Why MyBeauty’s Website Has Been Amended?

MyBeauty’s website has been amended a few days ago.

Updates on 13-03-2019:  When one clicks the link to Malaysian Beauty College, it no longer exist in the web. Why was the website being deleted?  Click:  Malaysian Beauty College

What is Malaysian Beauty College?

After yours truly had published an article about MyBeauty, HERE, there are several glaring amendments have been made to its website a few days ago. The obvious is the deletion of Tourism Malaysia (TM), Human Resources Fund (HRDF) and TRIP as parties to have established MyBeauty.  Under this particular section, there is a new addition of a not known entity known as Malaysian Beauty College, HERE.  If you were to click on “Our Campus” on the Malaysian Beauty College’s website there is no  picture showing its campus, HERE.

Malaysian Beauty College’s website.

According to the above webpage, Malaysian Beauty College is supported by MOTAC, Oriental Mace Group, Tourism Malaysia,  Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

A check from the website of AHLEI, there is no mention about Malaysian Beauty College, HERE.

Hopefully Malaysian Beauty College’s webpage will not be amended after this article is posted.

MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, JPK and Ministry of Human Resources/HRDF should clarify in what ways they are supporting the Malaysian Beauty College?


The Beauty Courses By “Malaysian Beauty College”

When “View Details” is clicked, it shows the same details as the “Beauty Courses” page.

With the exception of the amount for the fees on the courses, there is not much information on the courses except the name of the courses provided.  If you were to click “Beauty Courses” on Malaysian Beauty College’s website, you will see “View Details”.  When you click the “View Details” section there is no details, HERE.


The Original Version Of The Main Webpage of MyBeauty

The original version of the MyBauty’s webpage is as below. You could see the original versions of thee pages in MyBeauty’s website in HERE.

The original webpage of MyBeauty:


The original shown that MyBeauty was established by MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, Oriental Mace group, HRDF and TRIPS.

The top picture (the amended webpage of MyBeauty) shows Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace Group and TRIPS (Tourism Research Insitute For Policies Studies) have been deleted.

Why was the sudden deletion of Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace Group and TRIP without any explanation? This is extremely strange!  The said deletions raised more questions about MyBeauty.


What Is Trip?

TRIPS as shown in Malaysia Hospitality College’s webpage.

TRIPS seems to be part of Malaysia Hospitality College, HERE.


Left: Professor of Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew   Right: Her Excellency Timbalan KSU of MOTAC, Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid

It would appear that TRIPS is part of Malaysia Hospitality College, which is connected to the famous Professor of Economic Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew.  After yours truly published the article on MyBeauty, he has now replaced Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the former KSU of MOTAC, as Chairman of MyBeauty.


The Glaring Amendments

Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is now being promoted to be the Chairman of MyBeauty.

When yours truly published about “MyBeauty”, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, was its Chairman.  A few days ago, in the amended version of MyBeauty’s webpage Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is its newly appointed Chairman without any explanation.

As of this date, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah had already retired as KSU of MOTAC. However, in the above picture of the webpage of MYBeauty, he is still the KSU of MOTAC. This is most misleading to say the least.

There is also an obvious deletion of Tourism Malaysia as the party responsible for advertisement and promotion. The sudden deletion of Tourism Malaysia has also not been explained in MyBeauty’s website.


The Original Version Of MyBeauty Webpage

The original version shown Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, was the Chairman of MyBeauty.

It must be noted that the original version showed that Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah was the Chairman of MYBeauty, and Tourism Malaysian and MyBeauty were responsible for the advertisement and promotion. The amended version shows only MyBeauty is responsible for its advertisement and promotion.


The Other Glaring Amendment 

The glaring changes is “Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as” Oriental Mace Group Bhd.

It is strange that in the original version of MyBeauty’s website,  “Dybiotech Berhad” was glaringly not stated.  It is a normal commercial practice that all companies will state its current name in all its publications but not for Oriental Mace Group Berhad. The glaring omission of Dybiotech Berhad had caused unnecessary confusion to members of the public at large.


The Original Version

This original version was without “Dybiotech Bernard formerly known as”

The obvious amendment for this section of MyBeauty’s webpage is “Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as”, which was previously omitted. Perhaps MyBeauty now realised it had made a grave mistake in not stating the current name of Oriental Mace Group Berhad.

Why MyBeauty’s website was amended as follows:

  • Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah is no longer the Chairman but still is the current KSU of MOTAC.
  • Professor of Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is no longer the Co-Chairman but the Chairman of MyBeauty.
  • MyBeauty is no longer established by Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace and TRIPS. It is now only established by MOTAC and Malaysian Beauty College.
  • Tourism Malaysia is no longer responsible for MyBeauty’s advertisement and promotion.
  • MyBeauty was introudced by MOTAC with the collaboration of Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as  Oriental Mace Group Berhad.
  • Malaysian Beauty College is supported by MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, HRDF/Ministry of Human Reesources, Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).


