MCMC Looted, Shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Deal Resurfaces – Part 8 (SST, Acceptance, SD & RM30 million Payments Were All Done In One Day – The “Financial Literacy” of Khadijah)

The then “HEBAT” CEO of PADU, Puan Khadijah Abdullah, who had signed all the “Surat Setuju Terima” (SST) and the cheques for all payments made to the Special Purpose  Vehicle Account known as “Utusan – Epiweb Collection Account”.

It can’t get any funnier when one talks about PADU Corporation (PADU).

Just anything involving finances and unscrupulous officers can happen in this government agency which continues to lead the art of manoeuvring and trickery.

PADU dished out fund wantonly as though the public funds from MCMC that were held in TRUST by PADU belongs to the little napoleons namely, the then “HEBAT” CEO Puan Khadijah Abdullah and En Ahmad Izzat Ahmad Zaki, the CFO of Padu.

After leaving PADU on 31 May 2019 Puan Khadijah Abdullah was specially “head hunted” by Bank Negara Malaysia to head one of its important outfits dealing with “Financial Literacy”.  So if one wants to be noticed, appreciated and promoted to a majestic height in Bank Negara Malaysia then one has to emulate Khadijah Abdullah’s style of “financial literacy”/zero governance in PADU.


The SST dated 22 June 2017 signed by Puan Khadijah Abdullah, who is now a high ranking officer in Bank Negara Malaysia. Page 1
The SST dated 22 June 2017 page 2
The SST dated 22 June 2017 – Page 3
The Payments Schedule under SST dated 22 June 2017.  Such payments schedule is extremely rare in the commercial world except in PADU. 

On or about 22 June 2017 delivery of scandalous tablet project of PADU for Phase 1 and 2 was not completed as per the “Surat Setuju Terima” (SST), which was signed by the then most “Hebat” CEO of PADU for RM50 million (Phase 1) & RM 52 million (Phase 2).  Phase 3’s SST valued at RM49,985,605.00. Please read on you will see the SD resurfacing again.

The PADU’s Cheque Payments To The Special Purpose Vehicle Account 

First 35% payment

The first 35% payment should be RM17,484,961.75 (35% X 49,985,605 = RM17,494,961.75) under the said SST for Phase 3 but PADU under the leadership of Puan Khadijah Abdullah rounded it up and paid RM17.5 million, which was above the payment schedule as per SST terms dated 22 June 2017. How is that for zero governance!

The 2nd 25% payment also dated on 22 June – the same date as the SST and 1st payment!

The second 25% payment should be RM12,496,401.25 ( 25% X RM49,985,605.00 = RM12,496,401.25) and PADU rounded up to RM12.5 million which again above the payments schedule as per the SST dated 22 June 2017.

These two payments of 35% and 25%  were made in total violation of the PADU’s very own SST terms.

The Total Fund Received From MCMC

Total sum received from MCMC,

The funds for Phase 3 from MCMC were received in PADU account on 22 June 2017 (the same day PADU/Khadijah Abdullah issued the SST) and 28 June 2017! The fund was wired to PADU in two transactions as can be seen from the table above.

The Balance MCMC Funds in PADU Is About RM50 miliion

To date the total fund received by PADU from MCMC is RM309,879,325.00. PADU only paid out about a  total of RM267 million to the special purpose vehicle account. There is a balance of un-utilized MCMC Funds of about RM43 million in PADU’s bank account.  PADU must also take into account the total forfeited performance bond from Utusan totaling about RM7 million.   Therefore, the total balance in the PADU’s trust account should be RM50 million (RM43 mil + RM7 mil).  Of course, the little napoleons cum spin doctors in PADU will try to spin the balance to very much less than the RM50 million – may be cut down by half!

Although MCMC had demanded for the said balance to be returned to MCMC a few months ago but PADU came out with unacceptable excuses to keep the said balance.  Of course, MCMC didn’t set in motion for the return of the said balance sum.

