Tahniah Datuk Isham Ishak

Tahniah Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak, Ketua Setiausaha MOTAC

CONGRATULATIONS to Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak  for his new appointment as the new KSU of Ministry of Tourism & Cultures (MOTAC). He was the KSU in the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI).  He was also the CEO of the Small and Medium, Enterprise Corporation/SME. He has a chequered career in MITI where he started as the Assistant Director in 1994 in MITI. He had served as the Minister Counsellor (MITI) at the Embassy of Malaysia in Washington DC.  His leadership in MITI had brought great improvement in the foreign direct investment (FDI). For more details of Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak, please read HERE.

Yours truly believes that with Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Isham’s leadership, MOTAC and TM will no longer be ‘business as usual’.   What a refreshing news for all those who wanted change in MOTAC and Tourism Malaysia (TM)!

Yours truly would like to wish Yg Bhg Datuk Isham Ishak all the best for his new undertakings.


Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah

Left: Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew   Centre: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah

Thanks God that at long last Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (Rashidi) has officially retired as the KSU of MOTAC on 15 January 2019.

Rashidi’s retirement does not in anyway absolve him from the scandals in MOTAC and TM. He must be held accountable for facilitating the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko deal costing the rakyat RM99.693 million and MOTAC/TM endorsement of MyBeauty which was led by Oriental Mace Group Berhad,  HERE & HERE.

Under the ‘Surat Pekeliling’, civil servants are prohibited to hold post in non government organisation.


The Dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko Started With Datuk Musa Yusof

Datuk Musa Yusof, the former Director of International Promotion (Africa/China). He has just been appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia.

It all started on 19 January 2018  when Datuk Musa Yusof (the new DG of TM), who was the then Director of International Promotion (Africa/China), devised the “Promosi Bersama Tourism Malaysia Dan Tencent/Geekol Tech Bagi Pemasaran Digital  (Smart Tourism)” (‘Joint Promotion’).

This so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ was not a joint promotion. It was a scheme to appoint Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) to to prepare a report which report cost TM RM1,167,900.00.  Datuk Musa Yusuf’s so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ was, of course, approved by the then DG of TM, Datuk Seri Mirza bin Mohamed Taiyab. TM paid Geeko RM1,167,900.00 for the preparation of the report!

Then Geeko prepared this so-called report to thereafter appoint Geeko for the  dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ deal worth RM99.693 million. As a result of this so-called report, TM valued, negotiated and signed the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ in one day on 4 April 2018.  On 4 April 2018 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd was not even registered with Minister of Finance.  For the the so-called ‘Joint Promotion’ by Datuk Musa Yusof please read HERE & HERE.


2nd left: Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei    4th left: Elizabeth Ken

On 9 January 2019 the former Chairman of TM, Datuk Dr Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken were arrested and detained for the next four days by MACC to help in the investigations into the dubious ‘Speedy Gonzales’ deal.  Datuk Dr Siew Ka Wei is the current executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and CEO of Nylex Bhd.

Stay Tuned


Suspend Tourism Malaysia DG – or Live In Shame!

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is the author of the scandalous “Minit Kelulusan” below.

The promotion of the new Director-General of Tourism Malaysia (TM) Datuk Musa Yusof continues to raise eyebrows over his alleged involvement in the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” RM99.693 million IT deal. The meanderings over the rip-off can be interpreted as ridiculous mutterings meant to make the public dumb as a box of hammers.

For those who want to know in details about the “Speedy Gonzales – Geeko” RM99.693 million deal, please read HERE.
When the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), YB Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi was collared by a reporter yesterday on the questionable promotion, he said:

“It is likely that a senior Tourism Malaysia officer was promoted before he or she was suspected of being involved in a dubious deal.”