MOTAC/Tourism and HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources to explain:

How much fund had been used to establish MyBeauty and support Malaysian Beauty College?

Whether establishment of MyBeauty and support given to Malaysian Beauty College were mooted in accordance with the existence rules set by the government?


MACC should also look into this matter.  


Next Change – The Chairmanship of Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, in MyBeauty.

Saty Tuned

Tahniah Datuk Isham Ishak

Tahniah Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak, Ketua Setiausaha MOTAC

CONGRATULATIONS to Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak  for his new appointment as the new KSU of Ministry of Tourism & Cultures (MOTAC). He was the KSU in the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI).  He was also the CEO of the Small and Medium, Enterprise Corporation/SME. He has a chequered career in MITI where he started as the Assistant Director in 1994 in MITI. He had served as the Minister Counsellor (MITI) at the Embassy of Malaysia in Washington DC.  His leadership in MITI had brought great improvement in the foreign direct investment (FDI). For more details of Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak, please read HERE.

Yours truly believes that with Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Isham’s leadership, MOTAC and TM will no longer be ‘business as usual’.   What a refreshing news for all those who wanted change in MOTAC and Tourism Malaysia (TM)!

Yours truly would like to wish Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak all the best for his new undertakings.


Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah

Left: Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew   Centre: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah

Thanks God that at long last Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (Rashidi) has officially retired as the KSU of MOTAC on 15 January 2019.

Rashidi’s retirement does not in anyway absolve him from the scandals in MOTAC and TM. He must be held accountable for facilitating the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko deal costing the rakyat RM99.693 million and MOTAC/TM endorsement of MyBeauty which was led by Oriental Mace Group Berhad,  HERE & HERE.

Under the ‘Surat Pekeliling’, civil servants are prohibited to hold post in non government organisation.


The Dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko Started With Datuk Musa Yusof

Datuk Musa Yusof, the former Director of International Promotion (Africa/China). He has just been appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia.

It all started on 19 January 2018  when Datuk Musa Yusof (the new DG of TM), who was the then Director of International Promotion (Africa/China), devised the “Promosi Bersama Tourism Malaysia Dan Tencent/Geekol Tech Bagi Pemasaran Digital  (Smart Tourism)” (‘Joint Promotion’).

This so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ was not a joint promotion. It was a scheme to appoint Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) to to prepare a report which report cost TM RM1,167,900.00.  Datuk Musa Yusuf’s so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ was, of course, approved by the then DG of TM, Datuk Seri Mirza bin Mohamed Taiyab. TM paid Geeko RM1,167,900.00 for the preparation of the report!

Then Geeko prepared this so-called report to thereafter appoint Geeko for the  dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ deal worth RM99.693 million. As a result of this so-called report, TM valued, negotiated and signed the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ in one day on 4 April 2018.  On 4 April 2018 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd was not even registered with Minister of Finance.  For the the so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ by Datuk Musa Yusof please read HERE & HERE.


2nd left: Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei    4th left: Elizabeth Ken

On 9 January 2019 the former Chairman of TM, Datuk Dr Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken were arrested and detained for the next four days by MACC to help in the investigations into the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ deal.  Datuk Dr Siew Ka Wei is the current executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and CEO of Nylex Bhd.

Stay Tuned


Whose Beauty is “MyBeauty”?

MyBeauty Home Page:  https://mybeautytourism.com.my/

MyBeauty, a pretentious initiative to dazzle Malaysia’s beauty industry, is run by a bogus company that appears to have government endorsement.

MyBeauty claims it is led by public-listed Oriental Mace Group Berhad (OM) but a check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) revealed it is not registered. In law, it is non-existent or simply put, bogus.

Seemingly, MyBeauty is a beast preying on government agencies with the blessings of senior officers from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), Tourism Malaysia (TM) and Human Resources Development Fund Bhd (HRDF)/Ministry of Human Resources.

Even uglier is the MyBeauty website listing of MOTAC secretary-general Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (Rashidi) as chairman of the so-called beauty tourist platform.

It is awkwardly puzzling that a conceited ‘special entity’ has given the impression that MyBeauty is sanctioned by the government.

MyBeauty’s Website/Facebook

According to MyBeauty’s website/Facebook and other advertising materials:

MyBeauty is a National initiative that aims to transform Malaysia into the Beauty Tourism Hub of the World. Its goal is to achieve this through elevating the nation’s Beauty and Healthcare Industry by bringing in 6 million high-yield beauty tourists by the year 2019, qualifying 1,000 MyBeauty Partner establishments, recruiting premium MyBeauty Vendors and Upskilling 50,000 beauty professionals or MyBeauty Apprentices. These Partners, Vendors and Apprentices will be working within proper government rules guidelines and strictly governed by a highly capable Independent Management Team (IMT) led by the Oriental Mace Group Berhad thus assuring beauty tourists world-class quality products and services.”

