Now Every-Airline Want To Have Its Own Airport

The New “KLIA-3”

In January 2009 Tony Fernandes, the top executive of AirAsia, had already tried his luck to push for a new airport dedicated to AirAsia only, HERE. The then new airport was supposedly to be called KLIA-East @ Labu. The company behind the then new airport was Sime Darby. Tony Fernandes had clarified that no public money will be used for the then new airport, HERE.

Fortunately, public outcry against the then new airport was so deafening that caused even the morons in Khazanah and the then Deputy PM, Datuk Seri Najib, to oppose it. The stupid idea was finally shelved. The ill thought out dedicated new airport to one airline was thought to have been buried for good. It was not. It had been re-hatched by the Master Puppet in March 2018, HERE. At that material time, the idea of building KLIA-3 was also shot down by MAHB.

KLIA-2 Cost MAHB RM4 Billion

It must be noted that it cost MAHB RM4 billion to build KLIA-2 at the request of Tony Fernandes/AirAsia. When KLIA-2 was completed in May 2014, Tony Fernandes/AirAsia refused to move but Malindo Air, Cebu Airlines, Tiger Airways and Mandala Airlines have all agreed to move HERE. The Government had to give Tony Fernandes/AirAsia an ultimatum then it finally moved to KIA-2, HERE.

AirAsia Imposed “RM3 KLIA -2 FEES”

By moving to KLIA-2 AirAsia has the audacity to charge “RM3 KLIA-2 Fees”. On 7 January 2019 AirAsia had to stop imposing the “RM3 KLIA-2 Fees” because such fees was outlawed by the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code (MACPC) of MAVCOM, HERE.

When the BN government fell in May 2018, again we thought that KLIA-3 was buried this time for good.

The New KLIA-3

Little did we know that this same Puppet Master didn’t give up and employed new alignments using a new player for this project. He is so good in getting “people” to do his biddings.

The construction of this new KLIA-3 is supposed to have commenced in the first quarter of this year and completed in 2023. So far no sign of it yet. May be it was due to the recent turbulence in the aviation industry that KLIA-3 had gone off course.

According to the project papers published in here, KLIA-3 is to be built by a company known as Gerbang Prima Angkasa. Who is behind this company?

Captain Loke aka Minister of AirAsia To Come Clean

“Captain” Loke aka “Minister of AirAsia” should come clean to announce whether he has approved this project and/or involved in any way with this KLIA-3. He should also clarify why this new airport, “KLIA-3”, has been kept hush-hush and also whether his buddy Tony Fernandes is one of the key players in this new KLIA-3 airport project.

Rumour has it that a certain pedaler is trying to mislead the YAB PM to go along with this KLIA-3.

The Money For KLIA-3 Should Be Spent To Build New Hospitals & Schools

It would appear that KLIA-1 and 2 are under utilised. Do we really need a new KLIA-3 to cater for the whim and fancy of a certain player? We have been told that the government has cash flow problems. Why do we need to spend few more million Ringgit to satisfy the ego of certain player? The money to be spent on the KLIA-3 will be better put to good use for building new hospitals and schools which Malaysia badly needed.

The “Plans” For KLIA-3

Now Everyone Can Know Why “Minister of AirAsia” Is Unfit For Office!

Captain Loke aka Minister of AirAsia was recently seen in public together with his buddy, Tony Ferndandes. They would like us to believe that they were discussing about the weather!

YB Anthony Loke popularly known as “Captain Loke” and has since got himself promoted as the Minister of AirAsia.  He met and socialised in public with his buddy Tony Fernandes, the Number One man in AirAsia, who was embroiled in the Airbus’ bribery scandal involving payment of RM205 million to AirAsia executive 1 and 2, HERE.

The pattern of conduct that this shameless Minister of AirAsia was involved in interfering with the function of MAHB and MAVCOM by allowing himself to be led by the nose by his buddy Tony Fernandes. Ths pattern of conduct is most disturbing to say the least.

This Minister of AirAsia has shredded the norm whereby he went all out to demean Malaysian Aviation Commission(MAVCOM), which is an organisation set up by the government in 2016 through the MAVCOM Act 2016. MAVCOM was set up primarily to develop our aviation industry into an orderly manner and more importantly to protect the rights of consumers. And yet this shameless minister had on record in October 2019 said “I have disinvited MAVCOM to post cabinet committee of the Ministry of Transport” and “MAVCOM not recognised by anybody”,  HERE.

Yours truly will show the evidence that MAVCOM has been recognised internationally and the latest by the European Commission below.

No other ministers in history including MCA ministers like Chan Kong Choy, Ong Tee Keat and even the spineless Liow Tiong Lai al of whom had not gone as far as this shameless minister to openly condemn a government agency, MAVCOM, without supporting facts.

It must be noted that in 2017, Tony Fernandes had been implicated in the Rolls Royce bribery scandal of about RM13 million, HERE.

On 31 January 2020 AirAsia executives 1 and 2 were caught in the act of having received RM205 million in return for aircraft orders to Airbus. In this case, the Airbus had admitted in court documents that Airbus had paid the said bribe and the UK court had also adjudged the said bribe in its judgment, HERE.

