“Budak Tingkat 4” Arę Running Amok!

Yours truly’s speech in Parliament

Updated on 23.4.2022.

Just as we thought that both Tan Sri Nor Yakcop, the then Minister in the Prime Minister Department, and Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, the then Security Commission Chairman, had disappeared from the scene so were the “Budak Tingkat 4”, it is now transpired that there are many “Budak Tingkat 4” aka “4th Floor Boys” are back running amok in the GLCs, Security Commission, BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA and etc. It seems that there is one Tingkat 4 connected to the Minister too.

There is an unseen hand in putting in place the “Budak Tingkat 4” in the GLCs, government agencies and a Minister. This unseen hand, who had retired from politics for some years, is still very powerful and very much in play these days. He is still powerful to put in place the Budak Tingkat 4 in GLCs and several appointment in government. This retired politician is a household name in Malaysian politics 20 years. Rumour has it that he is still holding court several times a month with the Budak Tingkat 4 in an eatery in Damanasara Kim. May be planning all the appointments and doing deals!

It is an open secret that the “Budak Tingkat 4” were running very high and were then roaming the corridor of power with impunity! At that material time, even God feared them! “Tahu sama Tahu” who are the “Budak Tingkat 4” and they know it themselves.

The Famous Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar & Tan Sri Azman Yahya, The Governance Guru In BNM

Picture above: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan (aka Danny) was the founder of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, a consulting firm, which was incorporated in January 2002. Soon after it was incorporated, BinaFikir was appointed by MAS / Khazanah to restructure MAS. At that material time Tan Sri Noor Mohamed Yaakop was the then super powerful Minister of Finance 2. After the appointment of BinaFikir, in 2002 Azman / Rashdan aka Danny (co founder of BinaFikir) coined the term ”WAU” (Widespread Assets Un-Bundling). Under WAU, MAS was on a sale of strategic assets spree under the pretext of generating fund for MAS! Read HERE for details.

Thereafter in 2004, TS Azman Mokhtar was appointed as MD of Khazanah Holdings, HERE. Presumably TS Noor Yaakop was instrumental in the appointment. He held on to the post in Khazanah for far too long (2004 – 2018 – 14 years). During his reign in Khazanah there was embroiled numerous controversies.

Out of the blue, in December 2021, Azman Mokhtar has been appointed Chairman of Tabung Haji, read in HERE. Of course, there is no other more qualified person than Azman Mokhtar!!

Azman and Rashdan became the hero of the industry during the reign of Tingkat 4 / Badawi Adminjistraion.

In March 2020 TS Azman Yahya (in the above picture next the TS Azman Mokhtar) was appointed as a board member of BANK NEGARA. He was also handpicked to be the Chairman of Board of Governance in Bank Negara, a powerful position. During the Noor Yaakop and Azman Mokhtar days in Khazanah, Azman Yahya the Governance Guru was appointed to head Danaharta, which was embroiled with controversies too. Azman Yahya’s long list of appointments in government agencies and public listed companies are listed Bloomberg report in HERE. Presumably all these companies must be performing very well!

Perhaps the prerequisite of a person to be appointed to high position in BNM or other government agencies that oversee evaluation and approval for licences for licences or permits in BNM or government agencies, is one must be embroiled in controversies or some form of scandals!!

During the height of the scandalous MAS-AirAsia Share Swap (SUAP), which was the brainchild of Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah and another financial genius Nazir Razak (ex-CEO of CIMB Bank and now head of Bank Pembangunan and Danajamin), the said “GOVERNANCE GURU” Azman Yahya was appointed as a board member of MAS, HERE & HERE. Of course, the Governance Guru has no clue about aviation industry except to do … . Tau sama tau la!

The said WAU and the MAS-AirAsia Share SUAP were totally failed projects as there were hatched in a wanton manner by several Budak Tingkat or its group with certain agendas, which are best known to them. It was a case, “Bina tak Fikir” Project!

Azman Yahya is a famous man whose name surfaced every where – even in a private property disputes between Kamaluddin Abdullah and Naza. Please read in HERE.

The Woman of The World, Datuk Rohana Rozhan, the Tim Leissner’s Playmate!

It was at the same time as Azman Yahya that famous and powerful Datuk Rohana Rozhan, ex CEO of ASTRO, was also appointed to the board of MAS. It was revealed in New York Court by Tim Leissner of Goldman Sach that he was then having “Fun” with Rohana for many years and she had blackmailed him to buy her a house worth £10 million in London in exchange for not exposing him of his involvement in the 1MDB scandals, HERE. This was the professional standard of an editor of a news agency then. Lets hope that now most if not all the editors of newspapers and news portal are professional.

These “Budak Tingkat 4” and/or their cronies are very powerful and influential who were and are holding high positions in the country administration including Bank Negara Malaysia.

BANK NEGARA, The Nation Central Bank

We can only hope that the Governor of our Central Bank (Bank Negara Malaysia), Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah, will put protecting the image, integrity of BANK NEGARA and more importantly PUBLIC INTERESTS well above the desires of someone in the evaluation of which 5 companies of the 29 are really qualified to be awarded with the Digital Banking Licence and/or Buy Now Pay Later Scheme (BNPL). For the background of Digital Banking Licence please read in HERE.

It must be noted that if Digital Banking Licence /BNPL are in the wrong hand, it can only spell disaster for the financial market in Malaysia and bring untold miseries to the Rakyat!

As we all know that currently there are no rules or laws to regulate the operations of Fintech, Digital Banking Licence and/or BNPL. BANK NEGARA in a statement last week had admitted that BNM, SC and Ministry of Finance are NOW ONLY discussing about putting in place a new law called Consumer Credit Act to regulate the operations of Digital Banking Licensee and/or BNP, HERE. Can you all imagine this is happening in Malaysia! It is a case of “Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”!

