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Parliamentary Questions For June Session

1.  Tuan Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) minta Menteri Kewangan untuk:

i.  menamakan kesemua GLC dan yang telah terlibat dalam perjanjian satu pihak dengan sektor swasta seperti antara Petronas dengan Omak Simfoni Sdn Bhd dan Omak Damai Sdn Bhd yang dikendalikan oleh Datuk Fathis, Datuk Fuad dan Datuk Farish dan antara MAS yang terlibat pembekal makanan; dan

ii.  Apakah tindakan yang diambil oleh kerajaan untuk membatalkan perjanjian satu pihak dimana ia bertentangan dengan polisi awam?

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] ask the Minister of Finance to state:

 i.   the name of all GLCs and that have entered into  one sided agreements with the private sector like between Petronas withOmak Simfoni Sdn Bhd and Omak Damai Sdn Bhd, which are controlled by Datuk Fathis, Datuk Fuad dan Datuk Farish, and  between MAS in connection with food catering; and

 ii.  what actions does the government intend to take to break such one sided perpetual agreements which is contrary to public policy? Continue reading



May I wish all Buddhists a HAPPY WESAK DAY. To Malaysians of other faith, have a pleasant break.  On this special day, I hope that all Malaysians from all walks of life will be more tolerance toward each other and mindful of the religious sensitivities of others in whatever things we do. Lets keep politics out of religion.  May Wesak Day brings peace to all Malaysians. For the non Buddhists, have a pleasant break.