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Engine Problems of AirAsia’s Flight QZ 7633 Were “Downplayed”

The engine failure that was downplayed.

The engine failure that was downplayed.


Whilst the SAR operations for the passengers and crew of QZ8501 are going on, on 4-1-2015 AirAsia flight QZ7633 from Bandung to Surabaya had engine problems.

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Azahari Dahlan: Was SRT’s statement referring to a possible joint venture with MAS?

En Azahari Dahlan, the former Head of AirAsia Engineering, the now CEO of MAS Engineering

Tuan Azahari Dahlan, the former Regional Head of AirAsia Engineering. He is said to be the most HIGHLY qualified CEO of MAS Engineering of all times.

Tuan Azahari Dahlan, who was formerly the Regional Head of AirAsia Engineering and parachuted into MAS Engineering during the infamous MAS – AirAsia share swap, is the most qualified person in MAS Engineering to hold the post of the CEO. Rumour has it that he manages MAS Engineering like a well maintained engine and has also gained lots of respect within MAS Engineering for his great leadership. The pertinent question is, had MAS Engineering, under this highly qualified Tuan Azahari Dahlan, learn the lesson from all its failed joint ventures over the last two decades? Continue reading