As it were there are many Rakyat have voiced out their concerns with easy approval to get loans many folds above the applicants’ salary for the BNPL Scheme. It seems it is getting out of control! Don’t tell us that BANK NEGARA Governor and her Tingkat 4 officers are oblivious to all the postings in Socmed!

Image and Integrity of BNM and Protecting Public Interests are of Utmost Importance

For the sake of our beloved Malaysia and the Rakya, we trust that the Governor Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah will strictly adhere to the stringent procedures and rules that have been put in place in BANK NEGARA and that she will not be pushed around to do someone bidding in the approval of Digital Banking Licence and/or BNPL licence or permit.

We also trust that BNM under the watch of Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah will not reduce itself to that of Security Commission under the watch of shameless Datuk Syed Zaid Albar, HERE. Don’t be one of the many “BINA tak FIKIR” gang!

We can only hope that Governor of BNM and others in BNM will be mindful of the unseen hand and the manipulations of “Budak Tingkat 4” and gang. Please be mindful that the Rakyat are watching closely in what BNM is or will be doing on the Digital Banking Licence and/or BNPL.

Stay Tuned.

Tony Fernandes: “I Got MAS Under My Armpit!”

Tony Fernandes, the No 1 in AirAsia. He was embroiled in the Airbus bribery scandal where Airbus had admitted in the court of UK that it had paid RM205 million to AirAsia executives 1 & 2.

The “KEY PLAYERS” in the MAS – AirAsia Share “SUAP”. Left: Azran Osman-Rani, former CEO of AAX, the famous Kamarudin Meranun (caught for insider trading), Azman Mokhtar aka Amokh (the then MD of Khazanah & “Bina Tak Fikir” boy), Mohd Noor (the then MAS chairman), Tony Fernandes (the famous CEO of AA – wanted for money laundering in India), Rashdan aka Danny (the other “Bina tak Fikir” boy and appointed as top officer of MAS by Amokh) and the equally famous Nazir Razak (former Chairman of CIMB & brother of Dato’ Najib [former Premier)

The excerpt of the speech of yours truly in Parliament on 20 June 2012 on how MAS was Raped, the ‘Anakkonda” and about the then “Bina Tak Fikir” morons in Khazanah.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya juga ingin membangkitkan di sini di mana penyataan- penyataan untuk jawab lisan yang kita bentangkan di Parlimen, boleh dikatakan kebanyakan soalan-soalan Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang dibentangkan di Dewan yang mulia ini, soalan kita mengenai dengan isu (a) tetapi kementerian menjawab isu yang lain. Tidak jawab dengan terus-terang. Belok sini, belok sana. Putar belit. Inikah kerajaan kita sekarang? Saya harap kementerian ambil beratlah khasnya Kementerian Kewangan. Timbalan Menteri ada di sini. Soalan mengenai Bina Fikir Sdn. Bhd, satu firma konsultan. Memanglah dia dulu dimiliki oleh Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Ketua Khazanah sekarang dan juga Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof. Timbalan Group CEO di MAS. Jadi dia tidak berani hendak memberitahu konsultan CV. Katanya kerahsiaan. Non disclosure. Rahsia apa?

Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri pun sudah tahu. Rakan Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri pun tahu. Buat janji di dalam Dewan ini kata hendak beritahu. Janji di dalam Parlimen hendak beritahu kos konsultasi fi ini berapa untuk projek WAU untuk MAS pada tahun 2003? Akan tetapi sampai sesi Parlimen hari ini, masih tidak mampu hendak maklum kepada Dewan. Akan tetapi adalah saya dengar-dengar ada sumber kata finya adalah RM1.67 juta sahaja. Itu autalah. Itu mana boleh terima. Itu semua satu kekeliruan, satu pembohongan. Konsultasi fi itu memang mereka pecahkan masuk komisen dan sebagainya. Yang satu tahunya konsultasi fi Bina Fikir

DR 20.6.2012 77

pada masa itu adalah 20% daripada semua dana MAS pada masa itu. Berbilion-bilion ringgit dana MAS pada masa itu termasuk kapal terbang, termasuk LSG, MAS Catering, semua ini.

Jadi, janganlah hendak bohong lagi. Jangan buat pura-pura tidak tahu dan saya juga hendak bangkitkan di sini bahawa baru-baru ini kita boleh nampak soal MAS dengan AirAsia share swap ini, saya tidak mahu bangkitkan sudah di sini tetapi saya tengoklah saham ini atau share swap ini telah direverse oleh Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri. Terima kasihlah ambil tindakan yang baik sekali tetapi syarikat MAS telah dijejaskan oleh share swap ini. Kita boleh baca dalam surat khabar baru-baru ini kelmarin dan dua tiga hari dahulu di mana Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia menyatakan “kalau share swap itu dilangsungkan dan diteruskan, dia dan rakannya, Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun ini boleh membaik pulihkan MAS dan boleh menyelamatkan MAS, turn around MAS”. This is the joke of century.  Satu untuk bahan ketawa padahalnya share swap ini untuk mereka cannibalize harta-harta MAS.

Kita boleh nampak. Selepas share swap apa berlaku? Yang pertama, tindakan apa? Hancurkan FireFly Jet Services. Berhentikan jet services supaya FireFly tidak boleh terbang daripada Johor Bahru ke Kota Kinabalu, ke Kuching dan ke antarabangsa sedangkan FireFly telah membeli kalau tidak salah lima atau enam jet untuk bersaing kepada semua airline termasuk AirAsia tetapi FireFly telah diancam.

