Now Everyone Can Take Governor of BNM For A Good Ride! (The Joker & Player, Nazir!)

Updates @ 3:30 pm on 29.4.2022: Breaking News: Alhamdulilah! First and foremost, 3 “gaji buta” senior officers under the watch of that shameless Syed Zaid Albar of SC have tendered their resignation today! What a relief. Lets hope that after the departure of that shameless on 31.5.2022, SC will prosecute the 2 criminals known as executives 1 & 2 of PN17 AirAsia who have received RM200 million form Airbus!

Secondly, the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia did not allow herself and/or BNM to be led by the nose by that idiot in MoF and/or so-called Tingkat 4 advisor in BNM to approve the Digital Banking Licence to his friend’s companies. BigPay of PN17 AirAsia / Capital and the other original 4 that were already earmarked by that idiot in MoF to be awarded the said licence were knocked out of the race after extra time!

Thanks God that unlike SC and MoF, we still have God fearing officers in BNM. Selamat berbuka puasa to all Muslims!

Updates @ 4:20 pm on 28.4.2022: Breaking News: The shameless Syed Zaid Albar had finally resigned as SC Chairman prematurely! He resigned just 6 months after the 3 years extension granted by that good for nothing unelected Senator Zafrul! Until the date of his resignation (today) he had not announced the result of the SC investigations against the 2 criminals known as executives 1 & 2 of PN17 AirAsia / Capital A Bhd.

In 2012 Awang Adek & Tony Fernandes were promoting a product of AirAsia’s outfit!

Since there is no more qualified person in the whole of Malaysia, YB Senator Awang Adek, the former Deputy Finance Minister (2), has been appointed in lightning speed as the new chairman of SC by none other than the un-elected Senator Zafrul. Another Tingkat 4 gang! For full press report read HERE.

Background Of The So-called Consortium Of The BigPay With The Joker Nazir Razak’s Connection

Reuters report on 1 July 2021

According to the above Reuters report and AsiaMoney, BigPay has partnered with MIDF and a Singapore- based equity firm Ikhlas Capita Nazir Razak featured very prominently in Ikhlas Capital. He is the founding partner and chairman of Ikhlas Capital.  He was also the former chairman / CEO of CIMB and involved in several “events” which will be discussed later in this article.

By sheer chance, soon after PH government came to power after GE14, this joker and “player” abruptly resigned as chairman of CIMB and disappeared to London.  Wonder why? Tengku Zafrul, the un-elected Minister of Finance, took over as the chairman / CEO post from him. 

When PH government collapsed in end February 2020, this joker/player Nazir suddenly reappeared in Malaysia corporate scene and has been flying very high! Wonder why too?  Did the unelected Zafrul give him a leg up? Was it a case of “Abang Adik” (“elder & younger brothers”)?      

On 22 January 2022, Tony Fernandes was upbeat and bragged to NikkeiAsia that AirAsia will return to profitability in 2023. He also said: 

All digital businesses except BigPay and incubator businesses will be profitable by 2023. BigPay will be profitable in 2024.” “BigPay e-wallet is majority-owned by Capital A, which is currently bidding for a digital banking licence from Central Bank (BNM) as part of the consortium with South Korea’s SK Group, which has invested 100 million ringgit in the company.” For the full NikkeiAsia report, read HERE.

Nazir Razak & His “Syok Sendiri” “Better Malaysia Assembly – To Fool the Rakyat?

Tony Fernandes’ Instagram posting showing the joker & player Nazir & Tony Fernandes enjoying together! “Swim or sink together”? Tony is wanted to answer money laundering and criminals misconduct charges in India!

On 25.11.2021 this joker Nazir Razak wanted to set up the so-called “Better Malaysia Assembly” comprising of the so-called 55 eminent persons of which includes his good buddies Tony Fernandes (the supremo of PN17 AirAsia), Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (the former MD of Khazanah and now recently appointed as chairman of Tabung Haji) and himself representing Ikhlas Capital.   Ikhlas Capital is a partner of BigPay which is one of the prominent contenders for Digital Banking Licence.  

This joker cum player saw it fit to drag the Agung, who is believed to his friend, into his daydream “Better Malaysia Assembly” by seeking His Royal Highness’ consent / endorsement for his nonsensical pet project, HERE.   What a joke! After a lapse of 6 months we are still waiting for the Better Malaysia Assembly!   We are sure that the Agung will not so easily fooled by the daydream of this pseudo politician cum businessman and joker Nazir, who has no clue of good governance or transparency!   For heaven’s sake, this Nazir should not drag the Agung into his nonsense!   

It is strange that everything seemed to happen by chance! With the revelation, he should now consider whether he is a fit and proper person to head Bank Pembangunan whose owners are the Rakyat!  If not his good buddy that un-elected Zafrul and/or BNM should sack him as chairman of Bank Pembangunan and stop him for heading any financial institutions. 

If this joker Nazir has a little bit of self-respect / “MARUAH” and conscience, he wouldn’t have done the above and below which were contrary to good governance and transparency.  

Nazir Razak, Tengku Zafrul & The Supremo Tony Friendship Went Back Many Years

Just to digress a little from the topic but still relevant to see the connections of the joker and player Nazir.  It is an open secret that three stooges namely un-elected Zafrul, Nazir and Tony Fernandes are good buddies as we could see from their historical connections.  

It was by chance that many years ago Tengku Zafrul was the CEO of Tune Money, which is an outfit of AirAsia Group.  Tony Fernandes is the supremo of PN17 AirAsia. This joker Nazir was at one time the CEO of CIMB. It is believed that one of the big borrowers if not the biggest borrower of CIMB is none other than AirAsia Group. 

