Only 123,000 units of netbook computers were given out

YB Datuk Joseph Sallang Gandum, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information, Multimedia & Culture, Culture informed Parliament in his reply as follows:

First phase 8 companies were involved in the supplying of 123,000 units of notebook computers. The 8 companies were appointed by way direct negotiation! The names of the 8 comapnies (names not very clear, will amend later) are as follows: Mutiara S…, Nalius Av …, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung International, Megas …, Hidaya Construction, Mega Trade …, Hydrianate …

The Deputy Minister also said

– no son of the Minister or the officer was involved in these companies;

– the total balance of the USP Fund as at 31-12-2010 was ABOUT RM4.5 billion(when pressed for the current total of the USP as at today, the Deputy Minister was unable to provide and he promised to give me a written reply about it);

–  the amount of money given under the USP Fund for each notebook was less than RM1,000 per unit but he copuld not give a definite figure;

–  the remaining 200,000 units of notebook have not been finalsied and it will be by way of open tender.

When I asked him why the Audit Committee of MCMC has not met for almost a year? There was no reply from the Deputy Minsiter.  there are many other questions which have not been answered.  I shall persue it during Committee Stage.

Deputy Minister will tell us all about the famous “netbook” at 11:30 am tomorrow

At about 9:20 pm tonight, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Multimedia and Culture, YB Datuk Salang Gandum, took to the floor of Parliament to reply to the questions posed by MPs during the last week Budget 2011 debate.  He began with thanking MPs for bring up questions relating to his ministry. He said that he will be replying to the questions on IT/internet connectivity for the rural area, no reception of RTM TV programes in certain areas in Sarawak and Sabah, Astro and USP Fund. Continue reading “Deputy Minister will tell us all about the famous “netbook” at 11:30 am tomorrow”