Now Every-Airline Want To Have Its Own Airport

The New “KLIA-3”

In January 2009 Tony Fernandes, the top executive of AirAsia, had already tried his luck to push for a new airport dedicated to AirAsia only, HERE. The then new airport was supposedly to be called KLIA-East @ Labu. The company behind the then new airport was Sime Darby. Tony Fernandes had clarified that no public money will be used for the then new airport, HERE.

Fortunately, public outcry against the then new airport was so deafening that caused even the morons in Khazanah and the then Deputy PM, Datuk Seri Najib, to oppose it. The stupid idea was finally shelved. The ill thought out dedicated new airport to one airline was thought to have been buried for good. It was not. It had been re-hatched by the Master Puppet in March 2018, HERE. At that material time, the idea of building KLIA-3 was also shot down by MAHB.

KLIA-2 Cost MAHB RM4 Billion

It must be noted that it cost MAHB RM4 billion to build KLIA-2 at the request of Tony Fernandes/AirAsia. When KLIA-2 was completed in May 2014, Tony Fernandes/AirAsia refused to move but Malindo Air, Cebu Airlines, Tiger Airways and Mandala Airlines have all agreed to move HERE. The Government had to give Tony Fernandes/AirAsia an ultimatum then it finally moved to KIA-2, HERE.

AirAsia Imposed “RM3 KLIA -2 FEES”

By moving to KLIA-2 AirAsia has the audacity to charge “RM3 KLIA-2 Fees”. On 7 January 2019 AirAsia had to stop imposing the “RM3 KLIA-2 Fees” because such fees was outlawed by the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code (MACPC) of MAVCOM, HERE.

When the BN government fell in May 2018, again we thought that KLIA-3 was buried this time for good.

The New KLIA-3

Little did we know that this same Puppet Master didn’t give up and employed new alignments using a new player for this project. He is so good in getting “people” to do his biddings.

The construction of this new KLIA-3 is supposed to have commenced in the first quarter of this year and completed in 2023. So far no sign of it yet. May be it was due to the recent turbulence in the aviation industry that KLIA-3 had gone off course.

According to the project papers published in here, KLIA-3 is to be built by a company known as Gerbang Prima Angkasa. Who is behind this company?

Captain Loke aka Minister of AirAsia To Come Clean

“Captain” Loke aka “Minister of AirAsia” should come clean to announce whether he has approved this project and/or involved in any way with this KLIA-3. He should also clarify why this new airport, “KLIA-3”, has been kept hush-hush and also whether his buddy Tony Fernandes is one of the key players in this new KLIA-3 airport project.

Rumour has it that a certain pedaler is trying to mislead the YAB PM to go along with this KLIA-3.

The Money For KLIA-3 Should Be Spent To Build New Hospitals & Schools

It would appear that KLIA-1 and 2 are under utilised. Do we really need a new KLIA-3 to cater for the whim and fancy of a certain player? We have been told that the government has cash flow problems. Why do we need to spend few more million Ringgit to satisfy the ego of certain player? The money to be spent on the KLIA-3 will be better put to good use for building new hospitals and schools which Malaysia badly needed.

The “Plans” For KLIA-3

4 thoughts on “Now Every-Airline Want To Have Its Own Airport

  1. Bloody Con Man

    The AirAsia executive 1 & 2 must be involved. The pariah wanted his own airport for a long time. He got Tingkat Empat govt to agree to KLIA2. Now another one. Poorah!

  2. Anonymous

    harp roof… looks more like floating turd roof.
    bird in flight … turd in flight
    even the entire building from top view spells TURD with a giant T.

  3. Pariah The Con

    Now that Yahya Jalil is out of the picture the pariah’s dream of KLIA-3 is dashed. Lets see whether the pariah can put the new Minister of Transport in his pocket like what he had done before. If MCA MP is appointed then one of AA’s director is Fam Ee Ee a MCA Youth will be working overtime to connect for the pariah.

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