6 thoughts on “MCMC Looted, Shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Deal Resurfaces – Part 6 (Kickback Poser Over PADU’s Demand for RM7 million!)

    1. Dear Reader

      Perhaps a scandal of RM360 million magnitude is too small a story for them to follow. We the rakyat must do our part to viral the story until it is staring in the eyes of the minister and other authorities.

      Do have a nice day ahead.

      Thank you

      Wee Choo Keong

  1. Anonymous

    Ha Ha Ha! Utusan signed the contract to supply and delivery 430,000 tablets. In reality Utusan was just an office boy doing the delivery. Who is the actual supplier? Apiweb does not look like a supplier of tablet. What RM10 million was paid to Redberry. Only MACC could answer this question. Lets hope Latheefa Koya / MACC will take actions against the crooks. I was told by people in Padu that no one seems to know about this tablet project. It was kept under wrap by the top management Khafijah Abdullah *CEO), Azrul (speciasl officer), Izzat (CFO) and Alias Ahma (Board of Trustee chairmasn and KSU). WHAT IS THE SECRET?? MACC to find out for the raskyat.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear writer, you’re doing the rakyat a great service by exposing the truth. However, do you mind doing the rakyat another favour by writing the facts in a single article. Thank you.

    1. Dear Reader / Anonymous

      Thank you for your comments.

      When I have finished with the series I will normally do a summary for ease of reference. For the moment I have to break them up into many parts so that it will not cause confusion. There are still many parts to go because of the complacency, the “tidak apa” and “can’t be bothered” attitude of the little napoleons in Padu. They are treating Padu as a “cash cow” for them to milk at will so to speak. Zero governance. It is very scary!

      Do have a pleasant day ahead.

      Thank you


      Wee Choo Keong

  3. Kamal

    There are enough proof in YB’s blog for authorities to take actions but none so far. The Minister of Education is of course brainless and we cannot expect anything from him. Padu is the organisation responsible for this deal and yet keeping total silence. The Minister of Communications & Multimedia is full hot air – telling us its ministry will lodge a report with MACC, until now no press statement that it has reported. Malaysia Baru? Better change to Malaysia Koyak!

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