MAS paid US$3.35 million under anti-trust law in US

Updated @ 12:25 am 19-12-2011: Please readAzman Mokhtar must Go (part 3)” by Jebut Must Die and judge for yourself.

Updated @ 12:30 am 15-12-2011: MyCC to investigate into the MAS -AirAsia share swap comes Jan 1, HERE.

MAS has announced on 18-02-2010 that 0n 16-2-2010 it had received a complaint filed in the US District Court for Eastern District of New York on behalf of Benchmark Export Services and six other plaintiffs against MAS and 11 other defendants on the allegations of price fixing airfreight shipping services and fuel surcharge and etc. MAS has denied such infringement. On 11-7-2011 MAS paid US$3.35 million as an out of Court settlement which can be considered as the lowest settlement sum under anti-trust laws. Continue reading “MAS paid US$3.35 million under anti-trust law in US”

Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two”

Updated @ 4:45 pm 8-12-2011 from Kuching: Please read these two interesting articles “Did Danny Yusof nailed BN’s Coffin in Selangor” by ABITW, in HERE and “Now everybody can get screwed” by BigDog in HERE.

Di bawah adalah sebahagian daripada teks ucapan di Parlimen pada 18 Oktober, 2011 dari Hansard.  Continue reading “Teks ucapan di Parlimen terhadap “Gang of Two””

Dr Wafi: MAS employees questioning the wisdom of the “matrimony”

The learned Dr Wafi Nazrin Tan Sri Abdul Hamid, who is an expert in Competition Law

Below are the latest exchanged of e-mails between Dr Wafi Nazrin Tan Sri Abdul Hamid (Dr Wafi) and En Matdiah Mohammad, the Secretary of MASE. By right Dr Wafi should not feel so jittery about the outflow of informations from MAS if the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap really meant to save MAS i.e. encouraging collaboration between MAS/AirAsia and not to stifle MAS/Firefly. As a professional, Dr Wafi should call a spade and spade. The outflow of informations from MAS employees are nothing if compare to the informations that are accessible to the directors of MAS. Dr Wafi should be more concerned about the outflow of information to the competitors of MAS unless he knew that the spirit of the secret share swap and the so-called “Collaborative Framework” were meant to stifle MAS and Firefly indirectly. Continue reading “Dr Wafi: MAS employees questioning the wisdom of the “matrimony””