Deputy Min of MOF replies in Parliament

YB Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein & Tan Sri Tony Fernandes CEO of AirAsia

The verbatim version of Hansard Report of 28-3-2012 when YB Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein, Deputy Minister of Finance, was replying to all the questions raised during the Debate on the Royal Address in Parliament regarding the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF. Continue reading “Deputy Min of MOF replies in Parliament”

Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class

The VOYAGE REPORT on the Deputy Group CEO of MAS during flight MH122 on 1-1-2012. Md Nor, AJ, Rozman Omar, CFO, and Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director of MAS, care to comment?

Updates on 30-3-2012: Please read an interesting article by ABITW entitled “As long as MAS is here, no fear”.

Updates @ 11:30 pm on 28-3-2012: Parliament ended at about 10:00 pm just now. Will post what YB Datuk Awang Adik, the Deputy Minister of Finance, has replied in Parliament as soon as yours truly got a copy of the Handsard. Of course, he didn’t answer all the pertinent questions raised by several MPs especially “why was there a need for CCF to couple with share swap?” and what yours truly have asked in HERE & HERE during the policy Debate on the Royal Address. He was skirting around. Continue reading “Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class”