Here’s where residents of Wangsa Maju can post issues that are of national interest to me for consideration.

Please provide your name, contact number, location at the end of your post so that I can get in touch with you should it be necessary, e.g.
Taman Desa Setapak

Thank you.
Wee Choo Keong



450 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Eric Goh

    YB so sorry. Next week we will go to Prima Setapak and Section 2 market, too.
    We will plan to go earlier.

    Thanks and good night.

  2. Dear MP Wee,

    I read with concern TNB and Najib considering nuclear power as an alternative energy source. Nuclear power generation comes with many disadvantages which outweigh its advantages. The most important is the problem of disposal of nuclear waste which is extremely hazardous and has no safe expiry period.

    In a web article: Five Points About Nuclear Energy, it states:

    “In America the entire nuclear power industry generates approximately 2,000 tons of solid waste per year. In comparison, coal fired power produces 100,000,000 tons of ash and sludge annually, and this ash is laced with poisons such as mercury and nitric oxide. Industry generates 36,000,000 tons of hazardous waste, and the kind they make will be with us forever, not decaying away. Also, this waste does not receive nearly the care and attention in disposal that radioactive waste does.” However, not every county follows such strict guidelines and the disposal of nuclear waste is a huge problem that does not only affect us but also future generations for thousand of years to come.

    Countries who cannot afford strict disposal methods may use unauthorised methods of dumping the material especially as a means to save costs. There was lots of controversy in the 1990’s about reports that Russia was dumping nuclear waste in the Arctic Ocean.”

    Can we imagine what potential hazards await us when we do not have strict regulatory controls and enforcement even now for other forms of pollution?

    That is just one report. I have posted on this in my blog (if you will pardon my four-letter word heading) at http://moionlybetter.blogspot.com.

    There are many other alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, tide and etc to explore and develop. We have for YEARS, neglected to have any form of energy policy or plan (as with all other areas such as the economy, transport, environment and etc).

    We have also failed to invest in research and development of alternative energy and are decades behind. Our universities have been neglected and not enough grants and incentives provided for research in these areas.

    Please push for a long term policy and action plan covering our current and future energy needs.

    (And please also stop or question the recent granting of 1200 APs to Khairy’s friend for hybrid cars.. Gomen should be asking Proton to develop such cars and these cronies are merely profiting from the fuel hikes. What is the basis for the APs and special tax breaks and why haven’t others been given the chance to bid for the APs by open tender).

    Thank you.

    Tehsin Begum Mukhtar Ahmad
    012 276 5157

  3. tu7uh

    Dear yb,

    why does all of a sudden, dbkl sets up the parking machine in klsc seksyen 5?. As if its not a burden with the rising petrol price. Its really a bad timing for them to set up those parking machine.

  4. tehsin mukhtar

    MP Wee, This Wong Chun Wai, Star Editor, is a very unethical man, as I can derive from his choice of headlines abt PAS and islamic practices in the Star and on his blog at

    Post 1…from his blog

    Muslim motorcyclists in turban (serbans) not wearing motor helmets are practically giving the cops in Kota Baru a ride. The KB police are at a lost and have decided to give up issuing summonses after a losing a court case. The confusion arose on Tuesday after Pasir Tumboh pondok school student Ahmad Nasir Darus, 27, challenged a traffic summons for not wearing a crash helmet on Sept 20 last year in the Magistrate’s court. His counsel Ahmad Rizal Effende Zainol claimed that exemptions were allowed for “Haji, Hajjah, Lebai and Singh.” He argued that motorcyclists wearing serban could be described as lebai or pious. The confused cops now want Bukit Aman and possibly the Attorney General to tell them what to do. The IGP has said the guys in serban should not be exempted as it would give rise to others using it as an excuse. The question here is that Sikhs wear the turbans for religious reasons. For Muslims, is it a religious obligation to wear serbans? Or merely tried to look pious and look Arab? Views please.

    Post 2:

    PAS Syariah laws, not again!
    Barely three months and PAS is at it again. The Islamist party refrained from talking about syariah laws in the elections and many Malaysians, especially non-Muslims, voted for them because they were regarded as a better choice than the BN. But some little Mullahs in PAS have forgotten that many of their candidates won because of non-Muslim votes. PAS Youth want states under Pakatan to start implementing Islamic laws including restrictions on the sale of liquor, gaming and even dress code for government office workers. It want a special meeting in August to talk about these laws. We will hear the usual argument that all religion forbid liquor and gaming. That’s true but many of us also exercise tolerance if others want to drink or gamble. Some will call critics infidels again. But leaders including Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua have been quick to dismiss any such thoughts from PAS. Pua even warned that if PAS continued to harp on Islamic laws, then at some point, it will make the coalition untenable. The men in green may not be able to run wild in Perak, Penang and Selangor but the same cannot be said about Kedah. According to Chong Eng, previously there were 38 Chinese municipal councillors but under the PAS state government, it has dropped to 18. Now, that’s a bad scene.

    Post 3:
    It’s surely not Turkish delight
    Turkey has the right to ban women from wearing headscarves in universities, according to a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. The argument by the judges is that the ban is necessary to maintain order and show that no preference is given to any religion. They also claimed that was no infringement of human rights. Although the decision was made in the name of secularism, it is clearly a violation of human rights. What people want to wear over their heads is nobody’s business. If they wish to wear the purdah or burka, so be it. But the same principle also applies – if women do not wish to cover their heads, that’s also nobody’s business. If they want to wear the mini skirts and tight jeans, who are we to say no?

    Post 4:

    Kota Baru bans lipsticks and high-heels
    This is bizarre. The Kota Baru Municipal Council has issued an order to ban female workers of the MBKB and permit holders from putting on lipsticks or wearing high-heels. High heels, it seems, are too noisy with its squeaky sound and they are a distraction. Lipsticks are even more dangerous and provocative – to men, that is. According to the council president Shafie Ismail the directive was issued to prevent rapes and other immoral activities.The directive has been issued to MBKB staff and workers at restaurants and other premises, which required permits from the council. That would probably include supermarkets. That’s the whole of Kota Baru! Tony Pua has blogged about the obsession of the PAS government with dressing.

    MP Wee,

    This man has no respect for the islamic faith and practices and requirements. I agree that maybe the way some issues were brought up by PAS may have raised hackles, but then again, we know how the MSM under the likes of Wong and Kali operate.

    So much for freedom of belief and speech. I guess it only applies to non-Muslims??

    tehsin mukhtar

  5. Lai

    I hope that MP wangsa maju can help us at the Metroview COndaminium here . Although is new but until now still don have internet. This not in the kampung why need to wait 4 the TM to come hare and set up the internet because most of the resident here are student and internet are the main resource that we can use. I hope the Wangsa Maju MP can help us solve this problem!!!

  6. big brother ///

    salam sejahtera.disini saya meminta AP WCK untuk turun padang melawat dan menangani masalah di kawasan wangsa maju terutama seksyen 1,bandar baru wangsa maju,setapak kuala lumpur.

    1) mengenai masalah tempat pembuangan sampah dikawasan blok A-B,C-D dan E-F.kenapa pihak pengurusan sampah berlainan diantara sektor A-B,C-D dan E-F?sampah berbayar tapi kawasan-kawasan pembuangan sampah tidak terurus langsung.ini menjadikan tempat pembiakan nyamuk dan juga tikus.macam mana dengan penduduk yang tidak membayar duit sampah???sampah mereka tetap pihak pengurusan mengutipnya!!!kenapa mesti ada double standard?apakah tindakan yang perlu diambil oleh pihak pengurusan sampah serta dbkl?longokkan sampah dihadapan blok B7 dan A11(seksyen 1)!!!apa yang pihak pengurusan sampah yang lama dan yang baru dah lakukan selama ini???

    2) masalah longkang-longkang sumbat dan sistem aliran perparitan yang tidak terurus!sumbat,kotor dan berbau busuk!
    kurang penyelengaraan dari pihak pengurusan!

    3) kenapa masjid baru dibina diatas kawasan yang baru diseksyen 2.siapa yang akan bertanggungjawab mengenai keselamatam para jemaah masjid untuk kesana nanti?terutama warga mas!!!

    4) dulu UMNO bahagian wangsa maju ada menyatakan yang kompleks sukan akan dibina dikawasan seksyen 5 berhadapan dengan restoran N-Z wangsa maju tetapi shoping kompleks pula dibina!!!apa semua ni!!!pihak pemaju hanya pandai mencari keuntungan dengan membina kompleks tersebut.dimana lagi anak-anak muda wangsa maju seksyen 1,2,4,5 dan 10 dapat menjalankan aktiviti sukan dan beriadah!
    ada padang pun hanya berkongsi dengan pihak sekolah wangsa maju selama ini…sudah-sudahlah UMNO bahagian dan cawangan,pandanglah dengan mata hati !!!

    5) kesal dengan perebutan dewan UMNO cawangan Blok A-B dimana hanya dapat digunakan oleh orang-orang UMNO sahaja.dimana keadilan tersebut???

    6) kenapa masih tiada lagi penubuhan ahli jawatankuasa para penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1?dimakah terkuburnya persataun penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 yang lama dahulu???

    7) mana pergi lampu jalan dan lampu ditempat meletakkan kenderaan dikawasan wangsa maju ini???

    silalah ambil perhatian dan cuba menyelami masalah-masalah yang lain dari para penduduk wamgsa maju seksyen 1 ini !!!
    pihak pemaju dan DBKL silalah ambil perhatian,aduan dan masalah kami ini semua !!!

    sekian sahaja untuk kali ini.masih ada ladi1001 masalah yang kami hadapai selama 20tahun lebih ini !!!

    terima kasih . . . . . . .

  7. reinballs

    salam sejahtera diucapkan pada YB.disini saya ingin bertanya mengenai apakah keperluan dan kepentingan pejabat persatuan penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 diblok(rc)F?
    apakah masih wujud lagi persatuan penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 sehingga kehari ini?dimanakah keprihatinan serta bantuan yang mereka hulurkan selama ini diseksyen 1 ini!
    apakah tujuan utama disebalik pembinaan taman sg.bunus yang baru?apakah objektif pembinaan tersebut bagi warga penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 terutamanya?
    kenapa para penduduk wangsa maju masih tidak mempunyai dewan serbaguna atau kompleks sukan dan juga padang bola untuk aktiviti beriadah dan sukan?kenapa tidak digunakan sahaj tapak kawasan yang sedia ada dibangunkan dengan kerjasama pihak-pihak yang bertanggungjawab terutama pihak pengurusan,pihak pemaju dan sebagainya?
    kami disini masih lagi berkongsi padang bersama-sama pihak sekolah rendah dan sekolah menengah selama 20tahun ini!
    kenapa masih lagi pihak pemaju dan pengurusan tidak memasang lampu disetiap kawasan tempat meletak kenderaan diseksyen 1 ini?sila rujuk kepada carta peratusan jenayah di IPD Sentul dan IPD Setapak mengenai kes ragut dan pecah kereta!

    sekian,terima kasih…

  8. Ronson

    New Cybercafe Rules

    As you know, Wangsa Maju has many cybercafes catering to the locals & the college students who live in the area.

    As I understand it, the registration of users and customers is tantamount to internet control & censorship. Selangor had done this previously but I believe Dr. Mahathir put an end to its practice as it was against the MCMC’s no internet censorship. Why is it now back to rear its ugly head again?

    If the government wanted to prevent truancy among school children, they should be looking at the school attendance list and not the the cybercafe customer/user name list.

    Also, the no game ruling is just silly. Even in internet restrictive China, computer games are allowed in cybercafe. Seriously, this means Malaysia is now going backwards instead of forward.

    Taman Bunga Raya.

  9. big ranggi ///

    kepada adik(6 july 2008),saya berpendapat bahawa semua penduduk rakyat malaysia inginkan penjelasan mengenai kes DSAI.disini saya merasakan lebih elok kita menunggu jawapan dan keputusan dari pihak polis sendiri walaupun saya sendiri sedar bahawa tanggapan tentang ketulusan PDRM sekarang ini sudah jauh berbeza jika dibandingkan dengan dahulu.
    saya sungguh kesal dengan PDRM kerana masih tidak dapat menyelesaikan kes atlantuya,kes nurin jazlin,kes salini dan banyak lagi kes-kes yang ditangguhkan begitu lama.semua ini kalau direnung-renungkan dan difikir-fikirkan,semua ini tak masuk akal dalam dunia sekarang.macam-macam alasan dan sebab yang tidak munasabah telah diberikan oleh pihak PDRM!
    itu belum lagi kes-kes pendatang asing dan bekalan dadah yang masuk didempadan kita yang berleluasa seolah-olah PDRM tak wujud.macam mana semua ini boleh berlaku???berapa lamakah negara kita ini sudah merdeka?merdeka daripada apa?adakah benar bahawa negara kita ini sudah bebas dari gejala rasuah seperti mana yang diwar-warkan oleh kerajaan?!?ini semua munafik!!!
    sudahlah,yang penting ini semua adalah salah satu tanda-tanda nak kiamat!!!kita sendiri boleh membuktikan kesahihan apa yang berlaku dalam hal ehwal negara kita ini!!!
    persiapkanlah amalan dan solat selagi nyawa dikandung badan!mati itu adalah benar!solatlah kamu sebelum kamu disolatkan kelak…

    tiada lain kehidupan ini,melainkan pertandingan dan berlalai…

    jiwa yang bijak itu selalu menghitung dirinya . . . ALLAHUAKHBAR , ALLAHUAKHBAR , ALLAHUAKHBAR . . .

  10. dann

    Dear YB Wee,

    is there any section in your blog where residents of Wangsa Maju can post issues that concern with our neighbourhood in Wangsa Maju that needs your attention?…not the DBKL’s attention, but your attention.

    I am a resident of Metroview Condo and my unit just above your office (Metroview).

    I would like to express my unhappiness with the condition and the situation in this area (section 2, especially Metroview) eversince i moved in.

    For the past few nights, i had trouble getting into bed early. The only time where i could fall asleep in when the Z-one restaurant (the restaurant just below your office) closes at 1am!!! The shop owner thinks it’s OK to full blast some chinese oldies songs from the sound system at 12 midnight.
    (I tried confronting the Z-One shop owner a couple of times, but fearing for my safety, i better not). So, Where is the law??! Is there any law??!!

    Secondly, the traffic situation is getting from bad to worse and it’s going to get even worse. Why? Look at how the irresponsible people from the restaurants make use of the public parking space by putting up tables and chairs. So where are the car owners going to park? EVERYWHERE!! In fact, i have voiced out this matter in this blog for numerous times and everytime i bring up this subject, the posting “disappears”. Do these restaurants have the right to do this?? Where is the law??! Is there any law??!!

    Correct me if i’m wrong, I thought there’s a law saying restaurants are not allowed to put tables and chairs by the roadside and carparks fearing for the safety of the diners. Remember that case happened in PJ Section 14 few years ago whereby this girl driver lost control of her car and plunged into the roadside diners and somebody got killed?
    Where is the law??! Is there any law??!!

    Thirdly, the backlanes of these shops (including metroview shoplots) is going to be ANOTHER BREEDING GROUND FOR THE RATS! It’s getting more filthy, i can see it from my condo.

    Mr Wee, please help. Your attention to this issues will be grately appreciated by the residents of Metroview Condo.

    Thank you,

  11. komagan

    just one question, do you know what happen to Malaysians Democratic Party (MDP)? is the party still around? are you officially PKR members?

  12. nantero

    syabas dan tahniah diucapkan kepada DSAI mengenai debat semalam didewan bahasa dan pustaka.DSAI telah menunjukkan kepada seluruh masyarakat bahawa beliau adalah seorang pemimpin yang tulus dan ikhlas serta berjiwa rakyat.

    bagi yang melihat dan mendengar mengenai debat semalam,adalah logik dan munasabah tentang perkara yang dibentangkan dan juga sesoalan-soalan yand dikemukan adalah bernas dan masuk akal.

    kepada menteri penerangan,silalah lihat diri anda dahulu sekiranya kail panjang sejengkal,jangan didcuba lautan yang dalam.saya sungguh amat malau dan kecewa melihat sikap dan telatah menteri penerangan yang seolah-olah ingin menaikkan kemarahan DSAI dengan membangkitkan isu-isu peribadi serta tidak bersikap professional langsung malah nampak seperti orang yang tidak berilmu langsung.

    cakap tak serupa bikin malah tidak tahu langsung mengenai tajuk utama perdebatan malam tadi yang disiarkan secara langsung kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia.mungkin ada yang betul dan ada yang salah tapi ini semua adalah tanggungjawab pemimpin-pemimpin negara bagi membantu rakyat malaysia meringankan ekonomi penduduk malaysia masa kini yang mana semua barangan sudah naik harga.

    pernahkah menteri-menteri serta pemimpin-pemimpin pergi sendiri kekedai runcit atau pasar uuntuk membeli barang keperluan asas dan sebagainya?saya berani katakan tidak langsung kerana mereka mempunyai driver dan pembantu rumah bagi jawapan ini!kalau turun pun hanya kepasar raya yang mewh dan besar!

    tak malu kah sekiranya mengatakan harga barangan keperluan adalah terkawal?!?itulah dia menteri KPDHEP kita yang boleh saya katakan tak ada akal fikiran langsung mengenai masalah ini!cubalah cari jalan penyelesai yang sebaik mungkin bagi menagani masalah ini!!!

    harga beras naik,gula naik,bawang naik dan banyak lagi !!!
    tak payah nak tunjuk handal dan bijak sekiranya tak mampu nak berbuat apa-apa.macam mana rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah(contoh gaji RM750)yang nak menyara keluarga dan mempunyai anak 3-4???tolonlah fikirkan?!?!?!?

    apa-apapun syabas dan tahniah bagi DATO’SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM didalam debat semalam…itupun bagi golongan yang ikhlas dan sedia memahami apa yang dimaksudkan yang tersirat dan tersurat dalan perdebatan semalam.


  13. Marcus

    Dear MP Wee,

    With here I stand as a resident of Jalan 9C/6, Taman Setapak Indah would like to make a complaint and inform MP Wee regarding the steels/metals of drains of this Taman had been stole recently.
    For your information this could form a great danger to the nearby residents especially olders and children.
    I would like to inform MP Wee as we would be very happy if MP Wee concern about this matter.


  14. lee wee tak

    Dear YB,

    in my email to you last week, I enclose a photo of the bushes in Taman Melati where the 2 b@st#rds hide and abused me.

    i have been taking my car over there at night just to spray there with my car’s headlights to flush them out in case they are at it again. i hope no one else fall prey to them

    a permanent solution is to get DBKL to cut down the bushes.

    what say you?

  15. dann

    Dear Mr Wee,

    Just a suggestion.

    Maybe you can have a section in your blog indicating the cases or issues you are currently looking into, maybe in point form.

    At least we, the residents of Wangsa Maju, know which issues you are working on right now or which issues are in process.

    We post our issues here, but we do not know whether our postings have caught your attention.

    Thank you very much.




  17. Jason Gan

    Hello YB,

    I am a resident at Wangsa Metroview Condo, the developere is currently charging us about RM2.30 per cubic meter of water. By right it should be RM1.38 per cubic meter. I have seen the bulk meter bill and Syabas is charging them this amount.

    According to the Wangsa Metroview Condo building manager they have already spoken to Syabas which confirm this is the rate.

    I personally called Syabas and they also confirm this. But cannot explain why are we charged this rate when other condos e.g. PV10 are not charged this rate.


    03 40221021
    Sekysyen 2
    Wangsa Maju

  18. Wei

    Dear YB Wee

    Today the Stars newspaper just published in their front page “Haze Ahead”. Looking towards it, our neighbour country keep on open burning activities every year and what is our Government going to do about it ?

    Millions of Malaysian citizen especially children will suffer through this hazards air that we breathe!!! Further, I think i don’t have to explain much about how much money we (taxpayer) going to spend to help them put out the fire in the end as well as tourism industries is hurting through this. Many areas will be harm in these.

    Please urge our Government to do something about it. At least demand an explanation from our neighbour.

    Sincerely & Thank You

  19. dann

    Jason Gan,
    I am a resident of Metroview Condo as well.

    Thank you for the notification that the developer is charging us Rm2.30/cubic meter. This is crazy!

    In fact, I find that the building management isn’t doing much about maintaining the condo facilities despite us paying Rm165 every month for the maintenance fees.

    YB Wee, i hope you do take note of this too.

    and again and again i want to bring your attention to the restaurants at the Metroview shoplots. and now, the situation is getting worse!!! please do something!!! there are practically no parking spaces anymore, tables and chairs are everywhere. what is the DBKL going to do about it?

    And I have to sleep with my windows closed every night because of the noise coming from these restaurants, espcially the new restaurant just below your office (beside Bangi Kopitiam). They have a big screen out, and a pair of loudspeakers. At times, they would still blast the volume even at 12 midnight!!! HOW TO SLEEP??!!! and my unit is facing directly at this shoplot.

    Thank you and please do something about it.

  20. Melayu Jati

    Kepada commenter No.17,

    Jangan kurang ajar disini. Kalau berani bagikan talipon awak disini dan saya akan jumpa awak.

    Jaga2 dan jangan buat komen yang tak budi bahasa.

  21. Mohd Fairus A Rahim

    Tuan Yang Berkhidmat,

    Beberapa perkara saya ingin utarakan, moga mendapat perhatian dan tindakan SEGERA dari pihak Tuan Yang Berkhidmat:

    1. Saya merupakan penduduk Flat Taman Setapak Indah (Jalan 2/6), menghadapi bau busuk sampah setiap hari kerana tong besar di alihkan ke luar dari tempatnya (pondok). Disini saya ingin MENCADANGKAN supaya :
    -Tong-tong tersebut diletakkan kembali KE DALAM pondok yang telah disediakan.
    -Pondok tersebut DIKUNCI, dan kunci dipegang oleh pemungut sampah supaya tong-tong tersebut tidak dibawa keluar kembali.
    -Sampah-sampah perlu di buang kedalam tong melalui TINGKAP di tepi pondok dan tidak lagi hanya dibuang di depan pintu pondok sahaja.

    2. Terdapat penduduk Flat yang tidak bertanggungjawab, telah menjadikan ‘parking lot’ sebagai milik peribadi dengan menanda/ menghalang dengan objek tertentu (cth: kon). Bagi mengatasi masalah ini, saya MENCADANGKAN supaya:
    -mengambil satu tindakan bagi merampas objek-objek yang telah menghalang penduduk lain untuk menggunakan ‘parking lot’, memandangkan ‘parking lot’ tersebut merupakan hak penduduk bersama.
    -dan menghadkan dan menetapkan terus pemilikan ‘parking lot’, contohnya satu unit rumah, hanya untuk satu unit ‘parking lot’ sahaja, dengan menanda/ mengecat ‘parking lot’ dengan nombor rumah.
    -serta menanda/ mengecat ‘parking lot’ sebagai ‘public’ jika terdapat lebihan ‘parking lot’ selepas dihadkan satu unit rumah untuk satu unit ‘parking lot’ (yang bermaksud ‘free parking’, sesiapa sahaja boleh meletakkan kederaannya disitu)

    Ini sahaja aduan dan cadangan dari saya, dan mengharapkan tindakan SSEGERA dari Tuan Yang Berkhidmat. Hari ini 6 Ogos 2008 dan saya mengharapkan aduan saya tidak berlanjutan sehingga Oktober 2008 (Hari Raya Aidilfitri).

    Terima Kasih

    Mohd Fairus.
    Jalan 2/6, Taman Setapak Indah, 53300 Setapak.

  22. the foolish

    Hi YB,

    I got a queries regarding our oil price… I think we Malaysian citizen been cheat by our gov…

    Let me start with a fact here… As we all know 1 barrel = 35 gallon. 1 gallon = 4.55 litre.

    Now, let’s us do some simple mathematic here,

    1 gallon of oil = USD125/35 = USD 3.57
    1 litre of oil = 3.57/4.55 = USD 0.78
    let’s take current exchange rate RM3.3 = USD1 (it’s the highest exchange rate for the past 6months)

    SO IT SHOULD BE 1 LITRE OIL = USD0.78*3.3 = RM2.59

    How the goverment can charge us with RM2.7 when “they” say the GOVERMENT subsidies us with RM0.30 (then it should be RM2.29, right?). They not SUBSIDIES us, its WE the one Who SubSidies the Goverment with every litre oil we buy. The goverment make a profit of RM0.11 every litre we BUY??? CRAZYY right??? We being fool by our gov… Don’t u think???

  23. Kah Hoe

    Tuan Yang Berkhidmat,

    Beberapa perkara saya ingin utarakan, moga mendapat perhatian dan tindakan SEGERA dari pihak Tuan Yang Berkhidmat:

    1. Saya merupakan penduduk IDAMAN SUTERA CONDO (Jalan 13/21D), masalah yang saya hadapi tiap-tiap Isnin hingga Jumaat adalah gangguan daripada wisel yang ditiupkan oleh pembantu Sekolah Lee Rubber(Nam Yik) sejak 3 tahun dulu,mungkin semua penduduk adalah bisu dan tindak dengar kekuatan bunyi wisel itu tetapi bunyi ini telah mengancam hidupan keluarga kami , alasan yang diberikan oleh pihak sekolah adalah untuk mengawal kereta yang masuk m enghantarkan anak mereka ke sekolah ,dan tujuan keselamatan budak sekolah (security reason) , tetapi tiupan wisel itu ditiupkan mulai 0640am , padahal masa itu tidak banyak kereta yang masuk ke kawasan ini , langsung tidak perlu buat demikian , tetapi pada waktu hujan tiupan wisel ini tidak wujud , tapi boleh bayangkan pada hari hujan begaimana ibubapa budak sekolah ini menghantar mereka ke sekolah!Tapi langsung tidak ada masalah pada kenderaan-kenderaan ini mereka tidak sesak jalanraya dan jalan itu lancar !YB hendak bukti ,saya boleh menghantarkan gambar yang saya tangkap daripada rumah saya ke email YB ,termasuk movie dan bunyi tiupan wisel ini ,kalau nak bukti dengan sendiri boleh datang ke condo kami pada 0640am ,tingkat 7 , terus YB akna tidak tahan dengan bunyi bising ini !Bagaimana dengan keluarga kami telah diganggu 3 tahun , saya sudah banyak kali berhubung dengan pihak sekolah tetapi pengetua sekolah itu hanya suruh saya tunggu jawapan mereka!
    Ini sahaja aduan dan cadangan dari saya, dan mengharapkan tindakan SSEGERA dari Tuan Yang Berkhidmat.

    Blok C , Medan Idaman Sutera Condo
    Jalan 13/21D Medan Idaman

  24. Anonymous


  25. Black


    Please look into lift problem in Block 15, Teratai Mewah Apartment, Danau Kota. Every day, damaged. This is nonsence to pay mantaintance fee for management every months.

  26. Kah Hoe

    To:24 Anonymous
    U belum rasa memang tidak tahu , saya boleh maafkan ! Kalau bunyi itu mengancam hidup kamu then…..
    Tolonglah pergi http://www.namyik.blogspot.com dengar bunyi yang sedap ini tak payah lama 40saat sudah cukup !
    Sila hormat dan sopan sikit ! Saya boleh maafkan orang EQ redah semacam u , tidak tahu keadaan lagi reply orang !
    Jalan lar…………….

  27. Kim Loon

    Dear YB Wee,
    I am a Metroview resident(Seksyen 2) and it is absurd that the management charges us RM2.30/cubic meter of water. This is ridiculous as my water bill for 2 months is over RM280.00!!!!!Furthermore, the water bill is few times more than my electricity bill!!!!

    As i live with 5 other housemates, that means on average each of us incur RM 23.33/month for water.

    The SYABAS rate is RM 1.38/cubic meter, how come the management can charge us RM 2.30/cubic meter!!!

    As most of the resident staying in Metroview are students,this has certainly put a burden on them.

    I believe that the management is short-charging us.
    Please look into the matter.

    Kim Loon

  28. dann

    Hi Kim Loon,

    I managed to speak to the manager of the building management of Metroview yesterday afternoon.
    I raised up this issue.

    According to him, the management is currently liasing with Syabas with regard to this problem….water rate of RM2.30/cubic. They did question Syabas on this and if i heard him correctly, during the period of construction and development of this condo, Peluang Mutiara applied for the water supply and syabas implement a commercial rate, that’s RM2.30/cubic. However, until today, the water supply to Metroview COndo is still under the same Peluang Mutiara account (commercial rate). I am not too sure about how it should go about since the condo owners have already collected the keys in Jan 08 and CF has been issued. How come the residents have to bear the costs by paying the commercial rate?

    Anyhow, the solution now is to get the Syabas form from the management office. Fill it up and from that point onwards, you will receive the water bill DIRECTLY from Syabas, and not from the management. This way, Syabas will charge the residential rate. However, i hope what has been told by the management is true.

  29. Wee Choo Keong

    Isu-isu No: 6, 7 dan 21.

    Masalah tempat pembuangan sampah dikawasan blok A-B,C-D dan E-F.kenapa pihak pengurusan sampah berlainan diantara sektor A-B,C-D, E, F.

    Saya telah complain kepada Alam Flora dan DBKL. Saya diberitahu bahawa blok-blok berkenaan di Seksyen 1 adalah flat swasta dan ada Management Committee (MC) masing-masing ada mengutip caj perkhidmatan dari semua penduduk untuk menguruskan masalah sampah, longkang dan perkhidmatan sosial yang lain terhadap blok-blok tersebut.

    Saya juga di beritahu bahawa DBKL tidak boleh mencapurtangan dengan perkara-perkara. Semua sampah daripada blok-blok mestilah dikutip oleh syarikat yang lantik oleh MC masing-masing dan Alam Flora akan mengutip sampah dari Rumah Smapah yang disediakan.

    Saya berharap sdr-sdr buat aduan kepada MC masing-masing supaya MC boleh mengambil tindakan untuk mengatasi masalah-masalah yang dibangkitkan.

    Issue No: 9

    I have informed DBKL officer about the problems with stolen drain covers and etc. It is hope that DBKl will act fast to avoid unnecessary problems.

    Issue No: 23

    I have contacted Chung Hwa school regarding the problem of whistling at 6:40 am. I have been informed by the school that this can be avoided if and only if the residents of the area do not park their car right in front of the school which have caused obstructions where the parents could not stop their vehicle to drop off their children.

    I am also told that the school has taken actions to get DBKL to tow the cars but it was not effective.

    I am also told that the whistling is for the safety of the children and to get the vehicle to move as fast as possible in order to avoid obstructions.

    Therefore, the resident should stop parking their cars in front of the Chung Hwa school.

    Issue No: 25

    Lift at Danau Kota Flat broke down frequently. This was the same problems with the section 1 flats. The flats are privately owned and DBKL cannot be called in to help. Please take note that all these private blocks of flats collect monthly fees to maintain amenities such as lift, cleaning, lighting and etc. Therefore, the residents of these flats must take up with their management committee to put right the lift and to keep up with good service.

    Issue No: 27, 28 & 29

    I have contacted the management of the respective condos about the water charges. I am informed that if the individual owner of the flat apply to Syabas directly then the rate is RM1.38 and if the meter is under the management the rate is RM2.30.

    I have been informed by Mr Benny of the management that the management will notify all the residents about this and give whatever assistance it could for the application for individual meters.

    But the problem is: all owners must apply for individual meter otherwise SYabas will not entertain due to logistic reason.

    Other Issues

    Some of the issues I have informed DBKL for actions.

    Thank you so much for your feed backs and for visiting my blog.

  30. Wee Choo Keong

    Issue No 2 and 4 raised by Tehsin. No: 4 – by tu7uh

    Tehsin, thank you so much for bringing up all the points. I will definitely bring up those issues and points raised by you during Parliamentary debate in August session. I will not let the cronies of SIL go easily. They are the national menaces.

    Tu7juh: the PR MPs have brought the issue of the recently installed parking meters. We will carry to speak up on the issues in Parliament.

    Thank you so much for taking so much times to help me with your points to be raised in Parliament.

    I look forward to hear from you and others again so that we all can make Malaysia a better place for all.

  31. Anonymous





  32. Anonymous

    aduan mengenai sjkc nan yik adalah tidak berasas .
    1) mana2 sekolah pun ada pengawal keselamatan untuk menjamin kesesakan lalulintas
    2) semasa pembelian di situ tentu sudah sedia maklum dengan adanya sekolah berhampiran tentu risiko inilah penghuni berhampiran akan alami
    3) saya sokong pengadu no 32 disini. walaupun agak kurang gemar ayat yang menyakit hati
    4) saya rasa kalau penghuni tidak mengemari akan kacauganggu ini baik angkat kaki cari kediaman yg sempurna
    5) atau pun tingkap sekeluruhan rumah penghuni dipasang dinding kalis bunyi jika inginkan keamanan

  33. SweeKian

    Dear MP,
    I stay at Wangsa Maju for more than 20 years. Recently the junction at Sec 2 is so busy with cars, motors all over the place. They simply park the car at road side, blocking the front view if you turn right into Section 2.
    They also simply u-turn, cross-road, very massy for the traffic.

    Its worst during night time.

    Is there anything that we can do to get a better traffic condition?

  34. dann

    Hello Mr Wee,

    Thank you for your attention and your assistance.

    However, let’s see what DBKL will do about the traffic and tables & chairs problem in Metroview shoplots.

    Thanks again.

  35. Dev

    Hi Y.B Wee,
    I was just wondering that is the public does a report to the police does it reaaly get looked into ? What about reports done againgst VIP what happens to them. In recent times we have heard that reports have been lodge against the PM and even DPM what is happening to those ? Even RPK has lodged a report agaings the police for assult (i think not too sure about the details) what is happening to those. Thanks in advance.


  36. kuli

    WCK,mengenai masalah sampah diblok A,B,C,D,E DAN F ini,
    saya berterima kasih kerana WCK telah menjawap persolan ini.kenapa mesti ada MC disetiap blok ini?kenapa pihak dbkl dan alam flora tidak menyelaraskan MC ini sahaja.kan senang dan mudah untuk diselaraskan.siapa yang memberi hak persetujuaan untuk semua MC ini?bagaiman pula dengan penduduk yang tidak membayar duit sampah selama ini???
    apakah tindakan MC ini? SILA BERI JAWAPAN !!!
    mengenai masalah longkang yang nak rebak tanah disekitar blok A-B,C-D dan E-F?siapa nak bertanggungjawab dan selesaikannya?masalah lampu jalan ditempat meletak kenderaan pula bagaimana?masalah tikus-tikus berkeliaran disekitar pula,macam mana?siapa nak jawap???
    masalah bas dan lori meletakkan kenderaan mereka dibahu jalan berhampiran jalan masuk wangsa maju(bersebelahan desa andaman)?macam mana pula???
    kenapa WCK tidak cuba betul-betul menghadapi dan menangani masalah ini dengan sesungguhnya???
    saya mengerta dan faham akan tugas-tugas WCK tetapi kamu kena ingat yang seluruh penduduk yang mengangkat kamu menjadi ahli parlimen wangsa maju sekarang ini!!!
    tolonglah tengok-tengok sama masalah yang kami hadapi selama ini.renung-renung dan fikir-fikirkan…terima kasih . . .

  37. wee choo keong

    Terima kasih komen No: 38 – Kuli.

    Saya telah salurkan aduan mengenai dengan masalah yang terlibat blok-blok tersebut kepada DBKL dan Alam Flora. Mereka mengatakan bahawa masalah tersebut mesti diuruskan oleh MC dan bukan tangung jawab mereka.

    Sdr membayar yuran atau servis caj kepada MC dan MC mesti mengambil tindakan untuk mengatasi masalah dalam kawasan blok-blok tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun, saya akan bahawa isu mengenai dengan MC yang tidak bertangung jawab/tidak menjaga kepentingan penduduk kepada DBKL atau agensi kerajaan dan lain.

    Sdr dan penduduk juga mesti merayu kepada MC supaya mereka meningkatkan perkhidmatan mereka kepada penduduk-penduduk. Jikalau mereka tidak boleh memberi perkhidmatan yang baik, sdr dan penduduk-penduduk yang lain mengambil tindakan untuk memecat mereka dari MC dan memilih MC yang baru yang bertangung jawab.

    Saya harap sdr sila mengambil tindakan kepada MC untuk masa sekarang supaya mereka bukan sahaja tahu mengutip sergvis caj bulanan dan tidak memberi apa-apa perkhidmatan.

  38. anonymous

    Saya bersetuju dengan YB Wee mengenai dengan MC. Why have MCs if they don’t look after the residents interests.

    Memberi perkhidmatan kepada penduduk-penduduk di dalam kawasan blok-blok adalah tanggung jawab MC bukan DBKL. DBKL mesti memberi perkhidmatan kepada penduduk-penduduk yang tiada MC.

    ini adalah jelas bahawa isu-isu blok tersebut adalah tangung jawab MC masing-masing.

  39. Kah Hoe

    Terima Kasih YB kerana sudi membantu dalam isu no 26 , sekarang bunyi wisel tidak wujud lagi sebelum pukul 7 pagi !
    Dan kpd orang isu 32 jawapannya sama shj , janganlar campur tangan tentang isu yang tidak kenal-mengenal dgn u !U memang orang yang -B ,u orang bisu atau suka dengar bunyi wisel , tapi anyway Terima Kasih juga !

  40. ahmad

    Kenapa nak ada MC dan membuat bayaran servis cvaj kepada MC sedangkan mereka tidak menjaga kebajikan penduduk.

    Bilas ada masalah tolak kepada ahli parlimen. Bila kutip wang, MC simpan untuk mereka. Saya berharap bahawa penduduk menekan MC untuk berkerja untuk penduduk dan bukan untuk kepentingan MC sahaja.

    Kebanyakan MC menjaga kocek mereka sendiri sahahaja dan tidak menjaga kepentingan penduduk. Kerana inilah penduduk mesti tekankan MC untuk berkerja untuk penduduk-penduduk.

  41. There is 刮刮乐/scratch/lucky draw activities around the Jalan Genting Klang since 15Aug2008
    They doing their ‘cheating business’ in front of the car park’s of Restoran Bobo, AmBank, HongLeong Bank there…
    Please notice that they are consists of chineses and indians. Majority of them is young man with formal attire and some of them with the briefcase.

    And the main-transport for them is
    Gold colour Toyota Unser with number PGF 4182. This car always park under the tree near the ‘jejantas’ of the
    Jalan Genting Klang.

    YB, please welcome and do the spot check as soon as possible….

  42. Resident Wangsa Maju

    Dear YB,

    Really need your help to work with the relevant authorities to look into the traffic issues especially the inconsiderate parking around the MetroView / Section 2 / Desa Setapak traffic lights junction. Many cars are parking on both sides of the road, make illegal u-turns … making the area very accident prone – highly dangerous.

    Also why and how can a stall selling durians, fruits be allowed to operate around here. Who had approved the hawker licence for this staff? The whole situation getting in Sect 2, Menara Alpha and Desa Setapak is very jammed especially at night!

    Pls YB look into this urgently! Thank you.

