Is TM speeding back to the days of “Speedy Gonzales”?

After a lull in the wrong doings in Tourism Malaysia (TM), another bombshell is in the works.

The “Abang – Adik” Shows. .   Left: YB Menteri Datuk Mohammadin Bin Hj Ketapi Right: Datuk Musa Yusuf, the DG of TM


The newly minted DG, Datuk Musa Yusuf, who was in the centre of the Speedy Gonzales scandal, is again implicated in another controversy related to the politics within MOTAC/TM.

When Datuk MusaYusuf was first appointed the DG of TM, his appointment could not be confirmed by the TM’s Board because at that material time he was didn’t have a letter of clearance from MACC. Quite rightly so! Yours truly has been informed that within a short span of two weeks or so after his non-confirmation, Datuk Musa managed to obtain a letter of good character or clearance from MACC!  We can only  hope that Puan Latheefa Koya, the new DG of MACC, will investigate how could Datuk Musa be given a clean bill of health when he was at least appeared to have been involved in the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million Geeko Deal.

Please read the next paragraph to learn about Datuk Musa’s involvement in the said scandalous deal.

For the benefits of new readers, in November 2017 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) was incorporated with Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC (KOPEMA) as one of its shareholders.  Datuk Musa Yusuf is the President of KOPEMA!

On 19 January 2018 Datuk Musa Yusuf had cleverly devised a scheme known as “Promosi Bersama Tencent/Geeko Tech Bagi  Promosi Pemasaran Digital (Smart Tourism)” (“Promosi Bersama”),  which was actually to appoint Geeko to do a so-called “study” to appoint Geeko for the so-called ‘Digital Marketing’.  Datuk Musa’s clever scheme or the so-called “Promosi Bersama” cost TM a whopping RM1,167,900.00.  Please read Is Tourism Malaysian is Everyone ATM?“. Please also read: “Suspend Tourism Malaysia DG or Live In Shame!”

The Players in the Scandalous Speedy Gonzales Deal 

2nd left: Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei & 4th left: Ms Elizabeth Ken

You will note that on 9 January 2019 the corporate genius and the former Chairman of Tourism Malaysia, Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, and Ms Elizabeth  Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group, were arrested and detained by MACC for four days in connection with the scandalous Speedy Gonzales Geeko. Six months have elapsed and there is no sign of both of them being charged. Despite Datuk Musa, was in the centre of the scandalous Speedy Gonzales deal, he has been awarded with a clean bill of health by MACC!

Picture of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei when he was released from the custody of MACC. He was the chairman of TM.

Dato’ Dr Siew is the current Chairman of Ancom Bhd.

Despite the arrest and detention of Dato’ Siew and Ms Elizabeth Ken, the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 millions has yet to be terminated. Why?

Puan Latheefa Koya should also investigate into this scandal!

Just now yours truly has received this comment from a reader:

… there is an anonymous letter circulating among the Civil Service claiming some interference involving the Motac M … members towards procurements in the Ministry. The letter also stated a pact between a group of officer aka Little Napoleons to out the current KSU incited by the … to an extent to try and put in place the ex-KSU who retired back into service. As the letter was dated 15 Jun 2019 and a visit by the Minister to KSN does suggests a certain degree of truth in the letter. …”

We can only hope that the above comment was not true.  Yg Bhg Datuk KSN please take note of the above.  We also hope that Datuk KSN will not confirm Datuk Musa Yusuf as the DG of TM.

Little Napoleons’ “Speedy Gonzales” Attempt To Secure Promotion Of Datuk Musa Foiled

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia and the proposer of the infamous “Promosi Bersama”, please read below.

The Tourism Malaysia (TM) Board of Directors has foiled an attempt by the ‘Little Napoleons’ in TM to use an old letter of clearance or good character by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to support the promotion of Datuk Musa  Bin Yusuf as Director General (DG) of TM.

The ‘Little Napoleon’/Staunch Supporter of BN

Tuan Ahmad Johanif Bin Mohd Ali, recently transferred to HR Department. He proudly posted his picture supporting BN in his Facebook.
Tuan Ahmad Johanif’s posting in his Facebook.
Tuan Ahmad Johanif’s postings in his Facebook.
The other ‘Little Napoleons”, Puan Rafidah Binti Idris, Director of Human Resources.

The ‘Little Napoleons’ in Human Resources Department of TM (HR) head by its Director, Puan Rafidah Idris (Rafidah) and her deputy Tuan Ahmad Johanif Bin Mohd Ali (Ahmad Johanif) have been ordered to get a fresh letter of clearance or good character on Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf from MACC.