The Glaring Examples

In July/August 2019 Tony Fernandes, went all out to condemn MAVCOM for gazetting the Passenger Service Charge (PSC) at RM73 for international travellers flying out from our airports. Tony Fernandes was campaigning for a reduction of RM23 PSC making it to be RM50. He even went as far as to refuse to implement the gazetted RM73 PSC and asking MAVCOM to reduce it to RM50. AirAsia is the only airline in Malaysia that refused to follow the law.  Of course, MAVCOM and MAHB did not go down on their knees to accommodate Tony Fernandes’ wish and both have stood firm on the RM73 PSC because that is the law.

On 30 August 2019 this shameless “Minister of AirAsia” without consulting MAVCOM and/or MAHB, he unilaterally announced that PSC for international traveller flying out from KLIA 2, which is the airport used by AirAsia, had been reduced to RM50 and that it will be effective on 1 October 2019, HERE.

He said that It was a Cabinet decision. Reliable sources had confirmed that it was not a Cabinet decision. This shameless minister merely informed the Cabinet about his desire to reduce the said PSC to RM50 PSC. It was so obvious that the said reduction of the said PSC to RM50 was just to please his buddy, Tony Fernandes.

On the same day (30 August 2019) Tony Fernandes openly defied the gazetted RM73 PSC and announced that AirAsia will launch the RM50 PSC as “Anthony Loke Special” as a mark of honour for the Minister of AirAsia, HERE.

                                                   Section 46 of MAVCOM Act, 2016

This shameless “Minister of AirAsia” was so ignorant of the law that under section 46 of the MAVCOM Act, only MAVCOM has the sole power to fix and gazette PSC rate and not him, HERE.

1 October 2019 came and gone the PSC reamains at RM73 until this day. No other airline had followed this “Syiok Sendiri” “Minister of AirAsia” except his master, Tony Fernandes.

Of course, this shameless “Minister of AirAsia” was upset and more importantly “Lost Face” so to speak that MAVCOM didn’t carry out his commands / orders to decrease the said PSC to RM50. Hence, this shameless “Minister of AirAsia” went berserk and made all kinds of negative statement against MAVCOM that he had disinvited MAVCOM to post cabinet meeting in MOT and that MAVCOM is not recognised by anyone. What an ignorant sort!

Strictly To Educate The “Syiok Sendiri” / Ignorant  “Minister of AirAsia” On The Status Of MAVCOM

Strictly for the benefit of this shameless Minister of AirAsia, MAVCOM has been recognised all over the world. MAVCOM had been invited to international conferences.  Recently MAVCOM was featured prominently in the Study done on the current level protection of air passenger rights in European Union by Steer, HERE.   Please see pages: 433, 434, 435 & 436 of the said Steer Report, which was published in January 2020.

Steer had even incorporated the full list of the role played by MAVCOM as an example how  air passenger rights have been protected in Malaysia.  We can only hope that this shameless “Minister of AirAsia” will now learn to shut his big mouth and to be thought a fool then to open it and be confirmed a fool without doubt.

Below are the pages where MAVCOM of Malaysia has been incorporated in the said Steer Report of the European Commission which was published in  January 2020.

Steer Report January 2020 cover page



Steer Report page 434


Steer Report page 435


Steer Report page 436


Minister of AirAsia’s Announcement To Abolish MAVCOM Is Against Consumer Interests

Is it strange why the Minister of AirAsia was so bent in wanting to abolish MAVCOM which has been doing a great job to protect air passengers rights.  As early as 21 October 2019 “rumour” had it that the Minister of AirAsia had told a closed door meeting with investors of his plan to abolish MAVCOM and also to bring in new players to share the airport operation pies (currently dominated by GLC MAHB). Because of his big mouth MAHB’s shares fell by 7.6% with RM1.09 billion in market capitalisation being wiped out.  It was so irresponsible of the Minister of AIrAsia to behave in such a manner. When the Minister of AirAsia was interviewed he refused to comment, HERE

Two months later on 13 December 2019, the cat was finally out of the bag, the rumour of the abolition of MAVCOM finally came true, MOT announced that MAVCOM as a regulatory body to be abolished, HERE.

The Public Must Stand Up For MAVCOM Against The Shameless Minister of AirAsia

It was due to MAVCOM’s efforts that in September 2019 AirAsia and AirAsia X were fined RM200,000.00 each  for violating the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC).  After the implementation of MACPC, both airlines were found for the first time a to be unlawfully charging processing fees for credit / debit card transactions, HERE.

On 20 January 2020 MAVCOM slapped fine of RM2 million each on low-cost carriers AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Bhd and  Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s subsidiary Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd RM856,875 for failing to meet targets set by the former in its Airports Quality of Service framework, HERE.

The dateline for AirAsia and AirAsia X to pay the RM2 million fine each on 15 February 2020. Rumour has it that both these powerful airline have not paid the said RM2 million fine. MAVCOM will have to initiate enforcement proceedings in the coming days.

AirAsia and AirAsias X are the only two airlines that charged processing fees for credit / debit cards transactions.

After the two fines imposed against AirAsias and AirAsia X, Minister of AirAsia‘s silence was most deafening.  One would have thought that the minimum a Minister could have done was to reprimand the unscrupulous AirAsia and AirAsia X to abide by the law and stop taking passengers for a ride! But this shameless fella has no time to look after public interest but interest of his favourite airline. Lets hope that the Minister of AirAsia was not too upset with MAVCOM for taking drastic actions against his favourite two airlines. His deafening silence may have been the cause for AirAsia and AirAsia X to carry on to violate MACPC!

Yours truly wonders WHY this fella carries on to behave so shamelessly? May be MACC could shed some light on the matter!

