Now Everyone Can BS!

Tony Ferndanes & Bo Lingam of AirAsia had assured members of the public that AA had refunded 99% to its customers!  But international customers have demanded refunds on 22.4.2022. Who are lying?
Tony Fernandes was flaunting his wealth – his latest acquisition of the brand new Tesla car!

When there was public outcry on AirAsia did not refund the ticket price for cancelled flights to its customers, in April 2021 Tony Fernandes of AirAsia was under public pressures and he gave an assurance that 450,000 of its customers will get the refund, HERE. All was well for a few months.

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Demand For Refund Got Louder After Tony Showed Off His Wealth

In September 2021 when Tony Fernandes showed off his brand new Tesla car, AirAsia’s frustrated customers / netizen began to demand refunds of their cancelled flight and its staff demand for payment of outstanding salaries, HERE. Thereafter, we could see hypes after hypes from Tony Fernandes and his macai in AirAsia but nothing positives came out of it. It was just a case of taking Panadol for cancer! AirAsia’s frustrated customers became infuriated, HERE.

In October 2021, as a result of public outcry from frustrated AirAsia’s customers and netizen, FOCUS news portal had appropriately described the state of affairs in its commentary: Entitled “AirAsia X passengers might as well kiss their refund prospects good-bye”!

The quotable quote from the above Focus’ article:

“He (Fernandes) should sell his personal assets – Tesla car if he owns any, football club and international school or any other assets – to save the company. In most countries, the owner will be declared a bankrupt with his company.” The quote to describe Tony Fernandes was most appropriate!

In fact, Tony should also lodge a corruption report with MACC, Security Commission and Bank Negara against the 2 CORPORATE CRIMINALS / CONMEN known as AirAsia executives 1 and 2, who had received RM200 mil bribes from Airbus for orders of aircraft! Tony Fernandes should smoke out these 2 corporate criminals in his AirAsia and force them to cough out the RM200 mil to contribute to the refunds. For full details of the 2 corporate criminals act of corruptions and criminal misconducts had been clearly set out in the UK Crown Court Judgement on the international Airbus Bribery Scandals. The said criminal AirAsia executive 1 was so daring to send an official email to airbus to demand for outstanding bribes of $16 million bribes from Airbus. For full details of the UK Cro3n Court Written Judgment please read in HERE.

By the way this Tony Fernandes is wanted in India for money laundering and criminal misconducts of corrupting Indian government official in granting flight permits, HERE.

Lets hope that Tengku Zafrul, Governor of Bank Negara and the shameless Syed Zaid Albar will take note of the above!

Foreign Customers Was Forced To Make Group Demand For Refund

On 28.3.2022 Tony Fernandes came out with another hypes that AirAsia have settled 90% of the refunds to its customers, HERE. Of course, Tony Fernandes did not explain inches press statements what did he meant by settlement!

Bo Lingam, the famous Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group, who is also wanted by India Directorate of Enforcement for money laundering and criminal misconducts.

Group CEO of AA, Bo Lingam Bragged 99% Of The Refunds!

On 29.3.2022 another hype by Bo Lingam that AirAsia had settled not 90% of the refund but 99%! Well Bo Lingam did not explain then details of the so-called settlement. Where is the catch? Please read what Bo Ligam had said below:

“Meanwhile, the large majority of our guests across the Group have opted for a credit account which is processed immediately and valid for up to two years for booking from the date of issuance.” For full statement of Bo Lingam, HERE.

Despite the above assurances by Tony Fernandes and Bo Lingam that 99% of the cancelled flights had been settled, why thousand of its customers are still very frustrated and angry with the issue of no refund!

It would appear that the bulk of the so-called settlements that Bo Lingam was referring to were settlement by set-off through credit notes or vouchers! That was the style of settlement by Tony Fernandes and Bo Lingam but not the customers who are demanding for cash refund so that they can plan their future trips to travel with airline of their choice.

Frustrated Foreign Customers Felt Cheated

On 23.4.2022 those frustrated customers have organised themselves to take actions against AirAsia on the international front. MalaysiaNow news portal had reported: “International passengers unite to demand AirAsia refunds!”

The quotable quotes from the above report:

“They said they and their rights as consumers had been ignored as they were unable to even speak to a staff member about their complaints. Instead, they said, they were forced to convey their problems through AVA, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot.”

“Glenn Bruce Andrew Priere, also from Sydney, said he was shocked to discover that his case had been marked as “resolved” as he was still waiting to be refunded for the six flight tickets he had bought for A$1,600 or just over RM5,000.”

If what Tony and his Bo Lingam said were true, why these international customers got together in a group to demand for refunds! From the above report, it is crystal clear that the AirAsia’s refund issues are from being settled, definitely NOT 90% or 99% as had been BS by both Tony and his Bo Lingam!

The Rakyat should learn from the above and stop being easily fooled by such hypes and/or advertisements of similar nature.

Yours truly hopes that the Governor of BNM, shameless Syed Zaid Albar of SC and most of all the unelected Zafrul will not be so foolhardy in their eagerness to grant Digital Banking Licence or “Buy Now Pay Later” Permit solely based on “SPECIAL CRITERIA” in total disregards of public interests! Put the law to protect the the Rakyat in place before trying to achieve their silly dreams or agendas!

Please Stay Tuned – Next Change “Joker Nazir Razak, The Player!”

5 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can BS!

  1. Now Everyone Can Con

    Wow! Both Tony & Bo Lingam are wanted in India! In Malaysia no problems. AA / BigPay are eligible for digital banking licence from BNM. MY Boleh!

  2. Pariah Tony

    Advice to the 3 fools: A leopard can change its name but not its spot!
    Zafrul and Syed Zaid should not give any impression that they are trying to help their buddies.
    Syed Zaid of SC: why are you covering up the investigation of the RM200 mil Airbus bribery scandals. Still silence on it after 2 years!

  3. Anonymous

    How could BNM consider or contemplating to issue Digital banking licence to a company where its directors have such records? Look like BNM governor also Tak boleh pakai like Syed Zaid!

  4. Najim

    the facts are so glaring the 3 gaji buta (BNM, SC & MoF) anf they are still pretending to be stupid! To award digital banking licence to a trouble company is like giving bananas to monkey! Can’t the 3 dungus Zafrul, Shamsiah & Syed Zaid Albar see this? or the dedak taste too good.

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