The MCMC officers must accept the blame for the wanton disbursement of the MCMC Funds via wire transferred with zero governance. The MCMC Funds should have been paid to MOE and not direct to PADU. However, yours truly had sighted document that shows the then MOE’s KSU objected to direct payment to MOE because of the difficulties of disbursing it from MOE! What a joke!

The first draw down in PADU account was RM30 million (also on the 22 June 2017) and the second draw down of RM20 million  to PADU account was on 28 June 2017. 

Immediately upon receiving the fund from MCMC on 22 June 2017, PADU couldn’t wait to pay out all the RM30 millions in two cheques as shown above to the special purpose vehicle account, “Utusan-Epiweb Collection Account”As per the contract between Utusan and PADU, there was no provision for payments to be made to this special purpose vehicle account. Therefore, PADU should have made all payments to Utusan. But payments to the special purpose vehicle account was the modus operandi of Puan Khadijah Abdullah (the then CEO of PADU) and En Ahmad Izzat Ahmad Zaki (CFO of PADU).

Phase 3  Supported By Statutory Declaration By Utusan 

SD by Utusan GM En Ahmad Razif Mohamed – Page 1
Utusan’s SD 22-6-2017 by its GM – Page 2
Left: Datuk Fatmi Che Salleh (the executive chairman of Utusan and former political secretary to the then PM, Datuk Seri Najib)   2nd Left:  Datuk Mohd Noordin Abbas (a former banker from Affin Bank & CEO of Utusan)   Right: The famous Tan Sri Dr Mohamed Al Amin Hj Abdul Majid (he is a business partner to the corporate genius Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, the Ancom Bhd‘s executive chairman & former chairman of Tourism Malaysia.)

Normally the Utusan’s SDs were signed by Datuk Mohd Noordin Abbas, the then CEO of Utusan, HERE.  Datuk Mohd Noordin Abbas was a former banker in Affin Bank. Datuk Fatmi Che Salleh was the former executive chairman of Utusan and the former political secretary to the former PM, Datuk Najib Razak.  On this occasion the SD was signed by the Utusan GM, En Ahmad Razif Mohamed.

On 22 June 2017 another statutory declaration was produced by Utusan to undertake that it will complete the deliveries of the tablets under Phase 1 and 2. How about that for governance in PADU?  PADU had been vendors “friendly” as far as the scandalous tablet deal was concerned. WHY? WHY? WHY?

In order for PADU to issue the SST for Phase 3,  a scheme was blatantly hatched by the little napoleons in PADU to circumvent the previous contracts not fulfilled by Utusan and more importantly to facilitate the issuance of SST for Phase 3 so that payment of the first 35% and second payment of another 25% totalling RM30 million could be dished out to the special purpose vehicle account, Utusan-EPIWEB Collection Account” and thereafter substantial sums were dished out to two special entities Redberry and N… . This subject deserves a separate posting by itself in the coming Parts.

Using SD To Waive Delivery Of Tablets For Phase 1 & 2 – Board of Trustees Papers (an extract of it)

The extract of the Board of Trustees’s Circular Resolution also dated on 22 June 2017

A source in MOE revealed that despite the SST/contractual obligations for the scandalous tablets were not fully completed at that material time and yet En Ahmad Izzat Ahmad Zaki, the CFO of PADU, saw it fit to prepare the above Circular Resolution for the Board of Trustees of PADU to approve and the issuance of SST for Phase 3 based on waiver of the condition precedent for delivery for Phase 1 and 2.

On 22 June 2017 upon PADU signed the SST and acceptance by Utusan all on the same day, and on the 22 June 2017 itself, PADU issued the above two cheques for RM17.5 mil and RM12.5 mill totaling RM30 million. PADU was an extremely efficient paymaster when it comes to paying to the said special purpose vehicle account. WHY??