KSU Of MOTAC & KSN To Take Actions

Just to digress a little, Ahmad Johanif is free to support whichever party he wants but as a civil servant he must be neutral.  As a civil servant, he is governed by the General Orders, HERE. The KSU of MOTAC and KSN should look into the conduct of Ahmad Johanif during the 14 GE and the only few postings in his Facebook reproduced above. There are more negative postings of PH government and YAB Tun Dr  Mahathir!

TM’s Board Meeting of 25 March 2019

On 25 March 2019, the Board of Directors was presented with the papers to recommend or support the promotion of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf to the rank of Jusa B as a prelude to confirm him as the Director General of TM.  The HR headed by Rafidah and Ahmad Johanif included amongst other documents there was a one year old letter of clearance or good character of Datuk Musa Yusuf from MACC to support his promotion.

Both of them knew or ought to have known that the standard procedure for proposing an officer for high ranking promotion in TM must be supported by current letter of clearance or good character from MACC.  Yet these two Little Napoleons saw it fit to knowingly overlook this elementary procedure for special reason best known to two of them.

By the way the ‘Little Napoleons’  Raffish was recently promoted as Director of HR and Ahmad Johanif was recently transferred to be her deputy after the “Speedy Gonzales” elevation of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf as the DG of TM, HERE.

The Scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 Million

Front: Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, the former chairman of TM and Executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd in handcuffs & orange t-shirt   Back:  Ms Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group, CEO & shareholder of GEEKO.

If these two ‘Little Napoleons’ were to carry out their duties diligently, they would have known that TM is currently burdened with the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.673 million Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd’s (GEEKO) deal, HERE. They knew in mid January 2019 from the massive publicities generated by the arrest and remand of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, who at the material time when the said scandalous deal was struck on 4 April 2018 was the chairman of TM, and Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying by MACC for four days, HERE.

Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei & Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying

Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei is the former chairman of TM and current executive chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and MD of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).  Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei is also the directors of many outfits namely, Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (awarded with 10 years exclusive advertising space contract in KLIA), Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (awarded with exclusively 10 years advertising space contract in MRT stations) and others. The defunct Malay Mail is part of Redberry.  Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying is the media specialist of Redberry. Ms Elizabeth Ken is the share holder and CEO of GEEKO

Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf, the newly appointed DG of TM for two years

These two ‘Little Napoleons” Rafidah and Ahmad Johanif were apparently suffering from very severe wilful blindness when the proposal papers were prepared to support the promotion of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf for the Board of Directors of TM for approval.  They knowingly omitted to present the glaring facts below with the predominant purpose to deceive or at best mislead the Board of Directors of TM into approving the promotion of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf.

These two ‘Little Napoleons” should be suspended and face disciplinary actions for serious misconducts for knowingly presented the outdated MACC letter of clearance for Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf.

The Glaring Facts

  • When Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (GEEKO) was incorporated on 6 November 2017 and Koperasi Kakitanggan Kementerian Pelancongan Kebudayaan Malaysia Bhd (also known as KOPEMA) was one of its shareholder holding 10,000 shares, HERE;
  • Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf is the President of KOPEMA;
  • The Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf‘s infamous “Promos Bersama” of 19 January 2018;
“Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” To Be Approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG.
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.
  • On 19 January 2018 Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf, the then Director of International Promotion (Africa/China) submitted a proposal known as “Promosi Bersama Dengan Tourism Malaysia Dan Tencent/Geeko Bagi Promosi Pemasaran Digital (Smart Tourism)” (“Promosi Bersama”) cost TM a whooping RM1,167,900.00, to the then DG of TM, Datuk Seri Mirza Bin Mohamed Taiyab (Datuk Seri Mirza).  Please read HERE  & HERE
  • The said Infamous “Promos Bersama”, of course, approved in lighting speed by the then DG of TM, Datuk Seri Mirza.
  • TM paid Geeko RM1,167,900.00 in lightning speed for the so-called “Promosi Bersama”, which Datuk Musa’s Bin Yusuf told the press that he was not aware of and he had instructed his officers to look into the matter, HERE & HERE;
  • Until now there no news of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf’s investigation into his  Infamous “Promosi Bersama” that cost TM RM1,167,900.00;
  • Prior to the so-called “Promosi Bersama” of Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf, TM was already trying to appoint Deloitte Singapore and/or Deloitte Malaysia to conduct a ‘kajian” on the similar subject of digital marketing.  However, the appointment did not materialise.

The infamous “Promosi Bersama” was not a joint promotion but in reality it was a scheme devised to appoint GEEKO to prepare a so-called “kajian” to pave the way for TM to enter into the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million contract with GEEKO, which deal was evaluated, negotiated and agreement was prepared and executed in one day on 4 April 2018.