With his above pattern of conducts, this SHAMELESS Captain Loke is unfit for office!

Tony Fernandes: “I Got MAS Under My Armpit!”

Tony Fernandes, the No 1 in AirAsia. He was embroiled in the Airbus bribery scandal where Airbus had admitted in the court of UK that it had paid RM205 million to AirAsia executives 1 & 2.

The “KEY PLAYERS” in the MAS – AirAsia Share “SUAP”. Left: Azran Osman-Rani, former CEO of AAX, the famous Kamarudin Meranun (caught for insider trading), Azman Mokhtar aka Amokh (the then MD of Khazanah & “Bina Tak Fikir” boy), Mohd Noor (the then MAS chairman), Tony Fernandes (the famous CEO of AA – wanted for money laundering in India), Rashdan aka Danny (the other “Bina tak Fikir” boy and appointed as top officer of MAS by Amokh) and the equally famous Nazir Razak (former Chairman of CIMB & brother of Dato’ Najib [former Premier)

The excerpt of the speech of yours truly in Parliament on 20 June 2012 on how MAS was Raped, the ‘Anakkonda” and about the then “Bina Tak Fikir” morons in Khazanah.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya juga ingin membangkitkan di sini di mana penyataan- penyataan untuk jawab lisan yang kita bentangkan di Parlimen, boleh dikatakan kebanyakan soalan-soalan Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang dibentangkan di Dewan yang mulia ini, soalan kita mengenai dengan isu (a) tetapi kementerian menjawab isu yang lain. Tidak jawab dengan terus-terang. Belok sini, belok sana. Putar belit. Inikah kerajaan kita sekarang? Saya harap kementerian ambil beratlah khasnya Kementerian Kewangan. Timbalan Menteri ada di sini. Soalan mengenai Bina Fikir Sdn. Bhd, satu firma konsultan. Memanglah dia dulu dimiliki oleh Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Ketua Khazanah sekarang dan juga Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof. Timbalan Group CEO di MAS. Jadi dia tidak berani hendak memberitahu konsultan CV. Katanya kerahsiaan. Non disclosure. Rahsia apa?

Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri pun sudah tahu. Rakan Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri pun tahu. Buat janji di dalam Dewan ini kata hendak beritahu. Janji di dalam Parlimen hendak beritahu kos konsultasi fi ini berapa untuk projek WAU untuk MAS pada tahun 2003? Akan tetapi sampai sesi Parlimen hari ini, masih tidak mampu hendak maklum kepada Dewan. Akan tetapi adalah saya dengar-dengar ada sumber kata finya adalah RM1.67 juta sahaja. Itu autalah. Itu mana boleh terima. Itu semua satu kekeliruan, satu pembohongan. Konsultasi fi itu memang mereka pecahkan masuk komisen dan sebagainya. Yang satu tahunya konsultasi fi Bina Fikir

DR 20.6.2012 77

pada masa itu adalah 20% daripada semua dana MAS pada masa itu. Berbilion-bilion ringgit dana MAS pada masa itu termasuk kapal terbang, termasuk LSG, MAS Catering, semua ini.

Jadi, janganlah hendak bohong lagi. Jangan buat pura-pura tidak tahu dan saya juga hendak bangkitkan di sini bahawa baru-baru ini kita boleh nampak soal MAS dengan AirAsia share swap ini, saya tidak mahu bangkitkan sudah di sini tetapi saya tengoklah saham ini atau share swap ini telah direverse oleh Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri. Terima kasihlah ambil tindakan yang baik sekali tetapi syarikat MAS telah dijejaskan oleh share swap ini. Kita boleh baca dalam surat khabar baru-baru ini kelmarin dan dua tiga hari dahulu di mana Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia menyatakan “kalau share swap itu dilangsungkan dan diteruskan, dia dan rakannya, Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun ini boleh membaik pulihkan MAS dan boleh menyelamatkan MAS, turn around MAS”. This is the joke of century.  Satu untuk bahan ketawa padahalnya share swap ini untuk mereka cannibalize harta-harta MAS.

Kita boleh nampak. Selepas share swap apa berlaku? Yang pertama, tindakan apa? Hancurkan FireFly Jet Services. Berhentikan jet services supaya FireFly tidak boleh terbang daripada Johor Bahru ke Kota Kinabalu, ke Kuching dan ke antarabangsa sedangkan FireFly telah membeli kalau tidak salah lima atau enam jet untuk bersaing kepada semua airline termasuk AirAsia tetapi FireFly telah diancam.

Apakah Tan Sri Tony Fernandes ini bercakap selepas share swap itu ditandatangani oleh rakan dia, Tan Sri Azman  Mokhtar, Ketua Khazanah? Selepas itu, “I got MAS under my armpit”, dengan izin. Wah, angkuh tidak? Penyamun negara ini, perompak negara ini boleh cakap begitu dan banyak lagi. Letakkan anak buah dia, Rozman Omar sebagai CFO MAS, Azhari Dahlan sebagai MAS Engineering.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: [Bangun]

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Rakan saya Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak, saya tahu dia sokong AirAsia, dia sokong Tan Sri Fernandez. Silakan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju dan juga terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Saya memang sokong AirAsia dahulu sebab dia memperlihatkan satu kebolehan seorang berbangsa Malaysia, seorang usahawan dari no way dan entah daripada mana-mana boleh menjayakan satu perusahaan yang begitu berjaya sekali dalam bidang industri penerbangan. Harapan saya dia akan menjadi contoh yang baik kepada usahawan-usahawan yang lain.