Apakah Tan Sri Tony Fernandes ini bercakap selepas share swap itu ditandatangani oleh rakan dia, Tan Sri Azman  Mokhtar, Ketua Khazanah? Selepas itu, “I got MAS under my armpit”, dengan izin. Wah, angkuh tidak? Penyamun negara ini, perompak negara ini boleh cakap begitu dan banyak lagi. Letakkan anak buah dia, Rozman Omar sebagai CFO MAS, Azhari Dahlan sebagai MAS Engineering.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: [Bangun]

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Rakan saya Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak, saya tahu dia sokong AirAsia, dia sokong Tan Sri Fernandez. Silakan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju dan juga terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Saya memang sokong AirAsia dahulu sebab dia memperlihatkan satu kebolehan seorang berbangsa Malaysia, seorang usahawan dari no way dan entah daripada mana-mana boleh menjayakan satu perusahaan yang begitu berjaya sekali dalam bidang industri penerbangan. Harapan saya dia akan menjadi contoh yang baik kepada usahawan-usahawan yang lain.

Akan tetapi kebelakangan ini saya merasa agak dukacita melihatkan perubahan dari sikap beliau yang menunjukkan keangkuhannya apabila saya mendengar kenyataan yang dibuat oleh beliau di kaca televisyen mengugut kerajaan berhubung dengan Terminal LCCT. Dia dengan begitu berani sekali dan begitu lantang sekali menyatakan beliau tidak akan bekerjasama dengan Malaysia Airport Berhad sebagai pemaju LCCT dan mendakwa bahawa beliau tidak dirundingi

DR 20.6.2012 78

untuk projek ini dijayakan. Itu satu perkara. Dia ingat ini perkara kecil kah? LCCT ini dengan izin,

involve a lot of money, billion of ringgit. He can’t just say like that, “Go to hell with LCCT”. Who is he? Dengan izin. Itu satu.

Keduanya, sedikit lagi, dia juga membuat kenyataan katanya dia hendak membuka dia punya pusat, hab dia di Jakarta, Indonesia. Ini memberikan mesej bahawa dengan izin, he’s leaving Kuala Lumpur, he’s leaving Malaysia. Why? He wants to be Indonesian citizen? What? Dengan izin, where he come from? From a club, musical club, musician out of no way. Now became somebody. Sudah tidak sedar diri? Inilah dianya. Jadi saya tidak sokong lagilah.

Nombor dua, last sekali Yang Berhormat, I think we can urge the government, kita boleh mengesyorkan kepada kerajaan…

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, masa 20 minit Yang Berhormat ya.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Mengesyorkan kepada kerajaan – How about you? You agree or not Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju? Let give one more license, beri satu lagi lesen kepada satu syarikat yang boleh mengendalikan penerbangan tambang murah ini. Dia ingat dia seorang sahajakah yang boleh buat? Orang lain pun boleh.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Sedikit sahaja Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju. Lipis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Pertama kali saya boleh bersetuju dengan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak. He is a convert. Terima kasihlah…

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, Lipis sedikit sahaja.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Memang saya setuju dengan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak di mana kerajaan perlu keluar satu lesen lagi supaya biar ada satu lagi persaingan dalam low cost carrier ini. Apa Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak cakap beliau setuju kerana usahawan Malaysia Tony Fernandez ini, my foot usahawan Malaysia ini, dia dapat jadi satu syarikat daripada dua kapal terbang – dia sentiasa cakap besar, omong kosong bahawa dia daripada dua kapal terbang akhirnya jadi 100. Kerana apa? Kerana dapat bantuan daripada kerajaan. Bukan oleh kerana dia sendiri.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Okey, Lipis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Seperti RAS. No, kerana tidak ada masa.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Sedikit sahaja, hendak tanya ini.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Rural Air Services. Dia ambil daripada MAS pada tahun 1997. Kerajaan kasi juga. Terus memberi RM250 juta kepada mereka untuk dua tahun. Dalam setahun sudah lingkup, sudah banyak masalah di Sabah dan Sarawak. Sahabat-

DR 20.6.2012 79

sahabat di Sabah dan Sarawak di sini pun tahu. Sampai Ahli Parlimen pun bangkit dalam Parlimen di sini termasuk Tuan Yang di-Pertua saya difahamkan.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Tidak bagi ya?

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Yang Berhormat Kota Belud mungkin tidak adalah. Dia ada sahabat karib dia di atas itu, kawan dia.

Datuk Abd. Rahman Dahlan [Kota Belud]: [Bangun]

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Maaf Yang Berhormat Kita Belud sebab tidak ada masa. RM250 juta dikasi. Dalam setahun, berhenti. Tujuh kapal terbang sudah rosak dan satu untuk cannibalization, dia punya specialize Tony Fernandes ini, untuk cabut spare part untuk baiki kapal terbang. Inikah seorang usahawan Malaysia? What rubbish. Semuanya hype dalam surat khabar, memainkan dalam surat khabar.

Baru-baru ini cakap KLIA2. Siapa yang minta KLIA2? KLIA2 ini diminta oleh Tan Sri Tony Fernandez dan Jerry, AirAsia, dan kerajaan rela buat. Jangan kata LCCT. LCCT buat tiga kali. Pertama kali RM125 juta. Kedua RM100 juta lebih juga renovation. Ketiga kali, semua lebih daripada RM300 juta. LCCT seperti warehouse ini oleh Syarikat Fajar Baru daripada Rembau. Itu terlampau mahal. RM300 juta untuk LCCT.