Luckily the Board of Director spotted the glaring flaw in the supporting documents to promote Datuk Musa Yusuf i.e. the outdated letter of clearance or good character of him from MACC.  However, the Board approved the proposal in principle subject to the submission of a current dated letter of clearance or good character from MACC for Datuk Musa Yusuf and to be approved by KSN.

MACC should go deeper into the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO RM99.693 million deal by digging into the KOPEMA shareholding in GEEKO and said infamous “Promosi Bersama” by Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf.

Stay Tuned.

Suspend Tourism Malaysia DG – or Live In Shame!

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is the author of the scandalous “Minit Kelulusan” below.

The promotion of the new Director-General of Tourism Malaysia (TM) Datuk Musa Yusof continues to raise eyebrows over his alleged involvement in the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” RM99.693 million IT deal. The meanderings over the rip-off can be interpreted as ridiculous mutterings meant to make the public dumb as a box of hammers.

For those who want to know in details about the “Speedy Gonzales – Geeko” RM99.693 million deal, please read HERE.
When the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), YB Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi was collared by a reporter yesterday on the questionable promotion, he said:

“It is likely that a senior Tourism Malaysia officer was promoted before he or she was suspected of being involved in a dubious deal.”

Isn’t it absurd that the Ministry is still in the dark over the identity of the “he or she”, who has had a hand in facilitating the payment of RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/”Kajian” and sealing of the “Speedy-Gonzales-Geeko” contract of RM99.693 million on 4 April, 2018.
Plainly, it is an obvious case of wilful blindness.
When Datuk Musa was asked about the glaring issue of conflict of interest, he played dumb, saying he was not aware about the matter and would instruct his officers to study it.
For the report of the above, please read HERE.
The MOTAC Minister was responding to the FMT report in HERE.
With plumes of smoke rising above him, Datuk Musa shouldn’t have stooped to such stupidity.
The giveaway is the “Minit Kelulusan” dated 19 January 2018 below, which was duly signed by him.


The “Minit Kelulusan”

“Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” which was approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG, in lighting speed.
Page 2 of the “Minit Keluilusan”
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan”
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.
On 19 January, 2018, when Datuk Musa was TM’s Director for International Division (Africa/China) he proposed a so-called “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko”.
Please examine the above “Minit Kelulusan” for the so-called “Joint Promotion” properly.

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Musa knowingly suppressed the blatant facts that KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA in his said “Minit Kelulusan”.
Yours truly  wonders if the omission of pertinent facts was to hide the conflict of interest on his part.
On the face of it, the said proposal would appear to be a normal “Joint Promotion”.
If one were to properly examine Musa’s proposal, it was not a normal “Joint Promotion” but a proposition crafted with hidden agenda.
It was a contentious proposal that saw infant IT firm, Geeko, submitting a plan to appoint itself to provide a digital platform – and got a whopping RM1,167,900.00 for the report/”Kajian”.

The Unholy Relationship

At all material time, Datuk Musa knew very well that KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC) is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA and Datuk Ammar G Gapar is his deputy.  Datuk Musa knew that he and Datuk Ammar are members of the top management of TM.  Please read the previous posting on “conflicts of interest”,  HERE.
From the Minister of MOTAC’s statement yesterday, it is crystal clear that he is now aware of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal and Datuk Musa’s involvement.
By implication the Minister would not have appointed Datuk Musa if he was aware of the latter’s involvement in the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Now that the Minister is aware of Datuk Musa’s involvement through the above “Minit Kelulusan”, he has to act firmly.  He is duty bound to protect the image of TM and at least suspend Datuk Musa forthwith until MACC has cleared him of his active role in the suspicious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Next:  Another Explosive article on MOTAC/TM.
Please Stay Tuned.

Is Tourism Malaysia Everyone’s “ATM”?

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is a genius by all counts.

Updates at 11 am on 29-01-2019:  The Minister of MOTAC and Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of TM will be launching a Joint Incentive Tourism Development Programs in KLIA at 2 pm today (29-1-2019). The press should ask Datuk Musa about his involvement in the Speedy Gonzales deal and whether the deal was planned well before the inception of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd on 6-11-2017.  Please see below for the publicity generated by the misleading “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko” scheme devised by Datuk Musa Yusof in HERE


It is now clear that the shady “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal involving Tourism Malaysia (TM) and an infant IT company, Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko), was planned months ahead.

The new revelations which are part of yours truly’s continuing probe into the ambiguous “Speedy Gonzales” deal show an amateurish rip-off of TM funds.

