PADU’s RM62 mil – Now You See, Now You Don’t!


En Mohamad Azhan Bin Md. Amir a.k.a. the brainless Hebat One”, TKSU (Pengurusan) of MOE.

Updates at 1:30 pm on 20-11-2019:  The “brainless Hebat One” has been true to form. On 11-11-2019 he chaired the JK Pemandu to discuss the MOE’s damning chief accountant report, which had stated that the PADU’s account was grossly overstated by more than RM62 million, and decided that JK Siasatan MOE to investigate on the PADU’s creative accounting.  The “brainless Hebat One” being brainless chose to avoid taking positive actions to protect the interest of the rakyat by lodging report with the police, MACC and/or Ketua Audit Negara. He is just playing for time in the hope that all the wrong doings in PADU will be swept under the carpet later.  With so many adverse findings on PADU’s accounts, the brainless is playing dumb by calling for meetings after meetings and investigations after investigations.  It would appear that the brainless was on a covering up spree. The brainless must take responsibility for this scandalous RM340 million failed tablet project as it is under the control of JK Pemandu of which he is the Chairman. 


Rumour was flying around in the Ministry of Education (MOE) that PADU Corporation (PADU) is a colossal can of worms.  It has now transpired that the Chief Accountant of MOE’s Account Department has recently informed Encik Mohammad Azhan Bin Md Amir a.k.a.the  “brainless Hebat One”, the Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Pengurusan) of MOE that the Account Department of MOE has been instructed to provide a report on 16 September 2019, it was unable to do so because insufficient supporting documents and information from PADU.

PADU’s Accounts Overstated By More Than RM62 million!

Tuan Hj Nasran Bin Omar C.A. (M), the Chief Accountant of MOE, had discovered that the PADU’s account was OVERSTATED (“TERLEBIH NYATA”) by RM62,386,834.77!.  What a fantastic creative accounting in PADU.  It must be due to the genius in PADU at work that out of nowhere PADU has a balance of more than RM62 million on paper.  Rumour has it that on or about 18 October 2019 the said Chief Accountant of MOE has given his recommendation that a detail forensic audit of PADU should be done by MOE’s Account Department or Jabatan Audit Negara in order to get to the bottom of the serious discrepancies.

Yours truly suggests that the authority or Jabatan Ketua Audit Negara should also do a full forensic audit on PADU’s 2016 – 2018 Audited Accounts because there were too many creative accountings performed during the height of the scandalous tablet project worth RM340 millions of Rakyat money.

The infamous “Creative’ Financial Officer of PADU, En Ahmad Izzat Bin Ahmad Zaki. One of the main players in facilitating all the payments to the special purpose bank account known “Utusan Epiweb Collection Account” for the scandalous RM340 million tablet project

Only in PADU and/or MOE that its account has an overstated balance of more than RM62 million, due to the special talent of PADU’s Chief Financial Officer, En Ahmad Izzat Bin Ahmad Zaki and his deputy.

Now that “the brainless Hebat One” had been formally informed about the creative accountings of PADU and the financial scandal in PADU/MOE on the failed tablet project worth RM340 million, he is duty bound to lodge a formal report with the police, MACC and the Ketua Audit Negara.  Being brainless the Hebat One, it will not put pass him that he will chair more meetings with no solution to the creative accounting in PADU in order to hide his incompetence.

JK Pemandu Of MOE To Meet Again On 11 November 2019 – For Fun?

Let’s see after the scheduled JK Pemandu meeting on 11 November 2019, whether the “brainless Hebat One” will think like a responsible civil servant and opt to do the right thing for a change by lodging a report with the police and/or MACC and/or Ketua Audit Negara pertaining to all the wrong doings including the creative accountings in PADU/MOE or conduct business as usual or to lodge another report concerning the leakage on “the now established fact” ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,Part 7, Part 8 and Part 9) of the findings of the said Chief Accountant of MOE about the OVERSTATED (“TERLEBIH NYATA”) of more than RM62 million in PADU’s accounts.  Most probably the “brainless Hebat One” will fix many more JK Pemandu/”Shiok Sendiri” meetings with no solution.

Knowing the mentality of the “brainless Hebat One” he will do thoughtless things like lodging another report on the leakage of the rumour about the PADU’s account being overstated by more than RM62 million in his miserable attempt to cover up all the financial scandals involving the failed tablet project worth RM340 million.

Malaysia Baru

In Malaysia BARU the mantra of the civil servants should be to help the new administration to use the American metaphor to drain-the-swamp and create an eco-system unfriendly to corruption, abuse of power, mismanagement and rent seeking. Business cannot be as usual, whistle blowing and a free press and all it encompasses should be protected even celebrated not criminalised to hide wrong doings and snafus in the advancement of the truth and the common good.

Now We Need A Civil Service Act

The Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) should take note in the appointments of KSUs and TKSUs and make sure that the Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Awam (KPPA) and the new Pengarah INTAN (Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara) gets the message and in turn creates a better training process for senior civil servants lest they turn out like the “brainless Hebat One” who deserved to be immediately pooled. It is time for Parliament to enact the Civil Service Act to ensure accountability and transparency in how the civil service works. There is the Education Act 1996, Police Act 1967, Armed Forces Act 1972 but no Civil Service Act. Unbridled power will only lead the spiral back of the bad old days.