Sekarang kerajaan rela bantu pula bina KLIA2 untuk AirAsia tetapi dia tidak cukup duit. RM3 bilion kalau tidak salah, atau pun amat besar. Sebentar dia hendak aero bridge, sebentar dia tidak mahu aero bridge. Sebentar dia hendak ini, dia hendak itu. Di mana lagi di dunia ini kerajaan sentiasa mematuhi, hendak menurut? Saya harap sudah sampai masa di mana kerajaan kita jangan tunduk kepala lagi. Kalau mereka hendak pergi ke Jakarta, silakan. Please go as soon as possible supaya kita tidak ada masalah dalam negara kita lagi oleh penyamun ini, penyamun negara, perompak negara ini. Dahulu seperti ular lidi sahaja. Dapat bantuan, jadi ular sawa. Putar belit, boleh telan. Sekarang saya dengar…

Datuk Bung Moktar bin Radin [Kinabatangan]: Dia jadi naga sekarang.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Saya dengar sekarang sudah jadi anakonda. Sekarang kita kena ambil tindakan. Semua airport tax yang di hutang oleh AirAsia ambil tindakan. Bayar dengan segera. Kalau tidak, berhentikan semua kemudahan untuk mereka atau pun stop semua. Mereka tidak boleh land dalam Malaysia. Sila pergi ke Jakarta. Saya hendak tengok, hendak lihat di Jakarta sama ada beliau boleh dapat kemudahan di mana AirAsia boleh berhutang airport tax RM125 juta pada sesuatu masa untuk berpuluh-puluh tahun.

Ever since his debt in this corporation dan selepas itu bayar dapat 30% diskaun. Itu kerana apa, kerana bantuan. Pada masa itulah daripada 2003 itu sampai 2009, itulah pada masa itu dapat banyak bantuan daripada kerajaan Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Abdullah dan juga bukannya dapat dana RM250 juta sahaja. Kerajaan pada masa itu juga keluarkan satu dasar yang baru. Apa, air rationalization policy.

DR 20.6.2012 80

Dato’ Abd. Rahman Dahlan [Kota Belud]: 15 saat Yang Berhormat.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat ada satu minit Yang Berhormat.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Kota Belud, saya ingat tak payahlah itu Yang Berhormat Kota Belud. Satu minit.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Dan pada masa itu, bawah air rationalization policy ini, 90 route daripada MAS diberi kepada AirAsia. Sebab itulah jadi boleh cakap besar, omong besar sekarang seperti seorang anakonda. Ini bukan saya cakap, mereka yang cakap. Kawan-kawan saya yang cakap dan kedua, sekarang kerajaan kita jadi hamba kepada dia. Apa ini? Apa kerajaan ini? Kerajaan kita kena cakap dengan dia, kalau you hendak you pindah kepada KLIA2 kalau tidak kita akan tutup LCCT pada masa yang sesuai. Dia hendak atau tidak itu masalah mereka dan yang penting sekarang, MAB jangan jadi takut kepada Air Asia. Jangan sebagai seorang anak tiri, sebab sekarang kerajaan pun tak sama.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat, masa dah habis Yang Berhormat. Masa dah habis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Ya, saya gulung dalam beberapa saat Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Saya harap kementerian khasnya Kementerian Kewangan ambil tindakan dengan segera terhadap perkara ini. Jangan jadi dianaktirikan oleh satu syarikat kucing kurap ini. Business modelnya yang sentiasa bohong. Dia gunakan banyak surat khabar memainkan berita sahaja. Ini tak sihat. Kita hendak genuine businessman dalam negara kita. Kerajaan perlu bantu genuine businessman bukan seorang anakonda ini. Saya harap ambil tindakan dengan segera dan juga MAB jangan takut. Kalau mereka tak bayar apa-apa cukai ataupun apa-apa kemudahan di LCCT atau KLIA II yang akan datang, ambil tindakan.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Baik, Yang Berhormat.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Berhentikan semua kemudahan kalau dia tidak bayar.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, masa dah habis ya.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Semua. Ular lidi, ular sawa, ular anakonda semua dah kena marah Yang Berhormat, tak apalah.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: No, ini memang betul pun Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

For the full speech 20 June 2012 (original posting), HERE. The article on Airbus bribery scandal:  Now Everyone Can Bribe Directors of AirAsia

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Is Captain Loke the “Minister of AirAsia”?

Captain Loke was seen in public together with his buddy Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia recently. They must be discussing about the weather!

Last year YB Anthony Loke a.k.a “Captain Loke” was seen in an AirAsia’s aircraft to announce Chinese New Year greetings to the Sabahans on their ‘balik kampung’ trip. No other ministers in history had ever done this before and no present Minister could emulate him. He is the greatest Minister of all times. Unfortunately he chose to greet only passengers of AirAsia.  We thought that it was just a one off thing. It was not.

The “Shiok Sendiri” Captain Loke was making announcement in AirAsia’s aircraft. He is the greatest Minister of all times!

As early as in December 2018, Captain Loke was already showing sign of his vision of wanting to become the “Minister of AirAsia”.   Many thought that was not the case.

When the PSC for international travellers flying out from our airports was increased to RM73, AirAsia was the only airline that was unhappy with the said decision of MAVCOM.  MAVCOM had done careful evaluations and plannings before arriving at the RM73 PSC.  No airline in Malaysia and for that matter in the world, had ever opposed the implementation of the gazetted PSC of airports. One thing good about Captain Loke’s favourite airline, AirAsia, is that it  only dare to protest against the increased in PSC in Malaysia but not in other foreign airports. In foreign airports AirAsia quietly accept all PSC rate, which are much higher than ours, and paid them on time too! What a good corporate citizen! In Malaysia it had protested the use of aerobridge but it happily used aerobridges in the overseas airports.

