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Game over for “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”

Demolition of the permanent structures and the cabin was put into the DBKL lorry. For more pictures see below.

On Saturday (14-1-2012) morning at 9:30 am, the officers from Ministry of Education and DBKL enforcement unit came to the empty land, which belongs to  the Ministry of Education, in Prima Setapak. They demolished all the permanent structures and removed the cabin that was put on the said empty land. The residents in Prima Setapak were extremely happy with the decision of the authorities to stop the ill thought plans to start a “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” in housing estate. Please read in HERE for yours truly’s previous posting. Lets hope that this will be a good lesson for those who want to make profits out of empty government land without considering the well-being of the residents. Continue reading


Abused of “1MALAYSIA” logo

The abused of "1Malaysia" logo

Prima Setapak in Wangsa Maju is a residential area. It is surrounded with enough shops and food outlets including hawker stalls.  Yet a syndicate saw it fit to clear an empty land, which belongs to the Ministry of Education, to start a “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” that will operate from 2 pm to 2 am daily. The syndicate claims that they have signed an agreement with the said Ministry for three years to operate a “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”. Continue reading