‘Captain’ Loke’s Disaster Flight!

Right:  ‘Captain’ Loke –  Was he in very serious discussion with his buddy Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia on the stormy weather ahead?

3 thoughts on “‘Captain’ Loke’s Disaster Flight!

  1. The Pariah

    Now everyone can know: Macai Loke is a close friend of the Pariah. So RM23 PSC reduction is not a surprise. Why other airlines are not following the Macai Loke’s order?

  2. IT.Scheiss

    “Captain Loke” should pay more attention to incidents like this, where an escalator step gave way, injuring a passenger whose leg fell in:-

    Rapid KL confirms commuter fell through escalator in ‘malfunction’ at Sentral station
    By Coconuts KL Oct 2, 2019 | 3:21pm KL time


    I’ve noticed a deterioration in quality at LRT stations and on LRT trains since SPAD was disbanded.

    I was at the Bandaraya LRT station in August and found most of the escalators not working or under repair.

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