Fundamentals in awarding contracts and making payments were neglected, suggesting that TM was an easy agency to milk, or rather an automated teller machine (ATM).

The Arrest & Remand of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & Ms Elizabeth Ken

Both Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Ms Elizabeth Ken were in orange “uniform”.

The “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal exploded when Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and the CEO of Geeko, Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying were arrested and remanded for four days by MACC on 10 January, 2019.

The Little Napoloens In TM

The little napoleons in the top management of TM have had inkling of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal as early as in November 2017 when Geeko was incorporated.

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof , the then Director of Bahagian Promosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika), was a known promoter of digital platform/Geeko deal in TM.  Datuk Musa knew or ought to have known that in 2016/2017 TM had already paid RM40 million to Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken), which was represented by Raja Firdaus and Mr Ron Chow the director of Kraken, to provide TM with digital marketing platform. Why was Datuk Musa so active in promoting another digital platform through Geeko in 2017/ 2018?

In January 2018,  a ‘foolproof’ scheme was devised to avoid seeking MAMPU’s approval to appoint Geeko to prepare a report /Kajian for TM to appoint Geeko!

The Relationship Between Datuk Musa & Geeko

Of course, Datuk Musa didn’t put in his “proposal” of his precarious position of conflict of interest:   that he was on the TM top management; and president of KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC).

KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. What a brilliant “proposal” by Datuk Musa!  From the said “proposal” below you will no doubt conclude that Datuk Musa is a genius!

No wonder he was promoted to be the DG of TM in a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ fashion.

The little napoleons in TM love quickies.

The evidence below clearly shows that Datuk Musa not only played an active part to promote the shady “Speedy Gonzales” but was also instrumental in securing the appointment of Geeko as the “go-between company” on the pretext of providing the digital platform for TM.

For the benefit of new readers, let yours truly reproduced some of the glaring facts.


Pic of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei when he was released by MACC. He was the chairman of TM. He is the current chairman of Ancom Bhd and MD of Nylex Bhd.

 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei

At the material time, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was the high- flying chairman of TM. Currently he is the chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD for Nylex Bhd and CEO of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).  The defunct print and online Malay Mail are part of his ‘empire’.

He is also a well-known corporate genius but not after May 9, 2018 though. He has many outfits like Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract with MRT),  Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract in Malaysia airports), Ancom Chemical Sdn Bhd (exclusive Methanol contract from Petronas), Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd and many others.

Geeko, Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd and Berlin Puncak Sdn Bhd share the same registered office address and the same company secretary, Mr Stephen Geh Sim Whye. What a co-incidence?? Please read HERE.

Ms Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group. She is also the CEO & shareholder of Geeko.

Ms Elizabeth Ken

Elizabeth Ken is one of the shareholders and CEO of Geeko. She is also the media specialist of Redberry whose CEO is, of course, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei.

Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko)

On 6 November 2017, Geeko was incorporated. Elizabeth Ken and her company EN Vouge Sdn Bhd and KOPEMA (Kakitangan Koperasi MOTAC) are the shareholders. At that material time, Datuk Musa Yusof, was president of KOPEMA and director of Bahagian Pomosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika). Datuk Ammar A Gapar is one of the director in TM and the deputy president of KOPEMA.

The little napoleons in TM have been playing deaf and dumb over the ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal. Then we witnessed the sudden crowning of ‘Musa the Great’ as the Director General (DG) of TM.  It was a “Speedy Gonzales” promotion.

When yours truly first wrote about the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei defended Geeko deal to the hilt. The little napoleons in TM have gone into silent mode since then.

The Conflict of Interest

Clear case of Conflict of interest, read HEREHERE.

The “PLAN”

On 19 January, 2018, about 73 days after the incorporation of Geeko, Datuk Musa and other little napoleons hatched a scheme called “PROMOSI BERSAMA TOURISM MALAYSAI DAN TENCENT/GEEKO TECH BAGI PROMOSI PASARAN DIGITAL (SMART TOURISM)” (“Promosi Bersama Geeko”) that  cost TM a whooping RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/Kajian.

If TM were to directly appoint Geeko to prepare a report/Kajian for an IT Project it would have to submit the plan/proposal for approval to MAMPU. That would be time consuming and may not get approval.

Datuk Musa and the other little napoleons in TM must have mooted the scandalous Geeko/Digital Platform many weeks if not months before 19 January, 2018.

From the said proposal for “Promosi Bersama”, it will not be too far fetched to suggest that Datuk Musa and gang must have planned the scandalous Geeko deal well before the incorporation of GEEKO on 6 November, 2017.