Why RM 10,402,690.25 Was Paid Out from the Special Purpose Vehicle Account To Redberry Sdn Bhd, an outfit of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei? 

Under Phase 6,  RM10,402,690.25 was paid out from the said special purpose vehicle account to Redberry Sdn Bhd, which is an outfit of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, the former chairman of Tourism Malaysia and executive chairman of public listed Ancom Bhd and Group MD of Nylex Bhd.  Dato’ Siew is also the MD for Redberry Media Group, the owner of the defunct Malay MailMs Elizabeh Ken is the media specialist in Redberry Media Group.

The arrest and detention of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken, the CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd and media specialist of Redberry Media group, which is an outfit of Siew ka Wei.

On 9 January 2019 Dato’ Dr  Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken were arrested and detained by MACC for four days, HERE.  Up to this date both of them have not been charged by MACC.  There was a new development that on 6 and 7 August 2019, Datuk Isham Ishak, the KSU of MOTAC was called up by MACC to assist in the investigation of the “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko Tech deal of RM99.7 million with Tourism Malaysia, HERE.

Datuk Isham Ishak was appointed MOTAC KSU on 15 February 2019, HERE. Therefore, he was not involved in the Geeko Tech’s scandal because that scandal took place in April 2018.

The “Mesyuarat Pre Council Jawantankuasa Tindakan Laporan Ketua Audit Negara Mengenai Laporan Ketua “Autar” Negara”

A reliable source in MOE has informed yours truly that “Jawantankuasa Siasatan Tadbir Urus Perolehan dan Kewangan Kerajaan” under PMO and Jawantankuasa Siasatan Ketua Audit Negara not Ketua “Autar” Negara are now investigating into this tablet scandal and balance of funds from MCMC.

This morning there will be a meeting known as “Mesyuarat Pre Council Jawantankuasa Tindakan Laporan Ketua Audit Negara Mengenai Laporan Ketua “Autar” Negara to be led by Jabatan Audit Negara with the top brass of MOE to investigate into this tablet scandal.

MOE Should Suspend The CFO of Padu, En Ahmad Izzat Ahmad Zaki and Special Officer to CEO, En Azrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, Pending Investigations

How could the said two ‘Jawatankuasa Siasatan” have a proper in-dept investigation when the two key little napoleons/players of this tablet scandal namely, En Ahmad Izzat Ahamd Zaki (CFO of PADU) and En Azrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim (the “HEBAT” Special Officer to the CEO, Khadijah Abdullah,) have not been suspended?  In any investigation of such nature the key players would have been suspended until the end of the investigations. But not in PADU/MOE!

Board of Trustees Of PADU

Could the above manourvring and trickery be so smooth sailing if the Board of Trustees (BOT), headed by Tan Sri Megat Zaharuddin (chairman), Tan Sri Madinah Mohamad (then KSU of MOE was a member), Datuk Seri Alias Ahamd (who had been accused of being complicit in the Sarawak Solar project for schools), Mr See Huey Beng (member) and others, have performed their fiduciary duties properly by scrutinising the tablet project?  The little napoleons in PADU treated BOT as a rubber stamp, the then members of the BOT should also be held responsible for all the wrong doings in PADU which has resulted in a waste of few hundred million of public funds.

We can only hope that the current BOT will carry out its duties as TRUSTEES and not be part of the “GAJI BUTA” category.

It must be noted that in 2016 when Tan Sri Madinah Mohamad chaired the “Pre-Price Negotiation Meeting” for this scandalous tablet project, HERE.  The scandalous tablet project kicked off after this meeting.  By the way in 2016, she was also a member of the MCMC, HERE.  The funding of this tablet project came from MCMC!!!

Why Is The Minister Of Education Playing Dumb On The Scandalous Tablet Issue?

It is most unfortunate that the Minister of Education is still playing dumb on this RM306 million tablet scandal!