Akan tetapi kebelakangan ini saya merasa agak dukacita melihatkan perubahan dari sikap beliau yang menunjukkan keangkuhannya apabila saya mendengar kenyataan yang dibuat oleh beliau di kaca televisyen mengugut kerajaan berhubung dengan Terminal LCCT. Dia dengan begitu berani sekali dan begitu lantang sekali menyatakan beliau tidak akan bekerjasama dengan Malaysia Airport Berhad sebagai pemaju LCCT dan mendakwa bahawa beliau tidak dirundingi

DR 20.6.2012 78

untuk projek ini dijayakan. Itu satu perkara. Dia ingat ini perkara kecil kah? LCCT ini dengan izin,

involve a lot of money, billion of ringgit. He can’t just say like that, “Go to hell with LCCT”. Who is he? Dengan izin. Itu satu.

Keduanya, sedikit lagi, dia juga membuat kenyataan katanya dia hendak membuka dia punya pusat, hab dia di Jakarta, Indonesia. Ini memberikan mesej bahawa dengan izin, he’s leaving Kuala Lumpur, he’s leaving Malaysia. Why? He wants to be Indonesian citizen? What? Dengan izin, where he come from? From a club, musical club, musician out of no way. Now became somebody. Sudah tidak sedar diri? Inilah dianya. Jadi saya tidak sokong lagilah.

Nombor dua, last sekali Yang Berhormat, I think we can urge the government, kita boleh mengesyorkan kepada kerajaan…

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, masa 20 minit Yang Berhormat ya.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Mengesyorkan kepada kerajaan – How about you? You agree or not Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju? Let give one more license, beri satu lagi lesen kepada satu syarikat yang boleh mengendalikan penerbangan tambang murah ini. Dia ingat dia seorang sahajakah yang boleh buat? Orang lain pun boleh.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Sedikit sahaja Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju. Lipis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Pertama kali saya boleh bersetuju dengan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak. He is a convert. Terima kasihlah…

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, Lipis sedikit sahaja.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Memang saya setuju dengan Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak di mana kerajaan perlu keluar satu lesen lagi supaya biar ada satu lagi persaingan dalam low cost carrier ini. Apa Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak cakap beliau setuju kerana usahawan Malaysia Tony Fernandez ini, my foot usahawan Malaysia ini, dia dapat jadi satu syarikat daripada dua kapal terbang – dia sentiasa cakap besar, omong kosong bahawa dia daripada dua kapal terbang akhirnya jadi 100. Kerana apa? Kerana dapat bantuan daripada kerajaan. Bukan oleh kerana dia sendiri.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Okey, Lipis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Seperti RAS. No, kerana tidak ada masa.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Sedikit sahaja, hendak tanya ini.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Rural Air Services. Dia ambil daripada MAS pada tahun 1997. Kerajaan kasi juga. Terus memberi RM250 juta kepada mereka untuk dua tahun. Dalam setahun sudah lingkup, sudah banyak masalah di Sabah dan Sarawak. Sahabat-

DR 20.6.2012 79

sahabat di Sabah dan Sarawak di sini pun tahu. Sampai Ahli Parlimen pun bangkit dalam Parlimen di sini termasuk Tuan Yang di-Pertua saya difahamkan.

Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Shahrum Osman [Lipis]: Tidak bagi ya?

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Yang Berhormat Kota Belud mungkin tidak adalah. Dia ada sahabat karib dia di atas itu, kawan dia.

Datuk Abd. Rahman Dahlan [Kota Belud]: [Bangun]

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Maaf Yang Berhormat Kita Belud sebab tidak ada masa. RM250 juta dikasi. Dalam setahun, berhenti. Tujuh kapal terbang sudah rosak dan satu untuk cannibalization, dia punya specialize Tony Fernandes ini, untuk cabut spare part untuk baiki kapal terbang. Inikah seorang usahawan Malaysia? What rubbish. Semuanya hype dalam surat khabar, memainkan dalam surat khabar.

Baru-baru ini cakap KLIA2. Siapa yang minta KLIA2? KLIA2 ini diminta oleh Tan Sri Tony Fernandez dan Jerry, AirAsia, dan kerajaan rela buat. Jangan kata LCCT. LCCT buat tiga kali. Pertama kali RM125 juta. Kedua RM100 juta lebih juga renovation. Ketiga kali, semua lebih daripada RM300 juta. LCCT seperti warehouse ini oleh Syarikat Fajar Baru daripada Rembau. Itu terlampau mahal. RM300 juta untuk LCCT.

Sekarang kerajaan rela bantu pula bina KLIA2 untuk AirAsia tetapi dia tidak cukup duit. RM3 bilion kalau tidak salah, atau pun amat besar. Sebentar dia hendak aero bridge, sebentar dia tidak mahu aero bridge. Sebentar dia hendak ini, dia hendak itu. Di mana lagi di dunia ini kerajaan sentiasa mematuhi, hendak menurut? Saya harap sudah sampai masa di mana kerajaan kita jangan tunduk kepala lagi. Kalau mereka hendak pergi ke Jakarta, silakan. Please go as soon as possible supaya kita tidak ada masalah dalam negara kita lagi oleh penyamun ini, penyamun negara, perompak negara ini. Dahulu seperti ular lidi sahaja. Dapat bantuan, jadi ular sawa. Putar belit, boleh telan. Sekarang saya dengar…

Datuk Bung Moktar bin Radin [Kinabatangan]: Dia jadi naga sekarang.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Saya dengar sekarang sudah jadi anakonda. Sekarang kita kena ambil tindakan. Semua airport tax yang di hutang oleh AirAsia ambil tindakan. Bayar dengan segera. Kalau tidak, berhentikan semua kemudahan untuk mereka atau pun stop semua. Mereka tidak boleh land dalam Malaysia. Sila pergi ke Jakarta. Saya hendak tengok, hendak lihat di Jakarta sama ada beliau boleh dapat kemudahan di mana AirAsia boleh berhutang airport tax RM125 juta pada sesuatu masa untuk berpuluh-puluh tahun.

