3 thoughts on “MCMC Funds Looted – Shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Deal Resurfaces – Part 9 (Siew Ka Wei’s Outfits Wolf RM70.6 mil)

  1. Sai Wan knows better!

    Are you going to bite, little doggy, or are you going to bark?
    How come MACC has not investigated the matter? Is it because Siew-er Kawei is protected. Want his name? Ask me.

  2. Wan

    What is MACC waiting for? MACC should move into PADU and get Izzat to stay in the MACC hotel for a few days & he will spill the beans. Just keep him for 4 days like Siew Ka Wei, he will do a tell all about this dirty deal. How on earth could Bank Negara appoint Khadijah as its officer. Where is the credibility of Bank Negara after this?

    How could Redberry and Nylex got paid from the special account? It looks like the special account was meant for payments to many people behind the scene.

  3. Guna

    Geeko Tech & Tourism Malaysia scandal is ongoing for 2 years now. Besides the arrest of both Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken nothing happened. Is someone connected to MACC protecting SieW & Elizabeth? What is Latheefa Koya doing about this? Now a new scandal emerged concerning RM350 of MCMC Funds and Padu. MACC is asleep!

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