  43. Nadzree

    Dear YB,

    Please ask in Parliment, it has been months and years after increase of the oil price why does MAS and Air Asia still charging ‘fuel surcharges’ are they so stupid not to include this into the ‘fare structure’ or is it and outright abuse of the past situation in making additional profit on top of the fare.


  44. Wee Choo Keong

    43 eric

    I will pass your complaint to the police.

    44 wangsa maju residents.

    This is a major problem created by Jabatan Perancang of DBKL where it has approved the development without insisting on the number of parking places that the developer must provide in its plan. Such omission is obvious. We all know why the pengarah of Jabatan Perancang can be overlook such necessary condition in ensuring less traffic congestion. Section 2 is not the only place. There are other places which are causing tremendous headache over parking. However, I will bring this up with the relevant authority.

    Coming back to Jabatan Perancang. We all should know why Jabatan Perancang is not strict with imposing condition like more parking places to be provided in their Development Order. I leave it to you to imagine!

    45 Nadzree

    I am in full agreement with you on the airline fuel surcharge. I am sure that their argument will always be “due to the fluctuation of fuel prices”. But they have forgotten that they ought to have better planning and they could have fixed the air tickets for the interval of 3 months or 4 months.

    I will bring this to the attention to the Minister of Transport.

    Thank you all so much for the comments. They are helpful to me. I need your feed backs at all time.

  45. dann

    Mr Wee,

    The traffic congestion problem around Section 2 (metroview, Menara Alpha, Desa Setapak) is not caused by bad planning by the Jabatan Perancang alone.

    This problem is also caused by the irresponsible restaurant owners who occupy the car park lot/spaces with their tables & chairs.

    Take a look at the situation in front of Menara Alpha and Metroview. During the peak hours at night, how many car park lots are spared by these restaurants? I shall say that 90% of it are occupied with tables and chairs. Car park lots are for cars, not tables and chairs.

    Sigh…i feel like i’m playing an old broken record over and over again. As long as the authorities do not do something about this problem, the traffic congestion can never be solved.

    THis problem is also getting out of hand at the Prima Setapak area (Genting Courts, Prima Setapak Condo area). Sometimes i don’t blame these car owners for parking at the both sides of the road and cause the traffic congestion. Where are they suppose park when all the parking lots are taken by these restaurant owners?

    Please correct me if i’m wrong. thank you.

  46. AH WONG

    Dear YB Wee,
    i just want to ask a question is about the “subsidi disel”.
    what is 9000 liter per month for the bus which call subsidi disel? is that mean we can get 9000 liter for free per month for who have get the subsidi?9000 liter mean one day can use 300 liter?if i can’t use that much,so how?the balance can add to the next month?i very confuse about the subsidi.i think most of commercial vehicle owner also don’t understand abuot the subsidi.i hope YB can help us.
    Thank you very much.

  47. Concerned Residents

    I fully agree with 47. Dann who brought up about restaurants occupying carpark spaces for tables & chairs. Look at BRJ Restaurant … why can they and who gives them the approval to do so to occupy almost the whole stretch of road in front of their restaurant. Who in DBKL approves this? What abt other restaurants in MetroView where YB’s service centre is? Who gives them the authority to occupy the carpark spaces for their businesses when these are for car parks!! Pls bring this up at your next Parliament seating so the right authorities can be questioned and answers/solutions provided urgently.

    The Wangsa Maju residents are suffering at the benefits of these “approving” authorities who may be cashing in to their own benefits without considering the safety and convenience of the residents.

    YB – it’s your duty to help look into this and bring up to the authorities urgently.

    Thank you – Concerned Residents.

  48. dann

    49 Concerned Residents,

    These buggers (the restaurant owners) are not only causing traffic nuisance, they are also causing a lot of noise pollution!!!

    Weeks ago, i highlighted the noise problem coming from Renee Restaurant (that is just located below YB Wee’s office for goodness sake!!!) had been giving me sleepless nights. These buggers just blast the astro through its big screen until 1am everynight! YB Wee approached them and informed these buggers about it. They finally lowered the volume after 12 midnight and this lasted for merely 1 week.

    These buggers are just like a leopard that never changes its spots…..the nuisance started sometime last weekend AGAIN!! Once again, Renee owner continue to blast the Astro until the closes shop at 1am++!!

    YB Wee, please do something about this problem!! I have been having sleepless nights since then. The only time i could sleep soundly is after they closes their restaurant and that’s 1am++. Should I confront these buggers myself? But things would turn out ugly if i were to “lecture” them myself. I am getting very tired of this noise problem and i’m really fed-up!!! Sometimes i just feel like throwing a pail of water down onto Renee…..YB Wee, can i do that?!! Just imagine, everynight you can only get to bed at 1am++ just because some buggers thinks it’s OK to blast the astro until 1am!!!

    Things are getting out of hand around here in Metroview shoplots and i’m rather suprised that all this nonsense is going on where your service centre is. WHERE IS THE LAW?! Maybe you should stay back a bit later at night and see for yourself.

    On top of that, there are more and more roadside hawkers in this area…and now, we have a new stall selling Fried Cempedak next to the stall selling Durian.

  49. Tracy

    Dear MP Wee,

    There’s an increase of crime cases (snatch thefts, robberies) in Wangsa Maju.

    On 28/8/08 night alone, there were 4 cases of robberies committed by 2 robbers using a long parang in Wangsa Melawati and Taman Bunga Raya. They got away with laptops, handphones and other valuables from their victims who comprised working folks and students.

    After talking to my friends and neighbours, we’ve found out that the crimes in this area has increased drastically. Every week, without fail, we have been hearing of houses being broken into both in the daytime and nighttime.

    We, the residents in Wangsa Maju are getting very jittery over these crimes committed. We don’t feel safe at all.

    Could you please look into this matter? Having more police patrols will in residential areas will help to alleviate our fears. Thank you

  50. wee choo keong

    dann & concerned resident

    My assistant has approached the proprietors and hawkers to be civic conscious i.e. to lower down the volume of their audio equipment after 12 midnight and also not to jam up the parking spaces. I do hope that all parties will co-operate to make section 2 and W/maju a better place for all.

    Parking spaces are a problems in Wangsa Maju and KL because Jabatan Perancang approved building projects with little consideration for parking spaces. It was most unfortunate that DBKL policy on car parking was not properly enforced by Jabatan Perancangh and Jabatan Bangunan.

    51 Tracy

    I share your concerned about the crime rate in W/Maju. Sadly to say that crime rate in Malaysia is on the rise. With the economic crisis due to lack of confidence in the Government under PM Badawi, the crime rate can only increase. However, we have to call upon the police to take the appropriate actions for crime prevention.

    I have on numerous occasions brought to the attention of the minister of Home Affairs to look into the crime rate in the country. I have tabled a specific question on the increase crime rate in W/Maju for discussion in the October session of Parliament. The question is as follows:

    “Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] ask the YB Minister of Home Affairs to state how many police reports have been lodged with Wangsa Maju Police Station for each year from 2000 to 31st July 2008 and what actions have the police taken and to be taken to reduce the crime rate in Wangsa Maju?”

    Please be assured that I am very concerned with the crime rate in W/Maju and other places. I will do my very best to pressure and persuade the Minister of Home Affairs to put crime prevention as the main priority to combat crime in
    the nation.

    I really am sorry for not been able to resolve some of the problems highlighted here. However, I shall endeavour in my limited capacity to find ways and means to resolve the problems.

    Thank you for engaging in my blog. For my Muslim bros and sister, may I take this opportunity to wish you all SELAMAT BERPUASA.

  51. dann

    Mr Wee,

    Thank you very much for your help, and thank you to your assistant too….really appreciate it.

    I believe W.Maju will have improvement and most of its problems solve under your care and your supervision.

    No worries, we understand…most of these problems here are caused by the lack of enforcement by the authorities, bad planning from the Jbt Perancang (and they dare to call themselves PERANCANG with all these bad perancangan!!! what a joke, hahaha!!), DBKL not being cooperative and effective, corruption, etc. When one party isn’t cooperating, the other party couldn’t do much. How can we solve this problem. In fact, this is the ROOT of all problem.

    All we need is a good and effective authority. Not only that, authorities need to be more initiative….don’t always wait for us to complain first before doing something. For example, the road condition in W.maju is so bad, so many potholes on the road. I believe the authorities are aware of it, but where’s the action?

    Anyway, thank you for your attention to the problem i raised.

    ** by the way, suspend Ahmad for 3 years was indeed a “STERN” action taken on him. Wow!!

  52. Xenos

    Mr Wee,
    Really appreciate your effort in making wangsa maju a better place. Just hope that you can highlight the crime rate in this areas. We do not hope to wait until something bad happen like last time, than only there will be a short showing off. Thanks so much

  53. Tracy

    Dear MP Wee,

    Thanks for your effort in helping us to reduce the crime rate in Wangsa Maju. I understand that you and your team are really working hard for us.

    I’ve just noticed that some of the roads have been re-tarred recently. It’s nice to drive around without having to risk our cars being jolted out of alignment :)

    Your blog is really useful for us to interact with you. Makes us realise that our MP is reachable all the time. Kudos!

  54. dann

    Crime rate is on the rise, even around Metroview Condo.
    There has been numerous break-ins (if i’m not wrong, it happens almost on every week!). The culprit will only strike during the daytime when no one is at home.

    Despite all these incidents, the culprit is still on the loose. I wonder what the Metroview management will do about this.

  55. Resident of Wangsa

    Dear MP,

    Recently, I have come to know that a significant number of school boys and girls in Setapak area are actively staying long hour in cyber cafe while other are in the class.

    The issue I wish to bring to your attention is these students who are under age and/or wearing school uniform while playing computer games or surfing internet, and no authority has taken action against these students who are not allowed to enter the cyber cafe. They can enter the shop freely by themselves without the accompaniment of adults, no restriction has been imposed by the shopkeeper.

    If the situation continues and not been rectified in an prompt and effective manner, some of them will be expelled by the school and some has already been expelled. After I have interviewed some of these students, I was convinced that actually they like to study but the temptation of those gaming is too strong to be resisted.

    After they are expelled, most of them will be loitering around the shop everyday without any purpose and direction of life. As days going on, some are recruited by pirated CDs vendor and loan shark company. These have cause worries for the parents, the future generations are at stake, eventually it will be destruction for the development of our nations.

    MP, hope that relevant authorities will take up their legal obligations and social responsibilities to resolve the problem as soon as possible for the well being of the residents. Thank you very much!

  56. William

    YB, i got a little complain

    Yesterday, a friend of mine had a really bad day.

    When he got into the car wan to reverse, a taxi block his way. So he got no choice to hon the taxi. After 1 minute the taxi refuse to move but 2 black guy (negro i think) from the taxi get down the car. He ask my friend to get out the car but my friend refuse cos he think is insecure. Then the black guy use his leg to kick the side mirror of my friend’s car and take his car key and ask my friend to get down. When the mirror is kick, his head is injured and require 6 stitches. Once my friend get down, he gave his wallet to them and try to run away. He manage to run away and get into a hair saloon name Fix Saloon. The 2 black guy chase inside as well. My friend run to the place where to wash hair and the black guy take the saloon scissor to chase him.

    The worse thing is he ask the black guy to get out from the saloon which is a good thing. But he ask my friend to get out as well which the 2 black guy waiting outside. My friend refuse cos he his is injured and alot of blood on his head. My friend ask them to call 999 but they refuse. One of the worker there handle a towel to my friend as a lure and push him out from the saloon and quickly close the door.

    My friend quickly run to the opposite shop which is a kodak film shop, they quickly let my friend in and close the gate so the black guy cant enter and faster call the police. The police manage to catch that 2 black guy and the police said this 2 fellow have commit 6 similar case they have eaten drug. Dadah i think. so they lose their self control.

    After that my friend went to hospital and get the treatment.

    The problem is the fix saloon not only do not help my friend but push my friend to hell. They are insane!

    pls make the area more safe.


  57. dann


    That was a really “LITTLE” complain. hahaha!

    Jokes aside, this is a really serious issue. Someone might get hurt or even get killed by these buggers one day. Imagine, your friend could have been stabbed to death on that day.

    May i ask, did this happened around Metroview area? No offence, but i do see quite a number of foreigners staying in Metroview Condo.

    Mr Wee,
    I do see that there are signboards saying that the area in Section 2 is under the surveillance of CCTVs. The big question now is ….Are these CCTVs working and are there any personnel monitoring these CCTVs?

  58. dann

    one more thing….

    Did you check with the police what they did to these 2 guys?

    Are they out on the streets again? Well, you will never know…Welcome to malaysia.

  59. Xenos

    IS it possible to have some prevent crime activities around the neighbourhood. I think we need to unite to handle this problems. IF more people are aware and unite, i believe the culprit won’t be so daring. Now is they know, we all won’t care so much as long it is not happen to ourself. Therefore, we need to be unite, and show to them not to play a fool with resident in wangsa maju. Imagine the whole lot of people to come and help when they see crime. I think it will give the “bad guy” a second thought before they want to do anything stupid here

  60. dann

    few nights ago, a few TV3 reporters were attacked by them in Cheras (if i’m not wrong). These people are very daring, maybe due to fact that they are bigger and stronger than most of us.

  61. dann

    YB Wee,

    i received an email that there was a fight involving some Africans at the Wangsa Maju LRT last night and one of them was dead. And few days ago, #58 William mentioned that a friend was chased by some Africans and got beaten up.

    This is really worrying. Something has to be done to this problem and i wonder how.

    And so far, have you follow up with DBKL on what actions they will take on those restaurants that are taking up parking spaces and causing a big havoc in Section 2 at night. Just in case you are not aware, the situation is getting worse and there are more roadside stalls selling cempedak, fruits, etc being setup. This place has become so pariah. The noise, the cleanliness, etc is in this area is reaching the “worrying ” level now

    Sad to say, if this goes on and I don’t see any progress/improvement, i will be selling off my condo and move to another place. If that happens, sorry to say that i won’t be voting in Wangsa Maju on the next General Eleection anymore.

  62. yen

    Dear YB Wee

    I have to agree with dann. Wangsa Maju Section 2 is in a big mess. Cars are parked on both sides of the road. But then, where can they park? Car parks turn into a big makan place at night.

    I also notice in your blog, that lately you have not post or update us on the issues happening in Wangsa Maju. Instead, i read mostly about the political scene happening in Malaysia. Is it that there’s no issue for you to handle in Wangsa Maju? I think all Wanga Maju residents will be happy to know what is going on around here in this taman. Please keep us updated, not outdated.

    Terima kasih

  63. ahmad


    I have seen DBKL taking actions against illegal extensions against hawkers and small traders. Unfortunately, DBKL chose not to take actions against certain case like Restoran RasHartini in Desa Setapak.

    This RasHartini was able to build the stall just by the traffic light and yet no action has been taken by DBKL Jabatan Perancang and Jabatan Penjaja. This is very obvious.

    I hope that YB will bring this matter up with DBKL. If no actions are taken in this obvious case then YB Should go to the Anti-Corruption Agency to expose some hanky panky there.

    How could a stall be built by the traffic light and DBKL officers could not see?

  64. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Brothers and Sisters …

    I would like to thank you all for bringing to my attention some of the “issues” that have been a pain in the neck for some of you, so to speak. I would also like to take this opportunity to address some of them here with the hope that you are aware that some remedial actions have been set in motion even though they are not as publicly publicized as one would have liked.

    As you all are also aware, the larger political situation since March 8 had changed tremendously in the country and as an MP for Wangsa Maju my time has been delicately split and balanced between my role as a law-maker as well as a “council representative” for our constituency’s problems. How I wish there is an ADUN, as in the case of a state constituency, that can help take some of the load off me in this area but alas it is not to be because Wangsa Maju is one of the constituencies in the federal capital. But, be assured that I will endeavour to apply myself to give of my best Berkhidmat as humanly and time-permitting as possible. So bear with me.

    ——- o O o ——-

    A) Security is the No.1 issue in the country. I have heard that many black Africans have become a social menace in KL in particular in the Chow Kit area, where they seem to have taken over control. Whenever I have the opportunity during Parliamentary debates I would speak about the security problems in the nation and urged the government to make crime prevention its top agenda. Of course my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I have also tabled a Parliamentary question on crimes in Wangsa Maju which I have posted in my blog. For your easy reference I am re-posting it here:

    *Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] asks the YB Minister of Home Affairs* to state how many police reports have been lodged with Wangsa Maju Police Station for each year from 2000 to 31st July 2008 and what actions have the police taken and will take to reduce the crime rate in Wangsa Maju?

    In view of what had happened in Wangsa Maju recently as highlighted by some of the readers, I shall lodged a formal complaint with the KL Chief Police Officer to look into the problems caused by these black Africans. I am not sure whether lodging the said complaint will help. I have also lodged a formal complaint about the operations of the cyber-cafes in Wangsa Maju until morning and some are even operating without a licence. I have also received complaints that some of these outlets have been allowing young persons below 18 years of age to patronise their premises and engage in online gambling. Somehow, I believe, the operators must be made aware of their social responsibility.

    So far I have had no response from the police. I will definitely bring up the issues of security in the October session of Parliament and will cite these two examples.

    Sad to say the government has no political will to fight crimes and give priority to social problems in the country. For example, I have brought up about the influx of illegal immigrants in our pasar malam(s) and in particular in the Petaling Street. The police have swung into action a few times in Petaling Street and yet Petaling Street is still infested with illegal immigrants. However, I shall continue to pursue these matters in Parliament whenever I have the opportunity.

    B) As far as the complaints about the parking spaces in Section 2 being used for makan stalls at night, I have been trying on a continuing basis to seek a happy balance between our society’s need for earning an honest living and Malaysian’s love for eating out in open airy spaces by advising some of the restaurant operators to be reasonable by not taking up the parking spaces without due consideration for the space-hungry motorists.

    I have often had dialogues with the DBKL officers about this problem and I am told that they have taken numerous actions confiscating their stalls, tables and chairs but still they are unable to totally wipe out the inconsideration. The reasons being that the hawkers need to earn a living (the higher turnover of eating tables they have will help drive the cost down), their patrons need their food at reasonable cost and also Malaysians generally dislike being cooped up and prefer to enjoy their favourite meals in airy open spaces. As you can understand this is a particularly difficult problem to solve.

    I am sure that if DBKL were given a free hand to take drastic actions against such hawkers, I am sure that members of the public will be angry because they have been deprived of food at reasonable costs.

    A few months ago I have received many angry protests when Jabatan Perancang Bandar took drastic actions to demolish the hawker stalls in Desa Setapak. The protests, believe it or not, were coming from both the patrons and the hawkers. This is going to be an on-going challenge. It would not be easy to strike a happy balance would you not agree?

    Anyhow I have on many occasions spoken to the few hawkers/food operators who are seemingly at fault to be reasonable and not take up too many parking spaces, if they can. I can only sincerely hope that the hawkers/food operators concerned would find it in themselves to exercise reason and try to find a way to happily co-exist with the residents. I have also appealed to the hawkers/food operators to lower the volume of their audio visual equipment at 12 midnight and I believe the request has been complied with.

    C) With regards to the complaint about the illegal structure of Restoran RasHartini by the traffic lights in Desa Setapak, Jabatan Perancang Bandar and Jabatan Penjaja should look into this matter and if it is true that the stall is an illegal structure then both the DBKL departments must take the necessary actions with humaneness in mind.

    ——- o O o ——-

    Thank you so much for bringing these matters to my attention. I seek your understanding and forbearance to give me reasonable time to really help solve the problems highlighted and also those that are of a personal nature among residents. The art of diplomacy, watching out for ‘other people’s feeling’ and coming to a win-win solution are greatly at play here.

    To my Muslim brothers and sisters, may I take this opportunity to wish you all Selamat Berpuasa and Berbuka Puasa during the Ramadan season.

    Thank you.

    *** May I have volunteers to help translate this comment into Bahasa, Mandarin and Tamil for the benefit of our Malay, Chinese and Indian readers respectively. Thank you. ***

  65. dann

    YB Wee,

    OK, noted and thank you.

    With regard to the makan stalls, as you should have known, some of these stalls are placed on the 2-lane road in front of the Metroview shoplots. In another word, they are practically taking up one lane to setup their stalls and thus, a 2-lane road become a 1-lane road. I find this is rediculous and dangerous. Yes, i know these hawkers need to earn a living and i do pity them. But by taking up one lane of the road is too much. Want to earn a living, i know…but not this way. Do it the safer way and not creating a public nuisance.

    Last Friday night, i was driving slowly and carefully through those stalls (at the plus plus something restaurant) and i knocked into a girl…or rather, she “knocked” into the side mirror of my car as she was standing too close to the road when ordering food from that stall. I guess she wasn’t aware of my car and she gostan. These stalls on the road are a big nuisance.

    oh yeah, last night i only managed to sleep at 2am and you should know why. Looks like you need to appeal with hawkers/food operatorsthe . Renee full blast the Astro at around 1.30am last night!! So loud that i could even tell that they were watching a Chinese TVB Series on Astro!!

    Anyway, thank you again. Need to get some sleep now. haha!

  66. Xenos

    Thanks a lot YB. I felt a bit at ease as i know that our cry had being heard and attend with all your best. I have just read from news regarding the “two LRT trains colllide” . I knew this is an accident. Yet it remind me of the few cases where LRT had being cross over the track until it hang on the air half way and also many incident which the train malfunction. The problems is, we don’t hear what the action taken by LRT management. The problems seem to occur more frequent and also more injury and fatality. I don know where I can bring out this issues therefore I bring it here. We can’t procrastinate this and wait until some BIG disaster to occur before taking any action.(which we usually do, only when realllllllllll bad thing happen like people killed in Ktar areas only police start do something for a SHORT while).

    Thanks for your concern.

  67. dann


    Refering to the LRT issue you brought up. This kind of repeated error reflects how these people do things. First class facilities, third world mentality.

    Look at Putrajaya. We have all the first class structures there, first class facilities. But most of the places there are not maintained at all. I used to cycle around putrajaya and it’s sad to see so much money wasted.

  68. Anonymous


    I drove thru genting klang quite a few times and noticed that after they dig up the road nothing seem to be done already. what is the status for the widening of the road. They used up so much but the work progress is so slow. It seem like no one is doing anything anymore for quite sometime. BEsides that some part of the road is being used while the lamp post is at the middle of the road, this is so dangerous.

  69. md

    come to prima setapak area and see how the road is being very narrow during night coz by the chinese makan shop…also see how a chineseman can just do open cooking along the kaki lima…where is there oil stuff being drained…this for you boleh la…dont complaint about others before u look at your own back 1st…

  70. dann

    YB Wee,

    Just want to confirm with you.
    The manager of Wangsa Metroview Condo (Banny) claimed that he seek your help with regards to the Syabas water rate issue in this said condo.

    As you might be aware, the residents here are paying the COMMERCIAL RATE for the water supplied by Syabas and we are in the process of applying for the residencial rate. However, we need to go through the condo management for this application and things are not going too good. We feel that the management is taking their own sweet time.

    Imagine, our water bill is so much more expensive than our TNB bill!!!!!

    So, just wondering…..did Banny really seek your help in this process?

  71. dann

    YB Wee,

    Sigh! I’m getting really fed-up with Renee Restaurant. These buggers are just like a leopard that never changes its spots.

    They are disturbing the peace again. Again, after weeks of peace at night, these buggers blast their audio visual (Astro – bigscreen) again even after midnight until 1am plus!

    Please tell me, what can i do? make a police report?

    for the past few nights, i only managed to fall asleep when they pull down their shutters….2am?

    Blardy idiots.

  72. back2012

    Watch Apacet II Conference “Unruly scenes unfold in video clip”

    Youtube link:-

    Don’t miss to see.. current…Deputy FT Minister in action !!!

  73. ahmad

    DBKL butakah? Tak nampak Restaurant RasHatini di sempang jalan adalah salah dari segi undang-undnag. Mana boleh ada gerai penjaja di tepi trafik light?

    Saya harap DBKL mengambil tindakan dengan segara. Saya harap YB juga mengambil tindkan terhadap perkara ini. Jikalau DBKL tidak mengambil tindakan ini menunjukkan mereka telah terlibat dalam kes rasuah.

    YB tolong ambnil tindakan terhadap DBKL dengan segera!

  74. na'ail

    Tuan YB,

    Minta jasa baik Tuan memohon kepada DBKL untuk membatalkan tempat letak kereta berbayar/tiket di kawasan kedai Jalan Wangsa Setia 1.
    Ini kerana kawasan tersebut hanyalah Pusat Kejiranan (Neighbourhood Centre). Ini menjadi beban kepada saya apabila membeli barangan runcit di sana. Bagi saya caj letak kereta di pusat kejiranan adalah tidak bersesuaian kecualilah bagi hirarki yang lebih tinggi dari itu seperti di KLSC.

    Minta budi baik Tuan berunding tentang perkara ini.

    terima kasih.

  75. yakob

    Saya adalah pembantu khas YB Wee. Tuan/Puan na’ail
    sila hubungi saya dengan secepat mungkin. Tel pejabat: 41433322 hand phone: 0193060912.

    Terima kasih


  76. sandra

    Dear YB Mr Wee Choo Keong

    I am a victim of robbery in my own home.

    Taman Setapak is being hit by robbers on a weekly basis and they target about 2 houses a day. And there are witnesses who told the police that there are a group of young boys in a group going around with ‘parangs’ and they even rob infront of you.

    There are a lot of senior citizens in that area who are all being traumatized by these gangsters.

    Just for the record my house was robbed between 11.00am to 12 noon. The car was parked opposite my house for a long time and as soon as my parents left they came. And another neighbour confirmed that it was that car which was surrounding my lane about 3 times. It was recorded by a neighbour. But when i told the police they said they cant do anything with that. Why do they allow cars to wait or park at the main road of Jalan Langkawi opposite the Langkawi appartments.

    Till today we don’t see any police surrounding the area. They are often at the mamak stalls. They should be going around in plain clothes and stop groups of men who are surrounding the area and maybe take thumb prints or whatever.

    Also for the record, the police said that when they go in to prison for i’m not sure 2 years or what they tend to enlarge their group in the jail itself. So now we are all falling in the hands of these criminals and that the police cannot protect us.

    We are all living in fear in our own area. Please help us.

    Thank you

    Sandra Ann
    Taman Setapak
    Tel: 012-2046818

  77. me


    About 6 years ago, my housemate was robbed by 2 guys on a motorbike. They snatched her handbag as she was walking along this road in front of Setapak Ria Condo that night.

    I brought her to the police station nearby (along Jln Genting Kelang).

    We made a police report.

    I was so disgusted with the attitude of the police when the police said that they know that snatch theft happens almost every night along that road at night and he even had the cheek to tell me “Malam Malam pun ada case….APA SAYA BOLEH BUAT?”.

  78. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Sandra

    I have contacted the Area Inspector Tuan Mispani pertaining to your complaint about the increasing crime rate in Taman Setapak. I did receive confirmation from Tuan Mispani that he will take the necessary actions on the matter and that he will get his men to patrol the area more often.

    I know security is one of the national problems. I have highlighted this matter in Parliament a few times and urged the Home Affairs Minister to increase the manpower in Wangsa Maju . Unfortunately, it fells on deaf ears. I shall carry on highlighting this national problems as and when I have the opportunity.

    In the mean time I hope that with the intervention of the Area Inspector Tuan Mispani the situation will improve. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is no police patrolling the area.

    I really am sorry to learn about the security problems in Taman Setapak.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  79. dann

    I think we need more plain clothes policeman, to nab those crooks.

    patrolling is good. But to certain extend only. Robbers can simply “act normal” when the police car passes by that area and then back to their business again after that.

    However, with the awareness that plain clothes policeman in that area, these robbers will think twice….they never know who will just jump out from the bush to nab them.

    Just my humble 2 cents.

  80. YewLee HEE

    Dear YB Wee,

    I am staying in WM section 2 since 1987, Within this 20 years, I just stay nearby the ” Rubbish Bin House ” WM Section 2, Block G1.

    Everyday I need to smell the ” Rubbish” , as the “Big” rubbish bin just ” 5 meter ” away from my kitchen.

    Now the ” Big Rubbish Bin” is getting close to my house as the road expaction in WM section 2.

    If possible please do a visit to WM section Block G1, you will know & smell what my feeling.


    YewLee Hee
    WM Section 2, Block G1

  81. Calvin

    YB Wee,

    With refer to news on The Star on 5/12/2008 about KLCP2020 on Buikit Dinding next to Waizuri 1, Wangsa Maju.

    We fear that the project on Bukit Dinding will be carried out even thou its objected by Waizuri 1 residents on yesterday meeting.

    Clearly, the project contradicted “EPZ” guidelines. The hill is very steep & high, as the safety of residents in Waizuri 1 will be under constant threat.

    Is there any way that we can make sure there’s no fufther development on Bukit Dinding, such as gazette it as Green Lung?

    Resident of Waizuri 1

  82. wm seksyen 2


    1 #

    i would like to complaint about the restaurant named BRJ at seksyen 2..

    their food price didn’t drop… and just maintained at the price where the oil price up to Rm2.70 at that time…

    one of their popular dish – nasi lemak ayam

    RM 6.** SMTH…

    not just that, the other dishes are also the same

    coor with anyone who concern…

    hello! i am frustrated with the restaurant there taking out carparks!!! for their tables n chairs. and we r urged to park along the road, then polise traffic came n giv us a paper”saman”
    i\ve seen many ppl complaining about this… and yet we have seen no result at all….. wat?/ dissapointing




  83. nasilemakayam

    wm seksyen,
    just get everyone to boycott BRJ. That’s the only way to get the message across to them. Not only BRJ, in fact, most of the restaurants still maintain the high price and didn’t bother to reduce the price when the petrol price dropped to RM1.80.

  84. lee wee tak

    I agree with bot of you. MPs cannot do everything, certainly not asking people to lower down prices

    we forget, in a free market economy, it is about demand and supply.

    it is just how we co-ordinate boycotts and tell the traders

  85. Woo Foo Chai

    YB Wee

    Happy New Year to you and family! Here’s wishing you a great year ahead and stronger ties with our elected MP. I know this is a blog for national issues but I would be most grateful if you could advice where I can post the matter below to you.

    I am the owner of a shop-house in Taman Danau Kota which was purchased in 1993 but after more than 15 years, its sewerage system is still not taken over by Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd. With years of neglect, the common sewer in the vicinity is no longer functioning and has resulted in overflowing sewage, obnoxious public smell nuisance as well as potential health hazard to the occupants and members of the public.

    This problem was personally reported to FBO Land (Setapak) office for at least six times over the past two months and I regret to inform that NO action has been taken by this company. Each time I went to the said office, staff would inform that “manager is not around”.

    Before any serious damage occurs to property and health in the vicinity, I would be grateful if you as our MP could help us rectify the problem. Thank-you for your attention & help.

    Best regards,

    Woo Foo Chai
    Taman Danau Kota
    Off Jalan Genting Kelang
    53300 Kuala Lumpur
    (contact number 019-2461843)

  86. Terlebih dahulu saya bukan penyokong mana-mana politik sebaik hanya pengundi bagi kawasan Setapak.

    Saya mengucapkan selamat tahun baru 2009 kepada awak.

    Ini pertama kali saya melihat muka awak yang telah dijemput oleh bekas parlimen wangsa Maju ( M.C.A) di tokong tao jalan Gombak,KL pada bulan dec 08. Walaupun saya selalu melihat gambar di dalam media massa ( internet) sahaja.

    Waktu itu saya belajar sekolah rendah pada tahun 198? ketika di kawasan setapak sudah jatuh tangan kepada pihak pembangkang ( parti rakyat malaysia) bersimbol kerbau bendera merah.

    Masa itu belum kelahiran ada parti keadilan rakyat

    kemudian lima tahun. barisan nasional ( UMNO-Wangsa Maju) sudah menang di kerusi parlimen wangsa Maju.

    Pada tahun 1999, UMNO-Wangsa Maju ) sudah memberikan kerusi kepada MCA. MCA wangsa maju sudah menang 2 kali ( 1999 dan 2004).

    pada tahun 2008 awak sudah menang tipis majorit 150.Hanya 80% pengundi bukan benci bekas parlimen wangsa Maju ( MCA).

    sebaik hanya membenci bendera Barisan Nasional (BN) isu-isu kenaikan harga petrol, Kenaikan harga barang,dan lain-lain. hati mereka ( pengundi) terdesak mahu mengubah sikap pendirian mereka.

    sekarang harga petrol sudah jatuh berapa kali. Harga barang belum diturunkan yang sudah banyak kali oleh kerajaan pusat kecuali cuma berapa buah pasaraya seperti carrefour wangsa maju.

    Malaysia mesti ada pihak pembangkang dan kerajaan.Jika tidak ada wujud Pihak kerajaan dan Pembangkang di dalam parlimen maka Negara Malaysia akan huru-hara

    seperti Cas bateri ( + dan -).sekian terima kasih.

    selamat tahun baru 2009 ( Happy new year)

  87. Wee Choo Keong

    wm seksyen 2 and fellow Malaysians

    May I take this opportunity to wish you all and family a Happy and A Prosperous New Year. Thank you for bringing to my attention the problems in our areas.

    I have formally informed DBKL regarding coffee shop owners occupying car parking spaces and the officer promised actions to be taken in due course. So please bear with them a while. If there are still no actions within these weeks, I shall bring this matter to the attention of Datuk Bandar when I meet him on 21 January. Please be patient, we will solve the problems together.

    For Mr Woo Fook Chai’s case. I have send my assistant to look at the place and we will find a way to resolve this matter.

    Thank you so much.

    with kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  88. lee wee tak

    dear YB

    my wife and I saw, for the second time, a fight broke out by the road side at the bus stop opposite of the Gombak Bomba and the government servant quarters. (if one turns into Melati at the MacDonald / Petronas junction, PV 5 Platinium Hill Condo is on the left).

    The first time was a couple of students being assaulted around 4am and last saturday around midnight, some argument ended with a guy walking away limping.

    the street lights at that little stretch of road is frustrated by the trees. Perhaps DBKL should look at ways to resolve this, i.e. trim the trees or lower the bulbs hence the branches go above the bulbs and the lights can be unimpeded.

    Also the Police at the Melati Station should include that stretch of road in their patrol.

  89. zulkefli mohammed ishak

    zulkefli mohammed ishak

    Mr Woo Chee Keong,
    I am one of the residents of jalan wangsa perkasa 6, wangsa melawati (phase 7). Houses along this road are facing the MRR2 directly. Noise level exceeding 80 decibals that come from the vehicles plying the MRR2 is disturbing us extremely. We have requested from DBKL a year before the election. Untill today tere is no action from DBKL.

    I would really appreciate if you could help us get DBKL to
    expedite the Sound Barrier to minimize the noise.

    Thank you.

    zulkefli mohammed ishak

  90. Mohammad Azfar

    YB WEE,

    Hampir kesemua tempat di KL,Kereta-kereta tidak diletak di tempat yang betul dan meletak kereta mereka sembarangan sahaja. kereta-kereta ini telah meletak kereta mereka di tempat yang terlarang seperti di garisan kuning dan ini juga telah menghalang lalu lintas dan menyebabkan kesesakkan lalu lintas.

    1)Tindakan tegas tidak diambil
    2)Tempat letak kereta tidak mencukupi
    3)Tiada parking Attentdent di tempat tersebut
    4)Tempat letak kereta terlampau mahal

    Cadangan saya
    1)tindakan tegas harus diambil
    2)Menyediakan lebih banyak tempat letak kereta
    3)Menyediakan tempat letak kereta Percuma untuk Rakyat Malaysia

    Harap YB membawa issue ini ke Parlimen

  91. Rahayati Yahil

    Dear YB,

    Would be grateful for your attention why the name of the main road off Desa Putra Condominium be changed 3 times (in less than 8 months). I shifted to Desa Putra some time in mid-2008 and the name of the road was some numbered road “Jalan ??/??” like most roads in Wangsa Maju is. And then it changed to No. Jalan Wangsa Perdana 3, and before the year-end it was Jalan Mohd. Yatim Yahya (I googled and found out that it was in honour of Malaysia’s first Surveyor-General – even the name spelt was wrong – should be Yahaya), and now after New Year, I noticed yesterday that they have named it Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1. I am very puzzled why the frequent name change – does your office know about this? Who takes the authority and in charge of it? DBKL? Grateful for your comments.

    Desa Putra resident
    Tel: 017-342 6319

  92. Wee Choo Keong

    Mohamad Azfar, Rayati Yahil, ccgan & wangsa maju resident

    Please be informed that I have forwarded all your complaints to the DBKL officers in Wangsa Maju and copy to the Datuk Bandar office.

    I had hope that DBKL will act on your complaints because you all are tax payers who are paying all the salaries of teh officers of DBKL.

    I will be sending to them another email tonight to inform them of your plight.

    Thank you.

    Wee Choo Keong

  93. Helen Theam

    Dear YB,

    I would like to bring to your attention that please survey the
    LORONG road of SMK Chong Hwa Jln Gompak.
    Is it possible to do something before the worst thing happen.
    The lLORONG was so narrow that have to & fro vehicles plus
    walking students. I think the safety of the students are more
    important. How can the fencing of the condo built so near to
    the lorong concern.
    I hope YB can survey the area during morning & evening school hour. You can see that the students even have no space to walk.

    YB, please help..please help.

  94. Wee Choo Keong

    Hielen Theam

    Thank you for your message.

    I have been to the location and am in full agreement with you with regards to the narrowness of the “lorong”. I have forwarded your complaint to DBKL officer for immediate action.

    Will revert as soon as I hear from DBKL.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.


    choo keong

  95. gamma

    Hello YB Wee,
    Happy CNY.

    On the 6 Jan 09, you posted this:
    “I have formally informed DBKL regarding coffee shop owners occupying car parking spaces and the officer promised actions to be taken in due course. So please bear with them a while. If there are still no actions within these weeks, I shall bring this matter to the attention of Datuk Bandar when I meet him on 21 January. Please be patient, we will solve the problems together. ”

    It’s February 6, 09 today and we haven’t seen any DBKL officers taking action against these people.

    So, what is going on? Have you follow up with DBKL?
    What did DBKL said? That these people are UNTOUCHABLES? And is the Datuk Bandar KL is aware of this nonsense?

  96. Wee Choo Keong


    Happy CNY to you and family too.

    Please be informed that I have followed up the complaints about parking lots have been occupied by tables and chairs. DBKL officers have informed me that they have taken actions at various spots i.e. Prima Setapak, Wangsa Maju Section 2, Danau Kota and etc.

    I am also told that the operators are playing cats and mouse games with DBKL. When there is an operation, they will refrain doing occupying the parking lots. I have already informed DBKL officers that they will have to take stern actions against the errant coffee shop’s operators.

    Please feel free to write to me or you can lodge your complaint to the DBKL officer in charge of Wangsa Maju khairulazmir_q@yahoo.com and copy to Datuk Bandar Special Assistant, shaari@dbkl.gov.my and me if you know of any coffee shop operators, who are still occupying parking lots to do business.

    Thank you.