Isn’t it absurd that the Ministry is still in the dark over the identity of the “he or she”, who has had a hand in facilitating the payment of RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/”Kajian” and sealing of the “Speedy-Gonzales-Geeko” contract of RM99.693 million on 4 April, 2018.
Plainly, it is an obvious case of wilful blindness.
When Datuk Musa was asked about the glaring issue of conflict of interest, he played dumb, saying he was not aware about the matter and would instruct his officers to study it.
For the report of the above, please read HERE.
The MOTAC Minister was responding to the FMT report in HERE.
With plumes of smoke rising above him, Datuk Musa shouldn’t have stooped to such stupidity.
The giveaway is the “Minit Kelulusan” dated 19 January 2018 below, which was duly signed by him.


The “Minit Kelulusan”

“Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” which was approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG, in lighting speed.
Page 2 of the “Minit Keluilusan”
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan”
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.
On 19 January, 2018, when Datuk Musa was TM’s Director for International Division (Africa/China) he proposed a so-called “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko”.
Please examine the above “Minit Kelulusan” for the so-called “Joint Promotion” properly.

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Musa knowingly suppressed the blatant facts that KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA in his said “Minit Kelulusan”.
Yours truly  wonders if the omission of pertinent facts was to hide the conflict of interest on his part.
On the face of it, the said proposal would appear to be a normal “Joint Promotion”.
If one were to properly examine Musa’s proposal, it was not a normal “Joint Promotion” but a proposition crafted with hidden agenda.
It was a contentious proposal that saw infant IT firm, Geeko, submitting a plan to appoint itself to provide a digital platform – and got a whopping RM1,167,900.00 for the report/”Kajian”.

The Unholy Relationship

At all material time, Datuk Musa knew very well that KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC) is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA and Datuk Ammar G Gapar is his deputy.  Datuk Musa knew that he and Datuk Ammar are members of the top management of TM.  Please read the previous posting on “conflicts of interest”,  HERE.
From the Minister of MOTAC’s statement yesterday, it is crystal clear that he is now aware of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal and Datuk Musa’s involvement.
By implication the Minister would not have appointed Datuk Musa if he was aware of the latter’s involvement in the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Now that the Minister is aware of Datuk Musa’s involvement through the above “Minit Kelulusan”, he has to act firmly.  He is duty bound to protect the image of TM and at least suspend Datuk Musa forthwith until MACC has cleared him of his active role in the suspicious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Next:  Another Explosive article on MOTAC/TM.
Please Stay Tuned.

Unmasked – key players of the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal

2nd left: Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & 4th left: Elizabeth Ken

Updates at 9 pm on 15-01-2019:  Today Puan Siti Nor Binti Minu, Setiausaha Bahagian Kewangan of MOTAC, was summoned to MACC to give statement for more than 6 hours.  Soon Puan Azleen Binti Mat Zip, Director of Finance Tourism Malaysia, will also be summoned by MACC to give statement too. She should explain how TM could operate in deficit to a tune of few hundred million Ringgit.  She should also hand over the TM payment voucher with the signature of one high ranking officer of TM, who collected the cheque in the sum of RM11,960,160.00 (first payment) on behalf of Geeko! 

This particular high ranking officer must be a very kind hearted man indeed!!

Stay tuned.

Updates at 10:00 pm on 11-01-2019: 

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken are due to be released between 8:30 am – 9 pm tomorrow morning. Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah will be back to MACC HQ for questioning. He will bring along Puan Nora, the legal advisor of TM to accompany him. 

Updates at 12:30 pm on 11-01-2019:

Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah, KSU of MOTAC, has been summoned to MACC HQ this morning. Datuk Mirza the former DG and the person who signed the “Speedy Gonzales” contract will resume to give his statement today.  Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was a powerful corporate figure before 14th GE. His many outfits have been awarded exclusive contracts from Petronas, MRT, MAHB and others. The Malay Mail’s editor-in-chief, Datuk Wong Sai Wan, is a director of Siew’s outfits. Malay Mail is connected to Redberry Media Group.  Stay tuned.


If the government procurement policy is followed, the rakyat would have been spared from witnessing the famous and powerful Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (Elizabeth Ken) in the orange uniform.

