Questions Time 13-6-2012: MAS uplifted the 35,000 AAX passengers at very low fares

Now Everyone Can Fly MAS

Pertanyaan Lisan 13-6-2012

Y.B. TUAN WEE CHOO KEONG [WANGSA MAJU] minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan jumlah kos MAS untuk uplift seramai 35,000 penumpang-penumpang AirAsia X Sdn. Bhd. (AAX) di bawah Perjanjian “Re-Accommodation” yang bertarikh 28-3-2012 dan sehingga Mei 2012, berapakah jumlah bayaran yang telah dibuat oleh AirAsia/AAX Sdn. Bhd.:- Continue reading “Questions Time 13-6-2012: MAS uplifted the 35,000 AAX passengers at very low fares”

Finally Rashdan is OUT! What about Rozman Omar and Azhari Dahlan?

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his most trusted crony, Rashdan

Updates @ 1:15 pm on 13-6-2012: The MAS AGM has been fixed for 21-6-2012 at 10 am, MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya.

At long last En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) will finally leave MAS on 30-6-2012.  It was long over due but it is better late than never.

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Share swap unwound, free 1st Class travel still ON!

The Booking Request for free travel on 7-5-2012 for Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun from AirAsia, f of whom have resigned from the MAS Board on 2-5-2012 when the share swap was unwound

The above was the request for the booking for free First Class travel on MAS flight from KL to London Heathrow for Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (DK) who are both from AirAsia and former Directors of MAS. Continue reading “Share swap unwound, free 1st Class travel still ON!”

How MAS was “WAU-ed” under Tan Sri Md Nor

The Happy family. Tan Sri Md Nor, 4th from left in pic. Look how happy he was. He must be thinking of WAU-2!

Updates @ 6:45 pm on 21-3-2012: On 26-3-2012 at 1 pm A few of the members of the top management of MAS are coming to Parliament House to brief the BN Backbenchers Club (BN MPs) on the status of the MAS Business Plan. First and foremost, what Business Plans? It was a plan to import more and more AsiaAsia staff into MAS and to make life difficult for MAS Staff and etc. 

Md Nor and the other cronies should have a Town Hall meeting with the stakeholders i.e. the MAS staff to explain what they have been doing and what PlaneConsult and Mr Shane Nollan have been doing in MAS. They should tell MAS staff how many AirAisa X Sdn Bhd passengers have been lifted by MAS with “ZERO FARE”

How much consultancy fees that MAS paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which was owned by Amok and his crony, Rashdan, at the time of “WAU”? Md Nor should provide details of how MAS sold MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to a company owned by the brother of Tun Abdullah Badawi when he was the PM and MAS Komplek in Sepang was sold to Assets Global Network Sdn Bhd? Md Nor should also provide detail costings of the 25 years agreement and 57 lease agreement? 

It is too late to do damage control now because the MPs are all aware of the nonsense in MAS. Last session there were more than 50 MPs who spoke about this dirty share swap and CCF. There are more MPs speaking against it this time. Yours truly has been informed that Minister of Finance II, YB Datuk Husni was the Minister that help them to organsie this meeting to brief the MPs.

Yours truly would not have written this piece had Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) didn’t try to be show that he is after all a crony by jumping in to blindly defend Tan Sri Azam Mokhtar (Amok) crony, Rashdan and En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) in HERE. Continue reading “How MAS was “WAU-ed” under Tan Sri Md Nor”