  97. Tan Chee Wee

    HI YB

    Wondering why there is a NO ENTRY sign, only for limited time fr 7.30am to 9.30am on this Mata Ayer road – residential area (behind Jln Genting Klang Pizza Hut building, right opposite Len Seng Bus Terminal, Jln Air Jerneh)?

    Seen a few times cops hiding behind to summon the motorists! Make no sense to have this limited NO ENTRY and it also confused the motorists. The cops should spend time to solve the crimes rather than hiding there to cari makan!

  98. wangsa maju DBKL flat section 1 tenant

    dear MP,

    what is happening with the wangsa maju section 1 DBKL flats???? Will the flats be sold or not? we need an answer now.we have been waiting for this answer for a long long time already… how long more its gonna take?enough of rumours spreading regarding these flats that it has been mentioned to the cabinet and DBKL.. we need a firm answer.we hope that,you as our new MP will do something regarding this matter for our benefit.


  99. gamma

    HI YB Wee,

    Thank you for your reply.

    “I am also told that the operators are playing cats and mouse games with DBKL. When there is an operation, they will refrain doing occupying the parking lots. I have already informed DBKL officers that they will have to take stern actions against the errant coffee shop’s operators.”

    Cat and mouse? Looks like DBKL is not trying hard enough, not enough effort. I stay in this area (Sec2). And these restaurant owners occupy these carpark lots EVERYDAY. Don’t tell me DBKL only come once, seeing that there’s no “flouting” of the law by these restaurant owners (playing cat and mouse) and just leave? No effort at all. Very dissapointed.

    And until today, everything is still the same – HAVOC!!

    DBKL…all talk, not much action.

  100. gamma

    Also YB Wee,

    Do you think we need to lodge a report to Datuk Bandar Special Assistant, shaari@dbkl.gov.my….then only they will take action?

    MOST OF THE RESTAURANT (if not all) owners in WM Sec2 are breaking the law by placing the tables and chairs outside. Even the blind can see that.

    Don’t tell me DBKL is NOT AWARE of this problem?

    What a joke.

  101. anjebat

    Harap diadakan kembali perkhidmatan bas direct melalui Sentul dari Taman Melati Setapak. Sebelum adanya Bas Rapid ramai surirumah dapat pergi ke Pasar Sentul dengan mudah tetapi sejak adanya perkhidmatan Bas Rapid ianya hanya menguntungkan sebelah pihak sahaja. Walaupun tambangnya murah tetapi pengguna terpaksa membuang masa untuk menunggu bas lain kesesuatu destinasi lain.

    Jadi selaku wakil surirumah saya harap Datuk dapat membuat kembali laluan terus melalui Jalan Sentul atau tambahkan perkhimatan bas lain seperti Len Seng atau Metro kelaluan tersebut.

    Ada surirumah yang kecewa dengan tipujanji BN sebelum ini yang kononnya prihatin kepada permasalan pengangkutan penduduk Taman Melati akhirnya berpakat untuk mengubah keadaan dengan mengundi PR.

    Biarpun masalah ini nampak kecil tapi inilah antara modal saya untuk meraih undi untuk PR dikalangan warga tua termasuk ibubapa saya yang PRO BN.

  102. Goh Hoang Yuh

    YB Wee,
    I’m Goh Hoang Yuh that met you last wednesday (11 February 2009) regarding the paypal issues. I had receive email from Paypal regarding reversal of money to the dishonest buyer, I’m very unsatisfied with the result, can you contact me as soon as possible and assist me in filing a complain regarding the issues please? Please contact me through the phone number in your guest book on 11 February 2009.

  103. lee wee tak

    Dear Hoang Yuh,

    We don’t have the relevant Paypal complain form at the service centre so please bring that form to the service centre on Wednesday and we can discuss what went on.

  104. lee wee tak

    Dear YB,

    just spoke to some residents in PV 5 condo. Along the road between the block of condo and sekolah menengah taman melati, as well as the down slope road leading to Melati LRT station, there are many robberies and snatch thieves.

    Just recently, I was told that a female on her way to work was assaulted by snatch thieve and her skirt and underwear was torn as result of being dragged by the b@st#rds. Needless to say, she was badly lacerated.

    I myself was robbed along that stretch of road recently and my Japanese neighbour met the same fate.

    I propose is simple. Tell the Melati Police station to double its existing number from I think 4 only. The Police should patrol that stretch of road from 5:30am till 7:05am when it is crowded and bright enough.

    It would deter the criminals and ensure safety for those people rushing to work in the morning.

  105. Wee Choo Keong

    Mr Lee Wee Tak

    Thank you for your information. Please be informed that I have brought your comments to the attention of the Wangsa Maju’s Area Inspector, Tuan Mispani. He told me that he will take the necessary actions.

    Please let me know if there is no improvement in your area.

    Good night.


    Wee Choo Keong

  106. lee wee tak

    Dear YB,

    Thanks for the prompt action. I am starting aprivate initiative to collect feedback up to 31 March. Will report my findings in April

  107. kyory

    Dear Dann & Jason,

    I am one of the owner to wangsa metroview condo…, i am aware in regards of the water charges too.., however, after few times i approach the management of the condo.., they said once they syabas is change to the particular owner(s) name.., then it would be cheaper but until now they still compiling to achieve the percentage that they can negotiate with syabas wor…..

    nevertheless, i think they maintenance on the entrance to the lift is really poor…, moreover, all the beam and column in the parking area above the main entrance of the parking in not fully done with plastering…..

    i get some advice should this defects not been rectify.. we as a owner can write a letter to the sale and purchase agreement lawyer to hold back the last 2.5 percents of the purchase price as this 2.5% will release to the developer upon 18 months of the defects and liability period if no complaints from the owners…..

  108. kyory

    First of all, i would like to clarify the application for commercial rate is only applicable if the origin of the land is for commercial purpose and the developer converted it to residential usage and this normally we refer to service condominiums…..

    as metroview condominium is a purely condominium and the land as i know was residential land… i am doubt why they brought up the commercial rate as an excuse…. you can opt to say cos of our condominium is located in the vicinity under Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur instead of Selangor district (bare in mind mon’t kiara, bangsar, damansara utama and PJ between the cut off of KL and Selangor and all of it are KL land if you know.., don’t mix as PJ is Selangor as part of it are KL land) as you know KL land is value higher compare to other states and the built-up is bigger then i still can accept a little on the excuse rather than saying the syabas is charging us a commercial rate on a pure residential condomium…..

  109. lee wee tak


    Salam YB,
    Saya salah seorang anak jati Kampung Sungai Mulia(batu 5, Jln Gombak). Komen saya ini tidak berkaitan dengan apa yg tuan tulis. Saya ingin menyatakan ketidak puasan hati segelintir atau mungkin majoriti penduduk Kg Sg Mulia, seperti yg diketahui ramai, Jalan Gombak kini dalam proses untuk dibesarkan, projek ini kalau tidak silap saya dibawah seliaan JKR, apa yg menjadi pucuk kepada permasalahan ini ialah, pembinaan pembahagi jalan yg boleh saya katakan disini tidak adil. Jalan masuk utama ke Kg Sg Mulia jikalau kita dari arah Medan Idaman(OngTaiKim) tidak ada, dimana pembinaan pembahagi jalan di simpang masuk utama dihadapan Pasar Besar Gombak menghalang jalan masuk utama ke kampung. Penduduk kampung terpaksa membuat pusingan U yang jaraknya hampir 200 meter dari simpang itu, apa yg menjadi kemusykilan disini, kedua-dua simpang masuk utama ke Taman Setapak Garden mempunyai simpang, ditambah satu lagi simpang baru dihadapan Masjid Jamek Sungai Mulia, tetapi simpang-simpang masuk ke kampung Sg Mulia semuanya terpaksa melalui pusingan U.
    Sudahlah kampung kami dijadikan tempat belajar memandu, kini berhadapan dengan masalah terpaksa menunggu pelajar-pelajar memandu untuk membuat pusingan U pula. Keadaan ini pada pandangan saya akan mengundang satu fenomena yg merbahaya, dimana pemandu-pemandu yg tidak sabar akan memotong barisan dengan melulu dan ini boleh mendatangkan bahaya kepada pemandu-pemandu lain.
    Disini saya berharap tuan YB dapat mengambil berat dan membantu pihak kami menyelesaikan perkara ini, dengan adanya simpang utama dengan lampu isyarat di hadapan Pasar Besar Gombak seperti sebelum ini adalah jalan penyelesaian yg terbaru pada perkiraan saya.

    Yang Juga Sedia Berkhidmat,
    Ahmad Fahmi Alias,
    Anak Jati Kampung Sungai Mulia,
    Kampuang Den Gumbak,

  110. ali

    i dont know whether datuk know? there is always a tremendous traffic jam every morning (7.00 to 9.00am) in the area of diamond square in jalan gombak near the perodua sales center.

    currently it even worst due to road widening that stalls halfway. the lane is being widen into four lanes but at end reach a tunnel that allow two cars go.

    one funny thing last time they post a traffic police there one day near the traffic light but the next day he is gone (maybe cannot handle the chaos there)

    wangsa maju currently is a developing area with a lot of booming condo and a lot platinum walk and wangsa walk coming in.

    need to evaluate the jalan gombak, jalan genting klang and jalan pahang all the way to bulatan pahang.

    i really hope that all wanga maju resident will not stress of the traffic condition every morning to work

  111. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Hi YB Wee

    Got this msg from your “Complaint for DBKL”, pls read and check if it true … and if ti true please help urgently .,..like getting the police and army to have regular patrol Wangsa Maju area …. please help without delay ….

    on February 28, 2009 at 10:42 pm Thomas Ong

    Dear YB Wee
    It is most unfortunate for a young man whose not only his belongings but also his life had been robbed away by the ruthless robbers yesterday night. The incident happened at the lane beside the SK Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2 school. Apparently, the deceased young man was walking back to his rented home after work around 9pm when he was been robbed and stabbed. Really sorry for the grieving family. You may read the news in China Press posted for tomorrow (March 1).

    During the previous MP’s time, there was also a victim being robbed and slashed at the same lane.

    We checked out the said lane tonight. While driving through upon reaching the middle part of the lane near the rubbish house, it is really dark.

    We have been hearing cases of residents being robbed and handbags being snatched at this lane. However, to some people whom are new tenants to the area may not be aware as they are normally from outstations and usually being the victims.

    Something ought to be done to the dark part of the lane. Do really take a short drive through the said lane at night and see for yourself.

  112. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Hi YB Wee

    Can we do something like PJ counterpart of having PJ Cops

    “KL Cops” since our police force are so lame and ineffective in taking care the public …

    Please comments urgently

  113. Joseph

    Open Letter to our Wangsa Maju YB
    ‘Another Perakian killed of hit-and-run thieves in Wangsa Maju crime black spot’, which is the topline for one of the chinese press.

    I checked your website, seems like it is just another COMMON issue in Wangsa Maju that unworthy for YB to spare time on it? Don’t our respectful YB Wee concern or even notice about this?

    AGAIN. AGAIN in Wangsa Maju. How many lives should we compromise for the severe crime issue of Wangsa Maju AGAIN? Tell me when is this issue going to an end. I knew, criminal could only be reduced not eliminated, but wait, did I see any improvements to curb this criminal case? YB, you have certainly failed us.

    Why again? Did our respectful YB do any homework for this kind of criminal issues? From KTAR student until recent case, it shared some meaningful similarities. Hit-and-run thieves targeted walking alone working adults or student that heading toward or coming back from LRT station. Wangsa Maju LRT station being cursed? It is the medium and low middle class, working hard yet being cursed for this kind of crime.

    Wangsa Maju, in fact, is being blessed with its own nature. Its close proximity to the city center, only 7km to world known KLCC, which there are lot of job opportunities that await people to chase after, at the most beneficial point is that, its maintain the lowest cost of living among all suburbs residential areas. You can find lot of cheap but quality food along the Desa Setapak, Sri Rampai, even Danau Kota area. A plus point, there is KTAR and UTAR both higher education institutions in the area. It makes Wangsa Maju becomes an attractive place for living.

    Doesn’t YB notice that crime issues always happened around LRT station? Be it after work or on the way to work, lot of people being snatched their bag, money and now guess what, their lives. I am LRT user everyday, now I felt my life is threatened. So do others. Our prosperity has earned no attention from government but from snatch thieve. Could you do something about it? Like increasing ‘pondok’ police or police patrolling? Do something about it before another life taken away AGAIN.

    Nowadays tones of people coming over to KL and stay in Wangsa Maju as a start off point. Right here looking for their living and strive for their dreams. How wonderful is the dreams but so sad, it now turned to be a nightmare!!! We are not rich, we could not afford to pay money for private security to safeguard our lives, so we could only rely on government that could provide us safety and let us continue on earning living. We are not rich doesn’t mean our voice not being carried out. We are not rich, doesn’t mean our rights to peaceful living is compromised!!!

    Elected MP, even you are from the opposition campsite, but please look at the manifesto of former Wangsa Maju MP manifesto that highlight the fact how to improve the public safety. It is the time to work together for better Wangsa Maju, neither politicking nor finger pointing. Food stall has been demolished, which DBKL said is paved way for constructing police station in Desa Setapak, until now I only see abandoned place with all sort of rubbish. Is this so called police pondok without police? Now short of cheap food and worsening of safety issues, is this the result that DBKL wanted to look for?

    I do hope that YB Wee could look into the issues SERIOUSLY. Crime and public safety has been the top of mind issues in this constituency. In strict sense, this time around the victims is not Wangsa Majuan but a Perakian but we do hope that MP could take every single life preciously and will not sideline the issues.

    Make us felt proud and peace to live in Wangsa Maju!!!

  114. ali

    i posted my concern few days ago, but today i repost again as today i withness nearly an accident by a school bus nearly hit a malay motorcyclist.

    the location is at the junction between perodua sales center and continental tyres services (orange shop sign board) incase datuk miss it. the junction from diamond square moving to the main road.

    no doubt got traffic light but nobody oblige it as the tunnel create a tremendous jam.

    i also dont know why old klang road got much better highway than here, the road condition also pretty worst here in setapak area. planning also dont have.

    if this not solve, when come accident which parties will be responsible

  115. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Hi YB Wee

    At begining, I taught live at Wangsa Maju will be getting better or good with us electing you Mr YB Wee where I have read and see myself you have going to the ground to interact with people …. but slowly you are seem to be unnoticed ….
    till some much thing happening ….

    I agree with Joseph’s worries and concerns ….

    Sincerely, I think YB Wee you have indirectly failed us … with this incidence going on …. and no reply from you on issues we have been raising to you … look like we need to look for other alternative …. we don’t like anybody from BN also … so if any tom, dick and harry (a gangster leader) … we might as well vote him in … as he can protect us better …

  116. xenos

    I think its not too fair to put all the blame on the YB alone. Though I do hope to see as much improvement. Give him some more time to do something. And also the top leadership in the nation also must do something. Chinese got a saying, if the top is not straight all the down also will not be

  117. Lee


    we know, we cannot blame on YB alone.
    But some of the simple request from us, for example, the tables & chairs occupying the carpark lot. What has been done? I don’t know this problem is because DBKL is lazy, corruption, or YB is just not pushing DBKL too hard. For a fact, i am very unhappy with these restaurant operators. Their selfish act cause traffic congestion in this area. Cars have no where to park, so park at roadside, on both sides! 2 lane road become one lane road.
    It’s happening everywhere in section 2. And DBKL just don’t care.

    YB, please come to this area at night and see for yourself.
    See how the Plus PLus restaurant in Metroview even setup makan stalls on the road and on the car park!!

    Please help. thank you.

  118. cglow

    I am recently a victim of a robbery in Setapak as well (not exactly Wangsa Maju) but close enough nevertheless. And while it has left me with some slash wounds and bruises, my mind still feels very unsettled, that no justice has been done.

    Reading through the thread, all of us have our own unique “issues for the MP”, that concern mainly ourselves. And that is what made me think. Would i think about high crime rates in Setapak? Would i be actively looking through forums for the word “crime”? The honest answer is NO. That’s because most of us are inherently selfish until something drastic happen to ourselves, or maybe i have no time because my work hours are horribly long (don’t let your kids work in IT :) )

    So as for whether your elected MP can do everything – He probably work long enough hours and has a family just like the rest of us. At the end of the day he is a representative to the people to escalate your issues and help where he can. He does not have control of the police force, DBKL, the federal government, the state of the economy and most importantly a batman beacon. He is human.

    The most important thing is that he tries his best, and hopefully in that single act, others would too. So work with him. Do not expect of him.

    You can judge at the next election.

  119. Wansa Maju Resident

    Hi Wong …. you’re right man …
    but what is tian chua’s lackey ? don’t understand lah …

    So sorry … this is not the place to get to know each other but to raise issues for our honorable MP YB Wee to help us … to live better in Wangsa Maju etc…

    Have a nice day …

  120. xenos

    I am not here to put blame, but really red alert please.


    Another robbery had happen again in setapak. PPl get killed. And how many more not reported. My friend while driving her car window is being smashed and they wan to rob her bag. Please increase the security in wangsa. The people are getting more violent. And they are going to be out of control, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, we really need some help. AND I REALLY MEAN LONG TERM, not a short team patroling to just show show. WE don’t want that.

  121. kyory

    Dear Metroview Owners,

    For your information, should u have any more defects that require the developer to rectify… please write to their management office b4 30 june 2009…. as the defects and liability period will end in 1 and half year after vacant possession date…. 31 DEC 2007 (date of VP letter not the time you take the keys).

    Lately, i have wrote a letter with phot attachments to the developer to asked them to rectify the beam of the parking and all the poor maintenance of the entrance to the lift for Block B… especially B5 lift entrance and should they fail, i will reserved my right to inform the S&P lawyer to withhold the last 2.5% of purchase price that would release to them upon 18 months…. within a week, i received a call from the project manager that they will rectify the defects and recently they have painted all the entrance to the lift…

  122. kyory

    Dear Metroview Owners,

    For your information, should u have any more defects that require the developer to rectify… please write to their management office b4 30 june 2009…. as the defects and liability period will end in 18 months after vacant possession date…. 31 Dec 2007 (date of VP letter not the time you take the keys).

    Lately, i have wrote a letter with phot attachments to the developer to asked them to rectify the beam of the parking and all the poor maintenance of the entrance to the lift for Block B… especially B5 lift entrance and should they fail, i will reserved my right to inform the S&P lawyer to withhold the last 2.5% of purchase price that would release to them upon 18 months…. within a week, i received a call from the project manager that they will rectify the defects and recently they have painted all the entrance to the lift…

  123. En.Hishammudin

    Salam sejahtera diucapkan . . .

    1) Saya selaku penduduk asal diwangsa maju ingin memohon jasa baik dan budibicara DBKL untuk membuat jejambat pejalan kaki bagi memudahkan para jemaah pergi ke masjid seksyen 2(masjid baru).

    2) Saya juga ingin pihak DBKL membina semula tangga yang sedia ada dihadapan masjid yang mana tangga itu terlalu tinggi dan amat payah bagi golongan-golongan yang tua dan kurang upaya untuk menaiki tangga tersebut.Ini sebenarnya amatlah menyusahkan bagi semua golongan.

    3) Saya juga berharap agar dipintu masuk dihadapan jalan masjid (jalan 2/27A) berkenaan diadakan bonggol atau petak kuning bagi memudahkan para jemaah untuk keluar masuk masjid tanpa sebarang gangguan dan halangan.

    Diharap pihak DBKL dan pihak-pihak terlibat serta yang bertanggungjawab akan mengambil tindakan segera yang sewajarnya.Tak lupa juga diharap DBKL officer in charge of Wangsa Maju En.Khairulazmir dan juga Datuk Bandar Special Assistant En.Shaari serta Pembantu Khas Yang Berhormat Wee Choo Keong memaklumkan dan melihat masalah ini.

    Sekian,Terima Kasih . . .

    En.Hishammudin ( 012 – 3408062 )

  124. Wee Choo Keong

    Xenos and others

    On the issue of crimes, I have brought this matter tot he attention of the Minister of Home Affairs many times in Parliament and also the Area Inspector for Wangsa Maju.

    I have met with a representative of an organisation and we hope to launch a crime prevention campaign in Wangsa Maju in April/May. At the same time I am also trying to organise a dialogue with the OCPD of Sentul police.

    Once the above is finalised I will publish in my blog. Please bear with me at he moment.

    En Hishamudin

    Isu-isu yang ditimbulkan oleh Tuan akan disalurkan kepada Pejabat Kawasan DBKL dan pejabat saya akan follow up dalam perkara ini.

    Sekian, terima kasih kepada semau pembaca blog saya.

    With kindest regars to all,

    Wee Choo Keong

  125. Sam Wong

    1。旺沙玛珠的治安问题, 有改善吗? 我们不觉得有。

    原谅我的冒昧,我是希望旺沙玛珠能在您的领导下,能更近一步的繁荣。因为我不想在下次的大选中, 您会落败。






  127. 轉自: http://cforum6.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=1586731&extra=page%3D1

    wangsa maju治安严重亮红灯!!!居民们请进来讨论下。

    在这个星期里(上个星期到今天),我已经听了多次的打劫案发生在wangsa maju的周围,有的被猪皮抢包包,有的在desa的LRT站被猪皮打劫,desa的parking场被人爆镜,section 4被猪皮砍,seri rampai,setapak jaya,melati等的地区都是猪皮所干的罪案。最厉害的就是,光天化日下在desa的巴刹连续几天被两,四个猪皮拿着parang刀打抢 uncle,aunty,档口卖菜,鱼,肉的叔叔,跟加离谱的是打抢一个貌魅如花的美眉刚好要去打包早餐还害到她手脚受伤,连漂亮的脸蛋也花了!

    找wangsa maju的黄朱强议员吗?他连在wangsa maju metro view的办公室都给搬迁了! 他只会在布条上出现,这里挂那里挂,在报章上完全没有消息,我看连与民同聚都没有!有啦,在别的地方咯,不是在wangsa maju咯。有很多居民开始都觉得黄朱强议员做不到东西,开始对他失去信心,不敢想象下次大选的他,难免会有点小危险。


  128. http://cforum1.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=1586731&extra=page%3D1


    在这个星期里(上个星期到今天),我已经听了多次的打劫案发生在wangsa maju的周围,有的被猪皮抢包包,有的在desa的LRT站被猪皮打劫,desa的parking场被人爆镜,section 4被猪皮砍,seri rampai,setapak jaya,melati等的地区都是猪皮所干的罪案。最厉害的就是,光天化日下在desa的巴刹连续几天被两,四个猪皮拿着parang刀打抢 uncle,aunty,档口卖菜,鱼,肉的叔叔,跟加离谱的是打抢一个貌魅如花的美眉刚好要去打包早餐还害到她手脚受伤,连漂亮的脸蛋也花了!

    找wangsa maju的黄朱强议员吗?他连在wangsa maju metro view的办公室都给搬迁了! 他只会在布条上出现,这里挂那里挂,在报章上完全没有消息,我看连与民同聚都没有!有啦,在别的地方咯,不是在wangsa maju咯。有很多居民开始都觉得黄朱强议员做不到东西,开始对他失去信心,不敢想象下次大选的他,难免会有点小危险。


  129. Yong

    Hi YB Wee, recently robbery cases have been happening so rampant. I have been hearing robbery cases are happening at least once every week. for instance, last weekend Mc Donald was robbed by a group of robbers at night. All the students was doing revision there and they were robbed too, their laptops gone; a morning market right beside red light corner restaurant (hong tang kok), near Menara Alpha, a few aunties was robbed in early morning last saturday too; even in prima setapak area, a working adult was robbed yesterday morning while they’re going to work. Our area have become too dangerous that, even if people are careful but still doesn’t guarantee that we are safe. I’m telling YB Wee this, hope YB can have knowledge of it and do some timely action to suppress the crime. And knowing the crime rate in this place will surely worry the heart of people, parents of college students, and college students themselve; eventually will also effect the decision of people to stay in this place.

  130. Dan

    Just as Yong was commenting about robbery cases in this area, another case in today’s newspaper…


    Robbers attack good Samaritan

    KUALA LUMPUR: A good Samaritan, who went to the aid of a robbery victim, had a bottle smashed on his head and was stabbed in the stomach with it yesterday.

    Rosli Daud, 49, managed to seek help at a nearby mosque and is in stable condition after undergoing surgery to remove glass shards from his stomach.

    The incident happened at Taman Sri Rampai in Setapak Jaya about 6.45am when Rosli, a former teacher, was accompanying his wife, a cook, to her workplace nearby.

    Narrating the ordeal at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday, Rosli’s wife Sumarni Sab’at, 40, said they saw a man in his sixties, sitting by the side of the road, bleeding from the head while two men stood beside him.

    “Upon seeing us, the man screamed for help, saying he had been robbed. My husband shouted at the two men to let the victim go, but this angered them and they warned him not to intervene,” Sumarni said.

    Suddenly, one of the men lunged towards Rosli and started throwing punches at him, some of which he managed to evade.

    However, Rosli lost his footing when a punch landed on his head and he fell on the roadside pavement.

    “The second suspect then ran towards my husband and smashed a bottle on his head. The man stabbed my husband in the stomach with the broken bottle.

    “Although in extreme pain, my husband managed to get up and we ran towards a mosque several metres away.

    “As we were nearing the mosque, a man on a motorcycle came to our assistance.

    “He alerted some men who were at the mosque about our ordeal and went back to the scene to look for the assailants.”

    Rosli was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital about 7.30am. The couple later learnt that the man on the motorcycle who came to their aid was attacked when he found the suspects. They also took his vehicle.

  131. xenos55

    i read an articles in the star news paper “Cuepacs: Tidak wajar Saravanan dedah doktor culas”. I really want to say something about this. i don’t agree at all to hide the fault of this doctor. I knew there is some good officer at KLH but the majority are bad. The reports said that this is a “special cases” but actually its not true at all. This happen so frequent and always. I am involve in community services, many times i bring people to hospital and face this kind of nonsense. I think even health people if go there will be make sick by them. The most recent one, my friend who fainted and sent to this hospital being ask to go back for follow up after discharge last month. When he go back, no one single doctor or officer knew what to do. They said they don’t know. And for 4 hours he is being kick here and there, and all those officer just like throwing the ball around. We have walk around from department to deparment. One point us there, when we go there, they point us back to the origin where we come. FOR 4 Hours…and my friend got high BP and heart beat……..walking so much and hectic under the sun, even i am healthy also wanted to faint. So please continue to voice out this to the health minister. NOt all malaysian is rich to afford private hospital, but don’t threat us like beggar, we deserve some appropriate kind of treatment.

  132. Ismail

    They have implemented parking meters and started enforcing summons to cars without tickets at KLSC Sec 5 wangsa maju.

    Problem is, this is an office area but the parking meter has a maximum of 3 hours only.

    Do they expect us to go 3 times a day to put new tickets? Ever tried getting a parking at KLSC sec 5 during working hours on weekdays? For us working here, we sometimes have to park a long distance away from our office because of the parking problem.

    Why cant they provide weekly or monthly coupons like MPPJ? Didnt they think about this issue in the first place when they installed the meters?

    Hope you can look into this. Thank you.

  133. Alvin

    HI YB, there are more and more crime happens lately at the Taman Setapak. 2 crimes happen within 3 hours span yesterday at Jalan 2/21b, 7pm and 10pm.
    Both cases involve snatch thief and both time, both victim are injure (1st victim drop her baby and 2 victim a cut on her hand)

    Is there any way to increase police patrol on that area!? I only saw 2 policeman patroling with their bike at 10.40pm and that is not enough! We have robbers and snatch thief attacking that area often enough and it’s getting too dangerous for us.

    Thank you

  134. Genting Court

    Dear MP

    We need your kind assistance and attention.

    1. Lately there are a lot of foreigner people staying in Genting Court Condominium.

    2. They look like Pakistani and Nepalese.

    3. They’re grouped together at the play field in the evening till midnight.

    4. There was some robbery cases and break-in cases during daytime recently.

    5. It was told it has some linked to these Pakistani group.

    Would appreciate if you can arrange with Immigration Department to have some surprise check especially at block 7.

    Thank you very much!

  135. xenos55

    i truly agree with Ismail, not only in section 5, even sec 2 and other places in KL like damansara, they put up the meter at office areas yet limit it to 3 hours. Not that we don’t want to pay the fees, but how can they expect us to go out our office 3 or 4 times per day. And some of the place we park, is not downstair, it maybe 30 minutes walk from our office or more. Imagine, you are the boss and almost all ur staff take few trips with an hour each to pay the meter. Sure our productivity will drop. They think we are goverment officer, can lepak in our job, every single minutes is important. PLEASE HELP US YB, or else our salary not enough to pay saman. Its 100 each, many of my friend don’t even bother to pay coz this is too UNFAIR. And we receive it almost everyday, until some can buy new car with the compund money.

  136. Dear YB,

    I am the founder of http://www.highrise.my, a free web service for residential communities. It serves to empower residential communities through the varoius features that we have.

    It is a private setup for each residential community where residednts get to post announcements, post complaints/suggestions, vote, discuss and many more. The residents at Prima Setapak 2 and PV10 is already using it, and though I should share this with you and other residential communities as well.

    It was built to help residential communities unite, which serves as a great tool for JMB members. It’s FREE, that is why the residents like it.

    If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at 0123278889 or email me at adrian.teh@leanis.com.my.


  137. Taman Setapak Resident

    I am a member of your constituency living in Setapak Garden. After 11.00 p.m at night when Metrobuses finish their routes around the city, their drivers happen to park and leave their buses all along Jalan Gombak, Teratai Mewah and Setapak Garden (The ones that I’m aware). I live in Taman Setapak and at 12:30 a.m. as I write this, there’s a bus parked outside my house right now blocking the view of main road.

    What pisses me off even more is that these buses don’t even service this area! In fact the one outside my house Registration No. BHY 5491 (Route 46D) services Bangsar. Why don’t they just use Bangsar as a Bus Depot? Are Bangsar residents better than us or are their properties more valuable that their area is spared from being a bus depot? Who is Metrobus paying to use your constituency as a Bus Depot?

    What are you going to do about it? Or are you?

    Thank You for your atention and immediate action.

  138. xenos55

    dear sir,
    we have being reading the increase in the case of h1n1 from other nation. I really would like to know, what is the goverment doing in the air port?, are they having sufficient scanning and deligent enuf??? I have a friend tat came back from overseas, they told me their din go thru any checking or scanning. the scan they go thru, is together with so many people. If so, how can they monitor. So many ppl go at the same times. And the officer might overlook. Please voice out to the health minister to do something. Don continue with the tak apa attitude. If outbreak happen, than it will be too late. We should learn from tsunami case. We are not immune, Please be alert.

  139. Wee Choo Keong

    Taman Setapak Residenrt

    Regarding the buses parking in the area after 11 pm, I have informed DBKL about it. I believe that DBKL is looking into the matter.


    I am as equally concerned about the H1N1 flu. I believe that the Ministry of Health is doing what it can under the circumstances. I am told by the Health Minister that there is very tight security at the airport.

    I will keep you all informed if I receive any new information in Parliament about this matter.

    As for security, it is a national problem which needs a national agenda. My recent meeting with the Sentul OCPD, ACP Tuan Zakaria Pagan, was an eye opener. I was under the impression that the police and people ratio in Wangsa Maju was 1 to 1,000. To my horror, it is 1 to 4,000, which is unacceptable. I have tabled a question in Parliament on the issue of security in Wangsa Maju. Please be assured that I would like to see a peaceful Wangsa Maju where all residents can go about doing their things without fear.

    I shall keep on pressing the Minister of Home Affairs to start a recruitment exercise and also to make fighting crimes one of the government priorities.

    If you have any issue, please call my office at 41433322 and we will do our best to help you in whatever way we can.

    Good night.

    With kidnest regards
    wee choo keong

  140. LimPer

    Yesterday I got accident in Desa Setapak. My car had kissed a taxi. I went to Wangsa Maju Polis stesen and want to put traffic accident report in

    the pegawai tell me to go to Jalan Bandar. he also told me “all case in KL have to be reported to Jalan Bandar”

    come on man! in this internet age and everything on-line, myEG and everything else, the PDRM cannot have on-line system whereby we can lodge report at the nearest polis stesen. can pay summon on-line but cannot lodge report anywhere

    if your car damage and cannot move, PDRM want you to take LRT to Pasar Seni and walk to Jalan Bandar and get your junk photographed there…

    also 1 salinan report polis RM4.00. photostat 1 page less than 10 sen only.

    whoever think of this really cannot think properly. every year PDRM get millions where money go?

  141. Yaacob

    Taman Setapak Resident

    Aduan saudara telah pun dilapurkan ke Jabatan Keselamatan Dan Penguatkuasaan melalui pejabat cawangan DBKL Wangsa Maju, Dan dimaklumkan beberapa notis kesalahan telah pun dikeluarkan terhadap pengusaha bas tersebut selain daripada itu saya dimaklumkan beberapa tindakan susulan akan diambil dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

    Terima Kasih

    Yaacob Abd. Hamid
    Pembantu Khas Kepada
    Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju

  142. vsvsv

    Pls check your electricity bill lately and compare it with the previous , mine went sky high. What worst they introduce 2 months reading just as TNB has manpower problem. So last month they sent me an estimation of it stating I used certain units of electricity. I paid up. But lately, TNB people came and read my meter . Know what they did?? They took my current meter reading minus my last 2 month reading, not minus the estimated reading last month. Yes at the end they deduct what I have paid for the estimation But WAIT……hear this, by taking 2 month reading in one bill, the calculation is therefore changed. My bill went up from 330 t0 480 becos of this calculation and I though I been doing very good job in saving energy by not using dryer and aircon for the past 2 months. Folks, the 2 months reading will blown up the calculation. After hitting certain unit, they are charging $0.40 per unit which never appeared in my bill before.

    TNB is having manpower problem but hey, they are cutting down their manpower and therefore save and get profit. Their job is getting easy becos of this 2 months reading system BUT WE “STUPID CONSUMERS” ARE PAYING THE HEAVY BILL??

    Pls do something. And pls check your bill. A lot of people still not yet discover this . My friend’s bill went from 70 to 120 and they INITIALLY thought its becos of the hot weather . Pls don lie to us, TNB !!!

  143. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you for your valuable information.

    I shall take it up with TNB over this. I am also not aware of this. If I have the opportunity I shall bring it up in Parliament.

    Can you please send your phone number to me via my email add: weechookeong@gmail.com so that I can contact you for more particulars.

    Thank you once again.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  144. xenos55

    VSVSV, thanks for the info. My tnb bill also shoot up a lot. i thought my new light was the cause. But that is not much, and also it suppose to save electricity. Please YB, help us to rectify it. I don have the time to scan thru the bills. We just believe they do their job. and since they are assign by goverment. I guess they should ensure malaysian get the best and fair services

  145. salam reformasi yang berkhidmat saudara wee choo keong

    saya ingin bertanya:-

    1. masalah sosial di wangsa maju. Apakah rancangan yb untuk memperkasa anak muda di sini? Apakah pelan tindakan yang sedang diusahakan oleh PKR Wangsa Maju untuk menangani masalah sosial di kalangan anak muda.

    2. Apakah saudara memiliki perancangan untuk menambah bilangan Ranting di Wangsa Maju bagi memperkukuh pengaruh politik PKR?

    3. Status bilangan polis di Wangsa Maju:- di awal kemenangan saudara sebagai Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju, saudara ada melawat balai Polis Wangsa Maju dan dimaklumkan bilangan polis yang sangat sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan rakyat Wangsa Maju.

    Apakah terdapat perubahan selepas perkara ini dibangkitkan?

    4. Saya berharap PKR Wangsa Maju sentiasa aktif menganjurkan aktiviti kemasyarakatan selaras dengan janji Yang Berkhidmat untuk menjadikan

    Wangsa SeMaju selamat dan sejahtera.

    Jikalau bilangan Polis sangat kurang, apa kata kalau YB manfaatkan anak muda di bawah ketumbukan Angkatan Muda untuk memantau keselamatan Wangsa Maju.

  146. Edwin

    Salam sejahtera,

    Pertama sekali saya bukannya penduduk dalam kawasan parlimen YB. Secara kebetulan saya ‘singgah’ ke laman blog YB. Meneliti kebanyakkan aduan yang diutarakan oleh penduduk-penduduk dalam kawasan YB ini, hampir majoritinya bersangkut dengan peranan pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT).

    Masalah-masalah yang banyak di adukan ialah melibatkan pengurusan sampah sarap, kerosakan lift, parking dalam kawasan pangsapuri dan lain-lain isu melibatkan MC. Dimaklumkan bahawa sekiranya penduduk-penduduk berkenaan ingin mendapatkan maklumat lengkap termasuk data akaun audit MC mereka maka itu boleh dilakukan dengan mengajukan surat rasmi kepada Suruhajaya Bangunan (Commision of Building) yang saya percaya kemungkinan besar terletak di bawah bidang kuasa DBKL (saya kurang arif dalam hal ini memandangkan saya menetap di Pulau Pinang).

    Yang DiPertua Majlis Perbandaran juga merupakan Pesuruhjaya Bangunan yang mempunyai bidang kuasa mutlak melibatkan urusan perlantikkan serta proses dokumentasian sesebuah MC. Maka, bagi memudahkan urusan melibatkan kebajikan penduduk-penduduk rumah pangsa yang terletak dibawah tanggungan MC tetapi kebajikan berkenaan dilihat seolah-olah tidak diberikan perhatian khas oleh pihak MC maka YB boleh merujuk aduan berkenaan terus kepada pihak COB.

    Pihak MC terikat secara langsung dengan Akta Bangunan dan Harta Bersama (Penyenggaraan & Pengurusan Bangunan) 2007 yang telah berkuatkuasa pada 12 April 2007. Setiap persoalan, aduan oleh penduduk yang membayar ‘maintenance fees’ adalah wajar dan wajib untuk dijawab oleh pihak MC tanpa sebarang perasaan prejudis.

    Saya juga ingin memberikan komen berhubung aduan dann mengenai kawasan tempat letak kenderaan dijadikan ‘gerai’ oleh sebuah restoran serta tahap kebersihan dikawasan berkenaan yang didakwanya boleh menjurus kepada pembiakaan tikus dan sebagainya. Bidang kuasa mutlak adalah pada PBT tetapi saya tidak tahu tahap aduan berkenaan sama ada sudah diselesaikan atau masih dalam rujukan pihak YB. Sekiranya pihak YB telah mengutarakan isu ini kepada pihak PBT, apakah terdapat sebarang respon segera daripada pihak PBT? Sekiranya tiada, saya mencadangkan agar pihak YB mencabar/mempersoalkan kredibiliti PBT berkenaan melalui surat rasmi kepada Ketua Setiausa Negara, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan. Memandangkan PBT terlibat dalam sistem penggredan, maka aduan terus kepada KSN pastinya akan memberikan kesan daripada perspektif imej PBT berkenaan.