MACC & Bank Negara Malaysia

Yours truly calls upon SPRM/MACC to investigate into the wanton disbursement of RM309 million of MCMC Funds into the said special purpose vehicle account and Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia to explain on what basis Puan Khadijah Abdullah was appointed to head or be part of one of its important outfit dealing with “Financial Literacy” for Malaysia. It is hoped that cronyism has no role to play in Bank Negara Malaysia.

Stay Tuned – Part 9

MCMC Looted, Shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Deal Resurfaces – Part 3 (Siew Ka Wei – Elizabeth Ken Combination Rattles Scandal)

The influential and powerful Ms Elizabeth Ken, the CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd and Media Specialist of Redberry Media Group, which is a part of the public listed Ancom Bhd‘s Group of Companies.

The combination of Redberry Media Group’s (Redberry) managing director Dato Siew Ka Wei (SiEW) and its media specialist Elizabeth Ken has rattled the burgeoning scandal involving RM340 million to provide free computer tablets to teachers nationwide. For background articles on the tablet project please read Part 1 and Part 2.

SIEW is the current executive chairman of public listed Ancom Bhd and Group MD of Nylex Bhd. Redberry is part of Ancom Bhd’s group of companies. Redberry owned the defunct Malay Mail, whose editor in chief is none other than Datuk Wong Sai Wan.

SIEW’s involvement in meetings between PADU Corporation (PADU)– a company incorporated by guarantee under the purview of the Ministry of Education (MOE) — and Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad, which was awarded the contract, raises serious questions.

SIEW, the disgraced ex-Tourism Malaysia chairman, sat without a designation as a Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad representative at a price negotiation meeting on 13 June 2016, HERE.

Ms Elizabeth Ken Signed The Agreement As Witness

Page 1 of the UTUSAN -EPIWEB SDN BHd Supply, Delivery,& Maintenance Agreement dated 3 December 2015.
The signing page of the Utusan – EPIWEB Sdn Bhd agreement. The influential and powerful Ms Elizabeth Ken was the signatory as the witness for EPIWEB Sdn Bhd.

The Redberry’s media specialist (Ms Elizabeth Ken), signed the Supply, Delivery and Maintenance Agreement between Utusan Melayu and politically connected EPIWEB Sdn Bhd as a witness for the latter on 3 December 2015.

Ms Elizabeth Ken’s profile in the website of Likendin describing herself as the media specialist of Redberry Media Group.
SSM Record of Epiweb Sdn Bhd’s List of Directors

EPIWEB Sdn Bhd’s nature of business is “information technology consultation and related services”.  It would appear that En Khairul Firdaus is not a director of Epiweb Sdn Bhd.

It would also appear from the above that as early as in December 2015, Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry, had prior knowledge of the impending tablet project, which was only proposed by the then Minister of Communications and Multimedia, YB Datuk Seri Salleh Syed Keruak, at the end of April 2016.

The contract, without open tender, was for the free supply of 430,000 computer tablets with pre-installed Tutor Guru app and Utusan Malaysia e-paper to teachers by June 2018.

While it is acceptable for anyone to sign as a witness, Ms Elizabeth’s part in the agreement could suggest a lead role taken by her boss SIEW in the project.

Ms Elizabeth Ken is also a signatory in the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Agreement involving Tourism Malaysia.

Ms Elizabeth Ken signed on behalf of Geeko in the scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Agreement that involved RM99.693 million of public fund.

The Siew – Elizabeth connection first surfaced in the dubious Tourism Malaysia’s RM99.693 million “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” tech deal that was done at lightning speed.

The Arrest & Detention of Siew & Ms Elizabeth Ken By MACC

2nd left: Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei & 4th left: Ms Elizabeth Ken

Both were arrested and remanded for four days by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in January 2019.  Investigations are continuing.

The tablet project meant to narrow the divide between teachers and students failed miserably due to zero governance, as did the Tourism Malaysia – Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (GEEKO) scheme, HERE.