Bank Pembangunan Acquired 100% Of Danajamin

It was by chance that in April 2021 joker Nazir Razak was appointed to head Bank Pembangunan Malaysia, which is a wholly owned by Malaysia government via Minister of Finance Inc. In simple term, the ultimate owner is the Rakyat. Danajamin offers “credit enhancement product for financing facilities“. In September 2021, under Nazir Razak’s watch, Bank Pembangunan acquired 100% of Danajamin Nasional Bhd from Credit Guarantee Corp malaysiaBhd (CGC), HERE

Appointment Of Joker Nazir

It seems that there are no other Malaysians more qualified than joker Nazir! It looks like a case of “Abang Adik / Adik Kakak” or “You scratch my back and I scratch yours”! This joker has a hand in many pies! 

When the joker was the CEO of CIMB, he was instrumental in stitching up the scandalous “MAS-AirAsia Shares Swap”HERE. Beside Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the then MD of Khazanah and now the Chairman of Tabung Haji, Nazir was one of the architects of the said “Share Swap”!  

Danajamin Approved RM500 million Loan Guarantee For PN17 AirAsia

In October 2021 (after 6 months of Nazir’s appointment) AirAsia Group announced that it had secured approval for a RM500 million loan guarantee under Danajamin Prihatin Guarantee Scheme.  

“This approval from the Malaysian government is a strong endorsement of AirAsia Group’s ability to recover fast and provides a welcome boost to our overall fundraising strategy as we prepare to return to the skies in all our key market,” said AirAsia executive chairman Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun.

In October 2021, AAX’s auditor, Ernst & Young had issued a statement of disclaimer and announced: 

“These events or conditions indicate the existence of material uncertainties that may cast significant doubt on the group’s and the company’s ability to continue as a going concernHERE.

Kamaruddin Meranun – A Notorious Insider Trader In Share Market

Kamarudin Meranun’s excitement was short-lived! Little did he know, on 13 January 2022, Bursa Malaysia rejected AA’s application for another extension of time to restructure its huge financial problems and classified it under PN17, HERE

Due to public outcry, suddenly it was reported in the news that the two supremos of AirAsia, Tan Sri Tony Fernandesand Datuk Kamarudin Meranun had rejected the loan guarantee because both of them REFUSED to stand as guarantors for the said RM500 million loan guarantee. From this, it is evident that both supremos have no confidence in PN17 AirAsia otherwise they would have agreed to be the guarantors. What a relief for the Rakyat! The famous TRIO, Tengku Zafrul, Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah (BNM) and Syed Zaid Albar (SC), please take note! 

Kamarudin Meranun is unscrupulous and a known notorious insider trader in the share market!  At all material times, Kamarudin and his buddy Tony Fernandes were and are the top executives of PN17 AirAsia. In 2009 both were deeply involved in the scandalous “MAS – AirAsia Share Swap” and signed all agreements pertaining to it. With the inside information, this unscrupulous Kamarudin has no corporate governance in him as a director of public listed company, he bought shares in the company and made a fortune out of it, HERE!

With his powerful connections in the corridor of power, Kamarudin was not charged by SC for insider trading of shares and he was penalized with a pittance fine of RM3.5 million, HERE.  What a double standard joke!

From 2nd left:  Kamarudin Meranun of insider trading fame, TS Azman Mopkhtar, the then MD of Khazanah & now chairman of Tabung Haji, TS Mohd Nor, the then MAS Chairman, Tony Fernandes another supremo of AirAsia, Rashdan aka Danny the founder of BinaFikir with Azman Mokhtar & the famous Nazir Razak, the joker and playerAll the “bina tak fikir” lot.

Of course, joker Nazir Razak was one of the architects for the scandalous “MAS-AirAsia Share Swap”, aka “Share SUAP”! 

The BNM Governor & Shameless Syed Zaid Albar Must Not Be Too Oblivious of Good Governance, Transparency & Integrity

With the above backdrop, it is now for the BNM governor and the SHAMELESS Syed Zaid Albar of SC to uphold good governance, transparency and integrity by not issuing Digital Banking Licence blindly just to do someone bidding at the expense of Malaysia!  There is no need to bother about that unelected Zafrul!

Please Stay Tuned – Next Change

DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 2)

The then Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka as FAX. Now known as AirAsia X Sdn Bhd
The report for aircraft bearing registration no: 9M-MGA that was used by  Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka as FAX during the Rural Air Services (RAS).  FAX is now known as AirAsia X Sdn Bhd


This was part of the report dated 03-07-2007 signed by Mr L. J.F van Meer, Mr J.N.A. Arnold and Mr E.J. Todd of Fokker Services Asia Pte Ltd (FSA), a fully owned subsidiary of Fokker Service B.V. for one of the twelve aircraft, bearing registration no: 9M-MGA. Continue reading “DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 2)”

DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 1)

FAX also known as Fly Asian Express in 2006 to September 2007
FAX also known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd in 2006 to September 2007 during its RAS days

AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, formerly known as FAX/Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd during the Rural Air Services days in 2006 to August 2007
AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, formerly known as FAX/Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd

The Air Operator Certificate (AOC) of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX), formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX), should have been withdrawn by DCA in year 2007 when it gave up the Rural Air Services (RAS) in Sabah and Sarawak. Continue reading “DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 1)”

MAHB should ignore “Low Cost Mentality”!

YB Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, the chairman of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. By the way, has AirAsiaX/AirAsia refunded all the airport taxes collected from the un-traveled passengers totalling more than RM6 million?

“Timeliness and a concrete black and white commitment on fixed airport charges in the new low-cost carrier terminal is needed to cool down the ongoing tension between AirAsia Chief Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), says Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. Continue reading “MAHB should ignore “Low Cost Mentality”!”