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Child Protection or Child Abuse in Sweden?

Headline “fouled up” in The Star

Avoid airline that is not disabled friendly

“Now Every Disabled is Charged RM60 For Wheelchair Service”

Wee Choo Keong

Syed Zaid Albar Left SC In Disgrace – Good Riddance To BAD RUBBISH!

Shameless Syed Zaid Albar, Chairman of SC had the audacity to stop Bursa Malaysia from investigating the RM200 mil Airbus bribery scandals involving executives 1 & 2 of PN17 AirAsia. After a lapsed of more than 2 years there was no sign of SC investigating the said bribery scandals and the shameless chose to play dumb!



Press Release On Criminal Defamation Report By Former MACC Detainee Sweeties Elizabeth Ken

In 2023 there is no room for the rich or powerful to use the state apparatus like the police to suppress or oppress genuine public discourse on matter involving public interest and “Duit Rakyat”. Yours truly will not be intimidated or deterred by this cowardly acts who hide behind the police to do their biding. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information must be jealously guarded and they shall prevail in Malaysia.

Left: Elizabeth Ken Right: Siew Ka Wei

Recap Geeko 1.0 & Emergence Of Geeko 2.0 (MAHB – BXC)

Just when we believed that the scandalous 2018 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko Tech) saga, involving the amateurish modus operandi of key players Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying, aka Elly Ken, and Emil Rinaldi Sjaiful using Tencent’s name as bait to sell their “product” was a thing of the past, it appears we were mistaken.

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