Elizabeth was the CEO of GEEKO, a 5-month old company, while Siew was Tourism Malaysia chairman when the deal was evaluated and negotiated. The contract was exchanged and sealed in ONE day on 4 April 2018!

Now that SIEW and Ms Elizabeth Ken have re-emerged into the public eye, we need to know the truth about the tablet deal.

The deafening silence by PADU and Ministry of Education over the issue is shameful.

In fact, all the parties including the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), which channeled the funds to PADU, should take responsibility and come clean.

If we really care about stopping corruption, we should be prepared for whatever may come of investigations. We should not protect shady characters but rather ensure that our trust and confidence are not exploited for the wrong reason.

Stay tuned for Part 4.

MCMC Looted, Shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Deal Resurfaces – Part 2 (Corporate Genius Siew Ka Wei’s Wizardry)

Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Redberry Media Group (which owned the defunct Malay Mail) and Ms Elizabeth Ken (both in orange “uniform”) when they were arrested and detained by MACC in January 2019.

For Part 1 please read HERE.

Disgraced corporate genius and ex-Tourism Malaysia chairman Dato Siew Ka Wei (SIEW) appears to be in the centre of another failed lavish government CONtract.

The man who in January this year spent four days in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) lock-up over a probe into the dubious RM100 million “Speedy Gonzales” tech deal involving Tourism Malaysia (TM)/Ministry of Tourism and Culture is now implicated in a Ministry of Education (MOE) rip-off.

SIEW and/or his outfits are seen as one of the key players in the disastrous RM340 million project, which involved MCMC Funds, to digitalise teaching in schools nationwide.

The initiative was meant to narrow the digital divide between teachers and students, which was a good decision, but it ended with all and sundry exploiting the said failed project.

Despite on 17 April 2018 Jawatankuasa PEMANDU Program ICT Sekolah Kementerian Pendidekan Malaysia Sessi Khas 2/2018 Memutuskan bahawa Fasa 6 ditangguhkan sehingga  selepas PRU 14”Padu Corporation (PADU)  defied the said decision and on 27 April 2018 (some 12 days before 14th GE) it proceeded to pay another RM18,402,690.25  to Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad (Utusan) in lightning speed for Phase 6.

At that material time, PADU and MOE had full knowledge that the said tablet project for Phase 2 to 5 were failures. After the payment of RM18,402,269.00, not a single tablet was delivered to teachers!


The funds in PADU were managed with zero governance, to say the least. For example, the proof of deliveries of the tablets by Utusan to the teachers were done by sending copies of Statutory Declaration (SD) affirmed by its Group CEO, Dato’ Mohd Noordin Bin Abbas to PADU. Based on the said SD, PADU’s CEO, Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, and PADU’s CFO, En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, happily made payments of a few million Ringgit  each upon accepting the statutory declarations as proofs of delivery!   The little napoleons in PADU, treated the funds in PADU as their own or cash cow!

The funds from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) were channeled to PADU, a company incorporated by guarantee under the purview of MOE.

PADU awarded the contract to Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad (UTUSAN) without open tender to supply free 430,000 units of computer tablets with pre-installed Tutor Guru app and Utusan Malaysia e-paper to teachers by June 2018.

It is startling that SIEW, the former Chairman of TM, executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd, managing director of Nylex Bhd, Redberry Media Group (Redberry) that owned the defunct Malay Mail, wore the Utusan Malaysia hat to attend the meeting in MOE.


The Minutes for the “Pre Price Negotiation Meeting” dated 13-6-2016 held in MOE. Page 1

page 2

Page 2 of the Minutes of the Pre-Price Negotiation Meeting of 13-6-2016.

In the minutes of a “Pre-Price Negotiation” meeting on 13 June 2016 between PADU and Utusan Melayu, Dato Siew was listed without any designation under the Utusan team that attended the session.