Under the government procurement policy, it is mandatory for all companies to be registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) before doing any business with any ministries or agencies.  In the case of the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko direct nego contract worth RM99.693 million with Tourism Malaysia (TM), TM chose not to adhere to the mandatory requirement of MOF.

The Glaring Events:

On 6 November 2017 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) was incorporated. One of its shareholders is Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia Berhad (KOPEMA). KOPEMA’s president is Datuk Musa Yusuf (Musa) and deputy president is Datuk Ammar (Ammar). Musa is the newly appointed DG of TM, HERE.

At the material time, Musa was known to be one of the active promoters of the shady Geeko deal. Musa knew or ought top have known in November 2017 or even earlier that Geeko was the “Special Purpose Vehicle” for someone and he was one of the main facilitators.

On 4 April, 2018, at 11:45 am, Lembaga Perolehan ‘A” (Lembaga) of Ministry of Tourism and Cultures (MOTAC) chaired by Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah (Rashidi), KSU, attended by Datuk Mirza Mohamed Taiyap (Mirza), the recently retired DG, and two others. It approved the shady Geeko deal. At that material time, TM did not have the fund for the Geeko deal.

It must be noted that 2016/2017 TM already entered into a contract with Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken) to provide TM with digital marketing platform. The little napoleons in TM happily paid RM40 million to Kraken for producing apps and some advertising without question. Of course, one of the director of Kraken is none other than Raja Firdaus, a close family friend of Datuk Ammar. According to the Lembaga minutes of 4 April, thereuswas no reference made about TM had already signed an agreement and paid Kraken to do digital marketing platform for TM. For full details of the Kraken’s deal and the questionable relationship between Raja Firdaus and Ammar, please read HERE. This Raja Firdaus is well connected in MOTAC and TM.

It was clear that the said Lembaga meeting was just to meet the requirement on paper. No more no less.

On 4 April, 2018, the Geeko deal was evaluated and negotiated. The agreement was prepared and signed on the same day. Mirza signed on behalf of TM and Elizabeth Ken for Geeko.

The shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko Contract dated 4 April 2018.
Certificate of Registration of GEEKO with MOF dated 6 April 2018.

On 6 April, 2018, Geeko was registered with MOF, two days after the signing of the said “Speed Gonzales” Geeko agreement.

Therefore, on 4 April, 2018 the Lembaga met and approved the shady deal, and Mirza signed the said “Speedy Gonzales” agreement, at that material time Geeko was not registered with MOF. Under such circumstances, the Lembaga and TM should not have dealt with Geeko let alone proceed to approve the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal and proceeded to sign the said agreement on 4 April, 2018.

On 23-4-2018 Geeko submitted a claim for RM11,963,160.00 to TM.

On 27-4-2018 Datuk Seri Khani Bin Daud (Khani), the deputy DG (Promotion) of TM, approved the claim for payment. This payment should not have been approved because on 4 April 2018 Geeko was not registered with MOF.

Prior to May 9, 2019 (polling day for 14th GE) TM made the full payment of the RM11,963,160.00 to Geeko. This payment was approved and paid unusually fast by the standard of TM. The speed in which this payment was made was unprecedented.  The cheque for the said sum of RM11,963,160.00 was also collected on behalf of Geeko by one of the top officials of TM. Guess who?

For documentary proof to support the chronology of events for the shady Geeko deal, please click HERE.

TM Has Been Operating Under Deficit For Years

To digress a little, from 2017 to now TM has been operating under a deficit.  As of this date, the deficit stands at about RM130 million.  Auditor General already uncovered this deficit and instructed TM to resolve it. Until now TM has yet to resolve because it has no money to pay its debtors. But it managed to squeeze from somewhere in TM or MOTAC to pay the RM11,963,160.00 to Geeko.

Why The Shady Geeko Deal Was Not Terminated??