    Sementara itu, aduan berkenaan pertukaran ‘bulk meter’(betulkan sekiranya saya silap) kepada meter individu sebenarnya masih lagi dalam usaha untuk mencapai kata konsensus di peringkat tertinggi. Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air (SPAN) sebelum ini telah meletakkan inisiatif dan bertindak proaktif dalam usaha menyelesaikan masalah ini namun masih terdapat banyak halangan (tiada kerjasama pihak MC, Syabas yang ingin memasang secara serentak meter individu dan MC perlu melunaskan hutang tertunggak dengan pihak Syabas sebelum pemasangan meter individu – kebanyakkan MC tidak mampu berbuat demikian kerana jumlah hutang tertunggak yang terlalu tinggi) untuk diselesaikan sebelum satu bentuk keputusan muktamad diputuskan. Setakat ini hanya negeri Pulau Pinang sahaja menggunakan meter individu dan berdasarkan dalam mesyuarat penggubalan rang Undang-undang Penyelenggaraan Bangunan Bertingkat pada tahun lepas, Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur buat masa kini sukar untuk di implementasikan dengan penggunaan meter individu.

    Mengenai persoalan KOMAGAN melibat Malaysians Democratic Party (MDP), berdasarkan senarai parti-paeti politik di Malaysia seperti yang dinyatakan dalam laman web http://www.spr.gov.my/index_files/parti_politik/parti_politik.asp MDP disenaraikan sebagai parti politik yang masih berfungsi hingga ke hari ini namun tiada sebarang maklumat lanjut mengenai parti ini. Sekiranya beliau ahli parti ini, maka beliau boleh mendapatkan maklumat lanjut melalui ROS.

    Sekadar Membantu,

    Edwin Michael
    Pulau Pinang.

  147. Amir

    Yb,,tak payah ganggu peniaga di Uptown Danau Kota . Mereka cari rezeki..takpayah ikutkan kata penduduk. Yb, jgn tunjuk lagak kononnya yb hebat sgt. Mereka ada anak bini nak beri makan cari sumber duit.hentikan kerja bodoh yb ini. Minta tolong…Yb tu Cina, kat sana ramai yang cari makan orang Melayu.Tolong jgn ganggu mereka….Baru setahun jagug jadi yb nak tunjuk terror. Hebat sangat ke Pakatan Rakayt tu? Boleh ke dia bagi makan dekat rakyat ? Jangan suka-suka nak pindah peniaga di situ. Ingat yb tindaka yb ni buat rakyat lagi meluat dengan pemerintah dungu dan bodoh macam pakatan rakyat. nama jer pakatan rakyat baiki tukar ke pakatan lahanat.

    Ok ..ingat yb . bye..bye

  148. resident


    let me clearify your statement.

    peniaga di Uptown Danau Kota rezeki = kedai di Uptown Danau Kota TIDAK perlu rezeki

    penjaja pasar malam ada anak bini = penduduk di sana TIADA anak bini

    penjaja pasar malam tidak perlu pinda = penduduk disana PERLU pinda

    yb nak tunjuk terror = yb yang buat kerja demi rakyat

    hopefully one day this friend’s house surround with pasar malam, telco tower, rubbish with old men in his house asking for emergency help where ambulance stuck outside the street because of the traffic jam …

    amir : understand what YB is trying to help, YB trying to give the resident a comfort home, and give the penjaja a PROPER place to do business. this is a WIN-WIN solution.

  149. Setapak Garden

    Setapak Garden.

    Saya bersetuju dengan Edwin dari Pulau Pinang atas cadangan2 beliau. Terima kasih Edwin atas keprihatinan terhadap masalah sejagat kami dibawah parlimen Wangsa Maju.

    YB, sudah sampai masanya YB tumpukan lebih perhatian terhadap pelbagai masalah yang berleluasa di kawasan YB supaya kita sama-sama dapat bekerja bagi mengatasi masalah-masalah ini agar tempat tinggal kita menjadi syurga dunia bagi kita. Saya mewakili warga Setapak Garden sekali lagi dan mengajukan masalah-masalah hampir sama, sekali lagi..

    1. Masalah saya ajukan yang terbaru pada May 2009 berkenaan Telco towers masih tak selesai, seolah-olah tiada siapa berani untuk berbuat sesuatu di sini, baik PBTnya begitu juga Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Bandar maupun YB. Ini saya tujukan bukan hanya kepada mereka yang berkenaan hari ini malah semasa Datuk Zulhasnan Menteri WP dan YB YTL MPWP. Brapa lama lagi nak tunggu Telco tersebut diturunkan. Alasan demi alasan sejak 10tahun ini!! Siapa yang sepatutnya buat kerja disini rakyat atau wakilnya? Sekali lagi penduduk setempat meminta pertolongan YTL pulak entah untuk kali yang keberapa. Carilah di akhbar Nanyang 28 June 2009. Tak jumpa pulak dalam suratkhabar melayu. Mungkin saya terlepas pandang.

    2. Kawasan tempat letak kenderaan (Jalan Malawali, Setapak Garden) diletak kerusi meja oleh sebuah restoran, kebersihan dikawasan berkenaan, menganggu laluan kenderaan besar spt bas dan lori. Ini juga bukan masalah baru…Percaya tidak saya pernah mengutarakan perkara ini dalam rancangan radio ‘DBKL dan Anda’ (DJ RTM- Pn Prema & wakil DBKL En. Mazlan) pada tahun 1989. 10tahun berlalu…keadaan masih sama yang bertukar hanyalah wakil rakyatnya!! Bidang kuasa mutlak ada pada PBT. Apa yang susah sangat untuk PBT bertindak? Mereka yang tidak mahu patuh pada undang-undang hanya boleh diajar dengan membatalkan lesen perniagaan mereka. Itupun susah ke?

    3. Longkan-longkang pecah tidak berganti, hanya ditampal. Kemana perginya laluan air kalau tidak kedalam tanah. Apakah kesan jangkamasa panjang kepada rumah penghuni di sini? Ini tidak termasuk masalah biawak yang membina tempat mereka didalam lubang-lubang longkan yang pecah ini. Ini juga bukan masalah baru.

    4. Tiada perkhidmatan awam. Lebih dari 30tahun Syarikat Bas Len Seng Sdn Bhd adalah satu-satunya bas yang beroperasi di Setapak Garden seawal 5pagi hingga 12.00malam. Setiap 15minit ada bas, tiada masalah bagi kami walaupun adakalanya terdapat juga kelewatan. Sejak datangnya RapidKL perkhidmatan Len Seng terhenti (masalah dalaman Len Seng) dan diganti dengan RapidKL. Masanya tidak menentu dan begitu juga laluan. Kadangkala kami terpaksa berdiri menunggu bas hampir 45minit. Ia juga tidak menggunakan laluan sedia ada dimana terdapat pondok menunggu bas. Laluan Rapid tiada pondok menunggu dan membabitkan laluan yang agak sunyi dan membahayakan pengguna seperti kejadian meragut dsb.

    5. Sudahlah kami tidak diberi perkhidmatan awam yang sewajarnya, laluan jalan-jalan di kawasan perumahan kami menjadi ‘parking spot’ sepanjang malam bagi bas-bas Metro. Perkara ini juga pernah dikemukankan di blog YB namun masih lagi berlaku. Bas Metro tidak pernah beroperasi di Setapak Garden dengan ertikata lain tidak berkhidmat untuk warga Setapak Garden, Teratai Mewah maupun La’Villas. Bagaimana pula mereka diberi kebebasan meletakkan bas tersebut di sini. Ini bukan masalah sebuah dua bas tetapi membabitkan tujuh / lapan biji bas.

    6. Ini masalah yang cukup membimbangkan yang semakin hari semakin menjadi. Polis-polis kita mungkin terlalu sibuk kerana banyak tugasan lain??? Kejadian meragut, merompak, pecah rumah, menetak mangsa sudah menjadi perkara biasa yang kita dengar. Mana janji polis kita?

    Kami minta jasa baik YB tolong la tolong la buat sesuatu agar kami tidak menyesal mengundi YB, yang undi kami tidak jatuh ke wakil yang salah.


  150. Harin

    We have 2 complains & suggestions for you as a leader in Setapak Garden/ Danau Kota area.

    1) Pasar Malam.

    There used to be a pasar malam at Setapak Garden every Wednesday’s. We were told that it will be on hold for a couple of weeks until a new venue is found. However, its been 1 year now and no replacement has been given.

    2) Public Bus service.

    We used to have LenSeng bus service every 20 minutes in Setapak Garden / Danau Kota area which ease many of the residents to travel to the city. Now, the residence has increased but the bus service has stopped. You have promised to get the public bus service back but it has not happened till today. We now have to suffer and walk 20 – 30 minutes everyday to the main road just to get a public transport.

    We have voted you and was rest assured that you will be a better leader and will provide benefits to the residence. We appreciate if you would look into the above matter seriously and take the necessary actions to get the Pasar Malam and public bus service back to the residence of Setapak Garden Danau Kota ASAP.

    Thank you.

    From the voice of the residence.

  151. En.Hishammudin



  152. Yaacob

    EN. Hishammudin.

    Terima kasih diatas aduan tuan terhadap kegiatan yang dinyatakan. Walaubagaimana pun dukacita dimaklumkan yang RAMPAI BUSINES CENTER tidak terletak di dalam Kawasan Parlimen Wangsa Maju.
    Namun begitu saya telah memaklumkan perkara berkenaan melalui Pejabat Cawangan, untuk diambil tindakan oleh jabatan yang berkaaitan.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Khas Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

  153. Setapak Garden

    YB Wee / En Yaakob, it has been a while now since my complaint on this blog over the telco tower (which must be demolish right away). Both of you had mentioned that the matter shall settle ASAP. Its almost 3month now…how long more do WE THE RESIDENT HAVE TO TOLERATE THIS…PLS LET US KNOW AS WE GAVE YOU THE MANDATE…

  154. Wee Choo Keong


    We have forwarded your complaints to DBKL and police for actions. Please let me know if no actions have been taken in the next few days.

    Setapak Garden

    Please be informed that I have been chasing DBKL over this matter. DBKL officers have taken actions on some of them but not the others. I am told that they are in the midst of taking actions on the other telco towers or antennas in the very near future.

    Thank you so much for your views.

    With kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  155. Wee Choo Keong

    Setapak Garden

    I have been putting up pressures to remove all the illegal telco tower. However, In April 2009 I have manged to get DBKL to demolish the telco tower in Section 2.

    Last month DBKL has also demolished a few telco towers in Wangsa Maju area.

    With regards to the bus services around the Setapak Garden area, which was previously operated by Len Seng company, DBKL is unable to help because it does not provide for such services. I have been informed by sources that Len Seng sopped the operations because it was not a profitable route.

    However, I will do my best to speak to the officer in Rapid KL and hope that profit is not the main consideration to operate to and from Setapak Garden area.

    Regarding chairs and tables left in the car parking lots, I have been pushing BDKL to take actions. DBKL did take actions and the coffee shop operators were playing a cat and mouse game. I will definitely push them on this issue because it is not only involving inconvenience but public safety.

    The issue of buses parking in residential area has been brought to the attention of DBKL. I have been informed that DBKL will definitely take action against the bus operators soon.

    Lack of parking spaces. I regret to say that they are too many condos with very few parking spaces. I will definitely bring to the attention of Datuk to make it mandatory for the housing developers to provide for more parking spaces before the issuance of DO.


    Please be informed that the residents in Setapak Garden are against the operation of pasar malam in their area (i.e. Jalan Cengal). In fact, I have contacted DBKL over this matter and the officer has informed that beside the protest by the residents, the location was also not suitable. DBKl was also unable to find an alternative location at the moment.

    With regards to the bus services around the Setapak Garden area, which was previously operated by Len Seng company, DBKL is unable to help because it does not provide for such services. I have been informed by sources that Len Seng sopped the operations because it was not a profitable route.

    However, I will do my best to speak to the officer in Rapid KL and hope that profit is not the main consideration to operate to and from Setapak Garden area.

    Thank you for your feed backs.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  156. Harin

    Dear YB,

    Are you trying to tell that in other places where these “Pasar Malam” operates the surrounding residence zip up their mouth?

    What is so special in Setapak Garden that suddenly this DBKL became so obedience. I am sure there will some political issues and NOT the residence. Please do a survey to find out how many of them wants the Pasar Malam to be up.

    How about the the uptown (Danau Kota) which create a mess every weekend…..Nobody complains? Or DBKL being deaf on this issue.

    Why do people select a representative for their area? The answer is simple to make their life better and not create more trouble for them.

    The choice is yours either to make it better or let it go…



  157. Lee

    YB Wee,

    “Regarding chairs and tables left in the car parking lots, I have been pushing BDKL to take actions. DBKL did take actions and the coffee shop operators were playing a cat and mouse game. I will definitely push them on this issue because it is not only involving inconvenience but public safety.”

    yes, please. Please push DBKL on this problem.
    The traffic in Section 2 during peakhours at night is horrible. Traffic jam in section 2. Cars are park everywhere, left and right on the main road. No place for this cars to park, all occupy with tables and chairs.
    Metroview, BRJ in front of Menara Alpha area.

    And the live band in Bangi Kopitiam, what did DBKL say? The live band will normally play on Monday and Friday night until 12 midnight. Want to sleep early also cannot. Very loud. So loud and so frequent that i know the Bangi Kopitiam singer alway sing “I Don’t Wanna, talk about it”.

    Now, Cola Club has renovated. 2 shops with Live Band side by side.

    Please help.

  158. Wee Choo Keong


    I was giving you the facts as I know. I have also heard from the residents in the areas about their unhappiness over the pasar malam. As for the other area I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether the residents have “zipped up their mouth”, but I have not received any complaint from them.

    As for Danau Kota pasar malam, about 500 residents have signed up Petition to Datuk Bandar to object to the said pasar malam. I have also posted the contents of the Petition and the photo in my blog. Please check it and you will know the exact content of the Petition. Therefore, it was not true that the residents did not complain about the Danau Kota Pasar Malam.

    As for the illegal telco towers and antennas, DBKL will be taking actions to remove them very soon. I have already published the affected locations in my blog.

    As the people representative, I can only do my best under the circumstances.

    Thank you for your views.

    With kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  159. Chileab

    YB Wee,

    Please look into the cars being park on the left and right of the roads of section 2. The Metroview underground carparks (FOC) has ample empty spaces but everyone is still parking on the main road and causing heavy jam during the night.
    This is absolute nonsense from the public and I just wonder whether people are doing this because they don’t know about the metroview underground carparks or they are just plain lazy. Please look into this somehow. Action must be taken against this inconsiderate people. Thanks

  160. Al

    To tackle the problem mentioned by Chileab, the authorities need to do something about the restaurants first. So far, nothing has been done to this problem, and these restaurants continue to occupy the car park lots with their tables and chairs. Now worse, the restaurant PLUS PLUS is getting out of hand, they are not setting up makan stalls on the car park lots! Got Bak Kut Teh, Satay, Chicken Wing, etc!

    YB Wee, we can tell DBKL to stop giving the cat and mouse EXCUSES? It is their job to solve this problem, they are paid to solve problems that we complain. They are not paid to give EXCUSES. I stay here for one year. So far, no action from them, all talk.

  161. what5the5crap

    I have drop a message here b4 regarding illegal gambling center at the shop lot near menara alpha. Would like to update sir that no action had taken so far

  162. shalmisyam

    Kepada YB
    Minta tindakan segera. kami penduduk wangsa maju ingin tindakan segera dari YB berkenaan masalah saloran longkang tersumbat yang menyebabkan pencemaran bau yang menjejaskan kesihatan penduduk setempat . masalah ini adalah disebabkan oleh penjaja makanan di tepi jalan yang membuang sampah di dalam longkang. kami mohon jasa baik YB bertindak untuk merobohkan gerai-gerai yang tumbuh bagai cendawan selepas hujan dan mencemarkan kawasan wangsa maju. ia juga menjejaskan kesihatan penduduk.
    Harap YB bertindak segera.

    Lokasi Jalan 4A/27A wangsa Maju (belakang kedai)

  163. what5the5crap

    IF wan roboh make sure hartini is top of the list. Not like last time, only target certain areas. I think this Hartini coz more damage, traffic jam, danger and waste of tax payer to supply water n electric to them

  164. zulkefli mohd ishak

    YB Mr Woo Chee Keong. Good day!

    Its more than eigth months since I raised the issue of noise > 80 decibels experienced by residents of Jalan Wangsa Perkasa 6, Wangsa Melawati to you dated Jan 25 ’09.

    May I know the status of this request? We, the residents have been tolerating the noise ever since the MRR2 existed. At least you visit us and experience the reality of the extreme noise level which which I believe you have the time.

    Please expedite the building of the sound barrier for us.

    ……… Excerpt of my message dated Jan 25 ’09

    Mr Woo Chee Keong,
    I am one of the residents of Jalan Wangsa Perkasa 6, Wangsa Melawati (phase 7). Houses along this road are facing the MRR2 directly. Noise level exceeding 80 decibals that come from the vehicles plying the MRR2 is disturbing us extremely. We have requested from DBKL a year before the election. Untill today tere is no action from DBKL.
    I would really appreciate if you could help us get DBKL to
    expedite the Sound Barrier to minimize the noise.


    Zulkefli Mohammed Ishak
    H/P: 0166249882

  165. shalmisyam

    Kepada YB
    Minta tindakan segera. kami penduduk wangsa maju ingin tindakan segera dari YB berkenaan masalah saloran longkang tersumbat yang menyebabkan pencemaran bau yang menjejaskan kesihatan penduduk setempat . masalah ini adalah disebabkan oleh penjaja makanan di tepi jalan yang membuang sampah di dalam longkang. kami mohon jasa baik YB bertindak untuk merobohkan gerai-gerai yang tumbuh bagai cendawan selepas hujan dan mencemarkan kawasan wangsa maju. ia juga menjejaskan kesihatan penduduk.
    Harap YB bertindak segera.

    Lokasi Jalan 4/27A wangsa Maju (belakang kedai)

    kami menaruh harapan tinggi kepada YB agar masalah penjaja tepi jalan dapat diselesaikan secepat mungkin. ianya bukan sahaja membawa kepada pencemaran bau malah ianya juga menggalakkan pembiakan tikus yang semakin serius, tambahan pula kesesakan lalu lintas yang disebabkan pekedai dan pengunjung yang meletakkan kenderaan di tepi jalan dengan sewengannya… lebih serius lagi mereka meletakkan kereta di depan trafik light. gejala ini hanya dapat dilihat di bandaraya KUALA LUMPUR yang disayangi.

    harap maklum

  166. weechookeong

    Chileab, AI, What5the5crab, shmilsyam, Zyulkelfi Mohamaed Ishak

    Your complaints have been forwarded to DBKL Wangsa Maju branch. I have followed up with letters. My office has been chasing them about it. The DBKL officers are looking into the matter.

    The ambling activities at Menara Alpa, DBKL Wangsa Maju branch has informed us that a police report will be lodged. they are also looking into taking other actions.

    The using of car park to do business. DBKL will take the necessary actions. Unfortunately, DBKL is quite slack in this matter.

    Restoran Rashatini

    Restoran Rashatini at he junction of the road leading into the condominium in section 2. Previously there was a restoran in the same area and it was demolished by DBKL. After the demolition, Restoran Rashatini moved in and DBKL turned a blind eye. I have conveyed this to DBKL for actions. The DBKL Timbalan Pengarah has promised to take actions but it was delayed because of the interference by Datuk Shafie, the political secretary to the PM. Despite Datuk Shafie’s interference, DBKL had to change its original plan. However, Datuk Amin has promised to make way for a pedestrians path. I shall bring to Parliament Datuk Shafie’s interference in the administration of DBKL.

    On the clogged drains, DBKL will take the necessary actions soon.

    Erecting of sound barrier in MRR2. I have been informed that this matter involved several departments of DBKL, the highway operator and JKR. They are looking into this matter.

    Thank you for your complaints. Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims in Wangsa Maju and other parts of Malaysia.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  167. Faq


    saya nak tahu tentang perkara di bawah:-

    1. Apakah bantuan yang boleh dihulurkan kepada orang yang diberhentikan kerja?

    2. Ada atau tiada bantuan segera dari pihak YB atau kerajaan selangor atau pakatan rakyat bagi pengundinya yang dalam kesusahan tetapi mempunyai aset seperti kereta, rumah dan segala kelengkapan?

    saya bertanya bagi pihak saudara saya yang dalam kesulitan dan malu untuk berjumpa YB.

  168. Yaacob

    Setapak Garden

    Pejabat kami telah menerima surat daripada Pejabat Cawangan Wangsa Maju yang menyatakan Syarikat Bus Metro, iaitu Syarikat bas yang meletakan kenderaan bas mereka di sepanjang Jalan Cenggal dan Jalan Gombak kini tidak lagi meletakan bas-bas mereka di sepanjang Jalan tersebut. Dan dari pemantauan yang dilakukan memang tiada lagi kenderaan bas yang di letakan di Jalan Cenggal.

    Semoga keadaan ini akan melegakan penduduk-penduduk di kawasan yang terlibat.

    Terima Kasih,

    Yaacob Abd. Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    Yb Wee Choo Keong

  169. Tan

    Dear YB,

    i am a resident of Condo Wangsa Metroview Sekyen 2.
    my unit is just behind the shop lot.
    almost every night, around 2am to 4am the church (beside carrefour) will start to sing. my daughter which is just 2 months old will be disturbed and start to cry.
    are they crazy to sing at 2am?

    kindly look into this matter.
    thank you.

    Wangsa Metroview

  170. Wee Choo Keong


    This is quite a sensitive issue as it involves religious activities, which I would prefer not to interfere. Since the activities were held during unsocial hours, may I suggest that you approach the head of the church to express your concern and request that they tone down the volume of their singing. I am sure that such soft approach will work.

    In the interim, I hope that any reader who belongs to this church please assist us by conveying the concerns of Tan to the head of the church so that the volume of the singing can be toned down for the well being of the community.

    If it doesn’t work, please let me know then I shall try my very best to find a solution.

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  171. Mario

    Dear Y.B

    Actually I’m a permanent resident staying in Malaysia ever since I was born. I really don’t understand why I was given a red IC. My parents and my siblings are all Blue IC.

    I wish to have a Blue Ic because I’m treated like an outsider whenever people noticed my IC.

    I also have bad experience when I did my IC after my 21st birthday. I ask the staff at JPN Melawati why is my IC red or PM status they just said “Sebab you bukan dari sini”
    after that I have phobia to go back JPN.

    I wish YB could help me.

    012-369 7748

  172. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Mario

    I will definitely do what I can to help you. In the mean time i need ot talk to you to understand your problems better.

    If you have the time please come to my service centre on Wednesday night after 8 pm so that we can have a chat over your matter. I will be back by around the 23rd October.

    Please call my service centre to check when I will be there.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  173. Vincent

    Dear Y.B,

    This is another crime issue on Wangsa Maju.

    Recently, there is an “outbreak” happening in the car park nearby the Wangsa Maju station (along the way to the new mosque). Cars’ windows are being broken in and things will be stolen.

    2 weeks ago, I went to take my car after taking LRT from work and I saw a car’s window was broken and the interior was messed up. Last week, I saw another same case happened. Today, its my turn. My car’s window was smashed and my car’s battery was stolen. All these incident weren’t happened at night but daytime. I didn’t know what time the culprit did these but I’m sure he did it during the day-time. (8am – 6pm)

    3 people came up to me and claimed they were victims before (days and weeks ago). Some of them reported to the police but some did not due to the lack of their trust on the police. Most of them are like me, working people who park their car and take LRT to work.

    While I was waiting for help, a patrol car passed by my car and the police acted like nothing and turned his face off. Smashed mirror’ pieces was everywhere on the ground!!!

    There are 3 victims today and I’m one of them. All happened in the same car park row at the same time. I do not know this thing happened on how many person, I’m sure at least there were 6 who clarified to me on the spot.

    Y.B, please hear our plea and help us voice out to stop this crime spree.

    Wangsa Maju has changed a lot. I was born here.

    Warmest Regards,

  174. Abdul Razak

    YB, minta program dianjurkan lebih banyak komuniti penduduk dapat sokongan YB. Ini tidak bila mintak dana asyik tiada peruntukkan sahaja. macam mana kami hendak buat program,,takkan nak mintak sedekah keliling kampung semata-mata nak buat program..malu kami…kalau tiada dana kami mintak yb usaha jugak dapatkan dana itu, tidak yang susah kami . Dulu masa BN senang aja nak buat program mintak sahaja dapat, tapi bila tukar ingatkan lebih baik, rupanya tambah teruk. PKR ni memang miskin ke ??

  175. Yaacob

    Abdul Razak

    Terima kasih di atas pandangan Sdr. untuk makluman sdr. sehingga kini Ahli Parlimen Pembangkang masih belum menerima sebarang peruntukan yang di janjikan oleh Kerajaan BN. Oleh yang demikian kami tidaklah semudah Ahli Parlimen BN untuk memberikan bantuan kewangan.

    Walaubagaimana pun kami akan memberikan bantuan setakat yang kami mampu.

    Oleh yang demikian sdr. boleh menghubungi terus di Pejabat Perhidmatan untuk membincangkan program yang akan diadakan. No Perjabat Perhidmatan 03-41433322.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    Yb Wee Choo Keong

  176. what5the5crap

    I don’t think easy to get money is good. Please don’t look at the short term or some benefit. We choose for the better of Malaysia. This is also the problems, fund are not channel fairly to where it need. Which is way we need to get a fair n just goverment and fight corruption even coz us some pain.

  177. Vincent

    Dear Y.B,

    I posted an issue on 19th Oct regarding the Wangsa Maju LRT carpark crime spree. I appreciate for the prompt reply from Mr. Yaacob & your email.

    Yesterday, the same thing happened to me again. Car window was smashed and battery was stolen. It happened to other cars as well.

    I’m not going to park my car there anymore but I just hope action will be taken as I do not want the same thing happens to others. Moreover, the culprit is being ignorant and commit the very same crime.

    Thank you,

    Warmest Regards,

  178. Elaine

    YB Wee

    Is the military hospital in Sec 2 open to the residents of wangsa maju?
    In the morning I can see nurses going into the hospital and at night, I can see lights switched on.
    Is it in operation already?

  179. badrul

    YB Wee,

    Crime rate in Wangsa Maju. My parents are staying in section 6 Wangsa Maju. Today at about 7.30pm, another motorcycle ridden criminals took charge again. This time, it happened to our 2 immediate neighbours. I won’t be mentioning the incident in details. I guess all of us know what will happen if 4 parang wielded men come approaching. The situation has worsen in this particular area. I was very irritated and angry when my mom called to tell me about the incident. It’s just very sickening and I pity my two neighbours.

    I would like to request a favor from you. Could you furnish us the crime rate data for this particular area and Wangsa Maju in general. We are going to take our own action by employing security guards. The data is very much needed to be shown in our meeting tomorrow night (residents association mtg). Some of the neighbours may not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

    Your favorable reply to this request shall be much appreciated and I would like to congratulate you for the things that you have done for the people.

    Thank you sir.

    Wangsa Maju Section 6.

  180. rahamah

    I noted there are a few issues raised by Wangsa Maju. I am one of the pioneer staying in Wangsa Maju in before 1990.

    I am in the midst of selling my flat in Wangsa Maju. I have no income as I am no longer employed. Selling the flat is to help me with my cash flow.

    The problem is that I so called owe the Perbadanan Pengurusan Beringin a few thousand of maintenance fee. What shock me there are additional cost incurred such as insurance and interest. I am not able to get the consent done as the lawyer needs cukai tanah receipt kept by Beringin. and Beringin will not give me the cukai tanah receipt if I don’t pay the outstanding amount.

    YB, I am requesting your assistance into looking at the following matter:-

    (i) help me to talk to them to allow me to collect the cukai tanah and get consent approved (buyer only pay if the consent to transfer is approved by DBKL) – I will pay them after the consent to transfer is approved;

    (ii) find out who are behind this Perbadanan Beringin as their reminder do not have any phone number or person to contact and further more their reminder didi not have the company registration no on their letterhead; somehow they are related to DBKL:

    (iii) looked into the conditions of the flats – the rubbish dump, the crowded area – it has become infested with a lot of moral issue and not a good place to bring up our children (reason I moved out from the place years ago)

    (iv) the maintenance fee is actually to much – they have been collecting the fees for a number of years but looked at what they have done with the money? Any benefit to the wangsa maju people?

    Item (ii) may allow us to see who is behind this sucker. I suspected it is unregisted company but got very strong link to DBKL. I maybe wrong but your are the MP and lawyer by profession and you are the only hope of people in Wangsa Maju.

    Please do help and maybe able

  181. rahamah

    issue 38

    tak setuju penduduk merayu kepada MC krn mereka DIBAYAR dan ini bermaksud mereka kena kerja. So kenapa kena merayu?

    Semua penduduk boikot MC ni, kita punya rumah, bayar cukai pintu dan cukai tanah, sampah pergi buang sendiri kena bayar maintenance lagi tapi kena merayu MC buat kerja…!!

    Hello, YB, as a lawyer dont you have a better advise? any provision that allows us the penduduk to be released from the bias contract?

    Saya merayu penduduk jgn bayar maintenance, sampah2 tu gotong royong g buang kat depan office MC or bakar aje kena tahan sikitlah kalau nak berjuang….!!

    You must fight for yourself – no one will fight for you.!! remember this….!!

  182. Wee Choo Keong


    Dalam kawasan perumahan “Blok C” adalh tanggung jawab MC dan bukan DBKL. Masalah kutipan sampah, kerbersian longkang dan kawasan adalah tanggung jawab MC. DBKL bertanggung jawab untuk mengutip sampah dari rumah sampah Blok C sahaja. Memang sdr/sdri perlu membayar maintenance fees dibawah peruntukan dalam kontrak semasa rumah di jual kepada pembeli.

    Sdr/sdri tiada pilihan dari segi pembayaran maintenance fees. Kalaulah MC tidak berkerja untuk kepentigan pemilik-pemilik rumah, pemilik boleh “call for an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) to get rid of them and elect a new set of committee members. The mechanics of calling for the EGM will depend on the provision in teh constitution of the Persatuan Penduduk.

    Boycotting paying maintenance fees is not a solution because it will affect the services like collection of rubbish, cleaning of the drains and etc will be affected. Under the circumstances, I believe the best solution is to call for EGM to elect the new set of committee members to run the MC.

    Thank you


    wee choo keong

  183. rahamah

    TQ YB. That is a prompt response.

    I am of Block B dan dengar kata bahawa Persatuan Penduduk pun tinggal
    nama sahaja. Kami dulu pernah berjuang dan dari bayaran RM40-00 kepada
    RM10-00 selama 2 tahun dan lepas tu jadi RM25-00 hingga sekarang.

    Macam biasa bila ada persatuan orang politik akan cuba ambik
    kesempatan macam waktu kami dulu. So, penduduk fed-up dan lepas tangan
    dan biarkan keadaan jadi macam tu. Sekarang ni adalah generasi ke 2-3
    dan kebanyakkannya bukan original owner yang tinggal kat situ, so that
    is why persatuan hanya tinggal nama.

    Maybe YB can starts all over again. Being the pioneer there, I may
    still be able to know the original owner. Hanya pemilik sahaja yang
    akan berjuang untuk kebaikan dan kebajikan – penyewa could’nt care

    anyway tq and hope you keep up with the good work……

  184. Lee

    Hi YB Wee,

    I read the few previous posting in this section of the blog and i am so disgusted with the crime that is happening in this area.

    As you know, there is a signboard in Section 2 main road saying that this area is watched by CCTV system.

    My question :
    where is the CCTV located?
    And is this CCTV system still working?
    If it is still working, who is monitoring the screen?


  185. weechookeong


    Hi. I am in agreement with you.

    Personally, I have my doubt with regards to the operations of the cctv. The cctv system is supposed to be operated by DBKL.

    I shall find out your questions and put the answers in this section of my blog.

    Thank you for the feed backs.

    wee choo keong

  186. Lee

    Thank you YB Wee for your prompt reply.

    Please follow up with DBKL on the status of the CCTV system.

    Let’s hope that this CCTV system will not end up like the multi million ringgit project by ITIS whereby half of it’s message boards are not working.

  187. weechookeong


    I will definitely take it up with DBKL with regards to the cctv system. I will post the answer here.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  188. Maxxy

    i donno whether other people had post this before or not but checking whether other people had post this issues b4 requires more than 24 hours of reading through all the post.i don wanna do that.

    i want to know who is the people that lives at the back gates of TAR college????who give them rights to charge money for cars who park there????why do we need to pay them???since before 2005(that is as far as i know,because i study at tarc collge starting May of 2005),the people there already charge money for people who park there,now people who live under the LRT begin to charge parking fee for people who park under the railway.hope you can clarify this issues here

  189. I have been a resident here in Wangsa Maju for 10 years and I appreciate the changes your kind side has been implemented and made in this area.

    However, I would like to bring up to you regarding the road surface in the main roads and what more the smaller ones. Main roads are where highest volume of cars are and it would be great to have it looked into.

    There are many pot holes eventhough it is a new road and also a danger to motorist. Other than that, those roads that has pot holes are usually patched up and it causes the road to be very uneven and eventually the pot hole resurfaces again in the near future.

    It would be great to look into the matter and solve it rather than just butter the matter with filling up of holes. I believe your kind side is efficient and would look into the matter promptly.

    I pray that the wisdom of God be with you as you make this place a better place to live in and thus carrying out your duty as WM’s MP.

    God bless you

  190. Khan

    Dear YB

    I have posted this comment in the blog called wangsa maju for malaysia thinking that you were the author. Any way, I am reposting this. This is about implementation of GST in Malaysia. The following was my comment abt an article on GST.

    “Customs is one of the corrupt dept. And this department will be made in charge of collecting the GST. Rakyat will surely be made poorer. Even the poor is going to pay tax. Pakatan, What are you doing ? Never accept this for the sake of poor Malaysians. Say No to any new tax unless this Govt show some accountability for the taxes it already collects! Down with this corrupt regime!

  191. Dear YB, where is your pusat khidmat billboard? You dont want to end up like the former YB who put up the board nearly election day dont you. YB Azmin Ali has shown a good example for it. Please YB before it’s too late. Nowdays things not only be done but seem been done.

  192. Zac

    Dear YB Wee,

    Today my friend went to make a police report because her house were nearly broken-in. This incident happened in Wangsa Maju Section 2.

    The culprit manages to dismantle the padlock and forces open the door grill. But luckily there was a good samaritan across the flat which shouted and startled the culprit. My lady friend was in the house when all of these happened. She is terrified and couldn’t imagine that theives are breaking in houses under the daylight!

    After making the police report, they told her that there’s not enough manpower to cover the whole wangsa maju area.

    The crime rates are on the rise as we speak, therefore I hope some action will be taken to increase the man-power of the police force in Wangsa Maju. Probably setting up a small police patrol unit in each of the section in Wangsa Maju will be a good move.

    Awaiting your soonest reply.

    Thank you.

  193. DERUS


    Arahkan DBKL robohkan RAS HARTINI TOMYAM dan kontena di sebelah restoran tersebut sebelum perbuatan tidak bermoral berleluasa dan ini akan menambahkan lagi jenayah yang sedia ada di Wangsa Maju….

    Ambil tindakan segera sebelum terlambat……robohkan Ras hartini Tomyam. Tolong beri amaran kepada Datuk Shafie jangan sekali-kali campurtangan urusan DBKL.

  194. Khan, thanks for the compliment.

    adriadrear, the former yb has big bucks to spend. his billbroad got even bigger after the ge2008. But what’s the impact to wangsa maju folks. Who cares about the billboard.

    wck’s billboard is a living and breathing in cyberspace, right here right now. I think it’s ok.

    YB, I agree with this Karen Yap. I had to adjust wheel alignment twice last month, which I normally do twice in a year. Normally I can tahan if the roads have slight potholes but i think lately the road conditions in WM are out of the acceptable limit. Very bad!!!!

  195. mr Y

    Salam YB

    saya ada tgk perbahasaan YB kat Parlimen dgn YB Menteri Wilayah mengenai Tanah Tanah Masjid di Sri Hartamas.

    Saya sungguh terharu dengan keprihatinan YB terhadap kepentingan umat islam untuk beribadat. Tanpa mengira kulit dan agama YB terus berjuang.

    YB, bersama ini juga ada kemusyikilan timbul dikawasan parlimen YB. Tanah milik MAIWP di persimpangan Danau Kota dan Jalan Genting Klang.

    Merujuk kepada KEMUSYIKILAN yang diatas, adalah dimaklumkan bahawa tanah tersebut adalah merupakan tapak masjid, namun, memandangkan sebuah masjid lain telah didirikan di kawasan bersebelah iaitu Kem Wardieburn, Setapak.

    Maka, menjadikan tapak ini terbiar., Tanah berharga ini menjadi rebutan ramai pihak. Arakian, tanah ini juga dijadikan sumber pendapatan sebahagian mereka yang berjawatan yang tidak mengira halal dan haram.

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia saya bukanlah anti pembangunan, akan tetapi sebagai seorang yang beragama Islam saya rasa amat kecewa kerana tanah wakaf ini dipercayai mungkin telah diselewengkan. Macam mana sebidang tanah wakaf bertujuan kegunaan agama Islam, seluas 3 ekar di kawasan Kuala Lumpur yang bernilai jutaan ringgit ini boleh jatuh ditangan syarikat yang bukan Islam dan bertujuan komersial semata-mata??????? Tiada elemen wakaf dan juga tiada elemen kebajikan.

    Buta sangat ke pegawai-pegawai di MAIWP, PTGWP, KWPKB mahupun DBKL hingga tidak kenal erti wakaf, hingga sanggup menggadai maruah agama mahupun bangsa.

    Pertanyaan mengenai tapak tersebut sebelum ini telah diberikan jawapan tapak hanya boleh dibangunkan berkonsepkan tanah wakaf. Pada satu ketika, di tahun 2008, aktiviti pembangunan yang melibatkan land swap di Kuala Lumpur tidak lagi dibenarkan oleh UPE, JPM.

    Perubahan-perubahan polisi yang tidak menentu ini adalah mengelirukan. Atau adakah perubahan polisi-polisi pembangunan berdasarkan kepentingan pihak-pihak yang mempunyai cable yang kuat sahaja? Seperti mana lazim.

    Kini, tapak tersebut telah diluluskan untuk pembangunan rumah kedai oleh Mah Sing Berhad sebuah public listed company.

    Sekian, wassalam

    Yang benar,

    Mr Y

  196. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Reading all the above complaints, they seem not to be bothered or acted by YB Wee effectively … so sad …. next GE my vote will go to ??? …

  197. Edward Ng


    I am a resident of Wangsa Maju Section 2 for over 20 years, working in Singapore. I was TERRIFIED and find it hard to tolerate that there are so many RATS strolling around even during day time. Anyone can easily find dead rats on the road… this clearly shows the increase of rat population at an alarming rate. I am worried about the hygiene safety of the residents, not to mention aethetics and making Wangsa Maju a better place to live in.

    Comparing to Singapore HDB flats, I am very sad as a Malaysian to say we are no where comparable even at the basic level, even simple problems like pest control. Living standards in Wangsa Maju is getting worse comparing 20 years ago.

    I hope immediate action will be taken to make things better for us – getting rid of the rats for a start.