The Bomb Shell & so-called Proposal For “Promosi Bersama TM dan Geeko/Tencent”

Please see the said questionable proposal “Promosi Bersama” by Datuk Miusa Bin Yusof below.

Page 1 “Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” To Be Approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG.


Page 2 of the “Minit Kelulusan
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” was signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.


In a nutshell it was just a simple proposal for a report/Kajian to be prepared by Geeko to appoint itself to be a “special purpose vehicle” for someone. What a brilliant proposal!

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Firstly, the important glaring conflict of interest was that Datuk Musa did not declare in the said proposal:

The possible conflict of interest on Musa’s part as the president of KOPEMA because KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. He is also the director of Bahagian Antarabangsa (Afrika/China).  At that material time, it seemed Datuk Mirza, who was previously charged twice for corruption, very innocently approved the said  “Promosi Bersama” for RM1,167, 900.00.

The said astronomical sum was paid for producing a report/KAJIAN. Not bad for a five-month old company to be awarded and paid RM1,167,900.00 by a government agency for a simple job.

Secondly, on 19.1.2017 the appointment of Geeko was not only unprecedented but violated the regulations of Ministry of Finance (MOF) because Geeko was not registered with MOF.

Geeko was only registered with MOF on 6-4-2018. However, the “Speedy Gonzales” contract was signed on 4-4-2018, two days before the said registration. This is evident of the little napoleons in TM who did not give a damn about MOF rules. TM is just a cash cow for some.

Thirdly, there was no real promotional activities for the so-called “Promosi Bersama TM dan Tencent/Geeko”.

The Glaring Points In The Said “Promosi Bersama”

Page 2 of the said “Promosi Bersama”.

Para 2.2        Objektif Pelaksanaan Smart Tourism adalah:

Para 2.2.2     Membekalan laporan data industry pelancongan bagi membantu dalam process  decision making.


Page 3 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 3.1        Table

No. 5 in the table:  Final Summary Reports

Deliverable: Project Summary report


Page 4 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 4.           JUSTIFIKASI BAHAGIAN (Glaring section)

4.1      Projek ini adalah wajar  dilakukan bagi membantu dalam pembangunan SMART Tourism. Khidmat dari Syarikat Tencent Technology yang digunakan oleh kajian ini juga adalah bersesuaian memandangkan syarikat ini adalah syarikat gergasi di China yang mempunyai pengalaman yang meluas dalam bidang teknologi.

The glaring questions are: 

Why didn’t TM go direct to Tencent Technology?

Why TM had to appoint a five-month old company to do the “KAJIAN” to use Tencent Technology?

Why was there a need for a “KAJIAN” from a five-month old company to appoint a big company like Tencent Technology, which is equivalent to Google or Yahoo?

Isn’t it obvious that Geeko was a go-between for this “Speedy Gonzales” deal? (On 1-6-2018 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei had declared that Geeko is a “special purpose vehicle” for Tencent, which he subsequently did an about turn 7 days later.)



Jumlah kos anggaran adalah sebanyak RM1,167,900.00 menggunakan peruntukan sedia ada mengurus 2018 Bahagian Pegiklanan, Tourism Malaysia.

At the material time TM was (and is still) operating under deficit of more than RM130 million.

If this is the case, where is the so-called “PERUNTUKAN”?

Was the so-called “PERUNTUKKAN” a means to siphon off RM1,176,900.00 from TM?

The Salient Facts:

Datuk Mirza (ex-DG of TM) approved the said above proposal  “Promosi Bersma” by Datuk Musa and Puan Azleen Mat Zip, TM Director of Finance, paid RM1,167,900.00 to Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd.  Puan Azleen had a copy of the so-called Report/”KAJIAN” prepared by Geeko to appoint Geeko/Tencent.

Sources in TM also confirmed that there was no agreement for the so-called “PROMOSI BERSAMA GEEKO/TENCENT” to support the payment of RM1,167,900.00.  The Head of Internal Audit, Puan Salinda binti Sany, picked up this glaring transaction during the audit exercise and questioned it. However, there was no further action. The issue just died down.  WHY?

Puan Salinda did prepare an audit report on this matter. Where is the audit report now?

Now we know why Musa, the newly appointed DG of TM, was and is a genius in “planning” and more importantly drawing up the “fool proof” proposal.

There must be an in-depth investigation into this so-called  proposal for “Promosi Bersama” and the “Kajian”, which cost TM RM1,167,900.00, by MACC.

KSN should examine what Datuk Musa had done or his role in the “Speedy Gonzales” deal when his DG post is up for confirmation.

Next: Another MOTAC/TM bombshell.

Please Stay Tuned.