Jalan Genting Klang major upgrade – Datuk Bandar says “NO” to extention of completion date!

Ya, Wangsa Maju setuju DBKL tidak boleh ‘mesra kontraktor!’

(Terkini, 19 Ogos 2010 : Gambar pembinaan yang telah siap dan dalam proses pembinaan di bawah)

Yes, Wangsa Maju agrees DBKL cannot be ‘contractor friendly!’

(Update, 19 August 2010 : Pictures of completed and work-in-progress sections after text below)

At a meeting on 22 July 2010 with all Members of Parliaments whose constituencies are located within Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Bandar Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad B. Ismail had categorically stated that the major upgrade of Jalan Genting Klang must be fully completed by 18 November 2010 as scheduled.

Wangsa Maju had been informed that the contractor, Mentari Construction Sdn Bhd, had tried to ask for an extention of the completion date to be the end of the year 2011. Datuk Bandar was not agreeable to the request and insisted that all projects under the 9th Malaysia Plan must be completed within the period. Continue reading “Jalan Genting Klang major upgrade – Datuk Bandar says “NO” to extention of completion date!”

Datuk Bandar declares "war against cybercafes!"

This is an update of a meeting with Datuk Bandar and the Members of Parliament in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 22 July 2010, at DBKL head office. Some of the issues discussed, with reference to Wangsa Maju, are as follows:-

1. Cybercafes
It is reported that todate actions have been taken against 4 outlets to help stem the rise of social ills in Wangsa Maju which include online gambling, porn viewing and loan-sharking activities associated with these outlets. Datuk Bandar, however, feels that more could be done as Wangsa Maju is highly populated and covers a vast geographical area. To show his commitment to Wangsa Majuians and their families that he has their welfare at heart, he has decided to declare “war against cybercafés” not only in our ‘kawasan’ but also throughout Kuala Lumpur. DBKL officers are reminded to monitor and enforce this policy on a continuous basis to help promote, protect and preserve the healthy social environment of our city. Continue reading “Datuk Bandar declares "war against cybercafes!"”