    Thank you.

  198. YB Wee,
    I fully support you to raise questions about Airasia.
    It was existed out of the incompetency of another airline,take advantage of the gullibility of the people and corruption.
    It exploits the weakness of a listed PLC and enrichs a few individuals.
    You should ask why a former DG was a ex-chairman and owned so many shares pocketed 100 over millions when he liquidated his share.

  199. ANTI



  200. ismail

    Yg Berhormat,

    Sebagai penduduk di bawah kawasan Tuan ( Taman Setapak Indah), Pekara yang menjadi kebimbangan kami di sini adalah peningkatan kes jenayah yang berlaku di sini seperti

    1. Ragut
    2. Rompakan bersenjata

    Perkara ini bukan menjadi kebimbangan saya , malah seluruh warga wangsa maju amnya

    Banyak berlaku , dan banyak cerita tentang kes kes begini berlaku , malah rumah saya pun pernah dimasuki pencuri – tiga kali dalam tahun ini sahaja walaupun telah memasang grill .

    dan baru baru ini warga emas telan meningal dunia menjadi mangsa terbaru kes rompakan.

    Diharap pihak YB dapat membuat sesuatu untuk menjadikan kawasan setapak indah ini selamat di diami .


  201. ismail


    Saya ingin menyampaikan kebimbangan terhadap kes jenayah yang senakin banyak dan bertambah dikawasan wangsa maju .
    dapat pihak YB membuat apa ap tindakan .
    pihak kami akan mennyokong sepenuhnya untuk kesejustraan wangsa maju

  202. Chris Lee

    Dear YB, I’ve been working in the Sri Rampai town centre area for about 10 years. The town centre is absolutely dirty and smelly; littered with rubbish (papers, plastic wrappers/bags, etc) along the road shoulders and verandahs, the front of shops (road where DBKL has an office) are littered and rubbish never collected; the main drains are fully clogged with mug and rubbish. Never seen any DBKL efforts to clear the drains (have a look at the open man-holes and drains in front of Waz Lian Kidney Dialysis Centre along Jalan 45/26) in all the years. There are two Indian women road rubbish cleaners or sweepers, but they just pick up some rubbish (very little) and rest for the day – it is beyond their capacity and effort for these old women. The roads are double parked with cars at certain hours (9 a.m. till 3 p.m. normally) but DBKL enforcement staff hardly come out to issue summons at all. I just wonder what they do most of the time? Hibernating in the cool aircon rooms and collect their salaries at the end of the month!!! I wish you can contact me and we’ll go around the area to see for yourself the environment and later invite the Mayor to have a look for himself too, including Desa Setapak area as well. Hope you can do something about it, i.e. get the Mayor to clean up Sri Rampai town centre.

  203. lee wee tak

    Seri Rampai is under Zulhasnan, Setiawangsa area. maybe the postal voters can have a jolly gotong-royong session to mingle with the locals

  204. Anonymous

    Dear YB

    Firstly Happy New Year.

    I am again going to mention about the numerous robberies in my area, Taman Setapak, especially Jalan Langkawi. The polis told me that this is the safest street cos its the mainroad but if you check with the residents there 70% along one lane have been robbed.

    the neighbours are planning to hold a meeting to see what we can do, do you think you will be able to hear us out.??

    All this i am mentioning happened to the houses along Jalan Langkawi , Taman Setapak infront of Langkawi aparments. One of my neighbours, immediate neighbour was being broken into by some guys and the alarm triggered. She peeped and say a large group of men at the entrance of the house and at once she called the police. As usual they came in just one car, knowing the robbers are there, they stop in front of her house and she shouts and says that they are inside, while talking the robbers run on foot and the poor lady has to tell the police to chase them. They just go one round and come back to her house. The were running mind u and one even hid behind the zinc near the school. She even has the faces captured on her cctv but the police are just nor bothered. They endanger her life instead by asking her so many questions. Obviously the thieves watching knows she complain. We are all living in fear.

    On Monday, two doors away neighbour got robbed. This is all done during the working hours. Again, this same lane who is terrified watches the cctv and notice a suspicious car coming into our lane and she did inform that house that she thinks they are targetting her house. And true enough, it happened.

    We are really fed up with the police cos they ask us so many questions like we are the police. We can just give them the lead and they don;t need to identify us cos that will endanger us.

    The men are still around the area, they are very bold because they know the police will not do anything. I wonder why????

    When i alerted the Inspector, about another robbery happened again, they came quickly but asking stupid questions… One police even told us that we should go out and see the no plate. One told me he cannot patrol behind cos his tire will puncture. When i questioned him why i don’t see any police in my lane, he says they are at the main road and takes the slip road to go to their balai. But i told him that he is not doing his job by patroling he got anoid with me and said that we should take care of our own houses.

    Please we are all living in fear. and the guys are just walking freely. Its the same guys.

    Taman Setapak

  205. Resident WangsaMaju (not to be confused with resident.wangsamaju)- as we know, dbkl’s administrative and planning skills have never improved over the years. To make matters dbkl is also a racist council. It’s an impossible task to undo what dbkl has done. If we really want real improvements, the Federal Capital Act needs to be amended- only then we can elect our own council and run this city in a more effective manner. You were assisting this MP and I’m sure you witnessed the amount of liaison and correspondence between the MP’s office and the dbkl- it was never easy.

  206. Yaacob

    Wangsa Maju Resident

    Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih di atas keprehatinan sadr. dengan komen-komen dan teguran-teguran yang di nyatakan terutamanya berkenaan dengan tahap keselamatan di Wangsa Maju.

    Sebagaimana yang sdr. sedia maklum beberapa bulan yang lepas, Yang Berhormat sendiri telah pun mengadakan pertemuan dengan Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul, Tuan Zakaria Pagan. Dalam pertemuan itu Yang Berhormat telah menyatakan kebimbangan beliau tentang tahap keselamatan di kawasan Wangsa Maju dan memohon di berikan perhatian serius.

    Selepas pertemuan tersebut beberapa perubahan positif telah dapat di lihat, sebagai contoh pihak polis telah pun meletakan balai polis bergerak di beberapa lokasi yang mereka fikirkan perlu kehadiran pihak polis di situ. Selain daripada itu saya juga di maklumkan yang pihak polis telah pun meningkatkan jumlah rondaan di kawasan-kawasan panas. Memang kita perlu lebih ramai anggota polis di kawasan Wangsa Maju.

    Selain daripada itu saya juga di maklumkan, akan di adakan dialog dengan pihak polis dan penduduk dan di harapkan melalui dialog tersebut akan dapat mencari jalan terbaik dalam menangani tahap keselamatan di Wangsa Maju.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  207. Wangsa Maju Resident (not to be confused with resident.wangsamaju),

    I see that you have jumped party. However we need to be objective when making comments like these- I’m sure you have observed first hand when hanging around with yb that what does the mp does, the dbkl undo. With invisible hands running the city, and mostly run against the KL people’s interest, problems were addressed but not solved by dbkl. With such skills in admin & implementation I doubt dbkl will ever solve the city problems if it really wanted to.

    The root cause is actually amending the Federal Capital Act- and remove kl out of federal rule. After all kl is not longer the adminstrative capital of Malaysia, but Putrajaya is. So there’s no reason for kl to be under ft.

    Aw come on, I sure you can do better than these one-liners? Let’s join hands once more to make WM & KL a better place ok? Cya!

  208. hopeless guy

    Did the KEADILAN try to question to the related minister about the petrol price gonna rise about 30 cents?The international petrol price now is just about 73 dollar why government keep to rise the petrol price?

  209. jack

    hi YB:

    this is the don_know_how_many_times complaint about the pasar malam in danau kota that operate EVERY NIGHT.

    we have log in complaint, send petition to datuk bandar, send more complaint , wait for status , send our angry message, wait for status for a year plus already .

    The latest 2 month news is the datuk bandar agree to move it , but at the same time , i saw banner recruit for more stall owner hanging big big infront of shell danau kota . and more and more NEW stalls open until theres no more space . more and more environment , social and criminal case created.

    They are taking their own sweet time to drag this issue . but we are facing these EVERY NIGHT . now tell me . WHY DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER FROM THIS ???

    we do NOT need an excuse or answer , we want it to move out ASAP.

  210. david

    hi mr wee

    i ade dengar kenyataan tuan di dalam TV i thing last week
    for me coment tuan adalah baik untuk PR , tetapi adalah di buat antara PK sahaja . Jangan di komen secara terbuka dalam akhbar ,

    Tujuan nya nanti akan melemahkan PR , so saya harap tuan tidak membuat kenyataan sebegitu lagi kepada akhbar

    saya sayangkan pakatan rakyat kerana itu sal satu satu alternative untuk menjatuhkan BN..

    undi saya adalah penting bagi PR dan Tuan juga …
    sekian terima kasih semuga PR akan tetap mantap sehingga PRU13

  211. jack

    hi YB:

    i guess we are compete against time already , this few week those stall owner are building some sort of brick and cement at the higher ground in the center of the pasar malam danau kota. they are INSTALLing their stall PERMANENTLY. soon they will build ware house too . so what are we waiting for ???

  212. asam bin jawa

    i have seen that a lot of issues were handled via beating around the bush. i expected more of you YB as you are lawyer by profession so you know the law better and you even know how to manipulate the words to your advantages.

    with this i expect you to read and study the current law of maintenance services payable to dewan bandaraya or so called the elected company to keep maintenance of flats because those people who were purchased the flats are of from lower income group. why burden them with this unnecessary fees?

    Condo is different, what is the price they were paid for?, with club houses, privacy etc…what is wangsa maju resident has?

    Please YB, in order to show that you really appreciate our vote, please do something about it. Speak in parliment, request changes to the unfair rule………. this is what we want and no just talk only……..

    let us see some result some changes that we are expecting when we vote differently!!!

  213. Orang Cina Setapak

    Selamat tahun baru cina …Happy Chinese New Year ( Tiger 2010 year). :) “Gong Xi Fatt Chai” “Wan shi ru yi” , “Shen di Jian Kan”

  214. Lee

    Gosh! It’s already 2010 and I’m still reading residents from Danau Kota complaining about the pasar malam!

    It’s already the middle of March now. So what is Datuk Bandar KL is planning to do about it?

  215. weechookeong


    During the meeting with Datuk Bandar KL on 18-03-2010, I did bring up the Danau Kota Uptown Pasar Malam issue. It has been finally agreed by Datuk Bandar that DBKL will take positive action to move it to a location way from residential area.

    I have checked with the DBKL officer in charge of this matter this morning and I have been informed that DBKL is looking for the new location.

    Let hope that a new location will be found soon.

    I am very sorry for the delay.

    With best regards

    wee choo keong

  216. jack

    hi YB :

    been hearing their excuses for long time , YB please do follow up closely with them , and chase them for this issue, as DBKL officer shuffle quite offen , Do NOT want this to become never ending story .


  217. KK Lim

    Hi YB,
    When I first moved here to Teratai Mewah Apartment back in 2002, I noticed that there are 2 public bus companies that are serving this area (Len Seng & Intrakota).

    Back in 2008, I had written to RapidKL about their bus services for the residents of Teratai Mewah Apartment but their reply was to wait for route restructuring. Now, already 2010 but no news from RapidKL on this matter.

    It’s quite difficult for residents as they need to walk to Chong Hwa school or either to KFC in Jalan Genting Klang for using the public transport.

    Can YB look into this matter.


  218. what5the5crap

    Can we have a due date for the pasar malam to be remove. Or else it will be a never ending story. And ther is so much in malaysia boleh

  219. Yaacob

    KK LIM

    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr. untuk makluman sdr, saya telah pun menghubungi Syarikat Rapid KL dan bercakap dengan pegawai yang berkenaan.

    Pihak Rapid KL bersedia mempertimbangan aduan sdr bagi menyambung semula perhidmatan bus di kawasan berkenaan. Dan surat rasmi telah pun di hantar kepada pihak Rapid KL bagi tujuan tersebut.

    Saya berharap dalam masa yang terdekat ini, maklum balas dari pihak Rapid KL akan di terima. YB akan follow up perkara ini dengan Rapid KL.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

  220. Chileab

    The main road from TARC towards Jalan Genting Klang is in very very bad shape. Motorist have been avoiding the pod holes and due to the late swerving of the bikes, its very dangerous for both the motorist and other drivers on the road. Please look into this before something unbecoming happens to someone.

    Thank YB Wee.

  221. Alex Ng

    Dear YB,

    I’m a resident of PV10 condominium and my balcony faces Jln Genting Klang.

    I wish to draw your attention to the conduct of the developer (Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd) & its earth works contractor.

    The developer is developing a land known as Phase 4 (behind PV10 condo & facing Crystalville shop lot). The contractors have been working over time with their mega drilling machines & engines running till 11-12midnight everyday. In addition, they also work full day as usual on Sunday.

    This is causing a great disturbance to the residents of PV10, in particular Block C & D as they are facing the construction site.

    When the drilling engines are running, we can’t even listen to what the television is saying, the dust keep coming into the houses even at night as they are still working very late and we can’t even dry our clothes on Sunday (being the only day we expect no construction activity).

    The worst part is the noise pollution caused to us. We can hardly sleep at night because of the noise disturbance. Further, they woke us up on a Sunday early morning, the day where most of us need to rest. These noises are creating invisible pressure on th residents and making us unsettled, which I think are unnecessary to PV10 residents and unacceptable at all!

    I have contacted the developer/contractor and they are not commital on how and when to solve our woes. Guess our complains are not being taken seriously and fallen on deaf years!

    YB, I need your assistance to clarify the following:-

    1. Is contruction activity at areas close to resident allowed even until 11-12 midnight eveyday including Sunday? What is the best practice as permitted by law?

    2. What avenue available to us so we can escalate this issue further?

    3. What actions/penalty/injunction can be imposed on developer not in compliance with the construction law? and how to achieve that?

    I hope that you would be able to help us without fear or favour, although I knew some MCA top guns attended the developer CNY open house not long ago.

    I can be contacted at 012-2218083 or email.

    Please act fast, thanks!

  222. Alex Ng



    I’ve read numerous complains on Danau Kota Pasar Malam here.

    Myself is a resident there. Can you imagine that:-

    1. after working late, you can’t even find a parking at your house?
    2. a resident like me need to wait for parking or turn 5-6 times around the neighbourhood just to get one at wee hours, if lucky?
    3. at least 4-5 vans (that serve as the peniaga storeroom) parked in front of our house 24/7?
    4. I witnessed a couple making out inside their car parked in front of my house? isn’t gross?
    5. how many accidents I have seen near the pasar malam junctions because of irresponsible cars stalled their car right at the juntion!!
    6. when returning to our house, we have to stuck in the traffic jam caused by the pasar malam? so near yet so far, sounds familiar?
    7. these cars, even parked right in front of our gate (yes, blocking the main entrance)! What happen if there’s an emergency at home that I need to reverse my car from the car porsch?
    8. visitors even double park their cars in front of our house at the peak of it? making the road so crowded and narrow..
    9. at 10pm till 2.30am, the noise pollution from the cars/motorcycles on the main road were so loud that it went straight to my bedroom. You tell me, can you sleep??

    Before we talk about relocation, why not the authorities help to ease the traffic congestion? My Questions are:-

    1. Where is the traffic policeman? What are those Unit Peronda officers doing at Danau Kota balai, which is walking distance away from the pasar malam?
    2. Why not make a non-UTurn sign at the main road leading to the pasar malam? Let the visitors U-turn at Ibu Kota instead at both the Shell/Petronas turning.
    3. Why allow the cars to double park next to the main road? Where is the “saman” and tow-truck??
    4. Why are there so many new stalls mushrooming near the pasar malam? are they licensed? are they not supposed to be part of the market? if not, why no action taken against them?
    5. WHY PASAR MALAM EVERY NIGHT??? I truly doubt the cost-benefit of it…

    I support the idea of cari rezeki, but not at the expense of others.

    YB, i know this is a sensitive issue to tackle because it involves mainly our malay comrades, so maybe you should assign a specific someone working full-time to make sure and to assist DBKL to find a suitable place for them to do business.

    We must work on a timeline, so pls get one!

  223. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat sdr.

    Untuk makluman, saya telah pun melapurkan perkara tersebut kepada DBKL W. Maju supaya di ambil tindakan dengan segera demi keselamatan kepada semua penguna-penguna jalan raya.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

  224. jack

    hi YB:

    the last meeting YB with datuk bandar was 18 march 2010, today already 14 APRIL 2010, what is the excuse given from dbkl ??? empty promise or dragging YB for our time and patient???what is the status?? what makes the moved so hard?? i remember they took just ONE freaking day to moved the pasar malam from section 2 to danau kota … and NOW???

    just now about 10pm , i saw one moron pee at the lorong within 2 houses, are dbkl trying to turn danau kota into another chow kit ????


  225. Wee Choo Keong

    Hi Jack,

    I have been informed by a high ranking officer that notice has been issued to the organiser of the pasar malam to find a new location for the pasar malam. I believe that DBKL is also looking for an alternative site for it.

    I do agree that moving in was fast but moving out may take a bit longer. I will follow up this matter and hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible.


    wee choo keong

  226. ismail

    hi mr wee

    saya rase pepindah tapak pasar malam di danau kota perlu di cepatkan , kerana
    1. ianya berdekatan ngn penempatan penduduk.
    2. Berlakunya banyak kes pecah rumah didanau kota berikutan adenya pasar malam disana sila semak aduan di balai polis
    3. tempat yg sepatutnya adalah berjauhan dari kawasan penempatan dan biarlah di kawasan komersial seperti di KLSC wangsa maju berdekatan wangsa walk mall

    Thank Yb jika perkara ini dapat dipercepatkan , tak kira you still with PKR or not , but You must serve the people ok wangsa maju

  227. Anonymous

    hi YB:

    the meeting with the datuk bandar was 18 march 2010, as you said , the letter is issue on 15 april 2010, today already 24 april 2010, what the hell dbkl is doing about this??? another dragging never ending story????

    and yes , i just scold another daily moron that blocking my gate , WHY??? bcs of the word , WHAT IF EMERGENCY …. ???

    YB please lah , do us a favor , chase those lazy butt to relocate the pasar malam , and return us a sweet dream ..

    just saw the blog of YB being accusing by the little nepoleon , actually why YB bother about what their dirty tricks ?? as long as YB is doing what you have done past 2 years , we don mind what party you join. yb have a proven service record of helping resident in wangsa maju and the area arround. this is a good lesson for other YB to learn and follow, this is what a YB should have done and practice . unlike SOME parties only can condemm and bullshit where end of the day , they called them self serving for the people, then their YB = Yang Bullshitting !!!


  228. Anonymous

    hi YB :

    today is 30 april 2010, today i just notice the first corner house resident already move out , YES they are no longer capable of tolerate all sorts of social problem causes by this pasar malam , can you imagine the frustration that repeat every night ???

    again the same old question , since its agreed and instructed by the datuk bandar to move this pasar malam to else where , WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN AND WHAT IS THE STATUS???? like i told yb , seems like they are just talk cock no action kinda team . drag and drag is their favorite moves… please get them to accomplish this asap …

    jack .

  229. Alex Ng

    Hi YB,

    I am Alex Ng from PV10 condo, pls refer to my previous treadand we have spoken on the phone twice.

    Note that the developer has been working late recent days, they finished work tonight at 12 midnight… I’ve been watching Thomas cup msia vs denmark tonight with the large engine noise coming from the construction site…

    Would appreciate if you can beep the developer again.

    Alex Ng

  230. Mustaqim Abdul Rahman

    Salam Tuan,

    I would like you to ask PDRM to patrol Rampai Biz Park area.

    I run my business there and after a year I never see any Patrol Car do patroling there.

    We understand PDRM might be demoralised by Aminulrasyid case but we still hope for the good job to put up.


  231. Lee

    DBKL still hasn’t do anything about the Pasar Malam at Danau?! How many months has past??

    DBKL = All talk, no action.

  232. Ivy

    Dearest YB,
    Adakah kawasan Jelatek berada di bawah perwakilan YB? Traffic light di persimpangan MinDef / Jelatek mohon diprogramkan semula mengikut kadar traffic pada waktu puncak. Didapati sekiranya ada pengawal lalulintas bertugas, keadaan tidak sesak, tetapi apabila mengharapkan traffic light, keadaan menjadi sesak.
    Terima kasih di atas keprihatinan pasukan YB.

  233. Patrick

    Armed forces to get 3 support ships worth RM2.2bil

    Dear Mr Wee

    Do highlight this issue in the next parliament reading .

    The government state that Malaysia will bankrupt and they taking away our subsidy but is buying 3 support ship will help any. Its rather to give back the ppl their right deserve subsidy instead. And is really the 3 support ship worth this much.

    Do highlight the issue about the submarine as there seems there is no report updating it anymore.

    As Michael e Porter stated in the diamond factor which emphasis mainly on government for firm strategy, structure and rivalry, Demand Condition, Factor conditions and related and supporting industries.

    Taking away our subsidy meaning people spending power had been decrease. Hence it will led to lesser business for the seller in the country. It will also deter overseas visitor to our county as the price of things had increases. Not only this, this will totally effect the tax being paid by company as company going from profit will either go towards southward which they will going for survival or either bankrupt due to loss of business.

    Government should implement to open free market with regulations to be competitive. To be a global market, we should not protect our local firm but led them to be lean and mean firm by open it to compete with the overseas competitor. This will further strengthen their position domestic and led to greater internationalization which will benefit the country in the end.

    People will suffer alot from loss of subsidy. How about cost cutting from central government itself. By opening a website of how the government spend their money and open tender which people of malaysia can see how the government spending their money. Such as in US their site of http://www.whitehouse.gov/

    Their government have the transparency of getting the meeting in public and even declaration from each MP and also the president itself how much they are earning and also total asset. This can further strengthen by having other government such as US or UK to audit this info to make it more independent.

    Time is hard, but further this goes on the gap between rich and poor will be widen too far till there is no state of return.

    We hope government understand how we feel as the people of Malaysia. There is more way to solve the problem but taking away subsidy will definitely impair the living of the people in Malaysia. This will eventually led to lesser tax being collected by government which means decrease in tax collection and yet price increase. Meaning inflation happen and economy is going down the drain and it will led to stagflation which is severely damaging to our country economic position.

    Thanks and regards and all the best to all people in Malaysia as we are always will stay and support the government but do more detail and through research by having cost benefit analysis and this will led to malaysia becoming a leading country in the world.

    Ideas to curb down crime rate:

    Offer more jobs in the country especially for the local and decrease foreign worker. As even in US or UK, maid is a rare sight but in malaysia its a norm.

    Increase the punishment for theft such as death sentence for them. As one punishment will indeed deter the rest from doing it.

    Setup a bogus drug ring by undercover cop. And catch the one involve in drugs.

    Costly but can try to implement cctv in most walkway

    Ideas for development

    Creation of renewable energy. As Malaysia is rich with natural resources why not utilise it. Such as wind power, solar, wave power, hydro power ( with a good scrutiny on the impact on foot print) , and etc.

    High speed train as propose by Dr M during its last day and a train connection which connects all town in Malaysia. Hence it will led to more economic growth in rural areas. Used electricity as clean power.

    Making Malaysia as a hub for solar panel making as we have vast resources around us. This will enable us to export to overseas as well.

    Cut down cost on unnecessary expenditure such as military firearm, space exploration project and etc and going for more development from SME company.

    Help SME company to grow even further as this will further strengthen local firm and hence more tax can be collected. This will led to more innovation and creativity by the talented people around but there is no room to develop.

    Develop more on agricultural products as Malaysia land is one of the best in the world for this and focus more on economic of scale and bio technology in it.

    Attract FDI to Malaysia by implementing good governance. We can learn from UK and US weakness and improve on the flaw and create a best of two world.

    and much more.

    Thank you YB and may we go through this bad times and comes a new day for all of us people of Malaysia.

  234. shawn

    Dear YB Wee,

    Saya tak der apa2 complain nak buat. Cuma nak ucap tahniah atas apa yang YB bangkitkan di Parlimen tentang Sime Darby.

    Saya penyokong BN tapi bukan membabi buta. Jadi apabila ada sesuatu yang tak kena dalam kerajaan, sudah tentu saya tidak akan menyokongnya. Apabila YB bangkitkan peranan Mohd Bakke, saya rasa imej beliau sudah tercemar dan tidak layak menerajui Sime. Kalau YB tidak bangkitkan hal ini sudah tentu masyarakat awam spt saya tidak mengetahui resume Mohd Bakke. Memang bila ada kontroversi tentang beliau, saya tengok beliau cuma ada Bachelor’s degree dan bukannya seorang yang betul2 berkaliber. Mungkin salah seorang kroni!!!! I hate kroni!!!

    So, sekali lagi saya ucapkan syabas dan teruskan usaha YB. Apa yang betul dan baik saya tetap menyokong YB.

  235. sam ng

    Dear YB Wee,

    I am Sam, my mother & my kids was staying at danau kota flat Blok C. recently the there a lot of house been 'visited'by the thief at this block. The safety was definitely unsecured.

    Just a minutes ago, my mom call me saying that someone has been trying to open her gate this afternoon.... 

    I am in Klang now (for work)unable to rush back to help. I am worried about her safetyness to stay in the house. 

    Can YB suggest and help me. 

    Milion Thanks in advance. 

  236. veronic

    Dear Mp,

    I am a resident in Section 2 Block C by the road just opposite the Hospital Angkatan Tentera. The problem that we are facing here is the 24 hour hawker stall here, the name of the stall starts with “A”. We have not enough parking lots at night due to their patrons, but the worst is the noise that goes on until 4 – 5 am in the morning.

    We have been suffering this for a long time, and even called Rakan Cop to try and get them to stop making noise – I called last night around 12.40am, and the officer said it’s the penalty time and those people will stop making noise soon and that they will check on it, but the screaming went on past 4am. This may be football season, but people still have to sleep and go to work, and I am sure this is especially bad for families with kids.

    Really appreciate your help to in this matter. Otherwise i guess we just have to write in to the dailies to further air our plights.

    Thank you in advance.


  237. Yaacob

    Sdr. Sam ng

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat sdr.

    Saya telah pun melapurkan aduan sdr. kepada pihak polis supaya tindakan perlu dapat diambil.

    Walaubagaimana pun saya mencadangkan supaya sdr. membuat lapuran polis berkenaan kejadian tersebut. Lapuran ini adalah penting bagi membantu pihak polis dalam menentukan tahap keselamatan di sesuatu kawasan berkenaan.

    Selain daripada itu saya sarankan sdr. berhubung dengan persatuan penduduk yang sedia ada di kawasan sdr. bagi mendapatkan bantuan dalam masa-masa kecemasan.

    Terima kasih.


    Terima kasih atas maklumat yang di berikan.

    Untuk makluman sdri saya telah pun melapurkan aduan tersebut kepada DBKL Cawangan Wangsa Maju supaya dapat di ambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  238. veronic

    Kpd En Yaacob,

    Terima Kasih, tetapi untuk maklumat En. sekali lagi, tiada tindakan yang diambil sehingga kini. Kebisingan dari Gerai AFC masih berlanjutan hingga awal pagi tadi. Bilalah seksa ini akan berhenti.


  239. SawKS

    Dear YB,

    I am stay in Setapak Garden ( add: T 26 Jalan Umbun 2) need your little sponsor on the relocation of old lamp pole ( in front of my house).

    I went to TNB Tmn Melawati office to apply for the relocation of an old lamp pole in front of my house (to relocate about 3 feets away from the existing position) but TNB give me an invoice of RM769.00 for this relocation job.

    Would appreciate if YB can sponsor the invoice that charged by TNB. My appeal to TNB is this the lamp pole is no residing my my private land but it is located oustside my which is the public road. The reason why TNB invoice me is because I initiated and apply for it.

    I hope YB can contribute this invoice as part of you community service to your area.

    Hope to get a positive news from you so that the relocation exercise can carry out as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance for your kind community service and contribution to your own area.

    I can be contacted via HP 012 321 2968 should you require further information.



  240. Alex Ng

    Hi YB,

    As spoken today, below is the concern of all PV10 condo residents!

    We were informed that Celcom is building a 100 feet communication tower next to our condo (within the Masjid compound), opposite our Block B condo. We too heard that Celcom has started the ground work to build that tower!

    When completed, all the residents at Block B & C will be exposed to radiation from that tower. We just do not understand how could DBKL approve such project metres away from residential area?? It is definitely hazardous to health of everyone living nearby!

    Because of this, the Joint Management Body of PV10 condo (JMB-PV10) has written to DBKL, Mosque authority & MCA. At the same time, a similar complaint letter was lodged at your Platinum Walk office (By Hand) by our JMB-PV10’s secretary En. Mohd. Fairuz (letter ref.: JMBPV10/06/F/2010 dated 25 June 2010).

    However, so far, we and the JMB-PV10 have not been informed of any concrete actions taken to stop the construction of the communication tower.

    Please, help us to protect our home and family from such health damaging construction by insensitive party.

    As JMB-PV10 has started a signature drive in protest of the communication tower construction, please contact Ms. Janice/En. Fairuz from our management office at 03-4142 1131 to understand the situation better or perhaps, they can arrange for a site visit for you.

    So far, we have collected over hundreds of concerned residents of PV10.


    Alex Ng

  241. Chia Poo Tuan

    I refer to YB Wee’ speech on the above date and I applaud YB Wee for highlighting the gross incompetency of the Securities Commission.

    I own 7.2 mil shares of Paxelent, which I bought when it was listed on Bursa Malaysia. I invested in the company because it was a member of the consortium holding the E-Government concession. Unfortunately for me, I did not know that the CEO of Paxelent, ie Ong Soon Kiat is a convicted felon from Singapore. True enough to his criminal nature, he stripped Paxelent bare, sold KOMMS which was the company holding the concession to himself for the ridiculous sum of RM100,000, and delisted Paxelent. Shareholders of Paxelent like me, have no recourse. I have made complains to Securities Commission but my complains are ignored.

    It is the role of the Securities Commission to
    i) Ensure that proven criminals are not allowed to be CEOs of companies.
    ii) Ensure that prized assets of public companies are not sold off at grossly undervalued prices to nominees of the directors.

    The Government also has to answer the following questions :
    i) Why are proven criminals allowed to control and run KOMMS, which holds a government concession, especially since Ong Soon Kiat is a Singaporean ?
    ii) KOMMS has been convicted by SPRM for corruption in the past. Yet today, it is operating as usual. Is there some hidden link between Ong Soon Kiat and our politicians ?

    This is a clear cut case and yet I have lost millions of ringgit with no recourse. I have written complain letters to the Minister (letter is attached) but there is no action taken. I urge YB to highlight this case once again in Parliament.

    Chia Poo Tuan

  242. alfred choo

    YB Encik Wee Choo Keong,

    I am an artist name Alfred Choo Peng Chiat who is going to have an art group exhibition in this coming August. I have an artwork which is involve the matter of DBKL fall down the trees over Wangsa Maju at Mac 2008.

    The detail of the matter are already sent to YB by email, to your mail box : weechookeong@gmail.com . It’s just take your few minute to read this, hope to get your reply as soon as possible, thanks a lot!!

    p/s: If YB didn’t receive my email, pls leave a message to my mailbox.


    Alfred Choo Peng Chiat
    +6017 3935642

  243. Jason

    Dear YB,

    I am PV5 (tmn melati) tenant. I would like to complain about construction noise made. There is a development behind the Petronas and Mc’donald. They are working night time which cause uncomfortable. I hope YB can take action on this case as soon as possible. Thankyou very much.



  244. alfred choo

    YB Encik Wee Choo Keong,

    I send the invitation of Exhibition Opening Reception‏ to your weechookeong@gmail.com already.Hope to get your reply as soon as possible, thanks a lot!!

    p/s: If YB didn’t receive my email, pls leave a message to my mailbox.


    Alfred Choo Peng Chiat
    +6017 3935642

  245. weechookeong

    Dear Alfred,

    Yes, it will be a pleasure to come and officiate the opening ceremony of your Art Exhibition. See you all this Saturday, 7 Aug at Starhill Gallery at 3.00pm.

    Thank you.

  246. penduduk lama wm

    salam sejahtera diucapkan…
    saya disini berharap agar YB dapat membantu kami penduduk w.maju sek.1 mengenai masalah pengurusan sampah(MC)dari blok A – F disek.1 w.maju ini.
    dari tinjauan yang dilakukan,saya mendapati masalah pengurusan sampah disektor blok A hingga F masih berada ditakuk yang lama.kebersihan amat teruk sekali disetiap rumah sampah disini.
    saya memahami MC yang menjaga setiap blok ini tetapi ibarat melepaskan batuk ditepi tangga sahaja.
    saya bukan nak merungut tetapi diharap YB turun padang sendiri melihat rumah sampah disetiap blok di w.maju sek.1 ini.
    pembayaran sampah nak cepat tetapi pihak pengurusan amatlah teruk sekali.ini kerana banyak pengerusi MC dan ahli majlis ini bukan tinggal dikawasan w.maju sek.1 ini.bukan semua.
    mungkin masalah ini sepatutunya dibawa ke pihak perbadanan pengurusan sampah tetapi apa yang boleh dibuat jika mereka sendiri buat-buat tak nampak masalah yang ada didepan mata ini???
    saya berharap sangat agar YB sendiri turun padang melihat masalah ini sendiri untuk dinilai sebaik-baiknya . . .
    mengenai masalah longkang tersumbat dan juga masalah tebing longkang yang nak runtuh dikawasan w.maju sek.1, saya berharap agar YB melihat sendiri disemua blok w.maju sek.1 ini.
    mengenai jalan masuk yang tidak diturap betul dan masalah pasir yang banyak (laluan licin apabila hujan) sehingga menyusahkan para pengguna jalanraya terutama penunggang motosikal.persimpangan jalan usahawan 5 dengan kg.pasir(bersebelahan pusat servis honda)dan juga jalan masuk desa andaman,persimpangan masuk wangsa maju(jalan 3/27A)ramai yang jatuh dipersimpangan ini disebabkan kelalaian pihak yang bertanggungjawab.diharap YB dapat meninjau masalah ini dengan segera.
    dan bilakah YB dan pihak ahli majlis tertinggi PKR hendak mengecat rumah flet dikawasan wangsa maju seksyen 1 ini.
    janji dalam pilihanraya dah lama !!!nak tunggu bila untuk menunaikan janji ini???
    memang susah nak menyempurnakan janji ini lebih-lebih lagi mengenai peruntukan dari kerajaan untul parlimen wangsa maju.cuba-cubalah cari alternatif yang lain supaya dapat mengecat kawasan perumahan ini yang sudah amat lama tidak bercat ini.

    * orang kuat PKR parlimen lembah pantai(ada 6orang kesemuanya) cuba dibeli oleh UMNO dan BN untuk memecahkan kubu kuat PKR disana.buat YB nurul izzah,pandang-pandang sama orang yang dibawah ini yg bekerja keras demi PKR lembah pantai ini.jangan nak pandang golongan bijak pandai je!!!tanpa kami,tiada YB nurul izzah anwar ibrahim.

    * dibangunan UMNO (PWTC) ada satu jabatan yang diketuai oleh shahrizat abd.jalil.unit tindakan ini akan mencari kesalahan dan memutarbelitkan berita mengenai pembangkang dalam media cetak dan media elektronik dan lain-lain lagi.

    salam,sekian terima kasih . . .

  247. KK Lim

    I would like to highlight the below problem which I had sent to YB back in March 2010 but until now still no news on the below matter.


    KK Lim (25/3/10)
    Hi YB,
    When I first moved here to Teratai Mewah Apartment back in 2002, I noticed that there are 2 public bus companies that are serving this area (Len Seng & Intrakota).

    Back in 2008, I had written to RapidKL about their bus services for the residents of Teratai Mewah Apartment but their reply was to wait for route restructuring. Now, already 2010 but no news from RapidKL on this matter.

    It’s quite difficult for residents as they need to walk to Chong Hwa school or either to KFC in Jalan Genting Klang for using the public transport.

    Can YB look into this matter.


    Yaacob (Reply 31/3/10)
    KK LIM

    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr. untuk makluman sdr, saya telah pun menghubungi Syarikat Rapid KL dan bercakap dengan pegawai yang berkenaan.

    Pihak Rapid KL bersedia mempertimbangan aduan sdr bagi menyambung semula perhidmatan bus di kawasan berkenaan. Dan surat rasmi telah pun di hantar kepada pihak Rapid KL bagi tujuan tersebut.

    Saya berharap dalam masa yang terdekat ini, maklum balas dari pihak Rapid KL akan di terima. YB akan follow up perkara ini dengan Rapid KL.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

  248. Yaacob

    KK LIM

    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr. Saya terlebih dahulu memohon maaf atas kelewatan memberikan maklum balas terhadap aduan sdr.

    Walaubagaimana pun hari ini saya telah berhubung dengan pihak pengurusan Rapid kl berhubung dengan perkhidmatan bas di kawasan sdr.

    Dari maklum balas yang di terima dari pihak rapid kl, aduan sdr sedang di ambil tindakan dan mereka akan memaklumkan kepada saya dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

    Sekali lagi saya memohon maaf secara silatulrahim atas kelewatan yang tidak di sengajakan.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  249. Mustaqim

    I already mail to you about killer traffic light in front of Villa Wangsa Mas. The t-junction have enjoy severe accident every week.

    Its a threat to a driver safety and the threaten come from the vehicle from carrefour and setiawangsa which headed to sri rampai.

    Its a downhill road, and traffic lite is block by beautiful big pine tree.

    The light is red but green(confusing) for turning left to Sri Lojing.

    I hope JPJ, Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya, DBKL and whoever responsible may act fast before their loved one met accident there. We all hope nothing happen to anybody there, so act fast before its too late.

    Thank you.

    Mustaqim Abdul Rahman

    1. weechookeong

      Dear En Mustaqim

      Thank you so much for your comments. I really am sorry about the email that you have sent to me. I don’t remember receiving it. Any way I really am sorry about it.

      I am in Parliament now and have requested En Yakob, my pa, to act on your comments immediately. I fully agree with you that urgent actions had to be taken because of lives are involved.

      When you are free can you please call En Yakob at my service centre (tel: 41433322) to provide him with more information or please let me have your contact number so that we can call you.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      Wee choo keong

    2. weechookeong

      Mr Mustaqim

      Please be informed that the area mentioned in your comments is not within Wangsa Maju. It is in Setiawangsa constituency. Nevertheless, my PA, En Yakob, has brought this matter to the attention of DBKL attention. I am informed that DBKL officer will be attending to the matter.

      Please keep us informed if the situation in the affected area has not be rectified in the course of the next few days so that we can follow up. We are equally concerned about the danger posed to road users.

      Thank you so much.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  250. sam ng

    my contact: 014 3288 988

    Dear YB,
    My mom & kids stayed @ Danau Kota Flat Block C, Yesterday, The Lift FALL HALF DOWN @ Level 1, my kids & mom was inside the lift.

    Although there are not injured, But My girl has been frightened, the whole night she was screaming, vomiting & crying.. My girl only 6 years old, this incident cause her badly. She even scare to walk near the lift. Can YB imagine that?

