‘Captain’ Loke’s Distress Call!

Was ‘Captain’ Loke in serious discussion with his buddy Tan Sri Fernandes about the weather?

Tower Controller to Captain Loke:  Did we hear calls of Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

‘Captain’ Loke: “Yes, it’s a distress call. It’s one week to 1 October and my officers in the Ministry of Transport and I are running helter-skelter to find ways to implement the RM23 Passenger Service Charge (PSC) reduction which I had promised my good friends. 

Tower Controller: Surely as minister you can do what you want.

‘Captain Loke’: The MAHB and MAVCOM are not kowtowing to me as they claim I had blindly announced the RM23 PSC reduction just to please ….”

Tower Controller: “Please get offline. We’re sorry but these are not issues that warrant a Mayday call!

“At best, they are “Shiok Sendiri” issues brought upon by yourself.”

Jokes aside! The arrogance of power has overwhelmed Transport Minister Anthony Loke alias Captain Loke.

He thought he was super powerful and could do as he pleased in total disregard of the MAVCOM Act, 2015.

Bottomline: A review of the PSC can only be done by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) and not Captain Loke.

Section 46 of MAVCOM Act

Section 46 Malaysia Aviation Commission Act, 2015

For background story please read “YB Loke Has No Power to Reduce RM23 PSC” and  “Tower To ‘Captain’ Loke: You’re Loke-ing In The Wrong Way!”.

It is most surprising that the little napoleons in MOT did not advise Captain Loke or he didn’t take their advice before he made the silly announcement on the RM23 PSC reduction that has now brought him into disrepute.

Extreme Right: ‘Captain’ Loke, the salesman, pointing to the RM99 fare.

The ‘Shiok Sendiri’ RM23 PSC Deduction

Yours truly has been informed that many airlines except one departing from KLIA-2 and other airports except KLIA are charging the full RM73 PSC. Quite rightly so because ‘Captain’ Loke’s ‘Shiok Sendiri’ RM23 PSC reduction is not lawful as it has not been gazetted by MAVCOM.  All airline under IATA will only amend their fare inclusive of the PSC rate when the PSC rate is gazetted. The ‘Captain’ Loke’s “Shiok Sendiri’ RM23 PSC reduction shall remain ‘Captain Loke’s ‘Shiok Sendiri’ Special as far as the airlines under IATA are concerned.

Of course, there is only one airline charging RM50 PSC instead of the gazetted RM73 PSC. Well, it is entitled to charge as low as RM10 or zero PSC as long as it pays the full RM73 for each passenger on international flight to MAHB.  MAHB will definitely bill this particular airline the full RM73 because it is the gazetted PSC.

The Travel Date From October 1 – 8

The airlines below are charging RM73 PSC departing from KLIA2, Penang International Airport and Kota  Kinabalu Airport. These airlines are adhering to the law.

Indigo Airlines departing from KLIA-2 to Delhi;

Qatar Airways departing from Penang to Doha;

China Southern Airlines departing from Kota Kinabalu to Guangzhou, and

Jeju Air departing from Kota Kinabalu to Seoul.

Let’s see what Captain Loke does from now on until after 1 October.

We all know him to make u-turns, like when he postponed the implementation of another half baked decision on VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit) for Singaporean car owners entering Malaysia, HERE.



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