Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Malaysians

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

Yours truly hopes that the Year of the Horse will bring all of us peace, good health, happiness and prosperity.  Let us all Malaysians gallop into the Year of the Horse with greater sense of nation building and less politicking. Continue reading “Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Malaysians”

Headline “fouled up” in The Star

Ms June Wong, the impartial editor-in-chief of The Star Newspapers. She is in white blouse.
Ms June Wong (in white blouse), the “impartial” editor-in-chief of The Star Newspapers. Seated next to her is the husband.

The front page main news of the Star today: “Malaysian parents run foul of Swedish Law”. If we were to look at the highlighted news and stories under the stewardship of the Editor-In-Chief  of the Star, Ms June Wong, such a headline reflects her train of thoughts or taste buds. Remember the hue and cry that were highlighted by The Star when the pron bloggers Alvin and Vivian were denied bail.  Continue reading “Headline “fouled up” in The Star”

Avoid airline that is not disabled friendly

The bunting at AirAsia counters should look like this,
The appropriate buntings for AirAsia!

When the allegations against AirAsia for discriminating against the disabled persons had quieten down, 6 years later AiraAsia started to charge disabled passengers RM120 for one way  and RM240 return for wheelchair services, HERE. Continue reading “Avoid airline that is not disabled friendly”

“Now Every Disabled is Charged RM60 For Wheelchair Service”

Disabled persons protesting against AirAsia a few years ago.
Disabled persons protesting against AirAsia a few years ago.

Updates @ 3 pm 7-1-2014: A disabled person called yours truly to publish the actual cost for using the wheelchair per trip so that the Government and the Ministry of Transport will be made aware of how AirAsia treated its disabled passengers. He was hoping that the Government will put a stop to this high charges as a form of indirectly discriminating against disabled person from travelling on AirAsia flights.

It cost a disabled person RM120 for one way and RM240 return trip for using the wheelchair service from AirAsia.  It is to be noted that wheelchair service from check-in to the aircraft is provided by all airlines. Thank you MAS for providing free wheelchair service to its disabled passengers. Syabas MAS!

It was most shocking to learn that AirAsia is charging disabled person RM60 if he or she needs to use the wheelchair. Such astronomical charges amounted to indirect discrimination against the disabled person. It was reported in Sarawak Tribune. Please see below for the said report . Continue reading ““Now Every Disabled is Charged RM60 For Wheelchair Service””