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“MAS Net Loss of RM830 mil for 9 months Jan to Dec 2013”

Perhaps AJ does not under the history of MH. It is Malaysia Hospitality and not Musnah Harapan.

“Stay focused” says AJ.  “Stay Focus” to look after the interest of other airline?  It seems that now MH stands for “Maruah Hilang” & “Musnah Harapan”!

Yours truly went to the same mamak stall for a teh tarik this noon and someone has just passed the e-mail entitled “Stay Focused In Our Journey” from MAS Group CEO, which is still warm from the oven.   Continue reading


Under AJ, MAS loss RM4.1 million daily!

MAS with new livery after the Mas -AirAsia share "suap"

MAS with new livery after the Mas -AirAsia share “suap”. The cost of this new livery was part of “cost cutting” to MAS under AJ.

MAS livery before the MAS-AirAsia share 'suap"

MAS livery before the MAS-AirAsia share ‘suap”.  It doesn’t look “profitable” to AJ and his MASTER during the “share suap”.

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS and his top management have been bragging that MAS has managed to get more passengers to travel on MAS. Of course, the numbers game was the brainchild of AJ and his “Bollywood and Hollywood stars“. What is the point of gaining more passengers with no yield recorded except another loss of RM375 for the 3rd quarter of 2013 (July to September). Any person with modicum of intelligence could get the numbers over night if one just to embark on slashing of the fares with no other plans in hand.

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Happy Deepavali to all Hindus

Wishing all Hindu devotees Happy Deepavali

Wishing all Hindu devotees Happy Deepavali

Yours truly wish all Hindus a Happy Deepavali. May the Festival of Light brings peace and prosperity to all Malaysians.

P/s: Yours truly would like to say sorry to the readers for not updating the blog for the past two weeks or so due to the workloads in the law practice and having to attend to court cases.