It seemed that MOF had instructed MOTAC and/or TM not to make further payment to Geeko and to terminate the shady Geeko deal.  However, until now, MOTAC and/or TM have not taken step to terminate the shady RM99.693 million Geeko deal.  See how powerful these little napoleons in MOTAC and TM.

The Main Players:

left: Dato Siew Ka Wei, 2nd left; YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, the then Minister of MOTAC & 3rd left: Datuk Mirza , the then DG of TM. This picture was taken in the afternoon of 4 April 2018 during the launching of Smart Tourism 4.0 in connection with Geeko at Istana hotel.
Left: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, KSU Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan. Picture taken during the 14th GE campaign.

Rshidi, Mirza and Khani must be held accountable because from day one (4 April 2018) TM should NOT have dealt with Geeko let alone signed the said agreement and made payment.

Musa being the president of KOPEMA knew or ought to have known about the “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal when KOPEMA became the shareholder of Geeko in November 2017. Musa was also part of the top management of TM.

Mirza has been called up and interviewed by MACC for the past three days.

The Relationship Between Datuk Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth Ken

Elizabeth Ken is the CEO and shareholder of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. She is also the media specialist of Redberry Media Group.
Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin. Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei. These are the two powerful corporate figures before 14th GE.

At the material time Datuk Siew Ka Wei was the chairman of TM, executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and managing director/CEO of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).

Elizabeth Ken is the media specialist of Redberry, CEO and shareholder of Geeko.


On 8 January 2019 both Siew and Elizabeth were arrested and detained by MACC.  On 9 January 2019, MACC obtained an order from the Putrajaya Magistrate Court to remand both of them for four days until 12 January 2019 to assist MACC in its investigation into the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal. Star reported today:  “MACC Looking At Cronyism Angle”.

The Minister of MOTAC and Auditor General must step in to also investigate how could TM operate on a deficit of more than RM100 million from 2017 until now.  All government agencies were supposed to operate on an approved budget but not for TM. TM must be a special specie. Hence it has been embroiled with scandals after scandals.

The shady ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeeko deal could not have been sealed by just two persons namely Mirza and Elizabeth Ken, both of whom were the two signatories to the said agreement.  MACC should also interview Rashidi, Khani, Musa and Ammar, the other main players. The reason being that Rashidi, Mirza, Khani, Musa and Ammar, are in the top management of MOTAC or TM. They knew very well of the mandatory requirement of registration of a company with MOF before dealing with it. But they chose to ignore the mandatory requirement.

The officers in Redberry should also be interviewed in order to get to the bottom of this shady ‘Speedy Gonzales” deal because of the direct relationship of Elizabeth Ken with Redberry and Geeko.

MACC Should Re-Visit The Case Connected To a “Datuk Seri” In TM

In September 2016 MACC raided Tourism Malaysia HQ. MACC officers was there for 4 days.

Just to recap.  On 22 September 2016 MACC raided TM, carted away documents in connection with purchase of flight tickets that were made from a travel agent, which belonged to the relative of the “Datuk Seri”. MACC investigated this matter and it went quiet until today. For more detail of this case, please read HERE.  MACC may want to re-visit this glaring case, which was abruptly closed.

Stay tuned

Minister of Tourism & Cultures : Why Maintaining Direct Nego Contracts?

The new Minister of Tourism & Cultures, YB Datuk Mohammadin bin Ketapi (4th left)  have been surrounded by the smooth operators and/or BN staunched supporters, Datuk Tam Yun Tong, the man behind Global Renown Ltd (3rd from right). Extreme right: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the KSU of MOTAC.

Malaysians applaud The water, land and natural resources Minister, Dr A Xavier Jayakumar for cancelling several projects awarded without open tenders by BN government, HERE.

It is an opened secret that there were many projects or contracts being awarded by way of direct negotiation a few months before May 9th,  the 14th GE.


One glaring example of this category of project was the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ RM99.693 million direct negotiation contract between Tourism Malaysia (TM) and Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko), HERE.

Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin, who is involved in S5 Systems Sdn Bhd, a visa processing company.  Right: Dato Dr Siew Ka Wei. These are the two very powerful corporate figures in Malaysia.

