Md Nor: Are you condoning Rashdan’s abused of powers?


Updates @ 11:00 am on 3-4-2012: AJ has just sent out another new organization chart for MAS effective today.   AJ said in the e-mail that the new management chart “will continue to strengthen his foundation to successfully implement the Recovery plans and the Game Changers as contained in the Business Plan”. This is the third management chart for AJ ever since he was appointed MAS Group CEO!  Just wondering, how many more of such chart to come?

Under this new structure,  Amok’s crony Rashdan is still the Deputy Group CEO in charge of  “Group Finance together with Aircraft Finance & Management and also to assist AJ with overseeing all the divisions and subsidiaries”.

AJ & Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof: What about the scandals regarding the upgrading of Rashdan’s maid to First Class that has been highlighted in this blog and in Parliament. Are you going to take actions against the abused of power by Amok’s crony?

By the way AJ, have you read about the scandals involving Caterham where a member of MAS Board of Director was involved in, in HERE.


Today (2-4-2012) MESA Union of MAS has sent an e-mail to Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor), MAS  Chairman and also one of  the brains behind the project known as “Widespread Assets un-Bundling” ( WAU) in 2002 / 2003 when he was the MD of MAS. Continue reading “Md Nor: Are you condoning Rashdan’s abused of powers?”

Deputy Min of MOF replies in Parliament

YB Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein & Tan Sri Tony Fernandes CEO of AirAsia

The verbatim version of Hansard Report of 28-3-2012 when YB Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein, Deputy Minister of Finance, was replying to all the questions raised during the Debate on the Royal Address in Parliament regarding the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF. Continue reading “Deputy Min of MOF replies in Parliament”

Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class

The VOYAGE REPORT on the Deputy Group CEO of MAS during flight MH122 on 1-1-2012. Md Nor, AJ, Rozman Omar, CFO, and Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director of MAS, care to comment?

Updates on 30-3-2012: Please read an interesting article by ABITW entitled “As long as MAS is here, no fear”.

Updates @ 11:30 pm on 28-3-2012: Parliament ended at about 10:00 pm just now. Will post what YB Datuk Awang Adik, the Deputy Minister of Finance, has replied in Parliament as soon as yours truly got a copy of the Handsard. Of course, he didn’t answer all the pertinent questions raised by several MPs especially “why was there a need for CCF to couple with share swap?” and what yours truly have asked in HERE & HERE during the policy Debate on the Royal Address. He was skirting around. Continue reading “Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class”

WAU! “Open Tender is no Push Fully in this country”

"MAS staffs are low productivity" said AJ. This MAS known logo has been around for many years and around the world. Has been changed to pale blue to "SAVE" MAS.

Updates @ 4:30 pm on 28-3-2012: Tonight the Ministry of Finance (MOF) will be replying to the issues raised on the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF in yours truly’s speech “Pengkhianat dan Pengkhianat Negara” in HERE & HERE. Parliamentary session will be on until MOF finishes its reply. It could be as late as 11:30 pm! The MOF’s replies on the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF will be posted as soon as possible.

In the interim please read an interesting piece in THE MOLE, HERE & HERE.

At 1:30 pm on 26-3-2012 MAS management came to Parliament to brief MPs. MAS Management team was represented by En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) and Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, as MAS Advisor. Another person from MAS, whom yours truly is not familiar with.  It could be En Rozman Omar. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok) represented Khazanah  Nasional Bhd (khazanah). Yours truly was told that Amok’s crony Rashdan was there but could not be seen.  Continue reading “WAU! “Open Tender is no Push Fully in this country””

The “sit-in” protest in the office of MAS Italy

MAS office in Italy. There is a sit-in protest by MAS employees.

Updates @ 10:30 pm on 20-3-2012: As at 8:00 pm tonight, the Hansard for the Parliamentary proceedings of yesterday (19-3-2012) has yet to be tabled in Parliament. It should be tabled by tomorrow. Once it is tabled yours truly will publish it here.