Ever since his debt in this corporation dan selepas itu bayar dapat 30% diskaun. Itu kerana apa, kerana bantuan. Pada masa itulah daripada 2003 itu sampai 2009, itulah pada masa itu dapat banyak bantuan daripada kerajaan Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Abdullah dan juga bukannya dapat dana RM250 juta sahaja. Kerajaan pada masa itu juga keluarkan satu dasar yang baru. Apa, air rationalization policy.

DR 20.6.2012 80

Dato’ Abd. Rahman Dahlan [Kota Belud]: 15 saat Yang Berhormat.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat ada satu minit Yang Berhormat.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Kota Belud, saya ingat tak payahlah itu Yang Berhormat Kota Belud. Satu minit.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Dan pada masa itu, bawah air rationalization policy ini, 90 route daripada MAS diberi kepada AirAsia. Sebab itulah jadi boleh cakap besar, omong besar sekarang seperti seorang anakonda. Ini bukan saya cakap, mereka yang cakap. Kawan-kawan saya yang cakap dan kedua, sekarang kerajaan kita jadi hamba kepada dia. Apa ini? Apa kerajaan ini? Kerajaan kita kena cakap dengan dia, kalau you hendak you pindah kepada KLIA2 kalau tidak kita akan tutup LCCT pada masa yang sesuai. Dia hendak atau tidak itu masalah mereka dan yang penting sekarang, MAB jangan jadi takut kepada Air Asia. Jangan sebagai seorang anak tiri, sebab sekarang kerajaan pun tak sama.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat, masa dah habis Yang Berhormat. Masa dah habis.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Ya, saya gulung dalam beberapa saat Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Saya harap kementerian khasnya Kementerian Kewangan ambil tindakan dengan segera terhadap perkara ini. Jangan jadi dianaktirikan oleh satu syarikat kucing kurap ini. Business modelnya yang sentiasa bohong. Dia gunakan banyak surat khabar memainkan berita sahaja. Ini tak sihat. Kita hendak genuine businessman dalam negara kita. Kerajaan perlu bantu genuine businessman bukan seorang anakonda ini. Saya harap ambil tindakan dengan segera dan juga MAB jangan takut. Kalau mereka tak bayar apa-apa cukai ataupun apa-apa kemudahan di LCCT atau KLIA II yang akan datang, ambil tindakan.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Baik, Yang Berhormat.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Berhentikan semua kemudahan kalau dia tidak bayar.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat Wangsa Maju, masa dah habis ya.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: Terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar]: Semua. Ular lidi, ular sawa, ular anakonda semua dah kena marah Yang Berhormat, tak apalah.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]: No, ini memang betul pun Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

For the full speech 20 June 2012 (original posting), HERE. The article on Airbus bribery scandal:  Now Everyone Can Bribe Directors of AirAsia

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Now Everyone Can Defraud Shareholders Of AAX

Left: Tony Fernandes Rt: Kamaruddin Meranun. The top executive of AirAsia Group and AirAsia X. Lets see whether they will issue another statement on this scandal in connection with the 2017 RR case.

Updates on 7-2-2020 @ 5:30 pm:   PMO has clarified that the press reports of what YAB Dr Mahathir Mohamed had said about the Airbus had bribed the AirAsia executive 1 and 2 are inaccurate. What the PM had said was:  “If payment goes to the individuals then it is a bribe”.  If the benefits goes to the individual it is also bribe. Please read HERE.

Updates on 6-2-2020 @11:30 pm: Sri Lanka arrest its former airline chief executive Chandrasena and his wife over the Airbus bribery scandal exposed in the Judgment of the UK Crown Court on 31-1-2020.  In the same Judgement the evidence is crystal clear that Airbus had paid bribe of RM204 million to two AirAsia executives 1 & 2, HERE.

The Statement of Facts and Approved Judgment in the case of Serious Fraud Office UK vs Rolls Royce Energy System Inc (RR) dated 17 January 2017 provides a clear insight into the modus operandi of the top executives and/or senior officers in AirAsia Group and AirAsia X internationally.  It was all about personal enrichment at the expense of the rakyat (investing public).

With their track records in this RR case and the recent Airbus bribery scandal, one will not be very wrong to suspect they had been and still are operating with the same or similar modus operandi in Malaysia or other countries.  Can our past and present Ministers and/or top officials in the enforcement agencies like Security Commission, Bursa Kuala Lumpur and others speak up on these “uncovered” corrupt practices?  Of course, their motto is “silence is golden” at this difficult time for their “friends”. These top executives of AirAsia Group and AAX referred to in the said two cases of RR and Airbus have brought Malaysia into disrepute internationally.

Let see what actions the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Sport & Youth (on the chairman of Stadium Board) under “Malaysia Baru” are going to take or for how long both are going to play dumb in the light of the findings of bribery or corrupt practices in connection with the top executives of AirAsia Group and AirAsia X.

