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Summary of Tourism Msia’s RM99.693 million “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO Deal!

KUALA LUMPUR 5/4/18, Left, The then Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz and Chairman of the Malaysian Tourism Datuk Siew Ka wei launching Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 at Hotel Istana. Datuk Siew Ka Wei is the Chairman of Ancom  Bhd.

This article has been updated with all the important documents to support what have been stated in this blog.

The article “Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 5 was to put on record the details of the “Speedy Gonzales”  RM99.693 millions Deal.  In this article yours truly has summarised all the salient facts  for ease of reference.  From the Chronology of Events below you will understand why your truly called this the “Speedy Gonzales Deal“. Continue reading