PSC Are Paid By Passengers In Advance – Airlines Have No Reason To Owe

PSC are paid in advance by passengers and airline including AirAsia are the collecting agents for MAHB. However, AirAsia refused to collect the gazetted PSC of RM73 for passengers flying out from Malaysia airports. MAHB had instituted legal actions against AirAsia and AirAsias X to recover the outstanding PSC and other charges amounting to more than RM40 mil.  Well, this was not the first time that AirAsia Group owed PSC and other charges to MAHB.

On 14 December 2018, Captain Loke had announced that he will mediate in the claims by MAHB against AirAsia, HERE.  Captain Loke had no business to interfere by trying to “mediate” the outstanding PSC and other charges which were due and payable to MAHB.  It is unheard of the Minister of Transport in other countries involved themselves in airline refusal to collect and pay up gazetted PSC. Captain Loke stands out against all ministers of other countries.

AirAsia Was Demanding For the Reduction Of RM23 PSC

Ever since the implementation of the increased of PSC to RM73 year AirAsia had been screaming and demanding for the reduction of RM23 PSC but MAVCOM didn’t entertain their demand. When MAHB sued them for outstanding PSC and other charges amounting to more than RM40 million. AIrAsia demanded MAVCOM to to mediate in the so-called dispute, which MAVCOM had turned in down.

May 2019 AirAsia Applied To Court To Order MAVCOM To Mediate

On or about 15 May 2019, AirAsia had the audacity to file an action in court for judicial review asking the High Court to order MAVCM to intervene to mediate in the said “dispute”, HERE.   On 25 June 2019, the High Court had rightly dismissed the AirAsia action for judicial review, HERE.  In the mean time Captain Loke’s great enthusiasm to “mediate” the so-called “dispute” had also fizzled out in thin air.

Captain Loke Had Unilaterally Announced The Reduction Of RM23 PSC

On 30 August 2019, the greatest Minister of Transport coincidentally made an announcement that the reduction of RM23 PSC for international flights from all airports in Malaysia , except KLIA. The said reduction will be effective on 1 October 2019, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.  It must be noted that Captain Loke’s said announcement was made without consulting MAVCOM, when he knew very well or he ought to have known that the power to impose or reduce or increase the rate of  PSC lies exclusively with MAVCOM and not the Minister of Transport. The said powers have been enshrined in the MAVCOM Act. The legal advisors in Ministry of Transport knew  about the MAVCOM Act and must have advised Captain Loke accordingly but due to his arrogance and great obsession for AirAsia that may have caused him to usurp the power of MAVCOM under the said Act.

After Captain Loke’s said ill-thought-out announcement, on 30 September 2019 AirAsia had announced that it will follow Captain Loke’s order on the reduction of RM23 PSC and that it will collect only RM50.00 PSC.  No one was surprised by this announcement as the said reduction of RM23 in PSC was the exact sum that Tony Fernandes and/or AIrAsia had been campaigning for.  Perhaps it was a mere coincident that the reduction of RM23 PSC was also the exact sum as  demanded by AirAsia!  Great men think alike!  Captain Loke is the undisputed greatest Minister of Transport of all times.

However, 1st October came and gone, the reduction of RM23 PSC was not gazetted until this day. No other airlines followed Captain Loke’s order except AirAsia. Well, may be other airlines have been advised by their respective legal advisors that airline had to follow the law and collect the gazetted PSC, which is RM73.  MAHB will have to collect the PSC as gazetted as that is the regulated PSC. All ticketing processes are controlled by IATA and IATA will not alter any changes on PSC without proof of the government gazette.  Surely as from 1 October 2019, under the law all airlines were duty bound  to collect the RM73 PSC from all international passengers departing from all airports in Malaysia until MAVCOM has gazetted a new rate.

It is without doubt that MAHB will collect from AirAsia Group the full RM73 PSC regardless of Captain Loke’s announcement and/or AirAsia had collected a lesser sum.  MAHB will have to take legal actions to recover the outstanding PSC  like what it did last year.  On 18 July 2019 the High Court had ordered AirAsia to pay up RM40 million unpaid airport charges to MAHB, HERE!

AirAsia’s Imposition Of Hidden Charges like KLIA-2 & Other Processing Fees

The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) had announced that starting June 1 2019, it is compulsory for all airlines in Malaysia to remove processing fee in accordance with the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC). The total fares must be shown from the very outset and not be added before the passengers make payment.  On 5 August 2019, the excerpt of the report of The Edge, stated as follows:

“It has been airlines’ practice in the past where the price increases after selections are made due to additional charges which were not disclosed from the outset,” the regulator said.

As such, it may seem that AirAsia and AAX would be liable for contravening the MACPC as they will still be charging a processing fee on passengers until Sept 30.

Currently, AirAsia and AAX passengers have to pay a processing fee of RM4 for debit cards and as much as RM16 for paying with UnionPay. However, if a passenger opts to make payment using AirAsia’s e-wallet application BigPay, there is no processing fee involved.

In January, AirAsia also had to stop charging a RM3 fee on its passengers departing from klia2, after Mavcom made it illegal for airlines and airport operators to impose unnecessary charges on passengers under the enhanced consumer protection code. The fee was introduced on May 9, 2014, when the carrier moved its operations to klia2 from the former low-cost carrier terminal in Sepang. AirAsia had said the charge was imposed to offset the group’s cost of being compelled to use the terminal’s facilities such as aerobridges and the SITA check-in/boarding systems.

Based on Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) annual report for 2018, AirAsia Group carried 30.16 million domestic and international passengers at klia2. Assuming half of them were departing passengers, a back-of-the-envelope calculation indicates that RM45.24 million was collected by AirAsia from the RM3 klia2 fee alone.

AirAsia did not disclose the amount it had collected through the processing fee or the RM3 klia2 fee in its 2018 annual report.  

For full report of The Edge, please read HERE.