The meeting to discuss pricing and supply of the gadgets to teachers in Sarawak under the first phase saw the attendance of all the MOE top guns.

They were the then Ketua Setiausaha (Tan Sri Dr Madinah binti Mohamad, who was later appointed the Auditor General), Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (P) (En Jamil bin Rakon), the then Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi PADU (Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, whose contract expired on 31 May 2019 and was not renewed), Setiausaha Bahagian Perolehan dan pengurusan Aset (Tuan Haji Shahid-Din bin Khatib), Pengarah Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (Tuan Haji Zaidi Bin Yazid),  Timbalan Setiausaha Bahagian (K) Bahagian Kewangan (b), Ketua Pegawai Kewangan Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) (En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki), Pengarah (Transformasi) Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) (En Mohaammed Zekri bin Ghazali), Pegawai Khas KSU Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) (Cik Afidah binti Ashad) and Pengurus kewangan Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) and (En Mohd Hizwan bin Ahmad).

The then very “Hebat” CEO of PADU, Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah
En Azrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, the very ‘Hebat” special officer to Puan Khadijah
En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, the very “Hebat” Chief Financial Officer of PADU.

According to reliable sources in MOE, the “three musketeers” in the scandalous tablet deal in PADU were:

 Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, the then CEO of PADU;

En Asrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, the Special Officer to CEO; and

En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, CFO of PADU

Utusan Melayu (M) Sdn Bhd

Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd were represented by its Pengarah Esekutif Kumpulan (Dato’ Mohd Nordin bin Abbas), the corporate genius Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei for Utusan Malaysia (M) Berhad (with no post) and Pengurus Besar Perkhidmatan Korporat & Pengurusan Risiko Utusan Melayu (M) Sdn Bhd (En Ahmad Razif bin Mohamed).

Picture of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei when he was released from detention of MACC.  He was the former chairman of TM, current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Redberry Media Group, which owned the defunct Malay Mail.

Siew Ka Wei’s role in the project raises worrying issues.

  • He was never part of Utusan Malaysia (M) Bhd group. So, in what capacity did he attend the pre-price negotiation meeting and subsequent discussions?
  • Did Utusan authorise his attendance as their representative?
  • If so, were the MOE and PADU made aware of this and checked on the credential of Siew Ka Wei?
  • In 2018/2019 Redberry Group and Nylex Bhd sued Utusan for the return of deposit for advertising — RM8.5 mil for Nylex and RM4.5 mil for Redberry.  Wasn’t it strange that SIEW, who is the MD for Nylex and Redberry, sued Utusan when he represented Utusan in the said tablets “Pre-Price Negotiation” Meeting on 13 June 2016?            Please read HERE, HERE & HERE.
  • Siew Ka Wei was appointed chairman of Tourism Malaysia on 21 Sept 2016 and it would have been unethical of him to have continued to be in this tablet business up to end of April 2018.

If you think the shady Speedy Gonzales” RM100 mil CONtract with TM, where Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken were arrested and detained for four days by MACC,  was bad wait till you see what had actually took place in the shady RM340 million tablet deal.  The deal was funded using the MCMC Funds.

For a start, SIew Ka Wei, who was never part of Utusan Melayu, had attended the Padu’s  Pre Price Negotiation meetings of the so-called tablet deal as a representative of  Utusan Melayu.  Siew Ka Wei is a well known corporate genius of all times!  No wonder he could hold on as the Chairman of Ancom Bhd, a public listed company and MD of Nylex Bhd.

In the interim, Puan Latheefa Koya, the newly-minted DG of MACC should swing into action to investigate the failed tablet Project worth a total of RM340 million involving MCMC Funds.

Yours truly calls upon YB Gobind Singh Deo, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia and Datuk Dr Mazlee bin Malik, the Minister of Education, to uncover the irregularities that caused the tablet projects to fail and the wanton disbursement of funds.

Stay Tuned For The Continuing Expose in Part 3.