Yours truly, has been informed that the “sit-in” protest by MAS employees in Italy is still on. Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof was quick to issue press statement to defend Amok’s crony, Rashdan, and AJ but until today he is keeping very quiet about the appointment of PlaneConsult and what Mr Shane Nollan has been doing as Acting Commercial Director of MAS.

Yours truly would have thought that he would make another statement and published, of course, in the Star, to defend the “sacking” of the MAS employees in Italy, Mat Salleh, Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, AJ and Amok’s crony, Rahsdan, for they doing the “right thing” by not charging fare for the AA X Sdn Bhd’s passengers when they were uplifted by MAS to Mumbai.  Tan Sri Md Nor should also tell Malaysians that helping AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and bring in AirAsia staff into MAS to hold key positions are the two main pillars of the secret share swap and CCF. Yours truly is still waiting to hear from him with regard to the selling of MAS assets under WAU when he was the MD then.

On the different note, instead of plugging the massive LEAKAGES (KEBOCORAN) in MAS, its top management is more interested in witch hunting i.e. looking for people leaking out information or rather their MALPRACTICES. They have instructed the poor heads of department to do the dirty job for them. This is one form of the LEAKAGES in MAS – instructing staff to do unproductive jobs. Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Rashdan: All of you are real jokers of Malaysia!

Updates @ 7:30 pm 0n 19-3-2012: Dear Fellow Malaysians (especially MAS staff) and the Italian MAS staff, yours truly spoke at length about the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF that have caused big problems in MAS and for MAS staff and their families. The subject matters in the speech include Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, Amok’s crony, Rashdan,  Amok himself, AJ, En Rozman Omar, Puan Nor Zalidah Ahmad, En Azhari Dhallan, Mr Shane Nollan, Mr Andy Holmes, Mr Conor McCarthy (all three from PlaneConsult), MAS Sdn Bhd, MAS Kargo, MAS Engineering, MAS Academy,WAU, and the disposal of the 70% share in MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and MAS Komplek.

Yours truly also spoke about the plight of the Italians. The verbatim speech will be published as soon as yours truly received the Hansard.  Unfortunately for the Italians,  you all will have yo get it translated as it is in Bahasa Malaysia.  

Updates @ 9:40 am on 19-3-2012: On 16-3-2012 at 9:30 pm Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, Head of Strategic Communication of MAS, sent out the full text of the statement of Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (MD Nor), MAS Chairman and the chief architect of the failed “Widespread Assets Un-Bundling” aka WAU in 2002/2003, supporting the Amok’s crony, Rashdan and AJ. WAU was about “saving” MAS through “ASSETS STRIPPING”. The statement appeared prominently in, of course, The Star. MD Nor was in great pain to justify what Amok’s crony has been doing. MD now was trying to undermine YAB PM when PM said that he will look into the secret MAS – AirAia share swap and CCF.

By the way, Puan Zalida Ahmad is the niece of Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia Deputy CEO and sister of En Zaman Ahmad of AirAsia, the Head of Passenger Experience of AirAsia. It seems that no one else in MAS that is capable of doing the jobs.  Is it part of the secret share swap and CCF to transfer AirAsia staff or person, who are related the top managers of AirAsia into MAS top management? MAS Unions, your views on the transfer of Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad (new Head Strategic communication),  En Rozman Omar (new CFO of MAS) and En Azhari Dhalan (new Head of MAS Engineering), please?    

Updates at 1:40 am 19-3-2012: Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that the recruit of the Rashdan’s “new airlines”, MAS Sdn Bhd, has begun in earnest. Most probably this must have been “recommended” by his preferred Mat Salleh consultant, PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.  If MAS staff do not exercise their option by 16-4-2012, they will be terminated with 3 months salary as compensation. Just wondering whether this decision is palatable to the leaders of the several MAS unions?

Yours truly has been informed by the employees of MAS in Italy that since 13-3-2012 they have been in a “sit-in” protest against MAS management headed by En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, the ex business partner and crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd . Continue reading “The “sit-in” protest in the office of MAS Italy”