It would appear from the said Edge’s report that with a stroke of the pen, MAVCOM had immediately stopped AirAsia Group from making RM45.24 million (according to the above report by The Edge) which derived from its collection of the ridiculous “KLIA-2 Fees”, which no other airlines using KLIA-2 charged. More appropriately put, the consumers/travelling public have been saved the sum of RM45.24 million on “KLIA-2 Fees” alone. How about other “Processing Fees” imposed by AIrAsia Group? It should be more than RM45.24 million.

On 11 September 2019, MAVCOM had fined AirAsia and AirAsia X RM200,000.00 each for violating the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC). Please read the full Malaysian Reserve Report, HERE.

Rumour has it that MAVCOM will be taking more serious action against unscrupulous airlines for violating the MACPC. Lets buy our pop corns and wait to see which airline will be fined in the near future or imposing hidden charges.

AirAsia Sued Yours Truly For Defamation & It Ended Up Paying RM50,000 Cost

On April 2015 yours truly wrote an article in this blog entitled “Why Liow ( the former Minister of Transport) Encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC/Airport Tax?”   In the same article yours truly also accused of AirAsia charged its passengers with hidden charges like ‘RM3 KLIA-2 Fees’. AirAsia sued your truly for defamation in the High Court. The trial went on for several days. The Learned High Court Judge found that yours truly’s said article complained of “was true or substantially true” and ordered AirAsia to pay cost of RM50,000.00. Please read: “Now Everyone Can Know The Truth – Part 1” & “Now Everyone Can Know The Truth – Part 2”.

MAVCOM had already found AirAsia Group had violated the MACPC for imposing hidden charges including the “RM3 KLIA-2 Fees” and other processing fees and fined AirAsia and AirAsia X RM200,000.00 each.  The said decision had now confirmed what yours truly had written about hidden charges was true and reinforced the said High Court decision.  ‘Now Everyone Knew The Truth’ except the child like Captain Loke, who is still indulging in obsession and wilful blindness! What a curious habit for an adult and a minister at that.

Consumers Must Support MAVCOM Against Captain Loke

The consumers must support the earnest efforts made by MAVCOM to protect consumer rights and interests from unscrupulous airlines that imposed hidden charges and exploited the consumers. Instead of Captain Loke applauded and encouraged the MAVCOM’s said actions to stop the said hidden charges, he went on a rampage to attack MAVCOM to the extend of abolishing it. Thanks God that MAVCOM was NOT under the purview of Ministry of Transport, so he could not at his whim and fancy abolished MAVCOM.  MAVCOM was set up by an Act of Parliament, so it will not be so easy for Captain Loke to abolish it after all. He will have to introduce a Bill in Parliament, which is not that easy.  It will take months. By which time many things may have happened and Captain Loke may not be around to do his nonsense no more. Lets pray that a new Minister of Transport be appointed to protect the consumers.

It is evident that throughout Captain Loke’s tenure in Ministry of Transport he has never spoke out against airlines which imposed hidden charges in their fare structures and/or for violating the MACPC.

All consumers must campaign against Captain Loke’s very ill-thought-out idea to abolish MAVCOM which decision was affront to consumer rights and interest. Surely it can not be part of the manifestos of the parties in the PH to abolish a body set up by Parliament to protect public interests.

Captain Loke’s Ministry Works With AirAsia On Fixed Rate Tickets

Extreme right: Captain Loke, the AirAsia’s ‘Super Salesman’, was happily pointing his finger on the advertised fixed rate fare of RM99! What a brilliant salesman Captain Loke is!

A few days ago Captain Loke is true to form. He is in the lime light with AirAsia again. On 3 January 2020 he cannot wait to announce that his Ministry is working together with AirAsia to offer fixed rate tickets for Sabahans in KL flying back to Sandakan and Tawau before Chinese New Year. Why not Kota Kinabalu? He had also announced the same for AirAsia flights from KL to Kuching but not for Sabu and Miri. Why can the fixed rate be extended for those Malaysians flying from KL to all airports throughout Malaysia. Why is the Ministry of Transport practices discrimination?

Why is the Ministry of Transport not working together with other airlines like MAS, Firefly, Malindo and others? Why the discrimination and bias?

Why was there a need to abolish MAVCOM? Is Captain Loke is trying to help someone to fulfil his agenda by abolishing MAVCOM?

Captain Loke also asked Malaysians to wait until this today (7 January) for him to announce the so-called goodies or a.k.a. “The Captain Loke’s SPECIAL” – “the fixed rate fares”!

Malaysians are paying the monthly salaries and perks for Captain Loke.  Why is Captain Loke is not looking after the interest of the consumers?

Captain Loke:  You are only fit to be the “Minister of AirAsia” period!!!

P/s YM Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin‘s (the CEO of MAHB) abrupt’s departure is definitely a cause for our attention to follow the latest development in MAHB and/or the aviation industry.  Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, the former COO, is now the new CEO.  By coincident again that Dato Mohd Shukrie was formerly from AirAsia. Let observe the development, the movements from Khazanah, which its the main shareholder in MAHB.  The abrupt resignation of Raja Azmi is a subject that deserves a separate posting. Lets hope that Raja Azmi had been given a good Golden Handshake, that he cannot refused! 

Happy Deepavali To All Malaysians

Happy Deepavali

As we light the lamp, let us recommit ourselves to the triumph of light over darkness, of good over evil.  It is also a time for contemplation and reflection and to think about our obligations to fellow human beings, particularly those who are less fortunate than we are.

If you’re on a flight to visit your loved ones, I’m sorry I can’t come aboard to extend festive greetings.  I’ll leave that to famous and super powerful “Captain Loke”.

Who’s Captain Loke?

The “Shiok Sendiri” Captain Loke.