To digress a little, out of the 45 charges faced by YB Dato ‘ Seri Zahid Hamid, three of which were associated with Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, which is one of the visa processing companies, HERE.

Sometime in May 2018 this scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales’ contract was exposed.  On 1-6-2018 Dato Dr Siew Ka Wei (Siew), the then Chairman of TM had said amongst other things in a press statement that:

“Geeko Tech was the local partner chosen by Tencent to implement the project here.  The principal officers are known to Tencent Group.  The choice of Geeko as a Special Purpose Vehicle for the project was made by Tencent.

Please read HERE.

Tencent Group referred to by Siew is Tencent Holdings Ltd.  It is a multinational conglomerate founded in 1998.  It is one of the world largest technology companies, HERE.

Eight days later, on 8-6-2018 Siew issued another press statement to change his position from “The choice of Geeko as Special Purpose Vehicle for the project was made by Tencent” to “Geeko is not the special purpose vehicle chosen by Tencent…” .

Why was there a need for the two conflicting statements from Siew on the “Special Purpose Vehicle”?

It was very strange that TM chose not to enter into a contract directly with Tencent Holdings.  It was equally strange that Tencent Holdings would prefer to enter into a contract with a ‘Special Purpose vehicle’, which is a 5 month old company!


Ms Elizabeth Ken, the CEO of Geeko.

Geeko was incorporated in November 2017.  Its CEO is none other than Ms Elizabeth Ken, who was by chance the media specialist of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).  Redberry is an outfit of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei. The Malay Mail is part of Redberry.  Of course, these glaring facts were by coincidence!


Just for the record Geeko was incorporated in November 2017. The said scandalous direct negotiation contract was evaluated, negotiated and prepared and signed within one day on 4-4-2018, which was about one month before 14thGE. On 4-4-2018. Geeko was not registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF). It is against the MOF Procurement Rules for any government departments or agencies to deal with a company that was not registered with MOF. The little napoleons in TM were the law to themselves and fear nobody including the Minister of Tourism & Cultures (MOTAC) and/or MACC.


In August 2018 Datuk Seri Mirza, the outgoing DG, who had signed the speedy Gonzales contract was called up by Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) and was told to terminate it.  Today it would appear that the little napoleons in TM is in no mood to terminate it.

Extreme Right:  Datuk Tam Yun Tong is said to be an expert in advertising especially for taxi wrapping and billboard advertising in China and Japan. He is the man behind Global Renown Ltd. Global Renown Ltd had been awarded with many direct-nego contracts in Japan and China worth more than RM90 million.  2nd right: Ex-Minister of Tourism & Cultures, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

There were many ongoing direct negotiation contracts between TM and Global Renown Ltd, which is an outfit of the famous Datuk Tam Yun Tong, who is the MCA overseas representative in Japan.

Out of the total advertising expenditures for 2017/2018 of RM160,702,958.58, only RM10, 515, 648.76 was spent on the existing contracts that was budgeted for, the remaining RM150,187,309.00 was for the un-budgeted direct-nego contracts. Out of the said RM150,187,309.00,  RM91,693.282.90 worth of contracts were awarded to Global Reknown Ltd, HERE.


In June 2018 a report had been lodged on the said ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko contract with MACC. MACC had raided the headquarters of TM and seized documents. Five months have elapsed this glaring contract, which was negotiated and signed within one day, is still awaiting for actions by MACC.


As of now, it is business as usual in MOTAC and TM. It seems that all the direct negotiation contracts have not been terminated. Up to this date, there was no announcement made on the status of these contracts. The Minister of MOTAC should follow the footsteps of Minister YB Dr A Xavier Jayakumar by terminating these direct negotiation contracts.

KSN & Minister Of Tourism: Beware Of The Smooth Operators!