    I am really really disappointing with the management. So far, block C is the WORST blok containing with the dirtiness, lift always got problem, staircase full of rubbish & peoples even “p” @ there….

    Heard from my mom, the lift has not done repairing but there’s no sign board blocking from peoples using it. Therefore, this incident happened!

    YB, Please help! People are suffering, but what government can do for us? We are poor people, else, we will move out from there already, BUT, although we have moved, how about people staying there? They still face the same problem every single day!

    thank you!

  251. Alex

    Dear MP,
    I would like to request your assistance in obtaining more rubbish bins for community especially within the area of Desa Setapak, beneath the LRT Station. I believe that this strip of land [Jalan 14/27B] is under the monitor of Prasarana Co. [i may be wrong in this].

    MP, I trust that with your diligenc, you would intervene in such matters pertaining to the clenliness of our area. I am well aware that the general population of the residents do not care much about keeping the streets free from litter, but i am doing my part here, by randomly picking up rubbish along the road as i walk back to my residence. I believe that with more available rubish bins, the residents here would find no excuse to litter as they please.

    On a similar matter, please check with DBKL how often do they collect rubbish from our residence. Everywhere I see, are rubbish bins, filled to the brim, with flies and infesting rats. I believe more than ever that you are an MP, very much interested in representing our concerns to such administrative bodies such as DBKL.

    Dear MP, i desire that your prompt reply on such a matter and i am willing to walk you towards a cleaner Desa Setapak. And I trust, you are willing as well, to walk with me.

    I hereby thank you for addressing my concerns and i know you will do so, via email, promptly. Thank you

    Yours truly,

    016 4788 0133
    Taman Desa Setapak

  252. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr.

    Untuk makluman sdr saya telah pun menghubungi pihak Alam Flora dan memaklumkan masalah kutipan sampah di kawasan sdr.

    Walaubagaimana pun saya telah cuba menghubungi sdr bagi memastikan kawasan yang sebenar bermasalah di no yang di beri namun sdr gagal di hubungai dan no tersebut adalah milik orang lain. Saya berharap sdr dapat menghubungi saya dengan segera di talian 03 41433322

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  253. Yaacob

    Sam Ng

    Terima kasih atas aduan puan.

    Saya telah menghubungi pihak pengurusan dan pihak pengerusan memang mengakui berlakunya kerosakan pada lift di blok C.

    Pihak pengurusan menyatakan tindakan segera telah di ambil dengan menutup lift berkenaan dan kerja-kerja baik pulih telah pun di lakukan. Hari ini lift berkenaan telah pun di baiki dan beroperasi sepenuhnya seperti biasa.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  254. Mohd Amifarez B Hamidun

    Kepada YB & En Yaacob,

    Saya merupakan salah seorang penghuni Villa Wangsamas, Wangsa Maju. Maafkan saya sekiranya kediaman saya ini tidak terletak di bawah kawasan YB. Saya menulis di blog ini kerana saya cuma kenal YB sebagai ahli parlimen wangsa maju dan tidak tahu kemana nak disalurkan masalah saya dan penduduk di sini. Saya juga mendapat tahu bahawa YB mengambil serius setiap masalah yang dilaporkan disini.

    Kalau dilihat dari luar, Villa Wangsamas merupakan sebuah kondo yang cantik walaupun berkepadatan tinggi. Namun, sekiranya YB atau En Yaacob masuk ke dalam, banyak masalah yang kami hadapi di sini. Di sini saya senaraikan masalah-masalah utama tersebut:

    Kebersihan – Sampah tidak dikutip, lantai tidak dicuci sehingga lebih sebulan, kolam (termasuk kolam renang) tidak dicuci langsung, etc.

    Keselamatan – Pengawal keselamatan yang tidak cukup, kawalan tidak ketat, CCTV tidak berfungsi, pagar keselamatan rosak, kejadian pecah rumah yang kerap (tanyalah polis yang meronda kawasan ini), etc.

    Bangunan – Outer wall retak, masalah air hujan meresap ke dalam rumah, penggera kebakaran tidak diselenggara/tidak berfungsi, lif rosak/kotor/tidak diselenggara, etc

    Untuk pengetahuan tuan, kami penduduk di sini secara purata membayar RM200+ sebulan untuk maintenance tetapi tidak mendapat perkhidmatan yang sewajarnya. Setiap masalah yang kami laporkan tidak diselesaikan secepat mungkin dan adakalanya langsung tidak diambil peduli.

    Kami berpendapat, pihak pengurusan villa wangsamas ini tidak memperdulikan masalah kami kerana kontrak mereka akan tamat pada akhir tahun ini. Sehingga hari ini, kami tidak tahu bagaimana pengurusan kewangan dibuat oleh Villa Wangsamas Sdn Bhd dan siapa pengurusan villa wangsamas untuk tahun hadapan. Saya mendapat tahu bahawa JMC yang ditubuhkan juga tidak berfungsi dengan baik kerana Villa Wangsamas Sdn Bhd tidak memberikan kerjasama.

    Untuk pengetahuan YB saya bukannya ahli JMC tapi hanya salah seorang penduduk di sini yang membeli kediaman ini dengan titik peluh saya sendiri untuk kediaman kami sekeluarga. Oleh yang demikian, saya secara peribadi ingin menjemput YB dan En Yaacob untuk datang dan melihat sendiri keadaan kami di sini. Sekiranya YB tidak mempunyai kesempatan masa, saya berharap masalah yang kami hadapi di sini dapat dipanjangkan/disalurkan kepada pihak-pihak yang bertanggungjawab.

    Segala kerjasama dan pertolongan dari YB dan En Yaacob amatlah saya, keluarga, dan semua penduduk di sini hargai.

    Terima Kasih.

    Mohd Amifarez B Hamidun
    Villa Wangsamas

    1. weechookeong

      sdr, saya sekarang berada di luar negeri. Saya akan balik ke tanah air minggu depan. Saya akan call sdr. ok

      terima kasih.


  255. abang

    salam sejahtera diucapakan…saya ingin mendapatkan cop pengesahan salinan sijil ini akui sah untuk resume pekerjaan saya dibalai polis wangsa maju,seksyen 1.
    tetapi saya dilayan seperti budak dibawah umur.saya dimaklumkan ketua balai tiada pada masa itu dan saya berjumpa dengan timbalan ketua balai.
    apa yang menyedihkan saya adalah sikap yang kurang mesra oleh pegawai tersebut dimana saya disuruh oleh beliau untuk pergi kebalai polis setapak atau sentul.ini kerana tiada pegawai jusa gred A dibalai polis wangsa maju.
    selama ini saya mendapatkan pengesahan sijil salinan hanya dibalai polis wangsa maju tanpa ada apa-apa masalah.
    disini saya ingin bertanya mengenai apa kena mengena gred jusa A dan jusa B???apa masalahnya???
    saya menetap lebih 23tahun diwangsa maju ini.
    semua anggota polis sepatutnya lebih mesra dengan orang ramai terutama dikaunter…jangan membiarkan orang ramai tertunggu menanti pihak anggota.kalau kata banyak kerja ,jangan jadi polis atau berhenti sahaja.apa guna jadi anggota polis kalau tahu nak marah orang je…
    saya amat sedih dan malu dengan perkara ini.

    terima kasih . . .

  256. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr dan saya turut bersimpati dengan apa yang sdr alami.

    Pihak kami akan merujuk perkara tersebut kepada pihak yang berkenaan sekiranya terdapat sebarang kekeliruan dan salah faham dan diharapkan tindakan akan dapat diambil.

    Sekiranya pihak sdr masih menghadapi masalah untuk mendapatkan pengesahan tandatangan sdr boleh datang ke Pusat Perkhidmatan dan Yang Berhormat sendiri akan cuba membantu. Diharap sdr dapat menghubungi saya (0122186929 atau telipon pejabat 41433322) bagi membincangkan perkara tersebut.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  257. abang

    terima kasih diucapkan diatas keprihatinan EN.YAACOB.
    tiada sebarang kekeliruan atau salah faham semasa kejadian kerana telah lama saya melakukan proses ini dibalai polis wangsa maju.saya juga ingin mencadangkan agar semua pihak anggota balai polis wangsa maju seksyen (1) lebih prihatin dan lebih mesra kepada semua masyarakat terutama sekali dikaunter aduan/pertanyaan.diharap kejadian ini tidak berulang lagi kepada orang lain.

    terima kasih sekali lagi kepada EN.YAACOB ABD.HAMID.
    segala kerjasama dan budibicara anda amatlah dihargai sepenuhnya.terima kasih sekali lagi diucapkan.

  258. ustaz wangsa

    salam sejahtera diucapkan.
    saya ingin memohon jasa baik pihak tuan untuk menyelesaikan masalah jalan raya yang tidak rata dan kurang elok dihadapan masjid usamah bin zaid (jalan 2/27A sehingga ke trafic light shell persimpangan selangor pewter).
    kami yang selalu pergi ke masjid amat dukacita sekali mengenai jalan raya ini.

  259. Yaacob

    ustaz wangsa

    Terima kasih atas maklumat tuan.

    Aduan tuan telah pun dipanjangkan ke DBKL Cawangan Wangsa Maju untuk diambil tindakan.

    Saya dimaklumkan pihak DBKL akan membuat pemantauan dan akan mengambil tindakan perlu dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  260. KK Lim

    I would like to bring to your attention that there are many potholes around the Teratai Mewah Apartments and its surrounding areas.
    Please do something about them before any unforeseen things happen.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Mr Lim

      Thank you for your comments/feedbacks.

      Please be informed that I have already informed DBKL about the pot hole problems in the area. I have been assured that DBKL will take the necessary actions in due course. please let me know if there is still no improvement in the next 14 days.

      Thank you.



  261. YB,

    There is a illegal temple going on in V25 Jalan Sampadi Dua Setapak Garden.

    Worst, the service will only start every Saturday 10/11pm onwards. The prayers are done in the dark and go on till wee hours of Sunday morning.

    We the residents want a good night sleep on Saturday night.

    We have raised the complaint to the house owner who rented to this temple committee but he chose to ignore as he is collecting rental.

    Please do something urgently before the problem become to big.


  262. Yaacob

    KK Lim

    Untuk makluman sdr Pihak DBKL telah pun mengesahkan masalah jalan-jalan yang rosak dan berlubang dan saya telah di maklumkan dalam masa yang terdekat pihak DBKL akan membaik pulih kerosakan jalan-jalan tersebut.

    ustaz wangsa

    Untuk makluman tuan pihak DBKL juga telah mengenal pasti pihak kontraktor yang menyebabkan keadaan jalan rosak dan tidak rata di jalan 2/27A dan pihak DBKL akan memastikan kontraktor berkenaan untuk memperbaiki semula kerosakan jalan tersebut juga dalam waktu yang terdekat ini.

    Sdr Lim dan ustaz wangsa boleh lah menghubungi saya semula di tel. no 012 2186929 sekiranya masalah tersebut masih berterusan.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  263. Yaacob

    ustaz wangsa

    Untuk makluman tuan saya dimaklumkan oleh pihak DBKL bahawa kerja-kerja menurap semula lubang dan jalan yang tidak rata telah pun dilakukan di sepanjang jalan 2/27A.

    Pagi ini saya sendiri telah membuat tinjauan di sepanjang jalan 2/27A tersebut dan saya ingin mengucapkan penghargaan serta terima kasih bagi pihak Yang Berhormat di atas tindakan yang telah diambil oleh pihak DBKL dalam menangani aduan-aduan awam dan diharapkan kerjasama ini dapat diteruskan dimasa hadapan.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  264. KK Lim

    Hi YB,
    Happy New Year.
    I seen that potholes along Jalan Langkawi had already been patched but the road leading to block 15, 17, 19 and 21 have yet to be patched up.
    Please look into this problem as the potholes are getting bigger due to the recent rainy spell.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear MR KK Lim,

      Thank you so much for your kind message and the feedbacks.

      We shall attend to the pot holes that you have highlighted tomorrow (Monday). Hope that you and your family had a new new year break and happy returns for 2011.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  265. Yaacob

    Sdr KK Lim

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat sdr.

    Pagi ini saya telah memanjangkan aduan sdr ke DBKL cawangan Wangsa Maju.

    Untuk makluman sdr petang ini pihak DBKL telah memaklumkan kepada saya bahawa aduan sdr telah dilapurkan ke Jabatan berkaitan dan dijangkakan akan diambil tindakan dalam tempuh 2 hari.

    Sekiranya dalam tempoh tersebut masih tiada tindakan bolehlah pihak sdr menghubungi saya semula di no 03-41433322.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  266. Yaacob

    Sdr KK Lim

    Pagi ini saya telah merujuk kembali aduan sdr kepada DBKL cawangan Wangsa Maju dan saya dimaklumkan keadaan jalan-jalan berlubang tersebut masih lagi belum di baiki.

    Pihak BDKL cawangan telah memberi jaminan bahawa masalah tersebut telah dipanjangkan kepada jabatan berkenaan dan pegawai kawan DBKL meminta diberi sedikit masa lagi untuk pihak DBKL membaiki jalan-jalan yang berlubang tersebut. Kami yakin bahawa perkara ini boleh diselesaikan oleh jabatana nberkenaan dalam mas yang terdekat.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  267. KK Lim

    YB & En Yaacob,
    Good day. I am happy that the potholes along the road leading to block 15, 17, 19 and 21 had been patched up this morning by DBKL.

  268. Yaacob

    KK Lim

    Terima kasih juga atas kesudian tuan memberikan maklum balas kepada pihak kami.

    Saya juga bagi pihak Yang Berhormat ingin mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada pihak DBKL terutamanya cawangan Wangsa Maju yang telah mengambil tindakan di atas aduan-aduan awam demi kebaikan penduduk-penduduk keseluruhanya.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  269. adam

    mengenai masalah penagih dadah yang ramai berkeliaran dipasar wangsa maju seksyen 1 dan mereka ini akan menyelongkar tong sampah mencari hasil untuk dijual.perkara ini sememangnya perlu dipantau dan diambil tindakan oleh pihak berkuasa polis wangsa maju terutamanya.ini bagi menjamin keselamatan warga penduduk wangsa maju seksyen 1.saya bukan nak menyalahkan penagih-penagih ini tapi cara mereka mendatangkan kerisauan bagi suri rumah yang ingin membuang sampah dikawasan block A – B,seksyen 1,wangsa maju.mereka juga akan berjalan atau menaiki basikal serta motor dan ada juga yang membawa troli jaya jusco untuk mengutip segala pencarian mereka.situasi ini amat memalukan dan menyedihkan.apa tindakan pihak pengurusan polis wangsa maju uuntuk menyelesaikan masalah ini.dah lama berlaku perkara ini…pihak pengurusan majlis sampah juga perlu mengambil tindakan ini juga.

  270. Yaacob

    Sdr adam

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat sdr.

    Untuk maklumat sdr, saya telah pun memanjangkan aduan sdr kepada pihak polis Wangsa Maju dimana masalah ini melibatkan soal keselamatan awam.

    Saya juga berharap supaya pihak polis akan segera mengambil tindakan supaya keadaan tersebut dapat dikawal dan sekiranya ada maklum balas akan saya maklumkan kepada sdr.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  271. thank you YB and TQ police and Fed Gov….i raise issues about no police patrolling seen in medan rampai niaga….

    now i can see balai polis bergerak in front of KK Restaurant here and police patrolling using bike….tq for the good job done…

    btw…i would like to highlight again about killer traffic light at t-junction Villa Wangsa Mas espc downdill ffrom carr4 and setiawngsa to rampai……

    its bette to put the big alert light and big signage perlahankan kenderaan, lampu merah di hadapan

  272. pengguna lrt

    YBhg YB,
    Pertama, saya mencadangkan supaya satu lorong pejalan kaki atau selebar jalanraya dibina dari Stesen LRT Sri Rampai ke Taman Sri Rampai. Laluan tersebut hendaklah luas, terang dan selamat utk pengguna. Sekarang ini, kami terpaksa berjalan jauh utk ke Sri Rampai.
    Kedua, tempat selamat melintas jalan yang sibuk ke Wangsa Walk setelah berjalan kaki dari stesen Taman Sri Rampai tidak ada dan amat merbahaya utk pejalan kaki terutama ketika waktu puncak apabila kenderaan banyak melalui jalan tersebut.
    Sekian dan terima kasih.

    1. weechookeong

      Sdr (pengguna lrt)

      Untuk makluman sdr, Stesen LRT Sri Rampai bukan kawasan Wangsa Maju tetapi Setiawamgsaa. Walaubagaimanapun saya akan cuba memanjangkan aduan/cagangan konstruktif tuan kepada pihak berkuasa LRT. Yang amat penting adalah stesen-setensen LRT mesti selamat.

      terima kasih.


  273. AdamMalik

    Dear YB,
    The stalls along Jln Madrasah behind the Taman Melati LRT station is infested with rats. They holed up in the ground and at night they can be seen having a party scampering around the stalls. Please do something before rat-urine-caused-death happens. I also found that the rats population spread to the nearby flats namely Sri Langkawi, Sri Kedah and the PPR Gombak Setia buildings.
    It seems that DBKL officers never bothered to walk, look and identify problems.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear En Adam Malik

      Thank you so much for your comments. I have forwarded your complaint to DBKL for actions to be taken over the rats problem. This will be an ongoing problem if the stall owners and members of the public are not keeping the place clean and the garbage are kept away from the rats. If the garbage/foods are kept away from the rats then there will be less rats. In indirectly the rat problems will be kept to the minimum level.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards


  274. AdamMalik

    Dear YB,

    Thank you for your acknowledgement. I hoped the necessary actions would be taken involving the nearby population.


  275. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas maklumat sdr.

    Hari ini saya telah pun menghantar surat secara rasmi kepada pihak DBKL Cawanagan Wangsa Maju memaklumkan masalah tikus-tikus yang berkeliaran dan masalah peniaga-peniaga yang gagal menjaga kebersihan gerai-gerai mereka.

    Saya berharap dalam masa terdekat ini pihak DBKL akan mengambil langkah-langkah perlu untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  276. Adammalik

    En Yaacob,

    Terima kasih atas maklum balas sd.

    Cadangan saya ialah supaya pihak DBKL, Alam Flora bersama persatuan peniaga setempat dan persatuan penduduk berhampiran mengadakan gotong royong membersihkan kawasan yg mempunyai masaalah tikus dan sebagainya.

    Masaalah di tempat tersebut ialah gerai2 makanaa sebanyak hampir 10 buah didirikan diatas longkang besar yg ditutup dan semua air cucian makanan dan basuhan disalurkan kedalam loingkang tersebut.

    Dlm musim kering air longkang tidak bergerak serta mengeluarkan bau busuk yg amat sangat dan tikus2 pula membiak didalam longkang tersebut dan diatas tanah.

    Seharusnya pihak DBKL mesti proaktif, jangan hanya peniaga mempamerkan sijil mereka pernah hadir kursus persiapan makanan tetapi pengetahuan mereka mengenai kebersihan tidak ada langsung.

    Terima kasih.


  277. Yaacob

    Sdr AdamMalik

    Terima kasih sekali lagi atas maklum balas sdr.

    Saya bersetuju dengan cadangan sdr yang di kira amat praktikal supaya diadakan gotongroyong dengan penglibatan semua pihak.

    Saya akan cuba berbincang dengan pihak DBKL bagi mengerak persatuan-persatuan penduduk dan pihak peniaga sendiri untuk menjayakan rancangan tersebut.

    Walaubagaimana pun apa yang lebih penting ialah sikap kita terhadap kebersihan itu sendiri. Sekiranya masyarakat kita lebih prehatin dengan isu-isu kebersihan ini maka sudah tentu masalah kokotoran di tempat awam ini akan dapat kita kurangkan ke tahap yang paling minima. Jika tidak, kita sentiasa berhadapan dengan isu kebersihan and tindakan gotong royong tidak boleh menyelesaikan masalah kerbersihan. saya amat berharap bahawa semua penduduk-penduduk kawasan berkerja sama dalam isu kerbersihan. Kebersihan adalah tangung jawab kepada semua penduk-penduduk bukan khasnya kepada DBKL dan pihak berkuasa lain.

    Saya amat berharap cadangan sdr itu akan mendapat respon yang baik dari semua pihak.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  278. Passenger

    Dear MP,
    I do not realize all your efforts until i found this page. Good job and keep it up. Maybe there should be a web that could links all MP in Malaysia.

    i have few suggestion for you, no offensive:
    1. I would suggest you “market” this website with simple banner etc, otherwise, people may not appreciate your contribution if you work quietly.
    2. It would also be good if there is a section where you can focus more on lower level:residents problems (e.g infrastructure, cleanliness, safety etc) rather high level of national / political issues.

    All the best!

  279. Pen

    Dear YB Wee,

    There are a lot of high-rise buildings in wangsa maju & now more n more. All the resident/purchaser for the buidling including me are currently facing a lot of Building management (JMB) issues / problems. JMB corruption, conflict of interest, self profit +++ many more issues. COB law & staffs are not really giving much help on it. Dear YB, Please take this as urgent matters & it needs to be resolve a.s.a.p. bec one residential building at least occupy by >= 200 units houses. Hope you can bring us some hope, thanks.

    I have drop you an email(yangberkhimat@yahoo.com) regarding the issues we facing.

    SOS :~~~


  280. The Residents of Zone 4 MPKJ

    Every Majlis Perbandaran in Selangor is divided into 24 Zones and each Zone is taken care by an Ahli Majlis.

    In MPKJ every Ahli Majlis is paid RM 1750 per month to
    their individual name to setup a service center in the Zone they in-charge.

    DAP Ahli Majlis Lee Kee Hiong is in charge of Zone 4. But she did not setup any service center in Zone 4 since she became Ahli Majlis some 3 years ago until now.

    Instead she claimed she is using DAP Bandar Mahkota Cheras branch’s service center which is located at Zone 6 of MPKJ as her service center.

    Zone 6 is in charge by another Ahli Majlis Tan Boon Wah and he has already setup a service centre in the same location where DAP branch is located.

    If Lee Kee Hiong said DAP Branch is use by her as her service center, than Zone 6 is having two Ahli Majlis service center.

    This is very wrong as the money is paid to her to serve the people at Zone 4, which is very very wrong.

    And she must answer whether she is still taking RM1750 per month that suppose to be used to setup and maintain a service centre in Zone 4 every month.

    The people in MPKJ Zone 4 feel she do not carry out her duty to serve the people here.

    And we have the right to know where is all the money, i.e.

    i) RM1750 per month for service center
    ii) RM20000 per year mesra rakyat allocation
    iii) RM150000 per year infrastructure allocation

    that suppose to be used for Zone 4 gone to for the past 3 years.

    We felt she owe us the answer.

    We saw YB Choo Keong expose Lee Kee Hiong mis-conduct in Parlianment before and therefore we hope YB Choo Keong can help us to find out the answer even though you are not our Ahli Parliament as we have exhausted fighting for our right.

    Thank you YB.

  281. Abie

    mohon bantuan keadaan jalan berlubang di Jalan Sungai Mulia berhadapan pintu masuk DBKL Cawangan Wangsa Maju.
    terdapat 2 lubang yang dalam amat merbahaya kepada pengguna jalanraya.

    Terima Kasih

  282. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat sdr.

    Pagi ini saya telah pun melapurkan aduan sdr kepada pihak DBKL Wangsa Maju dan pegawai yang berkenaan maklumkan kepada saya bahawa arahan telah pun dikeluarkan supaya masalah jalan berlubang tersebut diperbaiki dengan segera.

    Saya berharap dalam masa terdekat ini masalah tersebut akan dapat diatasi demi menjaga keselamatan kepada penguna-penguna jalan raya. Adalah amat hairan pihak DBKL gagal mengatasi masalah yang wujud di depan mata mereka! Oleh demikian, pejabat kami tidak hairan kenapakah sdr perlu mengadu kepada kami perkara-perkara sebegini – nampak remeh temeh tetapi penting untuk rakyat. DBKL menjadikan pejabat kami sebagai mandur mereka dan mereka (pejabat kawasan DBKL) sebagai pejabat pos untuk memaklum kepada pejabat-pejabat tertentu. Inilah akibatnya!

    Walaubagaimanapun saya mengucapkan terima kasih atas maklumat tuan.

    sekian, terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  283. Yaacob


    Hari ini saya telah dimaklumkan oleh pegawai DBKL kawasan Wangsa Maju bahawa tindakan telah diambil terhadap aduan sdr mengenai jalan yang berlubang dimana pihak DBKL telah pun membaiki jalan-jalan yang berlubang tersebut sebagaimana aduan sdr semalam.

    Dengan ini saya berharap penguna-penguna jalan raya akan merasa lebih selamat apabila mengunakan jalan tersebut.

    Saya juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak DBKL kawasan Wangsa Maju yang telah dengan segera mengambil tindakan memperbaiki jalan tersebut demi keselamatan kepada penguna-penguna jalan raya dan orang awam.

    Saya berharap bahawa pihak DBKL akam perihatin dan memantau jalan-jalan di kawasan Wangsa Maju supaya menurangkan aduan seperti ini.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  284. Berkas Ahli Majlis MBSA

    There are two key witness who know Ean Yang & Lee Kee Hiong modus operandi and they must be called by Teoh Beng Hock RCI:

    1. KA Ramu, Former Ahli Majlis of Hulu Selangor
    2. Tan Boon Wah, Ahli Majlis of MPKJ

    These will expose how Lee Kee Hiong instructed Teoh Beng Hock:

    1. To mark up the invoice in quantity and value
    2. To fabricate the invoice

    To make claim from ADUN allocation using Lee Kee Hiong’s uncle Lee Wye Wing’s companies letterhead.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Maxis Mobile.

  285. mohsin

    mengenai jalan berlubang dipersimpangan masuk blok A1 dan blok B seksyen 1,wangsa maju.terdapat dua lubang diatas jalan yang menyusahkan para pengguna.ramai yang dah terlanggar dan masuk kedalam lubang tersebut.
    diharap pihak dbkl dapat menyelesaikan masalah secepat mungkin kerana perkara ini dah lama berlaku.

    diharap pihak majlis pengurusan sampah blok A,seksyen 1 wangsa maju dapat menguruskan longokan sampah disekitar tong sampah bersebelahan blok A3,seksyen 1 wangsa maju.
    perkara ini sudah lama berlaku.

  286. FY Lim

    Please check out the fraudulent GT200 bomb detector involving her and the Thai generals – they are defiant even after PM Abhisit’s ordering of a neutral blind test proved GT2000 is totally useless, and after British Govt. arrested a director of the U.K manufacturer for misrepresentation and banning the export of the device (as reported by BBC)… Thai PM Abhisit is embarrassed and has ordered the govt to stop purchasing new units – but Thai generals & Pornthip just ignored him.

    All in all, Thai authorities purchased closed to 900 units of this empty plastic box with antenna (costing US$ 30+ thousand each), and Dr. Pornthip is the strongest advocate, citing its fraudulent effectiveness to oust the Chief Police Officer (Thaksin’s) and supporting the Military’s claim of Burmese refugees carrying explosive on their boats.





    Dr. Pornthip made herself popular in Thailand with high-profile cases (some of them citing the effectiveness of GT200 detector) against Thaksin govt.
    But now that the GT200 detector has been proven be fraudulent, many Red-Shirts are bitter and angry (even some yellow-shirts start questioning her credibility), she has been silent during the Red-Shirt protest even though many victims were shot dead by snipers. It’s obvious whose side she’s on.

    And to think of some Malaysians making a big fuss inviting her over to testify in Teoh Beng Hock’s case…..they are either blinded or choose to ignore for personal political gain.

  287. and

    Dear YB,
    Exit at Chong Hwa School at Jalan Gombak. The road to the school si very small. two way income vehicles will squeeze student and pedestrian to the wall. Please do something as for the safety of the student and predestrian.

    Exit road thru pirvate land is bad full of pot holes. Resident is very unhappy as the government have not done anything to smoothen traffic over the resident area. The resident can even open the gate with such heavy traffic.


    1. weechookeong

      Thank you Goldenhoper.

      I am fully aware of the problems. I did give the matter a thought and I must confess that great inconveniences might be caused to the residents.

      since you have brought up this matter, I shall make a request to DBKL to make this a one way system. As for widening of the said road it will involved land acquisition of the land owned by Chung Hwa and the UOA apartment. This might cause a problem.

      I do agree with you that the safety of the school children must come first. In the premises, I shall take it up with DBKL in making the road as a one way street.

      Thank you for your feed backs.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  288. Fong Pen

    Here, we would like special thanks to our Yang Berhomat Mr Wee Choo Keong for attending the EGM, helping us on chairing the meeting, assistant on COB issues & all the advices. We really very much appreciate. Once again, a big thanks to YB Mr Wee Choo Keong.

    Diamond Regency New JMB

  289. KK Lim

    KK Lim
    With reference to the below, it’s been almost a year now but no solution still?
    Hopefully, YB can do something about it.

    KK Lim
    I would like to highlight the below problem which I had sent to YB back in March 2010 but until now still no news on the below matter.


    KK Lim (25/3/10)
    Hi YB,
    When I first moved here to Teratai Mewah Apartment back in 2002, I noticed that there are 2 public bus companies that are serving this area (Len Seng & Intrakota).

    Back in 2008, I had written to RapidKL about their bus services for the residents of Teratai Mewah Apartment but their reply was to wait for route restructuring. Now, already 2010 but no news from RapidKL on this matter.

    It’s quite difficult for residents as they need to walk to Chong Hwa school or either to KFC in Jalan Genting Klang for using the public transport.

    Can YB look into this matter.


    Yaacob (Reply 31/3/10)
    KK LIM

    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr. untuk makluman sdr, saya telah pun menghubungi Syarikat Rapid KL dan bercakap dengan pegawai yang berkenaan.

    Pihak Rapid KL bersedia mempertimbangan aduan sdr bagi menyambung semula perhidmatan bus di kawasan berkenaan. Dan surat rasmi telah pun di hantar kepada pihak Rapid KL bagi tujuan tersebut.

    Saya berharap dalam masa yang terdekat ini, maklum balas dari pihak Rapid KL akan di terima. YB akan follow up perkara ini dengan Rapid KL.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

    1. weechookeong

      KK LIM dan penduduk-penduduk di Teratai Mewah, Danau Kota, Setapak Indah dan kawasan-kawsan sekitar.

      Terima kasih atas komen dan teguran sdr.
      Saya menerima semua komen dan teguran sdr dengan hati terbuka dan berlapang dada, dan menerima sebarang kesalahan dan kesilapan adalah atas kelemahan dan kekurangan diri saya juga.

      Untuk maklumat semua saya di beritahu oleh Pihak Rapid KL, memang telah ada perkhidmatan bas di kawasan Taman Setapak iaitu bas no. T 205 dimana kekerapannya 40-50 minit. Saya juga dimaklumkan oleh pihak Rapid KL bahawa laluan di kawasan Teratai Mewah Apartment tidak dapat diadakan buat masa ini kerana masalah halangan lalulintas di kawasan berkenaan terutamanya di kawasan pasar dimana kereta-kereta awam yang diletakan dikiri kanan jalan menyebabkan bas tidak boleh membuat pusingan “u”.

      Pihak Rapid KL sebenarnya telah mencuba beberapa kali laluan tersebut tetapi masalah halangan lalulintas ini masih menjadi masalah utama. Keadaan yang serupa juga berlaku di kawasan perumahan Setapak Indah dimana masalah halangan lalulintas oleh kenderaan awam menjadikan laluan menjadi sempit terutamanya di Kg Wira Jaya yang boleh mendatangkan bahaya kepada orang awam di sebabkan laluan yang terlalu sempit.

      Saya memohon maaf kerana maklumat di atas tidak dimaklumkan kepada sdr kerana saya terlepas pandang disebabkan beberapa perkara yang tidak dapat dielakan dan ini tidaklah bermakna saya cuba untuk mencari alasan kerana masalah sdr juga adalah penting dalam urusan harian saya dan dengan ini saya memohon maaf di atas semua kelewatan atau kegagalan dalam menyelesaikan masalah-masalah yang sdr dan lain-lain penduduk sampaikan melalui pejabat Yang Berhormat.

      Dengan sesungguhnya saya memohon maaf secara silatulrahim dan saya jadikan semua teguran dan komen sdr untuk kebaikan diri saya dalam menjalankan tugas yang diamanah oleh Yang Berhormat kepada saya.

      Terima kasih

      Yaacob Abd Hamid
      Pembantu Kepada
      YB Wee Choo Keong

  290. Pantau

    salam sejahtera…banyak kedai mesin permainan yang ada unsur perjudian didalam kawasan rampai busines centre.
    musim cuti sekolah ni ramai pelajar-pelajar serta orang tua memasuKi premis tersebut.

    diharap pihak bertanggungjawab dapat menangani masalah ini secepat mungkin terutama PDRM dan DBKL

  291. Fong Pen

    Beside that, we would like special thanks to En Yaacob and frens who assist on our JMB issues. We really very much appreciate. thank u so much.Terima Kasih banyak-banyak

    Diamond Regency New JMB

  292. khairul izani bin yusop

    Hi YB,

    Mnta penjelasan YB mengenai Hospital angkatan tentera ( wangsa maju) yg baru2 ini telah memberhentikan perkhidmatan kepada org awam dgn alasan org awam terlalu ramai,wal hal bila tiada rawatan dr pihak tentera dr@nurse yg terlibat hanya duduk smbil mmbaca paper,sy rasa benda ini harus diperhalusi,seperti mereka boleh memberi perkhidmatan kpd org awam,tetapi keutamaan lebih diberi kpd pihak tentera,misalnya kaunter yg berbeza atau sebagainya harap YB dpt membela nasib kami di wangsa maju untuk terus maju

    1. weechookeong

      Penjelasan pihak pentadbiran Hospital Tentera Tuanku Mirzan: daripada Koperal Jackson adalah seperti berikut:

      Atas arahan Kementerian Pertahanan setelah mendapat banyak rungutan dari anggota tentera yang sedang bertugas dan yang tinggal di kawasan sekitar Kem Kementah yang sukar mendapatkan rawatan kerana sebelum ini klinik pesakit luar di tempatkan di Kem berkenaan, maka Jabatan pesakit luar Hospital Tentera Tuanku Mirzan telah di pindahkan semula ke Kem Kementah Di Jalan Gurney bagi memberikan rawatan kepada anggota-anggota tentera di Kem berkenaan.

      Walaubagaimana pun pihak Hospital masih menerima kes-kes kecemasan untuk penduduk-penduduk sekitar dimana pesakit boleh merujuk terus ke Jabatan Kecemasan Hospital berkenaan.

      Pihak saya telah mengemukakan sepucxuk surat kepada Hospital tersebut untuk mengesahkan jawapan diatas. Jawapan dari pihak pihak tersebut akan di panjangkan kepada tuan sekiranya tuan dapat memaklumkan alamat kepada Pembantu Khas, En Yacob – talipon no: 41433322.

      Terima kasih atas maklumat tuan.

  293. Zulkifli Mohd Aris

    Dear MP Wee,

    My name is Zulkifli Mohd Aris and currently staying in Wangsa Maju under your constitution.

    I would like to point out about the road condition at the traffic light junction Jalan Mohd Yatim Yahaya (heading towards Jalan Jelatek). It has been quite a while and the road condition there is not “proper” for cars and motorcycles. There are lumps or harden concrete and it is quite difficult for cars and motorcycles to maneuver. Also the road at the traffic light at Wangsa Walk Mall. I have been staying in Wangsa Maju for 18 years and I love staying in Wangsa Maju as it is very convenient. MP Wee, please drive yourself through this road and experience it yourself. I have to do it everyday and quite a number of years.
    Many Thanks
    Zulkifli Mohd Aris

  294. Yaacob

    Zulkifli Mohd Aris

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Saya telah pun menghubungi pihak DBKL Wangsa Maju berkenaan aduan sdr dan saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa aduan sdr mengenai Jalan Mohd Yatim Yahaya bukan di dalam Parlimen Wangsa Maju tetapi di dalam kawasan Setiawangsa. Jadi tidak banyak yang boleh kami bantu.

    Walaubagaimana pun pihak DBKL Wangsa Maju akan memanjangkan aduan tersebut ke pihak DBKL Setiawangsa untuk tindakan selanjutnya. Saya juga telah menulis surat rasmi berkenaan dengan aduan sdr.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  295. Azman

    YB Tuan Wee,

    Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

    Aduan mengenai pasar pagi di Taman Desa Setapak yang mengganggu ketenteraman penduduk

    Saya berhasrat untuk membuat aduan mengenai pasar pagi yang beroperasi berdekatan dengan kediaman saya. (Lokasi bertentangan dengan Restoran mamak sBRJ )

    Berikut adalah sebab aduan ini:

    1) Pasar pagi yang dikatakan itu beroperasi dari hari Selasa hingga Sabtu dari jam 5.30 pagi sehingga 11.00 pagi seringkali mengganggu ketenteraman hidup disebabkan bunyi bising daripada penjaja dan pengunjung di awal pagi dan ianya dibuka amat berhampiran dengan rumah kediaman.

    2) Operasi pasar tersebut selalunya meninggalkan sampah sarap dan sisa buangan berupa sayur, daging dan barangan reput. Ini menghasilkan bau busuk dan dikhuatiri meningkatkan risiko jangkitan penyakit berbahaya kerana sampah sarap yang ditinggalkan menarik perhatian vektor penyakit seperti tikus.

    3) Pasar pagi tersebut bukan sahaja mengganggu kenteteraman dan mengotorkan kawasan persekitaran malahan disebabkan sikap penjaja yang tidak bertoleransi meletakkan gerai mereka di atas jalan raya menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas.

    4) Saya mendapat tahu bahawa terdapat gerai menjual daging khizir di pasar pagi ini. Situasi ini amat tidak menyenangkan saya dan penduduk Muslim yang lain.

    Dengan itu saya berharap pihak tuan akan mengambil tindakan serta merta untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang sudah lama membelenggu penduduk di taman ini. Dengan itu saya sertakan sekian terima kasih kepada pihak tuan.

    Terima kasih.
    Penduduk tidak selesa di Desa Setapak

  296. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat tuan.

    Untuk makluman tuan masalah pasar pagi ini telah pun dilapurkan kepada pihak DBKL atas aduan penduduk-penduduk sebelum ini dimana aktiviti pasar pagi ini telah menyebabkan kacau ganggu kepada penduduk-penduduk sekitar.

    Untuk makluman tuan juga, isu sebenar disini ialah tapak pasar pagi ini tidak pernah di gazetkan sebagai tapak pasar pagi justeru itu pihak kami telah pun menulis surat kepada DBKL supaya pematauan berterusan sekurang-kurang untuk 2 minggu dapat dilakukan supaya peniaga-peniaga tanpa lesen boleh dikawal dan seterusnya boleh menghentikan aktiviti-aktiviti pasar pagi di kawasan tersebut.

