandee 和 YB Tan Seng Giaw。前述兩位議員成功獲得副議長席位。



1. 我﹐黃朱強﹐身為被人民委託之代議士﹐宣誓將竭盡全力忠實的履行我的義務﹐和
2. 我真誠的效忠馬來西亞﹐和
3. 我宣誓保存﹐維護和捍衛聯邦憲法。

明天﹐國家元首 Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin 蘇丹陛下將會親自為國會第一次會議開幕。

Before my swearing-in ceremony, here’s a shot of my opposite view of where the BN MPs sit. At the far end is the public gallery. In the centre, the PM was taking his oath of office.

Here’s a shot of my opposite view to my left

Saying hello and catching up with my fellow …

Pakatan Rakyat elected lawmakers before the ceremony

Your yang Berkhidmat taking oath of office

Here is where I will be sitting as Member of Parliament
for Wangsa Maju