The BN supporters and smooth operators. Left: Datuk Seri Khani Bin Daud, the Acting DG of Tourism Malaysia,  Datuk Tam Yun Tong, the man behind Global Renown Ltd and MCA representative in Japan,  and Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, KSU of Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC).  This picture was recently taken when Datuk Seri Khani and Datuk Rashidi attended the Japan Association Of Travel Agents (JATA) Conference in Japan.

It is an open secret that the above trio namely, Datuk Seri Khani Daud (the Acting DG of Tourism Malaysia, Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong and Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Culture, are best of pals in TM. They are also very powerful person in their own rights. They are the protected species.

Despite being exposed for openly campaigning for BN during the GE 14th in HERE for outright violations of General Orders, the new Chief Secretary of the Government (KSN), Datuk Seri Ismail Bin Bakar, dared not take any action against them. Yours truly had posted this to remind the KSN of what actions to be taken against these little napoleons and yet KSN is not bothered about it, HERE.   Just imagine how HEBAT they are!

In future if civil servants want to take part in political activities please feel free to do so and if KSN or anyone trying to take any actions against them please show the authorities this posting which contains all the photographic evidences of the little napoleons wearing the blue BN shirts openly campaigning. Fear not about the General Orders, it is just like scrap papers bundled together to make it a booklet.

Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong

Yours truly would like to remind the readers about this powerful character within TM, the Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong (Datuk Tam).  Why Datuk Tam is a powerful man in TM? He is the CEO of Eithosim Shoji Co Ltd in Japan and TM had awarded many advertising contracts worth ten of millions Ringgit in Japan.

Datuk Tam is also the MCA representative in Japan, HERE.

For reason best known to Datuk Tam and those involved in the said advertising contracts, Eithosin Shoji Co Ltd was abandoned.   A few years ago, Datuk Tam and his outfit incorporated Global Renown Ltd in Hong Kong.  It seems that Global Renown Ltd has replaced Eithosin Shoji.  Global Renown Ltd is now a household name in TM.

To cut the long story short, in 2017/2018 TM had committed RM160,702,958.58 for its advertising campaign and RM91,693,382.90 of which was awarded to Datuk Seri Tam’s Global Renown Ltd. In another words, Global Renown Ltd had been awarded more than half of the said budget via direct nego contracts!  Isn’t Global Renown Ltd is equally Hebat as Datuk Seri Tam?  For full details please read HERE.


The new Minister of Tourism & Cultures, YB Datuk Mohamadin Haji Ketapi, have been surrounded by the smooth operators and/or BN staunched supporters. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah took the selfie and accompanied by none other than Datuk Seri Tam. This picture was recently taken during the Japan Association Of Travel Agents (JATA) Conference in Japan.

Whilst we are appreciative that our Minister, YB Datuk Mohamadin Hj Ketapi, and KSU Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah have been being treated to the beautiful meals in the Malaysian restaurant, which is owned by Datuk Seri Tam, in Japan, we hope that direct nego contracts will not be the norm in Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) under the new PH government.

Ms Elizabeth Ken is there CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. She is a Media Specialist of Redberry Media Group, which is part of Ancom Bhd.

We also hope that the “smooth operators”/little napoleons in MOTAC and TM have properly briefed YB Minister about the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99 million Geeko Tech direct nego deal, HERE, and that Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) had advice TM to terminate it.  Until this date, this scandalous direct nego contract which involved Ms Elizabeth Ken, who is the Media Specialist of Redberry Media Group and it is part of Ancom Bhd.  The Executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd is of course, Datuk DR Siew Ka Wei, the famous corporate genius and former Chairman of TM.  The “smooth operators”/little napoleons of TM and MOTAC are so hebat that they have defied the CEP and ultimately the PH Government.

Dear Mr Minister, what are you doing about this scandalous Speedy Gonzales” deal?   Is it true that a few direct nego proposals from Global Renown Ltd are in the pipeline waiting to be approved?

Yours truly hopes that YB Minister will be mindful of the direct nego contracts that were awarded for 2017/2018 to Global Renown Ltd and investigate into this unhealthy practices.