Well, if Smokie got us Alice. Don McLean fed us Pie and Dolly Parton distracted us, Transport Minister YB Tuan Anthony Loke @ “Captain Loke” kissed the sky to blare Chinese New Year greetings to AirAsia passengers this year.

The “Shiok Sendiri” Captain Loke was recently seen in public together with his close friend, Tan Sri Tony Ferndandes. Of course, they were discussing about the the rainy season we are having!

We believe “Captain Loke” is now on overdrive to implement his ill thought out decision to unilaterally usurp his power to implement RM23 PSC reduction on 1 October 2019  just to please his friends, HERE, HERE & HERE.  “Captain Loke” must be very frustrated and “malu” that his order to MAHB, MAVCOM and all airlines flying out from all airports in Malaysia except KLIA to implement the RM23 PSC reduction was ignored except his favourite AirAsia.

Will the extremely hard working “Captain Loke” find some time do it for Deepavali not only for his favourite airline AirAsia but MAS, Malindo, Firefly and others?

Munch on your murukku and see if the saviour of Malaysian aviation makes an appearance.

Those who are on the “Balik Kampung” trip, “Berhati-Hati Di Jalan Raya” and Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians and “Selamat Bercuti”.


Tower To ‘Captain’ Loke: “You’re Loke-ing In The Wrong Way!”

Left: ‘Captain’/minister Loke with his beautiful RED tie and his buddy Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia in a recent function of AirAsia.

Updates on 10 September 2019 2 11:00 pm:  MAHB had obtained judgment of RM40.7 million against AirAsia and AirAsia X for outstanding PSC. On 10 September 2019 MAHB had applied to the High Court for a Garnishee Order to garnish said judgment debt from the three bankers of AirAsia, HERE.

Updates on 10 September 2019 @ 4:00 pm:  Today MAVCOM has issued a press statement stating that it has found AirAsia and AirAsia X violating sub paragraph 3 (2) of Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC) for charging processing fees for payment of air fare by credit card, debit card separate from their base fares. AirAsia and AirAsia X have been fined RM200,000 each, HERE.  Let us see how long will it take the powerful ‘Captain’ Loke to issue a statement to reprimand AirAsia and AirAsia X for violating the said Code and taking the traveling public for a ride.

Malaysia’s infamous AirAsia pilot, ‘Captain’ Loke who is also our ‘venerated’ Transport Minister, keeps loke-ing the wrong direction in matters related to aviation. It is a sad case to say the least.

He has steered his ministry into turbulence at least over two issues that demand what is required of a composed pilot – control the aircraft and stay clear of obstacles and hazards.

His decision-making process on the collapse of the Total Airport Management System (TAM) on 25 August and the unilateral reduction of RM23 Passenger Service Charge (PSC) for KLIA2 and other airports, except for KLIA, can be considered:

  • Errors arising from biases.
  • As well as a breakdown in the processing of information coming in.

The Unilateral RM23 PSC Reduction

Extreme Right: ‘Captain’ Loke cum ‘new AirAsia salesman’ pointing to the RM99 fare! Next to ‘Captain Loke are Tan Sri Tony Fernandes & Datuk Kamarudin Meranun – both of AirAsia.

Yours truly would like to believe that by mere coincidence ‘Captain’ Loke set the reduction of RM23 PSC, which so happens to be the exact amount of reduction demanded by his good friend, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, HERE.  May be great men DO think alike after all!

In an immediate response, Tony Fernandes announced that a special offer known as “Anthony Loke’s Special’, HERE.  

God knows what the “offer” is because Tony didn’t announce the details of his special “offer”.  Was this to mark ‘Captain’ Loke’s special contributions to AirAsia?

Only MAVCOM Can Gazette PSC Not ‘Captain’ Loke

YB Dr Nungsari Ahmad Radhi, Chairman of MAVCOM.

Under the MAVCOM Act 2015 the ‘Captain”/Minister Loke has no power to fix the rate for PSC. The power to review, set and gazette of PSC lies with MAVCOM under the Act.  If ‘Captain’ Loke wants the power so badly, please get Parliament to amend the Act to give him the sole power to steer MOT and aviation industry according to his and/or his friends’ whims and fancies!

Lets see whether the Commissioners in MAVCOM are prepared to be stooges of ‘Captain’ Loke and reduce MAVCOM to be rubber stamp.  It might be an opportune moment to remind MAVCOM that its existence depends on the RM1 contribution from the travelling public and public confidence of it.

Lets see whether MAVCOM will close its eyes and gazette ‘Captain’ Loke’s RM23 reduction anytime from now so that the said reduction could be implemented on 1 October 2019 as announced by ‘Captain’ Loke recently!

In the interim, we can only hope that the distinguished commissioners in MAVCOM (Datuk Mohd Khairul Adib bin Abd Rahman [KSU of MOT], YA Dato’ Mah Weng Kwai [former Judge of Court of Appeal], Datuk Seri Long See Wool [former officer of MOT], Dato Fauziah Binti Yaacob) will not dance to the tune of ‘Captain Loke’ and to please someone’s  ego.

The TAMS Failure

On the night of 25 August, KLIA, which was opened for operation with the Total Airport Management System (TAMS) in June 1998, had a major network failure.

It triggered a system outage at KLIA and KLIA2 which embarrassingly caused flight delays for four days.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) has not ruled out the possibility that the network failure was caused by an act of malicious intent.

On 27 August, MAHB lodged a police report and investigations are centred around causing damage through an act of mischief under Section 427 of the Penal Code.

Four suspects named by MAHB in its report have been suspended pending investigations. The police are now investigating the said report, HERE.

On 27 August, Anthony Loke flew into overdrive to immediately announce a six-member task force headed by the secretary-general of Ministry of Transport (MOT), Datuk Mohd Khairul Adib Abdul Rahman, to investigate the breakdown of the TAMS.