For background articles please read, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

The 2017 RR Case in UK

The RR case was about the top executive or senior of AirAsia Group who in 2011 wanted to buy a PRIVATE JET and was devising a scheme for the maintenance cost of the said private jet to be paid through the account of AirAsia X with RR. The private jet was finally bought in late 2011. There were more than sufficient evidence found in the said RR case on how blatant was the modus operandi of the said executive and/or senior officers of AirAsia Group and AirAsia X in securing the free maintenance for the AirAsia Group executive’s personal jet at the expense of the shareholders of AirAsia X!

The Judgement  & Statement Of Facts On The RR Scandal

They AirAsia Group executive and AirAsia X senior executive were specifically referred to in the Judgement of the Learned Honourable Justice Sir Brian Leveson, the President of the UK Queen’s Bench Division (court) in UKThe Statement of Facts comprised  of 52 pages. This bribery or corrupt practice case was investigated by SFO and Department of Justice USA (DOJ).

The said Rolls Royce’s bribery / corrupt practice case also happened in Indonesia (Garuda), Thailand (Thai Airways), India (Defence),  Russia, Indonesia (Energy), Nigeria (Energy), Indonesia (Civil), China and of course, Malaysia (AirAsia & AirAsia X) can not be left out.

In the said Statement of Facts of the UK Crown Court, there were three important personalities from AirAsia Group and AirAsia X, They were referred to as:  

“AirAsia Group (AAG) executive”

AAX executive”

 “AAX senior employee”

Count 12 Of The Statement Of Facts (AirAsia & AirAsia X)

Summary of Count 12:

RR Failure to Prevent Bribery between 1 July 2011 and 30 November 2013.

RR failed to prevent its employees from providing an Air Asia Group (“AAG”) executive (“the AAG executive”) with credits worth US $3.2 million to be used to pay for the maintenance of a private jet despite those employees believing that, in consequence, the AAG executive intended to perform a relevant function improperly. This financial advantage was given at the request of the AAG executive, in return for his showing favour towards RR in the purchase of products and services provided by RR and its subsidiaries, including TCA services to be supplied to Air Asia X (“AAX”), a subsidiary of AAG.”   (see page 48 – 49 para 314 below – the Statement of Facts)

In a nutshell, in August  2011AirAsia X senior employee  had approached RR for information about RR’s engine maintenance programe in respect of a private jet which AAG executive was planning to purchase.

In November 2011 RR senior employee met AAG executive. RR senior employee reported to RR other employees that AAG executive was offended because of  the Corporate Care rate had offered on the new Global (private jet) that the AAG executive had just bought.  (see para 316 below).

This AAG executive was loaded with cash to be able to buy a private jet.

There was an internal email sated:

On the corporate jet, not good news it’s a syndicate of private Malaysian investors. So working a trick between deals is a non starter. I’ll check with legal though.” (see para 318 below)

RR compliance provided the following advice:

“As discussed, the expectations of the [AAG executive] need to be tempered.
RR cannot give preferential rates on Corporate Care for the [AAG executive’s] personal aircraft  just because of the business done with RR by the Airline of which he is [an executive]. The two should not be linked as there are both legal and ethical implications to doing so.
Let me know if you require the extracts from both the FCPA and UKBA that underpin this.” (see para 319 below)

Please see para 326 – 330 below where many discussions on how to flout the law on compliance and other laws by creative accounting and concealment of the Total Care Agreement (TCA).

When RR employee pursued prompt payment of debts by AAX which upset AAX senior employee who later requested the removal of this RR employee. (see para 333 below).   Of course, this RR employee was later removed!

On 15 March 2013 this RR employee emailed one of his senior employee that “AAX senior employee wants a cash settlement that is off record and not visible to the AAX group. (see para 334 below)

He later explained to his RR senior employee that what the AAX senior employee was seeking was an “unlawful cash payment for [AAG executive]’s private jet.”  (see para 335 below)

Were The Shareholders Of AirAsia X Bhd Been Defrauded?

Below are the relevant pages for paragraphs 312 to 349 of the Statement of Facts for all to read and judge whether this was a case of AirAisa Group executive and/or AirAsia X senior employee had defrauded the shareholders of AirAsia X  Bhd.

It is most surprising that in 2017 this serious case between SFO vs Rolls Royce was not highlighted by the local media.  It is equally shocking that our Security Commission (SC) was oblivious about the Approved Judgment and evidence as stated in the Statement of Facts below.

Security Commission / Bursa KL To Investigate

Perhaps this might be an opportune moment to ask Security Commission ( SC) and Bursa Kuala Lumpur why they were not aware about this matter and if they were aware then why no actions taken against the culprits in AirAsia Group and AirAsia X as shown in the said Statement of Facts.

Or did the then SC chairman / top officials classified this serious matter under NFA (no Further Action) in 2017? 


No wonder Kamarudin Meranun of AirAsia was let off very lightly with a settlement of only RM3.64 million for insider trading during the MAS – AirAsia Share SUAP, HERE.  SC is a laughing stock.

MACC Should Investigate Into The Then Decision Makers In SC and Bursa KL

MACC should also investigate into why there was no actions taken or the case was classified under NFA by then SC chairman or top officials and/or Bursa Kuala Lumpur on such a serious violations of our security law i.e. defrauding the shareholders of a public listed company.

