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“Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 1 (TM & GLCs)

Updates 22-5-2018 @ 3pm: Telekom profits for the 1st Quarters dropped by 32%. Was it due to the CEO Shazalli playing too much politics or spending too much time preparing the “HEBATKAN NEGARAKU” Campaign materials, HERE. Updates:  Please read the warnings “Pegawai Kerajaan era Najib tahu salah mereka, sendiri buat sendiri tanggunglah” given by Yg Bhg Datuk […]

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“Hebatnya KUs”

Updates:  Yours truly regrets that the earlier video of these “Hebat” musicians was taken off. This a replacement. It is hoped that it will remain here. Wow, What a master piece!  The rumours of “Top Asian “Musicians” Coming To Town” turned out to be true after all. Whoever scripted the song in the video clip must

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