Please read HERE.

Statement in MyBeauty website:

MyBeauty’s statement in its website.

“The seal of Trust in beauty industry in Malaysia introduced by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) with the collaboration of Oriental Mace Group Berhad (OM).”

Was MyBeauty Established By MOTAC, TM & HRDF/Ministry Of Human Resources?

MyBeauty’s website stated that it was established by MOTAC, TM & HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources
MyBeauty’s website

The website and Facebook declares MyBeauty was “established” by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), TM and HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources.

In every MyBeauty advertising material, website and Facebook, the official logos of MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia and HRDF are prominently featured.

It appears that MyBeauty is a creature of MOTAC, TM and HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources. Is it?

Did the use of the logos of MOTAC, TM and HDRF go through proper channels and get approval before display in public domains?

The Works Of The Little Napoleons

Yours truly believes that this was the doing of a few little napoleons in MOTAC, TM and HDRF because logos of ministries and government agencies have never been used to endorse products or businesses unless they are for government sanctioned programs.

Chairman of MyBeauty

Screenshot of MyBeauty’s website showing MOTAC & TM clear endorsement of MyBeauty.

MOTAC KSU Rashidi appears prominently in the MyBeauty website.  He is the chairman of MyBeauty! He indirectly endorses MyBeauty and all its activities wholesale.  It would also appear that no due diligence had been done on the status of the ‘company” known as Oriental Mace Group Berhad.

Rashidi seems unbothered whether it was proper for him as a civil servant to be chairman of MyBeauty. His position will be discussed in more detail in the next posting.

Advertisement appeared in MyBeauty’s Facebook for its meeting in Penang.
Advertisement appeared in MyBeauty’s Facebook for its meeting in Kuantan, Pahang.
Advertisement appeared in MyBeauty’s Facebook for its meeting in Malacca.
MyBeauty meeting held in MOTAC HQ with MOTAC Secretary General Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah.  Please see the Facebook’s posting below.

Further, Mybeauty’s officials were given special rights to have its recruitment meetings in the meeting room of several MOTAC state offices (Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Penang and etc.

The expenses for the launching of MyBeauty on 23 April 2018 was paid by MOTAC and Oriental Mace Group Berhad.  YB Minister of MOTAC please take note and investigate. If MYBeauty was not sanctioned by MOTAC then Rashidi personally should be surcharged for what MOTAC had paid out to entertain MyBeauty for that occasion.

Co-Chairman of MyBeauty

Professor of Tourism Economic Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew, the co-chairman of MyBeauty

MyBeauty co-chairman is Professor of Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew, who has a very impressive background. He is not only a famous professor but a very successful businessman.  Before MyBeauty was set up, he was the CEO of Stone Master Corp Bhd from 2014/2015. Stone Master Corp Bhd is mainly involved in the manufacture and trading of marble, granite, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and related product HERE.

The World’s Renowned and Distinguished Professors Of Malaysian Hospitality College

Penal of World Renown & Distinguished Professors

According to the website of Malaysia Hospitality College (MHC), amongst the other he is one of the world’s renowned and distinguished professors in MHC. He is a Professor of Tourism Economics, Malaysia Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Education. Please read HERE.

MHC Offers Diploma, Degrees & Master Degree Courses

Malaysian Hospitality College offers Diploma, Degree and Master Degree!

By the way Malaysia Hospitality College offers a one-year year Diploma Course, 2-year Degree Course and 2-year Master Degree Course.

With the “world’s renowned and distinguished professor” in MHC, it is just a question of time before MHC will begin conferring doctorate (Phd) in Tourism and Hospitality.  With such a distinct achievement in high level education in hospitality and tourism, the Ministry of Education should consider allowing its logo to be used in all the advertising materials of MHC as in the case of MyBeauty!

Congratulations to Professor of Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew for your great achievement which no other professor in Asia could surpass. Malaysians should be extremely proud of you as an eminent professor of all seasons.


According to the website of MyBeauty, it is being “led” by a public-listed company known as Oriental Mace Group Berhad. It sounded extremely credible. It became more credible when it was published in the website and advertising materials that it has been established by MOTAC, TM & HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources.

The Companies Search Result for Oriental Mace Group Berhad.

However, a check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia shows that Oriental Mace Group Berhad has not been registered.  In law, Oriental Mace Group Berhad is a non-existent company and/or a bogus entity.