SC / Bursa KL and MACC To Investigate On The Status Of The  Private Jet

All the three enforcement agencies namely SC, Bursa Kuala Lumpur and MACC should also investigate what is the status of this private jet that was owned buy the AirAsia Group executive, AirAsia Group 2nd executive and another individual (the evidence in the RR case) and whether this private jet was later sold to company related to AirAsia Group.

                                        Statement of Facts

Statement of Facts – page 48


Statement of Facts – page 49


Statement of Facts – page 50


Statement of Facts – page 51


Statement of Facts – page 52


Statement of Facts – paGE 53


You can read the full Judgment by Sir Brian Laveson – Regina v Rolls Royce, Statement of Facts and Deferred Prosecution Agreement, which have been published in the website of Serious Fraud Office UK, HERE.

AirAsia Executive 1’s email To Airbus: “I WANT MY 16M NOW”!

John Leahy of Airbus and Tony Fernandes CEO of AirAsia Group at the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow. AirAsia was the biggest buyer for Airbus. Now Everyone Can Know Why – Tony Fernandes gave John Leahy a kiss!

Updates 5 February 2020 @ @ 2:50 pm:  There was another bribery scandal involving Rolls Royce and an executive of AirAsia Group and senior employee of AirAsia X in the case of between Serious Fraud Office v Rolls Royce PLC in UK Court. This case was also been investigated for four years by the same Serious Fraud Office (SFO) UK and Department of Justice of USA (DOJ).  A similar settlement with SFO and Statement of Facts have been filed in the UK Court.  This bribery scandal will be dealt with in the next article. Please stay tuned.

Two days ago AirAsia denied its involvement in the bribery scandals where Airbus SE had admitted in the Statement of Facts in the Regina v Airbus SE that Airbus had paid US$50 million (RM204 million) to the two directors of AirAsia and AirAsia X.  The two directors were identified as AirAsia Executive 1 and AirAsia Executive 2 in the Judgement / Verdict of the UK Crown Court, HERE.

In the said AirAsia press statement, the spin doctors chose not to identify who were the AirAsia Executives 1 and 2 that were referred to in the said Judgement / Verdict.  The spin doctors in AirAsia were in great pain trying to spin AirAsia out from tight corner but chose to make no mention about the damning evidence in the said Judgement against the two directors of AirAsia and AirAsia X to whom Airbus had bribed them with payments totalling RM204 million, HERE.

Today the stock market reacted to the adverse publicities generated by the said UK Crown Court’s Judgement / Verdict dated 31 January 2020, and the share prices of AirAsia X tumbling down wiping out its market cap by RM4 billion, HERE.

Tony Fernandes & Kamaruddin Meranun Relinquishing Their Posts

Left: Tony Fernandes Right: Kamaruddin Meranun.  Who were the AirAsia executives 1 & 2 please?

To everybody surprise, after four days of the said adverse news broke out from the UK Crown Court,  the two top executives of AirAsia and AirAsia X suddenly broke their elegant silence to issue a five paragraphs press release to deny “ALL ALLEGATIONS OF WRONG DOING OR MISCONDUCT ON THEIR PART AS DIRECTORS OF AIRASIA”. Both Tony Fernandes and Kamaruddin Meranun opted to relinquish their post to facilitate the investigation by none other than AirAsia itself.  Should we applaud them for their magnanimous act of scarify?

Tony Fernandes and Kamaruddin Meranun did not specifically admitted that they are the AirAsia executives 1 and 2 as stated in the Grounds of Judgement of UK court and Statement of Facts. Malaysians are free to speculate who were the two directors or culprits identified as AirAsia executives 1 and 2 in the said Judgement / Verdict / Statement of Facts.

It is not unusual for the Board of Directors of a public listed company to appoint real independents persons like ex judges and persons of good repute not directly or indirectly associated with AirAsia or its directors to sit on the committee to investigate a scandal of such magnitude, bribery totalling RM204 million.

But in this case, the investigation will be carried out AirAsia itself!  The finding of such investigation will no doubt be of not much significant and it will be opened to the obvious criticism of a cover up. It is just a window dressing with the predominant purpose of to fool Malaysians.

The Statement of Facts As Attached To The Said Judgement – Not Allegations But hard Evidence

The cover page of the Statement of Facts which was part of the Judgement / Verdict of the UK Crown Court.

Yours truly posted below the full Statement of Facts which was prepared pursuant to paragraph 5 (1) of Schedule 17 to The Crime and Courts Act 2013 for the readers to read and decide who were the AirAsia Executive No: 1 and No: 2 as identified in the said Judgement / Verdict.  

It will be a good to start reading from page 12 of the said Statement of Facts – IV. Count 1 (MALAYSIA) from paragraph 41 until page 19, paragraph 87.

Yours truly would like to highlight a few important paragraphs:

AirAsia Executive 1 and 2 Key Decision Makers in AirAsia & AirAsia X

Paragraph 41 at page 11 of the said Statement of Facts stated as follows:

Serious Fraud Office “SFO

“While the SFO has reviewed the Airbus material, it has, as far as is possible, independently sourced information to confirm or challenge the information provided to it. The SFO has instituted an independent procedure to interrogate and examine Airbus documents provided to test the veracity and completeness of the provision of those documents. “ said the Learned Crown Court Judge,

The facts given by Airbus and other facts were tested before incorporated into the Statement of Facts filed in the UK Crown Court as part of the evidence for the  UK Crown Court to examine and reach the verdict.

