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Bernama Bhd sues Bernama TV for debts

Why must the staff become the victims of mismanagement?

With the involvement of Yg Bhg Datuk Mohd Suhaimi bin Abdullah (Ketua Bahagian, UMNO Gunung Jerai), it smells of UMNO connection!

On 29 July 2009 I have received a comment in my blog concerning BERNAMA BHD  and Bernama TV under my posting of 17 July 2009 as follow:

(An excerpt of the comment from Anonymous on July 29, 2009 at 3:47 am:)

“Kami warga perkhidmatan audio visual/bernama tv ingin meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati dengan pengurusan bernama yang membuat keputusan drastik    terhadap kami yang terpaksa ditukarkan ke beberapa jabatan mengikut kepakaran masing2. Mulai 1/8,ada yang terpaksa pergi ke RTM dan beberapa jabatan tertentu di BERNAMA. Masalahnya penukaran tempat2 tersebut di buat dalam jangka masa 3 hari sahaja.

Secara asas kami bersetuju ditukarkan untuk memberi tekanan kepada btv synergy,cuma keputusan ini yang secara drastik melibatkan masalah2 terutama kepada mereka yang ditukarkan ke RTM. YB Wee ada sesetengah petugas perkhidmatan audio visual yelah bertugas di Bernama lebih 12 tahun, terpaksa menanggung kos akibat terpaksa berpindah ke RTM. Kata mereka ini adalah sementara, tetapi setelah banyak kali kami dijanjikan banyak harapan akhirnya kami yang menjadi mangsa.” Continue reading


MACC seizes files from Venturepharm Asia, the successful bidder for Malaysia Pavilion!

The Sun report: 30-07-2009.

World Shanghai Expo 2010 website here also publishes this report by the Sun.

MACC seizes files from Venturepharm
Tim Leonard

PETALING JAYA (July 29, 2009): The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has seized several files and documents from drug firm Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd, which was awarded a RM19.99 million contract to build the Malaysian pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Continue reading

Petition signed by over 500 residents handed over to Datuk Bandar KL

Several residents of Danau Kota, Wangsa Maju, and I went to Bangunan DBKL this morning to handover a petition to Datuk Bandar concerning the residents’ unhappiness over the social problems, crime rate, cleanliness, traffic congestion and noise caused by the Uptown Danau Kota Pasar Malam, which operates daily from 10 pm to 4 am. There are over 500 signatures in the said Petition. The said Petition was handed over to the Datuk Bandar’s Special Assistant, Tuan Hj Shaari bin Abdul Junid.


The Petition was presented to Tuan Hj Shaari Ahmad Junid. Continue reading

Pavilion for 2010 Shanghai World Expo: Government should cancel contract to Venturepharm Asia and call for a re-tender!

Pavilion untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010: Kerajaan harus membatalkan kontrak kepada Venturepharm Asia dan mengadakan tender semula!

It is an open secret that Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is politically well-connected as we can see that many of the companies which were awarded contracts by the Malaysian Tourism Board are directly or indirectly connected to her. (Please read comment by Kang in previous post.)

Such award of contracts to a questionable company like Venturepharm Asia will definitely encourage more brain-drain as professionals see no future in Malaysia. The latest case of such ridiculosity had to do with the conceptualising, designing and construction of the proposed Malaysian pavilion in the shape of a Malaysian Minangkabau roof for the upcoming 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Continue reading

Minister of Tourism says Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd has no political link!

Update, 22 July 2009: World Shanghai Expo 2010 website here also publishes most of what I have written about on this subject!

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Menteri Pelancongan kata Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd tidak mempunyai hubungan politik! (Versi BM ada dibawah)

The Minister of Tourism Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, had denied in The Sun today (20 July 2009) that there was no “political link” when it awarded the RM19 million contract to Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd (Venturepharm) to build the Malaysia Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and that it was done via an open tender and the process was carried out in a clear and transparent manner. The Minister had also denied that the ministry had helped Venturepharm to win the contract. Continue reading

MACC must take full responsibility for the death of Teo Beng Hock

MACC mesti bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya ke atas kematianTeo Beng Hock

The whole nation is shocked over the mysterious death of Mr Teo Beng Hock who was last seen on the 14 floor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Selangor headquarters in Shah Alam, where he was interrogated earlier. Mr Teo was a former Sin Chew Jit Poh journalist and the political secretary of Selangor state executive councilor, YB Ean Yong Hian Wah. Until this hour, the cause of death is still unclear and no announcement has been made by the authority. Continue reading