The Active Involvement of Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, KSU of MOTAC, With MyBeauty & Oriental Mace Group Bhd

Screenshot of the press release by Tourism Malaysia.

On 23 April, 2018 MyBeauty was launched by none other than the secretary-general of Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Rashidi in the presence of the famous chief executive officer of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Datuk CM Vignaesvaran a/l Jayandran, Professor – Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew and other members of the Independent Management Team at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTIC). This was such a big news item that TM had to issue a new release on the launch of MyBeauty, HERE.

Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei – The Then Chairman of Tourism Malaysia

It must be noted that at that material time, Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei was the then Chairman of TM. He is also the executive Chairman/CEO of public listed companies Ancom Bhd and CEO of Nylex Bhd.

Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman, current chairman of Ancom Bhd & Nylex Bhd and Ms Elizabeth Ken (both in orange “uniform”) arrested by MACC.
Picture of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei when he was about to be released by MACC. He was the chairman of TM.

On 9 January 2019 Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei and Ms  Elizabeth Ken were arrested by MACC and remanded by the court order for four days to assist MACC in its investigation into the dubious “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal worth RM99.693 million, HERE.

On 4 April 2018 the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal was sealed. On 23 April 2018 MyBeauty was launched with logo of TM prominently featured.

Perhaps Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, as the then chairman of TM, should clarify whether he was aware or had a hand in allowing the TM’s logo to be used to endorse MyBeauty when it was launched on 23 April 2018.

Human Resources Development Fund Bhd (HRDF) / Datuk CM Vignaesvaran a/l Jayandran, then CEO of HRDF

Left: Professor of Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew  Center:  Datuk Rashidi  Extreme Right: Datuk CM Vagnaesvaran a/l Jayandran. Picture was taken during the launch of MyBeauty on 23-4-2018.
Posting of the launch of MyBeauty on 23-4-2018 posted in MOTAC’s Facebook. It was also posted in MyBeauty’s Facebook,

It must be noted that HDRF/Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd is an agency under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.

In June 2018, a scandal erupted over a project involving the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) whose CEO then was Datuk CM Vignaesvaran a/l Jayandran.  He tendered his resignation on 12 June 2018. HERE.

According to the HRDF website, Vignaesvaran was no longer the CEO, HERE.  However, up to this date the MyBeauty website still shows that it has been established by HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources, HERE.

With the undivided support of Rashidi, TM and Datuk CM Vignaesvaran a/l jayandran the so-called “Beauty Tourism Hub of The World” was officially launched at MaTIC, on 23 April 2018.  It was a publicity blitz for MyBeauty.  Bernama quoted 1,000 Beauty Partners to receive RM50,000 MyBeauty matching grant, HERE.

Is it true that the RM50,000 grant was given?  Those who have been promised and received or not received the RM50,000 grant please leave your comments for us to discuss.

Rumour has it that MyBeauty had applied for a grant from MOTAC and the status of which is not known.

MyBeauty Has Been Well Supported By The Two Top MOTAC Officials

Rashidi wasn’t the only top official supportive of MyBeauty. His deputy Secretary General, Dato’ Haslina Abdul Hamid (Haslina) is equally supportive of it too.

Her Excellency Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid, the Deputy Secretary General of MOTAC.

Her Excellency Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid gracing and giving keynote address at MyBeauty’s special conference in Shenzen, China on 17 January 2019.
Front right:  Her Excellency Dato Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid   Front left:  Professor of Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew.
Her Excellency Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid was a witness to the signing of an an agreement or MOU by the co-chairman of MyBeauty, Professor of Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew.
Extreme left: Professor of Tourism Economics Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew and Her Excellency Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid.

On 17 January 2019, which was on a Thursday (a working day), Haslina attended a function, which was associated with MyBeauty, in Shenzen in China. She was addressed as ‘Your Excellency” and given a red carpet treatment at the so-called “2019 Maimei Create Wealth China – Malaysia Friendship Exchange Conference”. “Maimei” is the Mandarin translation of MyBeauty.

Did Her Excellency Dato’ Haslina take leave to attend the said conference in Shenzen? Even if she did, it was still improper for her to attend such conference as the Deputy Secretary General of MOTAC and to be a witness of signing ceremony and etc.  it would appear from the above pictures that Her Excellency Dato Haslina’s attendance gave a clear endorsement of MyBeauty!

Can high ranking government officers be actively involved in a private entity like MyBeauty?

Minister of MOTAC, Minister of Human Resources & MACC To Investigate

In view of this disclosure involving a non-existence company, Oriental Mace Group Berhad, and top government officers, the Minister of MOTAC, Minister of Human Resources and MACC should investigate the above matters.

Stay Tuned – Another explosive article on MOTAC/TM.