Therefore, after the Judgment by the Crown Court on 31 January 2020 whatever contained in the findings of the Learned Judge or Statement of Facts are FACTS not allegations. Unfortunately they are still a few so-called “journalists” or mercenaries who were in great pain to also spin the Hard Evidence of BRIBERY by stating they were “Allegations” for reasons best known to them.  Hopefully this will put a stop to the spinning by the mercenaries on the Hard Evidence of bribery.

Let us move on to examine other damning paragraphs of HARD EVIDENCE in the Statement of Facts.

The Undisputed Evidence In Statement Of Facts

The press statements by the spin doctor in AirAsia and/or Tony Fernandes / Kamaruddin Meranun did not specifically touch on any of the FACTS or EVIDENCE in the Learned UK Crown Court Judge’s Judgment / Verdict. The Spin doctors in AirAsia please have a bit of self respect and pride and don’t be mercenaries to defend the culprits not only through press statement but their personal Facebook posting without basis.

Paragraph 44 of the Statement of Facts sated as follows:

AirAsia Executive 1 and AirAsia Executive 2 were key decision makers in AirAsia and AirAsia X, and were rewarded in respect of the order of 180 aircraft from Airbus. The payments to the Sport team were intended to secure or reward improper favour for them in respect of the business.

Nevertheless yours truly will leave it to you to read and decide for yourself on the facts stated in the said Statement of Facts against the press statements by AirAsia and Tony Fernandes and Kamaruddin Meranun.

Paragraph 53 – This is the most damning evidence!

It was an email from AirAsia Executive 1 to Airbus employee 1 (senior) as follows (verbatim):

“Honestly [Airbus employee 1 [senior] ] I’m fed up. You owe me 4 million already and I am owed 16 million in total. This shd have been pauid ages ago when I bought the first 60 aircraft. I want my money and I want compensation … pay up. I want my whole 16 million now.

Please take note:  In the said email of AirAsia Executive 1, he personally bought purchased the 60 aircraft from Airbus and demanded to be paid “his  US$16 million”!  He clearly stated “MY MONEY” not the money for AirAsia. How blatant could one be! If this was not a clear bribery / corruption case then what is.

Paragraph 54:

Where AirAsia Executive 1 complained to Airbus employee 2 correspondence between Airbus employees where Airbus employee 1 [senior] wrote to Airbus employee 2 [senior] on 8 November 2010 as follows:

“I am sure that you will understand that paying USD 16 m on [Sports team] need some minimum engineering!!!” 

Paragraph 55:

in an email to AirAsia Executive 1, Airbus employee 2 [senior] stated:

“I have not seen all the papers relating to the sponsorship but in general. We need to have some internal link to AirAsia as we can’t get board approval simply to sponsor. Externally there is probably no need to link the two.”

Paragraph 56:

There no relationship between AAB, AAX and Sports team albeit the association between them was utilized to generate publicity.  The common denominators were AirAsia Executive 1 an AirAsia Executive 2.”

Paragraph 57

On 27 December 2010. pursuant to the concluded  sponsorship agreement (First Sponsorship Agreement) Airbus made a payment of US$3 million to Sport team/ On 9 February 2011 Airbus employee 2 [senior] emailed AirAsia Executive 1 asking for an invoice: “… for the next 3 million.” On the same day Airbus employee 2 [senior] emailed Airbus employee 1 [senior] forwarding the email chain and wrote:

“Airbus employee 1 [senior] as discussed yesterday, please can you pay immediately. It will help me close my deal.”

Paragraph 61

On 16 June 2011 a draft MoU was prepared between Airbus, and the holding company of AAB.  Its stated the purpose was as follows:

“In the context of its international operations, and in accordance with its policy as regards the development of local footprint.  [Airbus] is willing to assist in the development and implementation of projects in support of the operation of AiRASIA where it operates … It is anticipated that in the mid and long term, such support would further strengthen the relationship between the industrial, research, educational and economic patterns in Malaysia and play a determining and favorable role in the enhanced penetration of [Airbus] products within AIRASIA fleet.”

Paragraph 63

On 16 June 2011, Airbus employee 2 [senior] emailed Airbus employee 1 [senior] with subject “AirAsia” that:

“… [AirAsia Executive 1] … insists that we clear the 10m on signing the PA for 200 and that we have a written commitment for the 40m.”

With the “denial” in the press statements by the spin doctors in AirAsia, Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun, it is now for all of us to Judge from the Statement of Facts that was part of the UK Crown’s Judgement / Verdict who are the real AirAsia Executive 1 and 2.

From the Statement of Facts it would appear that AirAsia Executive 1 was notoriously daring in demanding bribe from Airbus!  Even the Mat Sallehs in Airbus were scared of him. He must have put a few Malaysians ministers and a high ranking officer in the Minister of Finance in his pocket so as to enable him to do wonders in Malaysia.  We can only hope that MACC should launch into an in-depth investigation into all activities between the Ministers and AirAsia Executive 1.

By the way there is another bribery scandal involving AirAsia Executive 1 or his outfits and Rolls Royce. A similar settlement with Serious Fraud Office of UK and Statement of Facts have been filed in the UK Crown Court  Yours truly is studying the documents now.

Please read paragraphs 53 – 57, 60 – 69 & 70 –  87 of the Statement of Facts below. Full Statement of Facts has 40 pages and is published below.

The Statement of Facts

Cover Page


Page 2.  Index


page 3