    Pihak kami dimaklumkan bahawa pihak DBKL telah pun mengeluarkan notis dan kompaun kepada peniaga-peniaga tanpa lesen dan dijangkakan tindakan yang lebih keras akan diambil oleh pihak DBKL dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Berkenaan dengan penjualan daging khinzir di pasar tersebut bukanlah suatu isu besar sekiranya peniaga tersebut mengikut syarat dan peraturan yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak berkuasa. Yang Berhormat sendiri menjelaskan, sebagai contoh di Negeri Kelantan penjualan daging khinzir di pasar-pasar pagi bukanlah dibuat di kawasan tertutup. Jadinya saya berharap kita sama-sama menghormati sensitiviti kaum-kaum lain selagi ianya tidak melanggar syarat dan peraturan yang sedia ada. Apa pun pihak kami mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih di atas makluman tuan.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  297. pemuda wm

    terima kasih setingginya kepada anggota skim rondaan sukarela(SRS),anggota polis serta pasukan rela wangsa maju,seksyen 1 yang menjalankan tugas dengan sebaiknya.

    diharap juga para anggota skim rondaan sukarela(SRS)wangsa maju seksyen 1 serta anggota polis dan pasukan rela lebih beramah mesra dan profesional semasa menjalankan tugas bagi memastikan kawasan ini bebas dari sebarang jenayah.

    keprihatinan dan keikhlasan anda kebanggaan warga penduduk bandar baru wangsa maju,seksyen 1.

  298. sabar je lah

    bila rasanya rumah flet wangsa maju,seksyen 1 akan dicat kembali.blok A – F?
    sudah lebih 20tahun tidak dicat.nak tunggu pihak pengurusan sampai bila?nak tunggu dapat semua pembayaran yang tertungak baru nak cat ke?

    dulu dalam kempen pilihanraya kata kalau menang akan cat semua blok diseksyen 1 ini!cakaplah awal-awal yang ini semua perlu kelulusan kewangan dari kerajaan.

  299. Yaacob

    Sdr Sabar Je la

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Terlebih dahulu pihak kami ingin menjelaskan beberapa kekeliruan yang timbul semasa kempen pilihanraya yang lepas, dimana pihak Yang Berhormat tidak berjanji untuk mengecat semula perumahan Flat Wangsa Maju seperti mana yang Sdr nyatakan. Ini adalah kerana pihak Yang Berhormat sedia maklum ianya akan melibatkan banyak pihak serta kos yang amat tinggi. Dan kekeliruan ini mungkin disebabkan oleh pihak-pihak lain yang cuba menimbulkan kekeliruan kepada penduduk-penduduk khasnya di Parlimen Wangsa Maju.

    Berkenaan aduan Sdr, pihak kami dimaklumkan bahawa Perumahan tersebut adalah di bawah tanggungjawab JMB, maka pihak JMB seharusnya mengambil tindakan untuk mengecat semula perumahan tersebut. Dan agak sukar sekiranya perkara ini di serahkan terus kepada pihak DBKL sahaja. Ini adalah di sebabkan perumahan ini di bawah tanggungjawab pihk JMB. Keadaan ini tidak adil kepada penduduk-penduduk di perumahan lain. Sedangkan pihak DBKL sendiri masih banyak kawasan perumahan awam yang mesti diberikan keutamaan.

    Walaubagaimana pun pihak kami berharap pihak JMB akan bertanggung jawab dalam perkara ini. Dan pihak kami juga bersedia bagi pihak penduduk-penduduk untuk memohon kepada pihak JMB supaya di pertimbangkan permintaan untuk mengecat semula perumahan tersebut.

    Pihak kami amat berharap supaya Sdr dapat datang ke Pejabat kami supaya kita boleh memikirkan dan mencari jalan terbaik untuk mengatasi masalah berkenaan. Dan sekiranya Sdr perlukan maklumat lanjut boleh lah menghubungi pihak kami di no. 0341433322.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  300. sabar je lah

    YB WCK memang xberjanji tapi DSAI berjanji didalam kempen pilihanraya yang lepas.ini tiada apa-apa kekeliruaan yang sebenarnya.saya sendiri tahu akan masalah yang dihadapai oleh JMB.mengenai masalah tunggakan terhadap pembeli yang menyewakan rumah mereka dikawasan wangsa maju,seksyen 1.

    pihak JMB nak tunggu sampai semua tunggakan dijelaskan nampaknya sampai bila-bila pun tak kan dapat kerana ini adalah salah satu sikap masyarakat warga kota yang mengabaikan tanggungjawab serta cara pemikiran mereka.

    saya juga berharap agar pihak JMB dapat mencari jalan yang terbaik bagi menangani isu tersebut supaya bagi mereka yang membuat bayaran yang penuh tidak terjejas oleh pihak yang tidak membuat bayaran serta nak tunggu sampai bila baru pihak JMB dapat mengutip semua bayaran yang tertunggak selama hari ini.

    masalah dalaman ini telah lama berlaku sebenarnya dan diharap warga penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 dapat membuka mata mengenai masalah ini.

    saya mohon maaf sekiranya ada pihak yang tak senang dangan tulisan ini.
    niat saya ikhlas bagi membantu para penduduk wangsa maju,seksyen 1 ini sebenarnya.saya adalah penduduk yang tinggal lebih kurang 25tahun dikawasan ini.

  301. bakar

    Sememangnya itulah sikap DSAI (Dauk Seri Anwar Ibrahim), sentiasa beranggapan beliau adalah Perdana Menteri. Sentiasa berjanji kepada rakyat hanya semata-mata untuk menyedapkan hati rakyat. Kerana yakin rakyat akan menyokong beliau. Kemana saja beliau pergi akan menaburkan sejuta janji-janji manis menjadi hidangan lunak meracuni pemikiran rakyat. Tetapi semua janji-jnji tidak ditunaikan. Inilah DSAI untuk rakyat!

    Ini lah bahaya kalau kita sentiasa berfikiran kita lebih hebat dari orang lain. Inilah jadinya kalau kita hanya memikirkan kepentingan politik dan akhirnya rakyat juga yang akan menerima padahnya. Banyak contoh janji-janji hebat beliau kalau nak tulis tetapi tentunya rakyat sudah maklum perkara ini.

    Saya setuju dengan Sdr yang mengakui perkara tersebut dan membetulkan kenyataan sdr. Inilah sikap yang perlu ada pada setiap daripada kita. Tiada salahnya mengakui kesilapan kita. Bukan seperti mereka.

    Saya antara pengundi yang mengikuti ceramah YB di kebanyakan tempat semasa PR 12 yang lalu termasuklah semasa berkempen di Tmn Melati tapak pasar malam.

    Saya memang yakin YB tidak pernah berjanji perkara-perkara yang mustahil ditunaikan. Tetapi beliau sangup membawa perkara-perkara yang melibatkan rakyat hingga ke parlimen. Dan saya tau beliau memang berperanan baik di parlimen. Banyak kementerian kena tegur, termasuklah DBKL dan Astro.

    Tahniah Sdr YB teruskan peranan YB di Parlimen. Blog YB blog suara rakyat. Rakyat sentiasa memerhatikan samada parlimen yang bebas atau di kawal !!.

    Teruskan Sdr!.

  302. sabar je lah

    terima kasih diatas pandangan saudara bakar..saya cuma inginkan kawasan perumahan sekitar wangsa maju,seksyen 1 terjaga dan diambil peduli oleh pihak yang bertanggungjawab.

    kalau selama hari ni pun,apa yang umno bahagian wangsa maju membantu penduduk-penduduk disini.dari ketua bahagian yang lama sehinggalah sekarang.penduduk serta pemuda dan pemudi hanya diguna pakai sebaik mungkin juga.pernah ke ketua bahagian turun padang secara mengejut untuk melihat pra-masalah yang kami hadapi selama ini.

    sama sahaja sebenarnya kehidupan ini,yang diatas terus kaya yang dibawah terus miskin jadi kenalilah diri sendiri dan berfikiran positif selalu.

  303. bengang giler

    semalam malam saya baru balik menonton perlawanan bolasepak malaysia vs singapura distadium bukit jalil.semasa menuju pulang kerumah diwangsa maju,saya bersama rakan telah ditahan oleh anggota polis dari balai wangsa maju,setapak dan kepong berhampiran rampai bussines centre.

    kami ditahan dan disoal siasat seperti penjenayah.saya berasa amat tidak puas hati disebabkan perkara tersebut.anggota polis tersebut tidak ada disiplin serta terlalu kurang ajar semasa menahan kami.kami dilepaskan kerana tiada masalah dan saya bertanya akan apa kesalahan kami dan jawapannya adalah suka-suka sahaja.

    apa yang cuba saya sampaikan disini adalah,bukan semua orang ramai itu pesalah atau penjenayah.cuba-cubalah beramah mesra sedikit apabila menahan orang ramai dan cuba tunjukkan sikap yang profesional sebagai anggota polis.jangan nak keras kepala serta berlagak pandai.

    kepada semua ketua balai,tolonglah ajar anak buah anda cara hormati orang ramai.bukan semua orang tu boleh terima cara begini.silap haribulan,lain pula yang jadi nanti.kalau tak tahan kerja banyak,berhenti je jadi anggota polis.

  304. Yacob

    Sdr bengang giler

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan makluman Sdr.

    Pihak kami turut bersimpati dengan apa yang Sdr lalui sekiranya benar sebagaimana yang Sdr nyatakan. Pihak kami merasakan keadaan sedemikian tidak sepatutnya berlaku apatah lagi oleh sebuah agensi kerajaan yang dipertangunggjawabkan untuk menjaga keselamatan awam.

    Namun begitu pihak kami juga berharap perkara ini bukanlah memberikan gambaran sebenar kepada pasukan polis yang pihak kami yakin dan percaya bahawa pihak polis sentiasa menjalankan tugas mereka dengan cara Profesional. Kita juga sedia maklum bahawa pihak polis sentiasa berhadapan dengan risiko semasa menjalankan tugas menjaga keamanan awam. Tetapi itu bukan alasan untuk bersikap tidak mesra kepada orang awam.

    Walaubagaimana pun pihak kami telah menulis surat kepada pihak polis Wangsa Maju supaya perkara diambil perhatian demi menjaga hubungan baik yang sedia terjalin antara pihak polis dan orang awam.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  305. bengang sudah surut

    terima kasih diatas keprihatinan pihak tuan.disini saya ingin katakan sekali lagi bahawa kejadian tersebut adalah benar dan bukan sengaja diada-adakan.
    saya sudah menetap selama 26 tahun diwangsa maju ini.

    saya sekali laqi ingin memohon maaf sekiranya ada pihak yang rasa tersinggung dengan kenyataan ini serta saya juga berniat ikhlas dan bukan ada apa-apa agenda kepentingan diri sendiri atau dihasut.

    apa-apa pun,saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada YB dan pembantu tuan kerana sudi menegahkan perihal isu ini.

  306. Anonymous

    complaint : rubbish throwing on the empty field of DBKL
    Location : Jalan Kuning 5, Ayer panas setapak

    the rubbish were throw next to my residence, due that my house have lots of mosquito.

    the rubbish were throw by neighbour due to reason below:
    1. DBKL are not collecting rubbish on time (experience 1 week not collecting rubbish)
    2. a lot of dogs were surounding the residence, it biting the rubbish around. due that neighbour prefer throwing rubbish to empty field instead front house.

    appreciate if you can seriously look into the complaint above and look forward to hear your further action.

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I regret to learn about rubbish has not been collected regularly in your area, which may not in Wangsa Maju but Setiawangsa.

      It has been a long time in Wangsa Maju that we have not heard about poor rubbish collection. Of course, this was not an excuse. Rest assured that regardless of your area is in Wangsa Maju or not, we shall follow up with Alam Flora tomorrow morning on your complaint.

      It would be appreciated if you would call En Yacob, my Personal assistant, on 012-2186929 or 41433322 for more information so that we can solve your problems in a more efficient way.

      Thank you.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  307. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Merujuk kepada aduan Sdr, pihak Alam Flora telah bertindak segera dengan pergi ke lokasi yang Sdr nyatakan tetapi pegawai yang berkenaan menyatakan tidak ada sampah-sampah yang belum dikutip oleh lori Alam Flora. Beliau menyatakan hanya ada 7-8 bungkusan plastik sampah baru yang masih belum diangkat.

    Oleh yang demikian pihak kami amat berharap supaya Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no 41433322 bagi mendapatkan maklumat lanjut lokasi sebenar sampah sarap tersebut. Dengan maklumat tersebut pihak Alam Flora akan lebih mudah untuk mengambil tindakan terus ke lokasi dan tindakan susulan bagi menyelesaikan masalah sampah sarap yang tidak dikutip mengikut jadual yang ditetapkan.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  308. iman

    salam sejahtera

    saya terpanggil untuk memaklumkan di kawasan saya tinggal sering kali berlaku kerosakkan lif, perkara ini berlaku setiap minggu. Bayangkan bagi mereka yg ddk di tingkat atas 17- 6, jika turun mungkin tidak mengapa tp bila nak naik semula….. RENUNGKAN…..Tidak dinafikan pihak yg berwajib melakukan penyelenggaraan, namun kerosakan tetap berlaku. Masalah terbaru 1 daripada 3 lif telah rosak akibat perbuatan Vadalisme.mungkin ada inisiatif yg perlu dan lebih baik untuk menangani masalah ini.

    Apabila masalah ini berlaku, akan timbul lg masalah lain antaranya:-
    1. Sisa buangan dr rumah( SAMPAH) pasti akan ada pada setiap tingkat, yg menjejaskan pemandangan (kotor)
    2. Kepada warga Emas, memberi kesukaran turun naik berurusan harian
    3.Masa puncak, ketika pergi dan balik sekolah mahu pun kerja. JEM……

    1 lagi masalah ialah sikap sesetengah penghuni yang sering membaling objek2 tertentu dr atas yg membahayakan keselamatan orang lain. seringkali berlaku cermin kenderaan pecah akibat perbuatan tersebut.

    cadangan saya:-
    Bolehkah kiranya, memasang CCTV di dalam lif dan kawasan persekitarannya yg difikirkan perlu bagi mengenal pasti mereka yg sering melakukan kesalah dan menjamin keselamatan semua pihak.

    Harapan saya supa masalah ini dalam perhatian tuan.Terima Kasih.

    Blok B
    PPR kg Baru Air Panas

    1. weechookeong


      Terima kasih sdr.

      Kami akan check aduan sdr. Yang pertama, kami perlu menentukan bahawa PPR Air Panas adalah dalam kawasan Wangsa Maju. Jika tidak, kami akan cuba dengan sedaya upaya untuk memberi apa-apa bantuan. walaubagaimanpun kami akan memaklum kepada cawangan DBKL aduan sdr dan memohon mereka mengambil tindakan yang sewarjanya.

      Saya ingin mengunakan sempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Berbuka Puasa kepada sdr dan keluarga, dan umat Islam yang lain.

      Sekian teima kaish.

      wee choo keong

  309. Yaacob

    Sdr iman

    Terima kasih atas aduan maklumat Sdr.

    Untuk makluman Sdr PPR Air Panas bukan lah di dalam kawasan Parlimen Wangsa Maju dan tidak banyak yang dapat kami bantu.

    Pihak kami telah cuba menghubungi DBKl Setiawangsa untuk melapurkan aduan Sdr tetapi tiada jawapan dan dimaklumkan bahawa hari sabtu hari cuti. Kami akan menghubungi semula pada hari isnin nanti.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  310. Fathi Ahmad SHah

    YB, saya dan ramai rakan-rakan lain bersetuju dan menyokong perjuangan YB untuk memastikan bahawa sebarang deal antara Airasia dan MAS hendaklah memastikan keuntungan kepada Negara dan bukannya kepada syarikat perniagaan individu.

    Harap YB dapat membawa isu ini ke Parliment dan membongkar hidden agenda berkepentingan sendiri.

    Ramai yang was-was berhubung deal ini, ia lebih banyak memberi faedah intengible kepada Airasia, terutama apabila perjanjian ini menaikkan harga IPO AIrasia X dan memberi keyakinan kepada pelabur asing tentang masa depan airasia X, dan yang lucunya, khazanah kemudia akan membeli share Airasia x, padahal kerana perjanjian dengan MAS yang menyebabkan harga IPO airasia X bernilai tinggi, sepatutnya khazanah diberi discount untuk memiliki share airasia X.


    On paper dan ayat yang digunakan memang nampak cantik dan bagus..tetapi nampak macam ada yang meragukan.

    1) Kenapa Nilai pertukaran saham disandarkan berdasarkan nilai spekulasi bukan berdasarkan nilai aset dan hutang kedua-dua syarikat…cuba perhatikan pergerakan saham…semasa perbincangan sedang dijalankan saham Airasia meningkat naik dan dan saham Mas meningkat turun…ini bermakna bahawa ketika penentuan harga saham, saham airasia tinggi dan Mas rendah dan ini menjadi faktor utama kenapa Tune Air mendapat 20.5 peratus dalam MAS dan MAS cuma mendapat 10% dalam Airasia…dan selepas perjanjian itu saham Airasia turun (nilai pegangan khazanah turun tetapi saham MAS naik, nilai pegangan Tune Air Naik…Tony untung)
    2) Air Asia X mengalami persoalan tentang ketentuan dalam operasi masa depan mereka dan menjadi halangan dalam usaha mereka untuk menyenaraikan Air Asia X dan bagi mendapat harga yang baik, Perjanjian ini telah membantu Air Asia X memecahkan kebuntuan ini dengan mencanagkan kepada pelabur luar bahawa mereka mempunyai masa depan yang cerah terutama berjaya mematikan persaingan dari MAS, serta harapan cerah untuk mendapat hak pendaratan.

    3)Agak aneh apabila 2 pegawai Eksekutif Airasia , dilantik menduduki jawatankuasa Exco MAS. Adakah khazanah percaya dan yakin bahawa kedua-dua mereka akan membuat keputusan yang lebih menguntungkan MAS dari Airasia apabila perlu membuat sesuatu keputusan kritikal yang melibatkan kedua-dua pihak pernerbangan.Dimana dalam pihak perngurusan dan eksekutif tertinggi Airasia tiada ada seorang pun wakil MAS yang mempunyai kuasa untuk memastikan bahawa keputusan dalam Airasia tidak merugikan atau bersaing dengan MAS.

    4) Dari segi apakah yang MAS dapat manafaat dari AIRASIA, secara umum hampir semua bidang kolibrasi dengan nyata MAS mempunyai kelebihan berbandingan dengan Airasia.

    5)Adakah ini bermakna bahawa firefly tidak akan menjadi penerbangan komuniti tambang murah? Maka Airasia berjaya melenyapkan persaing mereka, dengan cara mengubah konsep syarikat penerbangan firefly dengan menggunakan cadangan datang dari khazanah atau Exco pengurusan MAS.

    6)Apakah perjanjian ini betul betul memberi manafaat kepada MAS atau lebih kepada menjadi tunggangan Tune Air untuk mencapai impian besar mereka.

    7)Sekiranya sekarang ini saya masih boleh berpeluang untuk terbang dengan menggunakan MAS pada harga yang lebih rendah dari Airasia dan mendapat layanan 5 bintang, adakah dengan perjanjian ini maka MAS hanya untuk mereka yang membayar harga premiuem sahaja? Adakah ini bermakna rakyat biasa sukar menaiki syarikat penerbangan negara melainkan membayar harga premium?
    8)Adakah firefly masih dibenarkan menawarkan harga tiket rendah seperti sekarang yang nyata lebih baik dari AIRASIA dan masih memberi khidmat dan layanan yang lebih baik dari AIRASIA.(Snack,minuman,check-in barangan,ketepatan waktu)

    9)Adakah perjanjian ini diadakan demi kebaikan MAS atau kerana kecekapan sesetengah pihak yang pandai melobi?

    10)Adakah Wakil Airasia didalam pengurusan MAS boleh berlaku jujur dan ikhlas untuk menguntungkan MAS dengan mengorbankan keuntungan peribadi, Kerana wakil Airasia akan mendapat lebih untung jika keputusan yang dibuat memenangkan AIRASIA, apalah dengan pegangan 20.5% dalam MAS jika dibandingkan dengan pegangan meraka dalam airasia, Ini jelas conflict of interest.

    .Tony tidak akan bersetuju untuk membernarkan firefly meneruskan konsep yg sedia ada, ini adalah demi kebaikan Airasia bukan untuk kebaikan firefly.
    MAS terlalu lebih mantap dari segi jaringan dan networking,cuma MAS tak cekap melobi dan “boost” macam Tony. Even Tony mengaku sebelum ini beliau sibuk meloby..sekarang baru nak buat kerja.

    Selamat berjuang YB.

    Nota: Saya memohon maaf kerana saya mengeluarkan no talipon sdr dari komen untuk mengelakkan panggilan-panggilan tidak diingini.

  311. Yaacob

    Sdr iman

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Merujuk kepada aduan Sdr sebagaimana jawapan saya di ruangan ‘isu untuk MP’ bertarikh 20.8.2011, dimaklumkan bahawa kawasan perumahan Sdr bukan di dalam Parlimen Wangsa Maju, ianya di dalam Parlimen Setiawangsa. Jadinya tidak bayak yang dapat kami bantu.

    Pihak kami telah cuba untuk menghubungi pihak DBKL Setiawangsa pada 20.8.2011 sebagaimana yang saya janjikan, tetapi pengurus berkenaan gagal dihubungi bagi mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut kerana urusan mesyuarat di Ibu Pejabat DBKL.

    Walaubagaimana pun sebagai tindakan seterusnya pihak kami telah menulis surat kepada pihak DBKL Setiawangsa dan melapurkan sebagaimana aduan Sdr. Pihak kami akan cuba mendapatkan maklumat selanjutnya dan akan memaklumkan kepada Sdr. sekiranya Sdr memerlukan maklumat lanjut, Sdr boleh menghubungi saya di no 03 41433322.

    Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri kepada Sdr dan keluarga.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  312. Jessica

    Dear YB

    I am the resident of Prima Setapak 2 (PS II). Gombak view and facing Chong Hwa School.

    I would appreciate if you could look into the following noise problem that we facing from Chong Hwa School.

    1. The sound system is to LOUD
    – The school is having assembly every day (before 7.30am)
    We, the residents of PS II (Gombak view) CAN HEAR clearly the teachers’ speech and etc.
    -The school always play music or chinese song before the assembly (morning and afternoon)!
    – Those speeches and songs always wake us up from the sleep!
    -We never have a good sleep early in the morning (mon-fri)!!!!!

    2. Lion dance practice
    – The lion dance practice is carry every sunday from 1pm to 4pm or 5pm (sometime even later than 5pm)!
    – The noise from the lion dance is really irritating!
    We can’t rest well and take a nap on sunday afternoon.
    – From what I observe from my unit’s balcony, sometimes only a student is practising/ playing the drum. Other students just playing/ running around in the school. They are not really practising on lion dance

    We really hope that the school can lower the volume of the sound system.
    The school do not need to turn the sound system at such a high volume!
    As long as the students can hear the speech and etc! it is sufficient ENOUGH!

    We hope that the duration lion dance practise can be reduced to 2 hours, instead of 4-5 hours on Sunday!
    If the student were to practice the drum only..then please have the practice in the closed classroom!

    We also hope that the practice of music instrument can be held in the classroom TOO!
    The practice of music instrument is normally carry on Saturday early morning which disturd our saturday sleep too!!!!

    We are unable to tolerate with noise from the school anymore!!!!!

    Some tenants actually move out from PS II due to the NOISE POLLUTION from the school!

    We really hope that YB Wee can discuss this matter with the school as soon as possible!

    Thank you very much!
    We hope that we can have peaceful days soon!

    1. weechookeong


      Your comments are noted. I will call the school tomorrow to relay your concerns and request the school to lower the volume. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my PA, En Yakob, at 41433322 or hp no: 0122186929.

      Please come and enjoy the food at your truly open house tonight at Platinum Walk from 8 pm onward till late. Lets makan and party with Papa Rock, Ramli Sarip and Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      Wee choo keong

  313. Jessica

    Dear YB

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    As at this morning, Chong Hwa Secondary School (Jalan Gombak) still haven’t lower volume of the sound system.
    We still can hear clearly the song (play before the assembly) and the speeches given by the teachers.

    We really hope that YB can contact the school again to discuss on this matter.

    A big thank you to you, YB Wee for organising the Raya Open House on Mon, 26 Sep 2011. Well done!
    Nice to meet you in person! : )

    Have a great day!

    1. weechookeong

      Hi Jessica

      Thank you so much for coming to the open house. I am glad that you and your friends had an enjoyable evening.

      Will try my best to get the co-operations from the management of the Chung Hwa School.

      Will revert as soon as I received the responds.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  314. pekerja swasta wm

    salam sejahtera…budget 2012 hanya yang kaya bertambah kaya,yang miskin bertambah miskin.kami yang pekerja swasta tetap macam biasa juga.
    nak buat pinjaman perumahan atau pinjaman kereta mesti ada masalah.

    skim perumahan pertama juga semuanya temberang je.cuba pergi mana-mana bank untuk membuat pembelian rumah serta pinjaman masih samar-samar proses pembelian.harga rumah terlalu mahal.kalau ada hanya rumah flet sahaja.itupun dihujung tanjung seperti bukit beruntung atau tasik biru,sg.buloh.jadi kami ini yang nak membeli rumah teres hanya boleh berangan-angan sahajalah sampai mati.

    bil astro naik lagi.cukai kerajaan sampai 6%…menyusahkan golongan perpendapatan rendah je..astro pembohong!

    menteri apa yang tahu,ada pemandu sendiri,pembantu rumah sendiri..bukan mereka yang pergi pasarpun..semua ada pembantu…harga barangan semuanya naik…apa lah kerajaan ni..makin menyusahkan rakyat je.

    kakitangan kerajaan hanya pandai minta kenaikkan gaji dan bonus sahaja!!!
    (bukan semua)..perkhidmatan masih ditakuk lama.cuba lihat JPJ wangsa maju,JPJ padang jawa dan macam-macam lagi.kalau pergi ke kementerian di putrajaya,mereka hanya duduk berlakon sahaja buat kerja.semua doq layan facebook sahaja…

    hari-hari berita pasal politik?…yang kami ini tetap macam ini juga.gaji kecil,barangan semuanya mahal.menteri bolehlah gaji besar..apa yang mereka tahu..hanya pandai cakap je…sudahlahhh…..

    kerajaan tak lihat ke semua perkara ini…atau pejam sebelah mata je???

  315. ayah ketipang

    salam 1Malaysia…saya bersetuju sangat dengan pandangan saudara diatas mengenai masalah tersebut.sebenarnya masalah inilah yang kebanyakkan pekerja swasta yang berpendapatan rendah alami selama ini.

    budget 2012 yang dibentangkan hanyalah untuk pihak kerajaan sahaja.dimana pembelaan pekerja swasta selama ini?

    yang dah kaya bertambah kaya dan yang miskin bertambah miskin sehingga akhir hayat.

  316. Anonymous

    macam mana nak mohon beli rumah untuk skim perumahan pertama?
    kalau basic gaji rendah , lagilah susah nak buat pinjaman ini !
    pihak bank pun tak nak luluskan.

    kalau basic bawah RM1,500 , macam mana nak buat permohonan untuk rumah yang berharga RM250,000 kebawah ? cakap memang mudah semuanya tapi yang menanggung semua ini?…….

    1. weechookeong


      Untuk makluman Saudara, di dalam Bajet 2012, Kerajaan Malaysia telah memperkenalkan Skim Rumah Pertamaku melalui Cagamas Berhad bagi membantu golongan berpendapatan rendah serta graduan yang baru mula bekerja untuk memilik rumah pertama sendiri.

      Skim ini memberi jaminan pinjamin 100% bagi pembelian rumah pertama yang berharga tidak melebihi RM220,000-00 dan pendapatan sekeluarga yang kurang dari RM3,000.00 sebulan.

      Juga, skim ini memberi rebet 50% terhadap duti setem dalam surat perjanjian jual-beli serta surat perjanjian pinjaman rumah bagi pembelian pemilik rumah pertama yang tidak melebihi RM350,00.00.

      Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari laman web http://www.treasury.gov.my atau menghubungi 1-800-88-2012 talian tol bebas untuk perkhidmatan pertanyaan yang berkhidmat dari pukul 9 pagi hingga 5 petang dari hari Isnin sehingga Jumaat atau melalui emel ke belanjawan2012@treasury.gov.my.

      Sekian, terima kasih

      Selamat bercuti kepada sdr dna keluarga.

      yang ikhlas

      wee choo keong

  317. pak cik hasan

    selamat pagi dan salam sejahtera .

    saya telah menghubungi pihak MOF dan disini kesimpulannya kami yang berpendapatn rendah tetap kena membayar penjaman perumahan . contoh harga rumah RM250,000 . pinjaman selama 30tahun ( bulanan kena bayar RM1,259.94 )

    kalau gaji bersih pun dapat RM1,500 , macam mana kami nak menampung perbelanjaan kos sara hidup yang tinggi sekarang ini ???

    cuma xperlu bayar untuk deposit 10% dan duti setem serta duit yuran guaman sahaja.jadi apa yang membantu golongan berpendapatan rendah seperti kami ini?.

    itu bagi yang bergaji RM1,500 , cuba bayangkan gaji yang RM1,200 kebawah?
    apa pihak perbendaharaan malaysia (bahagian pinjaman perumahan) nak membantu dan memberi pinjaman tersebut ?

    niat saya cuma ikhlas demi anak-anak kita semua yang berpendapatan rendah serta gaji dibawah RM1200 .

  318. zany

    can i know who is the person incharge for the rubbish collection in wangsa maju section 2? The rubbish just left there whitout aby collection and now awful smell is all around as as soon as we open our front door. Can somebody please incharge of this? This is a serious issue. Thanks

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Zany,

      Alam Flora is responsible for rubbish collection but for flats/apartment where there are JMB then it is the responsibility of the JMB to collect all the rubbish and put them to the rumah sampan. Alam Flora will collect the rubbish from the rumah sampah. Please let us know the exact location complained of or please call my personal assistant, En Yakob, at 41433322 or 0122186929. we will do our best to assist.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  319. zany

    the garbage area is just directly oposite the cyber cafe of V2 (infront of metroview ) the garbage can be seen from the main road & it is just beside block B2, can you please kindly help us settle the garbage problem as soon as possible? we can even smell it from block B1 & it is really disgusting since flies & mosquitoes are all over

  320. Anonymous


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Sampah Tidak di Kutip Di Blok B2, Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju.

    Pagi ini pihak kami telah pun menghubungi pihak Alam Flora dan melapurkan aduan Sdr. Pihak Alam Flora menjelaskan akan buat tinjuan dengan seberapa segera dan akan mengambil serta membesihkan sampah-sampah berkenaan sekiranya ianya adalah berada dalam kawasan rumah sampah.

    Walaubagaimana pun pihak kami amat berharap supaya pihak Sdr boleh menghubungi kami dan memaklumkan dengan tepat lokasi sampah tersebut bagi memudahkan pihak Alam Flora mengambil tindakan segera dan berkesan. Dan pihak kami akan cuba membantu seberapa yang boleh sekiranya sampah tersebut berada di kawasan tanggungjawab pihak Pengurusan perumahan.

    Pihak kami akan memaklumkan kepada Sdr sekiranya mendapat maklum balas dari pihak Alam Flora dan Kami boleh dihubungi di no 41433322 atau 0122186929.

    Terima Kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  321. Yaacob


    Sampah Tidak di Kutip Di Blok B2, Metro view, Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju.

    Merujuk kepada aduan Sdr, pihak Alam Flora baru sahaja mengesahkan bahawa selepas tinjauan di blok B2, kawasan tersebut adalah di bawah kawalan dan tanggungjawab pihak Pengurusan Perumahan.

    Oleh yang demikian, kami berharap pihak Sdr juga boleh melapurkan aduan tersebut kepada pihak Pengurusan dimana pihak Pengurusan telah melantik kontraktor tertentu bagi kerja-kerja mengutip sampah-sampah di kawasan perumahan untuk di kumpul di pusat-pusat pengumpulan sampah iaitu di rumah sampah.Anda dan penduduk-penduduk perumahan membayar yuran kepada Pengurusan Perumahan dan mereka bertangungjawab untuk menjaga masalah pembersihan dalam kawasan perumahan tersebut.

    Pihak kami mencuba menghubungi pihak Pengurusan untuk memaklumkan aduan Sdr supaya tindakan membersihkan sampah-sampah tersebut dapat dilakukan. Untuk maklumat lanjut Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no. 41433322 atau 0122186929. Untuk masa sekarang, sila melampurkan masalah sampah sarap ini kepada Pengurusan Perumahan.

    Terima Kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  322. zany

    the exact location is block B2, section 2, jalan 4/27a, 53300 wangsa maju, kl. I would be so much appreciate that if you can forward this issue to the right management cause they had been disregarded this issue for long time.

    by the way, could you kindly provide me the contact to Pengurusan Perumahan? Thank you so much for the quick reply.

  323. Yaacob


    Sampah Tidak Dikutip Di Block B2, jalan 4/27A, Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju

    Merujuk kepada aduan Sdr, pihak kami telah mendapat persetujuan dari pihak Alam Flora untuk membantu mengutip sampah-sampah di blok B2 tersebut pada besok hari.

    Untuk makluman Sdr dan penduduk-penduduk sekitar bahawa pihak kami telah berusaha mendapatkan kerjasama dari pihak Alam Flora untuk mengutip sampah di kawasan tersebut walaupun pihak kami tahu agak sukar dimana pihak Alam Flora sendiri mempunyai banyak tugas yang perlu dibereskan. walaupun kerja-kerja kutipan sampah tersebut bukan lah tanggungjawab pihak Alam Flora.

    Pihak Alam Flora hanya akan mengutip dan membersihkan sampah tersebut untuk sekali ini sahaja supaya masalah tersebut dapat diatasi kerana pemintaan dari Pejabat kami. Pihak Pengurusan Perumahan (Management Committee – MC) perlu menguruskan jadual kutipan sampah pada hari berikunya. Ini adalah tanggung jawap mereka.

    Pihak kami mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak Alam Flora kerana telah sudi membantu atas sikap keprihatinan terhadap kebersihan kepada penduduk-penduduk sekitar.

    Sekiranya pihak Sdr memerlukan maklumat lanjut, boleh menghubungi saya di no 41433322 atau 0122186929.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  324. Wee Choo Keong


    Please be informed that I have managed to get assistance from Alam Flora to clear the rubbish from your housing area. I had to plea with Alam Flora to assist because of health reason. Please be informed that it is the responsibility of your Management Committee (MC) to ensure the collections of rubbish to the rumah sampan. I hope that this will be the last time because I may have problem in asking Alam Flora for help next time.

    Please take this matter up with your MC. You are paying monthly subscription to your MC so please get them to carry out their responsibility.

    i would like to thank Alam Flora officers in Wangsa Maju in particular Tuan Ramlan, who has been very helpful all these years. Once again thank you Alam Flora for performing your social responsibility.

    Thank you

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  325. zany

    Thank you for your quick response. I will inform the owner to talk with the management as soon as possible to prevent this kind of issue happen next time.

    Once again. Thank you so much.

  326. jan

    I am getting very frustrated having to use the stretch of road, Jalan Genting Klang from the junction Putra LRT to UTAR which has been filled with lotsa patholes !! This situation has been there for ages !!! Its a nuisance and frankly i believe its very dangerous to motorists especially when they have to suddenly slow down to avoid these patholes. When will this road be patholes free ???????

    1. weechookeong

      Dear jan

      Thank you for your comments.

      I have been informed that DBKL will commence the road project for this stretch of Jalan Genting Kelang in December. I am still trying to get an exact date of the commencement of work.

      I share the same concerns as you do.

      Thank you. Have a nice day.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  327. pak cik harun

    salam sejahtera ,

    bila agaknya DSAI dan pengurusan PKR nak membantu dan menolong penduduk serta mencari jalan untuk mengecat blok-blok flet di wangsa maju seksyen 1 seperti yang diucapkan pada ceramah beliau pada pilihanraya yang lalu .

    nama dahulu Bandar Baru Wangsa Maju dah jadi rumah flet wangsa maju pulak..heheee….

    nak tunggu pihak pengurusan dan ahli majlis macam biasa lah , pembeli tidak membayar wang penyelenggaraan sepenuhnya.habis tu kalau tak bayar , sampai kesudah lah tak akan mengecat blok-blok di wangsa maju seksyen 1 ini.

    apa jalan penyelesaian nya ??? . ..dari tahun 1986 hingga kini ???

  328. zany

    As refer to the issue mentioned
    Uncollected garbage at Block B2, jalan 4/27A, Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju

    sir mentioned before that you already get assistance from Alam Flora to clear the rubbish right? but it’s already been 2 days but the rubbish stil there.

    may i know are they coming to clear it?

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Zany

      I believe that you must have read our posting on the subject matter that Alam Flora has gone to clear the rubbish that was dumped in the housing area (not in the rumah sampah). Alam Flora used three lorries to collect them. It was a difficult exercise for Alam Flora as the dumping place is not accessible by lorries and they had to use many workers to hand carried them. Due to this exercise there were delay for the collection of rubbish in other areas. Please be informed that it was not he responsibility of Alam Flora to to collect the rubbish dumped not in the rumah sampah.

      The residents paid their monthly subscriptions to the MC and this is the duty of the MC to collect the rubbish and put them in the rumah sampan for collection by Alam Flora. Please complain to the MC of your block and pressure them to carry out their responsibility.

      I very much regret that I am unable to do further than what we have done in this matter. We have also sent a letter to the MC asking the MC to carry out their responsibility. Please call En Yakob, my personal assistant, at 012-2186929 or 41433322 and he will be able to brief you on the matter and give you the our letter to the MC.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  329. alang

    salam sejahtera , saya begitu tertarik mengenai masalah dan aduan pak cik harun . saya juga adalah salah seorang penduduk lama di wangsa maju , seksyen 1 ini . mungkin masalah ini adalah remeh temeh bagi sesetengah pihak tapi bagi kami perkara ini perlu diperjuangkan kepada pihak yang bertanggungjawab . mungkin boleh mencari jalan penyelesaian untuk menyelesaikan hajat dan cita-cita penduduk disini untuk melihat rumah pangsa wangsa majau . seksyen 1 dicat kembali setelah sekian lama .

  330. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Untuk maklumat Sdr, pihak kami amat memahami hasrat dan keinginan pihak Sdr dan lain-lain penduduk untuk melihat rumah kediaman digantikan dengan cat baru supaya kehidupan lebih selesa dan terjamin.

    Namun begitu agak sukar pihak kami untuk membantu Sdr dalam hal sedemikian memandangkan perumahan Sdr adalah dibawah tanggungjawab pihak MC/ Pengurusan perumahan ditempat Sdr. Pihak MC seharusnya mempunyai peruntukan kewangan untuk mengecat semula perumahan yang berada dibawah tanggungjawab mereka dan menyedari perkara ini pasti akan berlaku bila sampai masanya dimana perumahan tersebut perlu dicat semula.