The KLIA TAMS System Failure Issue Investigation Committee will also recommend measures to avoid a repeat of the incident. The task force has been given a month to complete its job,  HERE.

The breakdown of TAMS was rectified and both KLIA and KLIA2 were back to normal.

This was the first time in 21 years since the opening of KLIA that such outage had occurred in KLIA.

However, KLIA and KLIA2 were not closed.  Of course, there were flight delays and inconveniences caused.

The 21-year-old TAMS may need to be replaced. The cost for the new system may be prohibitive but MAHB has to bite the bullet and go for it. It is a one off cost, which will last another 20 years or more.  It will also be peace of mind for “Captain” Loke and there would be no need for him to form in lightning speed another Task Force just to address another breakdown, which may be unlikely because of the recent measures taken by MAHB.

Do We Need a Special Task Force?

Did such outage only happen in Malaysia? NO.

There were many incidents of system failures in airports and checkpoints in developed countries like Singapore, United Kingdom, France and the USA  with some suffering worse disruptions. Please look at the examples below.

Today AirAsia aircraft caught fire in mid air from Maldive, HERE.  Is ‘Captain’ Loke going to set up a task force to investigate into the safety issues in AirAsia to prevent tragedies? Did we hear a big NO from ‘Captain’ Loke?  It is ok we do understand your predicament.

Examples Of System Failures At Checkpoints  & International Airports


On 16 May 2017, technical glitch in the immigration clearance system at Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints caused massive delay. HERE.


On 1 August 2018, the baggage check-in systems at both terminals 1 and 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai were affected, causing massive delays in issuing of boarding passes and loading baggage.

The glitch was due to the failure of the local area network linking the Airport Management System. HERE.


On 7 August 2019, Heathrow Airport terminals for British Airway (BA) became congested when its computer systems crashed, resulting in 138 flights being cancelled and a further 260 being delayed. At least 35,000 passengers travel plans were put into disarray. HERE.


On 17 August 2019, thousands of travellers at major US airports (JFK, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dulles etc) faced congested terminals and long lines due to a temporary computer outage that affected the US Customs and Border Protection’s processing systems, HERE.


1 September 2019, after a failure of the common computer and communication systems, French airport authority had significantly reduced flights capacity in several of its airports (Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris, Reims and Brest. HERE.

Did the ministers of transport in those countries became jumpy and set up a task force to investigate?

No. The government of the respective countries left it to their airport authorities to investigate and resolve the problems unlike our eager beaver ‘Captain’/minister Loke.

We can only hope that nervousness of ‘Captain’ Loke was not triggered due to MAHB and/or for his love for … .

‘Captain’/Minister Loke: What Is Your ultimate Agenda?

Yours truly hopes that there is no other agenda here except the eagerness of the minister to show that he was working very hard for the travellers like what he had done to unilaterally reduce the RM23 PSC for KLIA2 and other airports, which will no doubt benefit international travellers.  BUT cost the government to the tune of at least RM200 – RM300 millions to make up for the RM23 reduction. Ultimately the rakyat will have to pay for the subsidy.

Coincidentally, “Captain’ Loke’s good friend, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, has been campaigning openly against the RM73 PSC. He wanted a reduction of RM23 for the PSC too.  It seemed that ‘Captain’ Loke had plugged the RM23 from the air and it so happened to coincide with the demands of Tan Sri Fernandes.

MAHB Sued AirAsia & AirAsia X For Outstanding PSC & Other Charges

AirAsia refused to collect the RM73 PSC, opting for only RM50. MAHB sued AirAsia and AirAsia X for the shortfall of RM23 PSC and outstanding PSC debt totalling RM40.7 million.

Of course, ‘Captain’ Loke being an extremely concerned minister, immediately offered his services to mediate in the lawsuit, HERE. This was unheard of in world aviation where a minister offered to mediate in a law suit to recover PSC and other debts.

We hope that in future ‘Captain’ Loke will jump in to offer himself as mediator in all disputes between MAHB and all airlines for not collecting full PSC or for owing PSC and/or other charges including aeronautical charges!

Rumour has it that ‘Captain’ Loke has plenty of free time to chair meetings of certain airline.  So all airlines could just give him a call and he will chair any meetings for airlines.

Luckily MAHB reject the AirAsia’s offer of mediation, HERE.  The High court granted Summary Judgment for the RM40.7 mil against AirAsia and AirAsia X.

‘Captain’ Loke, The Festive Greeter

To digress a little, it must be admitted that ‘Captain’ Loke works extremely hard to the extent that he found special time to board an AirAsia aircraft to wish passengers “Happy Chinese New Year”.  No other Minister of Transport had done this before.

We applaud ‘Captain’ Loke for his well-intentioned gesture and hope that he will not restrict it to Chinese New Year only and carry on with his great festive greetings during Hari Raya, Deepavali, Gawai and Christmas to passengers not only for his favourite airline AirAsia but MAS, Malindo, Firefly, MASwings and others. ‘Captain’ Loke, you have done what other ministers never dared to think of doing like unilaterally announcing a reduction of PSC.  ‘Captain’ Loke, it is a shame that Tony Fernandes did not recognise your enormous contribution and confer you the title, “Father of AirAsia”.  May be it will be announced soon!

Heads To Roll In MAHB

A little bird whispered to yours truly that a powerful man in the aviation industry had sent out a message to the effect that “He will ensure heads in MAHB will roll”.  Why? Was it because this powerful person couldn’t get what he wanted from MAHB like he used to?

Lastly, we hope that the all-time powerful ‘Captain’/minister Loke has no other agenda in all his initiatives including to please his friends.