    Pihak kami sedia membantu penduduk-penduduk untuk berbincang dengan pihak MC dan mencari cara terbaik kepada semua pihak supaya perumahan tersebut boleh dicat semula. Kami setuju dengan pandangan Sdr, usaha perlu dimulakan dari sekarang walaupun akan memakan masa agak lama. Kami berharap Sdr boleh menghubungi kami bagi mendapatkan maklumat lanjut. Hubungi kami di no. 41433322 atau 0122186929.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu khas kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  331. Anonymous

    salam sejahtera . semalam saya pergi ke zoo negara bersama keluarga . saya mendapati terlalu teruk pengurusan pihak zoo negara kerana tidak menjaga kebersihan didalam kawasan tersebut . pemandangan yang amat sedih serta amat kotor sekali . diharap pihak yang bertanggungjawab dapat memperbaiki kemudahan asas dan menjaga persekitaran serta membaiki landskap taman demi masa hadapan .

  332. God of Anti Gambler

    Dear MP,

    Under your governance in recent years, Genting Klang alone now has more than 10 illegal online casinos, pubs, massage parlours even karaoke with prostitution services. Majority customers are TARC students, Chinese youth generation.

    Gong Hei Fat Choi!

    1. weechookeong

      God of Anti Gambler

      Thank you for your information. Please call my PA En Yacob (012-2186929) and give him more particulars so that actions can be taken. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family.

      Thank you>


      wee choo keong

  333. God of Anti Gambler

    Dear MP,

    I admire that you’re the former MP of Bukit Bintang with vast experience dealing with vice issues and politically in a complex area. I believed GK where I was born and raised at will be positive area under your lead in the years to come. I’ll be glad to serve your constituency given the opportunity.

    1. weechookeong

      God of Anti-Gambler

      Thank you for your comments.

      Please call En Yacob or send e-mail direct to me at weechookeong@gmail.com. please rest assured that whatever information you give me will be treated with utmost confidentiality. your identity will also be kept strictly confidential too. please send an e-mail to me with your contact number and I will call you.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  334. cedric

    Dear MP,

    The road condition in my housing area has worsen over the years
    I am staying in Section 2, Wangsa Maju and I notice that there’s been no action taken by any parties to resolve this.
    There are potholes leading from the secondary school all the way to the residential area where I am staying.

    I would like your kind attention to bring this matter up with the correct authority.


  335. pemuda merayu pinjaman

    salam sejahtera ,

    susah betul bagi pekerja swasta yang ingin memohon pinjaman peribadi . pihak bank mahu gaji pokok RM2,500 keatas . jadi bagi pekerja swasta yang mempunyai gaji pokok RM2,000 ke bawah macam mana ?

    diharap pihak-pihak yang bertanggung jawab dapat membantu kami ini .

  336. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Pihak kami sentiasa memantau aduan berkenaan dengan jalan-jalan yang rosak dan berlubang di Wangsa Maju dan sentiasa berhubung dengan pihak DBKL bagi memastikan aduan-aduan penduduk diambil tindakan.

    Oleh kerana itu kami memohon jasabaik Sdr untuk menghubungi pejabat kami bagi mengetahui kawasan sebenar berlaku jalan rosak dan berlubang bagi memudahkan pihak kami melapurkan lokasi sebenar aduan Sdr kepada pihak DBKL.

    Untuk maklumat Sdr pihak DBKL dalam proses membaik pulih mana-mana jalan di kenal pasti menghadapi masalah kerosakan atau berlubang justeru itu pihak kami amat berharap Sdr boleh menghubungi kami supaya boleh mengetahui di kawasan mana sebenar berlaku kerosakan tersebut untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

    Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no 41433322 atau 0122186929

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu khas kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  337. dear MP
    kawasan hutan di section 10 sudah di tebang (dekat trafic light)
    sekarang pagar di buat.. tanpa papan tanda apa pun… ???
    adakah projek ini sudah approve oleh dbkl?

    habis la hutan lagi…. sedih sungguh….

    encik wan
    wangsa maju section 10
    03 41422094

  338. Yaacob

    mr wan

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr.

    Untuk makluman Sdr, Seksyen 10 bukan terletak dalam Parlimen Wangsa Maju jadi agar sukar pihak kami untuk membantu. Walaubagaimana pun oleh kerana Sdr telah membuat aduan di blog Yang Berhormat, pihak kami akan cuba membantu setakat mana yang boleh.

    Pihak kami telah menulis surat kepada DBKL Setiawangsa bagi mendapatkan jawapan terhadap aduan sebagaimana yang dilapurkan oleh Sdr dan diharap persoalan tersebut akan ada penjelasanya dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Pihak kami akan memaklumkan semula kepada Sdr sekiranya mendapat jawapan dari pihak DBKL. Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no 41433322 atau 0122186929 untuk maklumat lanjut

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  339. Hubert Lee

    YB Wee,

    Sir, we are currently facing problems with our water supply. It is said that some authorities are fixing/repairing/checking our water source/pipes. It has been OVER 24 hours since the last drop of water came. During the time of this post, it was the 2nd day of our “water-less daily life”. Sir, are you able to help us solve this problem? We are really frustrated, not only ME alone, sir. I’m sure EVERYONE, including students, aunties, uncles etc of this area are frustrated as well.

    I’m Hubert Lee, sending this on behalf of Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2, Taman Desa Setapak.

    Hubert Lee,
    Taman Desa Setapak,
    Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2.

    THANK YOU sir.

    1. weechookeong

      Hubert Lee

      Can you please call En Yakob at his handphone 012-2186929 anytime now and he will attend to it. I am in overseas at the moment.

      I regret that i am so helpless from London.

      Please call En Yakob and I am sure that he will be able to asset you in whatever way he could.

      THank you.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  340. yeak sh

    YB, what i am about to ask may not be a national issue but needed to be ask anyway.

    can you get somebody from the traffic department to station a police at jalan 2/27A traffic light (hilly road at corner of jusco just below the wangsa maju mosque) or at least put a camera there. the reason i am requesting this as the drivers/motorcyclist seems to ignore the traffic light there. there are endangering the lives of pedestrians crosssing this road. these drivers doesnt give a damn that they may knock into somebody. they dont bother to stop at red light! the traffic light may as well be not there! get somebody to station there one morning and you will see what i mean.

    you can contact me via email.

  341. Anonymous

    Miss Danau Kota

    Recently , my house was broken in by irresponsible robbers. Last month was my neighbour who lives next two block. It seems that crimes of snatch,robbery and house breaking in have become common and those crimes will keep increasing . I realized that Malaysians have become to an extend ” oh ,its fine no one got hurt , injured or its fine everyone is still alive” . If this continues , it does mean ” ok robbers , u can take whatever you want , but not our lives” . We work hard to get our own money,buy asset and things.In some cases,sentimental value of one we love,from one who is no longer alive.
    Shall we allow robbers to get all these????
    It should be a response of ” We shall get together with our society , police and volunteer groups to reduce this crime!” , “We shall not let the robber continue doing this to others! “…This is a big difference with Malaysian society and Japanese society ,where I used to stay in Japan for years.
    According to few sources , many cases are recorded daily for “pecah rumah” all over setapak. Recently Tmn Melati , Danau Kota , Taman Setapak listed as black area.
    Perhaps , YB can help in organizing campaigns for all people with police officers to fight against residential crime cases .When it comes to “volunteer” , people `s mindset is busy. How can we expect from police to do the whole work to monitor list of housing area all around the clock?
    I guess ” we have to be concern not only for individual but for the neighbourhood.All must work together to fight the crimes”

    Kindly please look into this YB..

    Sadly written,

    1. weechookeong

      Miss Danau Kota

      Thank you for your comments.

      I regret to note about your bad experiences of your house being burgled. I share yours and many other Malaysians sentiment on crimes.

      In fact, I have organized for a dialogue with the police last year where all the department heads from the District Police Station (Sentul) came to my office. Many issues were brought up by the residents. I believe that the police in Wangsa Maju has beefed up their crime prevention activities. However, it may not be enough because of the police/citizen ratio is not satisfactory. In Europe the correct police/citizen ratio should 1 officer to 300 citizen but in Malaysia the number is as high as 1 officer to 3,000. Crime prevention is the duty of all members of the society and police. It can only be reduced drastically when it is made into our national agenda. I believe the police is trying very hard to arrest the situation but there is a problems of insufficient man power. I have on numerous occasions brought up in Parliament with regards to this matter.

      I really am glad that as a result of my constant engagement in Parliamentary debate concerning the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Wangsa Maju polio station has been upgraded to Grade A where the police personnel have been double in number. If I am not mistaken the number has been increase from 60 to 140 officers. Of course, this was not satisfactory in view of the population of about 200,000 residents for the Wangsa Maju police area. I will definitely do my best to plea the the Minister of Home Affairs to look into the unacceptable increase in crime rate for Wangsa Maju area.Parliament will be sitting next week (12-3-2012) I will definitely do my best to express your concerned about the crime rate in the area.

      If you are free, please come over to my service centre on Wednesday night after *:30 pm. Please call my personal assistant, En Yaccob, at 012-2186929 for further information.

      Once again, I really am sorry to hear about your bad experiences.

      THank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  342. Yaacob

    Miss Danau Kota

    Terima kasih atas maklumat Sdri.

    Saya telah diarahkan oleh YB untuk meneliti perkara yang dibangkitkan sebagaimana aduan Sdri.

    Untuk maklumat Sdri dan lain-lain penduduk, melalui program NKRA pihak polis telah mengenal pasti kawasan-kawasan dimana kadar berlakunya jenayah adalah tinggi. Kawasan-kawasan ini dinamakan “hot spots” atau “kawasan panas”. Antara kawasan-kawasan terlibat termasuklah Danau Kota/ setapak Indah.

    Di kawasan-kawasan tersebut di tugaskan satu pasukan khas polis bagi mengawal keselamatan awam dan memantau sebarang kejadian jenayah yang berlaku. Kerana itu kita boleh lihat terdapatnya kenderaan/ Van polis diletakan ditepi-tepi jalan di kawasan-kawasan yang sering dikaitkan dengan kejadian jenayah. Antara tindakan pihak polis adalah dengan meningkatkan rondaan anggota polis, sekatan jalanraya serta pemantauan berterusan anggota polis tidak beruniform( SB).

    Dimaklumkan seberang kejadian jenayah yang berlaku akan dilapurkan terus kepada pihak Bukit Aman.

    Pihak kami berharap maklumat diatas akan dapat memberikan penjelasan berhubung dengan tindakan pihak polis dalam mengawal keselamatan awam terutamanya di kawasan-kawasan kediaman dan mengelakan dari berlakunya kejadian jenayah ketahap paling minima.

    Pihak kami berharap pihak Sdri boleh menghubungi kami bagi mendapatkan maklumat lanjut yang mana boleh membantu pihak polis supaya tindakan yang lebih berkesan dapat diambil. Sila hubungi kami di no 41433322 atau 0122186929

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  343. Pengguna Jalan Genting Kelang Harian

    salam sejahtera , diharap pihak tuan serta DBKL dapat memantau mengenai masalah yang kami hadapi di jalan genting kelang setiap hari terutama diwaktu kemuncak .
    saya berharap sangat agar pihak tuan dapat turun padang sendiri untuk menyelesaikan masalah aliran perjalanan dari wangsa maju ke pusat bandar.




  344. Yaacob

    Pengguna Jalan Genting Kelang Harian

    Terima kasih atas aduan dan maklumat Sdr

    Merujuk kepada aduan Sdr, Pihak kami telah menghubungi pihak DBKL dan melapurkan berkenaan aduan sdr.

    Untuk makluman Sdr pihak DBKL sentiasa memantau keadaan aliran trafik di Jalan Genting Kelang dengan mengambil tindakan saman dan menunda mana-mana kenderaan yang masih berdegil meletakan kenderaan mereka di tepi-tepi jalan.

    Pihak kami juga telah menulis surat rasmi kepada pihak DBKL supaya tindakan yang lebih berkesan dapat dilakukan dengan meletakan anggota pengguatkuasa pada waktu sering berlakunya kesesakan jalan raya. Tindakan ini diharap boleh mengelakan kenderaan diletakan di tepi-tepi jalan dan melancarkan aliran trafik.

    Untuk maklumat lanjut Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no 41433322 atau 0122186929

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  345. Anonymous

    Dear YB,

    We need proper basketball courts in a well-maintained condition. I am a young voter, if you can take care of the basketball courts, I will take care of your seat!

    Many thanks.

    Section 2, Wangsa Maju

  346. Johnny

    Dear YB,

    The Chinese Restaurant: Wai Yat Penang Hawker Centres has been blasting its music while cleaning the restaurants every night. This is such a selfish action and nothing to do with their customers.

    Because their workers think is alright to blast their music, we have to all bare with it seven days a week, i seriously thought that is very wrong.

    Hope you could speak with them.

    P/S, they are blasting their music as I type this msg.


    Metroview Condo, Section 2, Wangsa Maju

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your information.

      We will do what we can to stop such disturbance. Please call my assist En yacob at 0122186929 or office no: 41433322.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

    2. weechookeong

      Dear Johnny

      May I refer to your complaint of the other day.

      Please be informed that my PA, En Yacob, has just spoken to the person in charge of Wai Yat Penang Hawker Centres and sought his co-operation regarding noise level after midnight. The person in charge has agreed to keep the noise level down.

      If you are still experience the same problems please call En Yacob at 0122186929 and we will take the necessary actions to stop it as every body must have hte right to quiet enjoyment of their home after a good day work.

      Good night to you and family.

      Thank you.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  347. weechookeong

    Dear me

    I have sent to you an email but it was also bounced> I am sorry that i have stopped using that email address yangberkhidmat@yahoo.com. I will registering another one and have it posted in the blog. In the interim, please post in the comment your correct e-mail address and I hsall contact you. Please be assured that your e-mail address will not be for public consumption.

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  348. Janet Hue

    Dear YB Wee Choo Keong,

    Security and car park for visitors to Uptown Bazaar Night market Danaukota.

    1. There has been many incidents of house break-ins, snatch thieves in our residential area i.e Taman Danaukota. Even our car parked outside our gate has been broken into.

    2. the Uptown Danaukota bazaar night market which operates from Wednesday nights to Sundays from 10.30 pm to 4.00 pm is causing us much inconvenience and problems as the visitors to night market would double park their cars in front of our houses and even infront of our gate, which hinders us from driving in or out of our own house in case of emergency.
    When we approach them,’they’ are bold and rude to us; these ‘visitors’ would disturb our dogs and provoke them. Thus causing our dogs to bark unnecessarily which disturb our neighbours.
    After they have ‘shopped’ to go back into theirs cars, they litter along the roads with no consideration to our neighbourhood. Could you kindly look into the relocation of the bazaar away from our neighbourhood so that we can continue to live peacefully.

    Thank you,


    1. weechookeong

      Janet Hue

      Thank you or your comment/complaint.

      The DBKL is aware of the problems of Danau Kota. Eversince I got elected as MP, I have brought this matter to the attention of Parliament and DBKL on many occasions and as a result of which the trading days have been cut down by two days in a week. During the meeting between Datuk Bandar and the MPs, it has been agreed that DBKL is looking for an alternative site for the traders. I know that DBKL has found an alternative site behind the Petronas station Jalan Genting Kelang. DBKL officers are going through the process of getting feed back fro the residents and shopkeepers.

      I will check on what is the status the relocation of the Pasar Malam Uptown Danau Kota and will post the answer here.

      I regret that the people can be so inconsiderate and caused so much problems to the residents. I will do my level best to relocate the pasar malam.

      May I wish you and your family a pleasant weekend.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  349. Anonymous

    dear wee choo keong
    may i know lesen bergerak still available for apply? besides that, i have apply lesen statik for berniaga at jalan melinja which infront of tarc, but the application has been rejected. any suggestion or way to get a lesen to do the hawker business?

    Jalan melinja 1,
    taman bunga raya

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comment/question.

      I will check for you on Monday and revert. Please call my PA En Yaacob at 012-2186929 or 41433322.

      thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  350. Adzuan Haji Basir

    Salam Sejahtera & Salam 1Malaysia,

    Saya ingin melaporkan Kesulitan Rakyat yang mengalami gangguan bekalan air sehingga saat ini memasuki tiga (3) hari di Seksyen 4, Wangsa Maju.

    Kunjungan YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong dijangka mampu mengurangkan bebanan mereka.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  351. aaronljx

    Dear MP,

    I am a resident of PV10 and do not posses my own vehicle therefore I ride the public transport to work everyday and that involves also bus. In order for me to get home after work, I take the bus from LRT station and stop at Jln Genting Klang opposite Platinum 128 (overtime,chatime shop). I have to cross the road and it is very dangerous to cross especially during peak hours which is often the time that I reach there after work. In addition to that, the Jln Genting Klang as the name implies is not just merely a mainroad but in fact it is actually a highway as described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genting_Klang%E2%80%93Pahang_Highway

    I hope that measures could be taken to enable us the pedestrians to cross Jln Genting Klang safely especially since now that the population around that area has increased tremendously due to completion of several condominiums. I’d suggest that a pedestrian bridge be built near there as bumps and zebra crossing will be quite ineffective in that situation. I hope you really look into this issue because in order to cross the road safely, i have to usually do so further down Jln Genting Klang (around public bank) where there is a pedestrian bridge. But the downside is that it takes me approximately 20 mins to get home and lots of walking.


    Aaron Lim

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Aaron

      Thank you for your comments.

      Pedestrian bridge was part of the original plan of widening of Jln Genting Kelang Project. It was abandoned for reason best known to DBKL. In fact, I have been requesting DBKL to build a pedestrian bridges around the area that you mentioned. I will definitely bring it up in the meeting with Datuk Bandar. In the mean time, I will also write to DBKL to express your concerns.

      Thnak you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

      1. Dear MP Wee,

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I hope that the Mayor will seriously look into this issue. Preemptive measure is always better than corrective action before anything happens to the pedestrians crossing Jln Genting Klang.

        Thank you.

      2. weechookeong


        It may take a bit of time due to the bureaucracy in DBKL.I will do my best to assist in this matter.

        Thank you.


        wee choo keong

  352. MAS admirer

    S’gor hands memo on Syabas operations takeover to Putrajaya.

    YB what is this all about? Who is right and who is not? We Selangorians do not want to be victimised and suffer of the latter pridicament.
    If what our Selangor State Gov claim is right then this will be the tip of the iceberg just like what is going on in GLC like MAS.

  353. Paul Seo Kuok Sing

    Dear respected YB,
    I stay at Tmn sri rampai, all the while, a lot of garbage trucks parked illegally in tmn sri rampai, Jalan 46/26, can u do something about it ? Thanks a lot.
    Paul 0126355286

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Paul Seo Kuok Sing

      Please be informed that Taman Sri Rampai is not within Wangsa Maju. However, I will do my best to assist you.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  354. Anonymous

    Dear MP,

    Im writing as a concerned resident and sub-committee leader in objection of the proposed development of 3 blocks, 26 storey apartments in the Wangsa Maju Section 10 Forest area. Shortly before the Hari Raya holidays a signboard was put up by DBKL stating that this development is being proposed with a density increase of 60ppa to 319ppa and objections will be accepted for a period of 14 days. Based on objections that were handed in during that period we were called for a hearing which was carried out yesterday at 230pm at the DBKL Office in Jalan Raja Laut. This hearing, however did not give the opportunity to us, the residents to really object the development but rather discussed ways by which we can improve the development.

    With all due respect, MP, this upcoming development has 721 units and will cause unimaginable congestion to this area, not to mention our quality of life in this area that will be terribly compromised as a result of social impact, traffic which leads to stress and danger of landslides due to this high dense development on a hillside area. At this point, Wangsa Maju Section 10 is already at risk of over congestion and future difficulties with the development of the tourism hospital and Hedgeford’s shop lots which will in a matter of time remove more that half of what’s left of our green lung in this area.

    DBKL chairperson at the hearing yesterday, Dato Zulkifli stated that 28% of green lung will be remained at this future development site area in excess of the 10% requirement by DBKL, we the residents wish to express our disappointment in hearing this statement as it is not a small amount of green lung that we are fighting for but rather the rich biodiversity, ecosystem and current fresh air and temperature that we have grown to care for and find comfort in calling this place our home.

    We understand that the current objection will only take into account our concerns of the density increase, but with this density increase comes changes and negative repercussions which we can’t ignore. We hope that you as our trusted MP will take our concerns into account and meet with us to discuss our worries and support us in this time of need.

    Thank you in advance and have a pleasant day ahead!

    Warmest Regards,
    Sheena Moses.
    Sri Ledang Condo,
    Wangsa Maju Section 10
    53300 K.L

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Sheena

      Thank you for your comments.

      Please be informed that Section 10 is in Setiawangsa Constituency. I share your concerns about Development Order being granted in disregards of the existing infra-structures. I will inform the Setiawangsa MP when I see him in Parliament. I will also do my best to bring your/residents said objections to the attention of the Minister of FT and Urban Welbeing through Parliament as soon as there is an opportunity. In the interim, please give my PA En Yaacob at 41433322 or 0122186929.

      Thank you.

      Have a pleasant day.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  355. Sheena Moses

    Dear MP,

    Thank you very much for your prompt and positive response. My apologies for the mistake in constituency on my part I will also be sure to write an email to YB Dato’ Sri Zulhasnan Rafique on this matter. We would truly appreciate you bringing our objection to the Minister of FT and Urban Wellbeing and we will hope for the best possible outcome from that.

    Once again, thank you very much and we will contact En.Yaacob as soon as possible.

    Warmest Regards,
    Sheena moses.

  356. Anonymous

    Yg Berhormat,

    Mengikut maklumat yang saya terima, bukti Expedia menjalankan perniagaan tanpa lesen dari pihak Kementerian Pelancongan adalah jelas. Walau bagaimanapun disyaki kes tersebut diarahkan tutup oleh pihak tertentu dalam Kementerian tersebut atau kes tersebut tidak akan dibawa ke muka pengadilan. Apa yang dikesali, mereka telah mengaut keuntungan berganda tanpa perlu membayar cukai, bayaran lesen perniagaan, dan lain-lain lagi. Malah ada kes lain dibawa ke muka pengadilan. Dimanakah keadilannya? Mohon YB menyiasat perkara ini. Terima kasih

    1. weechookeong


      Terima kasih atas maklumat. Saya akan membawa perkara ini semasa perbahasan Kementerian Pelancongan di peringkat Jawatankuasa.

      Terima kasih

      With kidnest regards

      wee choo keong

  357. David Sew

    Dear sir,

    Good day to you. It had never come to my mind that i will be writing to you but alas I do not have any options, so I need to seek your advice. My name is David Sew and I am living at section 6 wangsa maju for the past 19 years. As you have already known that section 6 used to be a very peaceful community apart for some occasional break-ins and thieves cases. My problem started 3 years ago and it has become worsen since fairview international =
    school started its establishment at section 6 wangsa maju.

    Sir, my issues with fairview is that every morning i have to endure 15-20 minutes wait for me to reverse my car out from my hse as those parents that driving their kids to fairview would not give ways and i even had an accident last friday. Apart from me, my neighbours do share the same fate as they involved in accidents due to those cars unwillingly to give way. We have complaint numerous to fairview but it all fell to deaf ears. These cars nt only unwillingly to give way but sometime they show sign of displeasure and sometimes shouted at us. Why is this happenign to us? You come in to our yard to play, you have to behave and obey certain rules. It seems now that we have to bow down to those parents that send their kids to school and to faiview international.

    My questions is that why there is such an approval for a school in residential area, who is approving it and if i am not mistaken or i am assuming there must be some highr authority that is backing up fairview international. It like a war zone every morning from 7.15 till 7.35am as car congested in front of our houses and we couldn’t do anything. Once they threaten to take out our guardhouse because it poses a nuisane to the parents that send their children to school. Last year my hse had a break in and i’ve lost a total of rm25k in that incident and now the breakin are lesser thanks to those gurad and i do not see any reason for the guard hse to be demolished.

    We do seek your help sir to escalate this case to someone that are willing to help us and i do hope someone in authority like your kindself able to assists us in this issues.

    Hope you be able to assists us and we thank you for your kind attention.

    Hope to hear from your esteem reply soon.

    Sincerely yours

    David Sew

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Mr Siew

      Thank you so much for your comments/complaints.

      As you know Section 6 is not part of Wangsa Maju Constituency. However, I will convey your complaints to the police and DBKL for their consideration. Please call my PA En Yacob at 0122186929 or my service centre 41433322 to provide more details.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  358. JK

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to express my concern on my car been broken at jalan 2/27a, I been parking around wangsa maju area for a year without any issue until this holiday season, I parked my car for 3 days along jalan 2/27a and end up before celebrating 2013 new year, I notice my car been broken in. Car battery, spare tyre and etc been stolen.

    Please help to raise the safety issue around wangsa maju.

    Appreciate on it

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comment. I really am sorry to learn about your car has been broken into late this morning. It is hoped that you have lodged a police report so that it is in the record of the police. I will bring to the attention of the Wangsa Maju Police Station about your complaint.

      wish you and family all the best for 2013.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  359. Hello YB,

    I am a resident from Block B2 Section 2, Wangsa Maju, i am suffering from the burning garbage few times per month. I am sure the smoke from the burning are harmful to our health. I don’t know whether here is the right place to complain, but i hope further action can be taken by YB to stop the burning activities.



    1. weechookeong


      I very much regret to learn about this. Such activities will no doubt cause health problems to the residents of the area and other areas too. When you do see the burning of garbage again please immediate call my office at 41433322 or En Yacob at 0122186929, We will take it up with DBKL. You should also immediately report the master to DBKL for action.

      Thank you for keeping us informed.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  360. Mughal

    Respected Sir,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Hope you are great with your happy life.

    I was reading about your political performance & actions. I feel you have your own mind set to do something for peoples of Malaysia that they will remember you for long time.

    I am a pakistani citizen, I live at Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak( K.L ) since 5years. If we compare to 2008 now the population of this area is around double. Mostly students in this area & around danau kota there are families & working peoples.

    According to population development law, this area got not any development even population is double than before.

    Several points:

    1- In one year more than 20 road accident, injuries, deaths while crossing the road. There is available over head bridge for road crossing but TWO reasons why peoples not use it.
    a. Its not located on the proper place,
    b- night time snatchers & gangster stand there.
    ( Last nite one girl loss her life white crossing the road, I am stress coz I saw with my eyes )

    2- In this area almost all pedestal path are broken, If any shop owner fix path he use is for their display units.

    3- Motor bike riders start from evening.

    Kindly take an immediately action to order a traffic light for a walking peoples who can cross the road in front of Public bank. I will be appreciate you.


    Aamir Mughal

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comments.
      I have written many letters to Jabatan Pengangkutan of DBKL and it has been agreed that pedestrian overhead bridges will be built along Jalan Genting Kelang. I have been informed that DBKL will need a bit of time to organise the constructions. However, I have given DBKL official notice that the people will hold DBKL responsible in the event that of accident as DBKL owes a duty to the public to ensure that all precaution measures have been taken to prevent it from happening.

      I have sent you a short note to email and would appreciate if you could respond so that we can bring the accident to the attention of DBKL so that the construction of the pedestrians overhead bridges could be expedited. In the interim, I will write another letter to DBKL to put on record about the accident. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Once again thank you so much for the information and your encouragement.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  361. Hanit

    I am staying Section 2 Wangsa Maju. I am really fed up with frequent water cut off. Every night Syabas off the supply, this was going on for past few weeks. But yesterday was the worst situation, water supply off at 8.00am. At 5.00am today we had the supply back with very low volume and they off it back at 6.00am. How are we to cope with this situation. My house is not big enough to store water and Syabas did not even give us any notice. They off as they wish and when we call them, the reason given is pump problem or not enough water. If one or two days I have no problem but everyday they are stoping the supply. I hope you could help us to solve this problem.

    1. weechookeong


      I really am sorry to learn about the disruption of water supply in Section 2. I have checked with Syabas and was informed that the water level in the reservoir serving Wangsa Maju was low due to the hot water. Syabas had to turn off one of the two pumps serving the area to avoid over-heating which will burn out the pumps. Syabas has been trying to get supply from elsewhere to fill up the said reservoir but not successful. Syabas is still trying its best to resolve this problems.

      I will check with Syabas from time to time to provide updates.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  362. GuitarFans

    hi MP Wee

    have you received my post on this section of your blog, on 31 Jan 2013 ?
    As i’m not sure if my post here is still being moderated ?

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comments.

      there is no record of your comment/posting on 31-1-2013. Could you please resend them?

      I really am sorry for the inconveniences caused.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

      1. Greeting MP Wee,

        1st attempt to send @ 20130131 4:46pm. i’ve sent to SPAN. And here i sincerely hope that people from high positions will do a serious investigation on the truth hidden from public by SYABAS or any other related parties.


        Saya sebagai salah seorang penghuni di kawasan Wangsa Maju selama beberapa tahun, dan sampai masa ini jam pukul 4pm pada 31 Jan, 2013 masih mengalami masalah putus air selepas lebih daripada 12 jam, sejak 9pm semalam iaitu 30 Jan 2013, dan kerana itu HIDUP dan KERJA kami
        terjejas, ingin melaporkan keadaan kami sebagai pengguna/ customer SYABAS, seperti berikut.

        Ini kerana kami sebagai pengguna/ customer SYABAS sudah amat marah dengan alasan-alasan SYABAS tetapi masih gagal menyesaikan masalah krisis air ini.

        Gangguan air di semua kawasan di bawah Wangsa Maju sudah berturut-turut dengan lebih serius sejak Nov 2012.
        Daripada putus air sekali setiap 2 minggu, sehingga sekali setiap minggu, sehingga kebelakangan ini sekali setiap hari.
        Dan dari semalam sampai sekarang telah tiada air lebih daripada 12 jam.
        Dan sebenarnya masalah yang SAMA berlaku tahun lepas.

        Berapa banyak kali lagi kami perlu melaporkan masalah yang berulang ini? Di samping menjejaskan masa hidup dan kerja kami ??? Sedangkan kami masih perlu membayar bill kepada SYABAS pada masa yang tepat ???

      2. part 4 cont.
        > Mengikut penafian daripada SYABAS:

        “Kerosakan pada pam disebabkan rumah pam Wangsa Maju terpaksa beroperasi melebihi kapasiti rekabentuk sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini bagi memastikan pengguna mendapat bekalan air.

        Kerosakan ini boleh berlaku dan telah berlaku walaupun ianya disenggara secara berjadual sepanjang masa. Keengganan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor meluluskan projek Loji Rawatan Air Langat 2 dan kelewatan dalam membangunkan sistem pam tambahan yang hanya diluluskan pada bulan Mac 2012 menyebabkan SYABAS terpaksa menguruskan rumah pam ini pada tahap ‘overload’ untuk memenuhi permintaan yang tinggi.”

        –> Cuba fikirkan sejauh mana fakta dari SYBAS ini masuk akal.

        > Kerajaan Selangor ingin membantu dalam penyesaian krisis air ini, TANPA rakyat Selangor dan WP untuk menanggung kos akibat hutang dan kerugian syarikat konsesi; dan kerajaan Selangor menyediakan dana untuk menaikkan tarat infrastuktur loji yang sedia ada.

        > Mengikut LUAS – LEMBAGA Urus Air Selangor:

        – bekalan air mentah Selangoor CUKUP
        – simpanan air di 7 buah empangan Selangor MELEBIHI 100% dan MELIMPAH.

        > Jan 2012: Kerajaan Selangor membuat tawaran – lebih daripada RM 10 bilion ditawarkan, tetapi tawaran tersebut ditolak olej Puncak Niaga dan SYABAS.

        part 5 follows.

      3. i’ve tried to repost – total 6 parts, but part 2 and part 5 seems uanble to show up despite i tried a few times.

        FYI, WM sec. 2 just got the water supply fully resume starting 5am, but then suddenly no water again at 12:20pm today – 1 Feb, 2013.
        Again, the excuses given are the same, including “permintaan semakin tinggi dan melebihi jumlah bekalan air dari kolam”, in which it’s the same excuses given since last year.

        Kindly refer to my 6 parts reports above and below for comparison. We as the consumer sincerely hope that the real truth will be exposed ASAP and whoever are doing the manipulation will be prosecuted.

  363. Antara fakta yang diketahui setakat ini :

    1. # Masalah Pengurusan SYABAS: 1> tidak cekap 2> enggan bekerjasama dengan Kerajaan Selangor


    http://www.nanyang.com/node/503689 – 2013-01-10 12:22 (bahasa Mandarin)

    http://www.nanyang.com/node/503206 – 2013-01-08 12:29 (bahasa Mandarin)


    > Menteri Besar Selangor Khalib melawat Rumah Pam Wangsa Maju pada 2013-01-07, mendapati bahawa:-

    – jumlah 5 pam, tapi 1 pam telah berhenti berfungsi
    – dan tinggalnya 4 pam berfungsi yang mana 4 pam turut mengalami kerosakan sejak lama

    > Mengikut siasatan dalaman kebelakangan ini oleh beberapa pihak profesional dengan pembekal peralatan bagi Rumah Pam Wangsa Maju:
    krisis air di rumah Pam Wangsa Maju disebabkan SYABAS tiada kontrak maintenance dengan pembekal bagi maintenance tetap dan hanya buat service maintenance BILA MASALAH TIMBUL.

  364. part 6 – cont.
    Apakah SYABAS mahu menimbulkan perasaan panik kepada penduduk negeri selangor, ada sesetengah kawasan bekalan air Paip dari syabas sangat perlahan, apakah yang telah mereka lakukan.

    Risalah daripada Pengarah Eksekutif Pembangunan Teknikal Syabas, Ir V Subramaniam, yang mirip beberapa iklan besar yang dipaparkan di dalam akhbar-akhbar baru-baru ini, di mana iklan-iklan tersebut menafikan tuduhan daripada beberapa pihak, tetapi apa yang berlaku setakat ini menunjukkan bahawa penafian daripada SYABAS langsung tidak menyakinkan.

    > Jika semua rumah pam, pam & infrastruktur air sudah usang sebab dah lama digunakan:

    1> mengapa fenemona ini tidak berlaku di negeri-negeri lain, contoh, negeri diperintah BN, tidak ada cerita pun dalam akhbar & TV.
    Apakah, fasiliti yang ada di negeri-negeri lain semuanya jenis yang Tahan Lasak, Tak Boleh Rosak ??

    2> kalau iapun fasiliti air di negeri Selangor telah rosak, maka mengapa tidak dibuat penyelengaraan yang berjadual serta pembaikan dari masa kesemasa. Kalau perlu digantipun perlu ada laporan teknikal untuk cadangan menggantinya, untuk dipertimbangkan sama ada perbelanjaan
    pengurusan atau Pembangunan (CAPEX).

    –> SYABAS menyatakan bahawa penyelengaraan yang berjadual ada dibuat. Tapi cuba fikirkan :
    jika benar kata SYABAS, mengapa masalah air yang SAMA sekali berulang sejak hujung tahun 2012, sehingga sekarang ?? (part 6 end)

  365. hi MP Wee

    i guess lots of people, including me, have been walking in the dark every night along the road heading back the Section 2 WM — the road opposite restaurant BRJ and the famous malay burger store.

    The 2 or 3 street lamps in the middle of the road have been out of service since before CNY this year. i called TNB and was told that those street lamps are under Majlis Perbandaran.

    Would MP kindly assist us to report to the relevant parties who can fix this issue ASAP ?

    Many thx.

    1. weechookeong

      Thank you Guitar Fans for the feed backs.

      I will definitely bring your complaint to the attention of DBKL tomorrow. It is hoped that it will be sorted out soon.

      Thank you

      Have a pleasant weekend.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  366. Yaacob


    Merujuk kepada aduan sdr, pagi ini kami telah melapurkan kepada pihak DBKL, bahagian lampu jalan dan no aduan adalah 0238.

    Pihak DBKL akan ke lokasi aduan dan akan membaiki semula lampu tersebut dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Sdr boleh menghubungi kami di no 41433322 atau 0122186929 sekiranya lampu tersebut masih belum dibaiki dalam tempoh 1 – 3 hari.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamaid
    Pembatu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  367. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas maklumat sdr.

    Pihak kami telah mendapatkan pengesahan dari pihak DBKL yang menyatakan bahawa arahan kepada kontraktor telah dibuat untuk membaiki lampu jalan tersebut pada malam ini juga.

    Pihak kami memohon maaf diatas kelewatan tersebut, sdr boleh menghubungi kami semula di no 41433322 atau 0122186929 atau terus kepada DBKL di no 92060247.

    Terima kasih

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembatu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

  368. shamsul

    YB Wee Chee Keong and PA, saya hantar email ke yangberkhidmat.wangsamaju@gmail.com dan juga yangberkhidmat@gmail.com tetapi direject. Saya ingin membuat aduan tentang tiada tindakan susulan terhadap kes denggi. Dan juga saya dan isteri pernah membuat aduan tentang garaj haram yang dibina di atas tanah rizab di portal ini tetapi tiada tindakan susulan. kawasan haram ini juga telah dikenal pasti sebagai punca pembiakan aedes dengan menggunakan perangkap aedes kami sendiri.


    1. weechookeong

      Sdr Shamsul

      Saya memohon maaf diatas kesulitan mengenai masalah email. Saya akan check.

      Saya tidak berhubung dengan Jabatan Kesihat DBKL dengan segera kerana sdr tidak memaklumkan lokasi yang terlibat. Saya telah maklumk kepada PA saya, En Yaacob, dan beliau menunggu sdr berhubung dengan beliau. Sila menalipon En yaccob 012-2186929 atau 41433322.

      Terima Kaish


      wee choo keong

      1. weechookeong

        Sdr, sama-sama.

        Saya akan memaklum kepada Jabatan Kesihatan dan follow up masalah dengi ini kerana kesihatan adalah satu perkara yang penting.

        Kami menghadapi masah e-mail. kami telah menukar e-maill kepada; wangsa.maju.mp@gmail.com

        terima kaish


        wee choo keong

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for the alert.

      I am looking into the restructuring of the blog instead of on a piece meal basis. It will be done as soon as I could.

      Thank you

      wee choo keong

  369. I would to check if this is sensitve issue but the mosques in setapak indah are very loud and sometimes they need lower down the speaker volume.. We have children and not all muslims live here there are other races too.. Other religions too. I meant no harm and we live harmonily but if only they could lower down the speaker and also not too loong. Tq

  370. Anonymous

    I dont know who is the MP at seri kembangan, but the noise pollution is too much at seri kembangan, yes, they have their beliefs, but i hope there is considerations for those who stays there n needs to wake up at 5am in the morning.. their stage performances every night during this ghost festive season r too annoying.. hope u can be considerate

  371. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this website.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between
    user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say that you’ve done a awesome job
    with this. Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Safari.
    Superb Blog!

  372. CK

    Dear YB, recently there has been an increasing crime case happening at taman setapak indah, especially at Jalan 1b/6. The neighbourhood encountered several cases of snatch thieves, burglary and car break-in resulting in severe loss of personal property. Off late, this tragedy happens frequently because no action being taken despite police reports have been made. The midnight pasar malam made the situation even worse. This residential area was once a peaceful and safe neighbourhood which we were very proud of. Please help us to combat crime and improve our livinghood.

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