Why MyBeauty’s Website Has Been Amended?

MyBeauty’s website has been amended a few days ago.

Updates on 13-03-2019:  When one clicks the link to Malaysian Beauty College, it no longer exist in the web. Why was the website being deleted?  Click:  Malaysian Beauty College

What is Malaysian Beauty College?

After yours truly had published an article about MyBeauty, HERE, there are several glaring amendments have been made to its website a few days ago. The obvious is the deletion of Tourism Malaysia (TM), Human Resources Fund (HRDF) and TRIP as parties to have established MyBeauty.  Under this particular section, there is a new addition of a not known entity known as Malaysian Beauty College, HERE.  If you were to click on “Our Campus” on the Malaysian Beauty College’s website there is no  picture showing its campus, HERE.

Malaysian Beauty College’s website.

According to the above webpage, Malaysian Beauty College is supported by MOTAC, Oriental Mace Group, Tourism Malaysia,  Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

A check from the website of AHLEI, there is no mention about Malaysian Beauty College, HERE.

Hopefully Malaysian Beauty College’s webpage will not be amended after this article is posted.

MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, JPK and Ministry of Human Resources/HRDF should clarify in what ways they are supporting the Malaysian Beauty College?


The Beauty Courses By “Malaysian Beauty College”

When “View Details” is clicked, it shows the same details as the “Beauty Courses” page.

With the exception of the amount for the fees on the courses, there is not much information on the courses except the name of the courses provided.  If you were to click “Beauty Courses” on Malaysian Beauty College’s website, you will see “View Details”.  When you click the “View Details” section there is no details, HERE.


The Original Version Of The Main Webpage of MyBeauty

The original version of the MyBauty’s webpage is as below. You could see the original versions of thee pages in MyBeauty’s website in HERE.

The original webpage of MyBeauty:


The original shown that MyBeauty was established by MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, Oriental Mace group, HRDF and TRIPS.

The top picture (the amended webpage of MyBeauty) shows Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace Group and TRIPS (Tourism Research Insitute For Policies Studies) have been deleted.

Why was the sudden deletion of Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace Group and TRIP without any explanation? This is extremely strange!  The said deletions raised more questions about MyBeauty.


What Is Trip?

TRIPS as shown in Malaysia Hospitality College’s webpage.

TRIPS seems to be part of Malaysia Hospitality College, HERE.


Left: Professor of Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew   Right: Her Excellency Timbalan KSU of MOTAC, Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid

It would appear that TRIPS is part of Malaysia Hospitality College, which is connected to the famous Professor of Economic Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew @ Leong Kong Yew.  After yours truly published the article on MyBeauty, he has now replaced Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the former KSU of MOTAC, as Chairman of MyBeauty.


The Glaring Amendments

Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is now being promoted to be the Chairman of MyBeauty.

When yours truly published about “MyBeauty”, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, was its Chairman.  A few days ago, in the amended version of MyBeauty’s webpage Professor Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is its newly appointed Chairman without any explanation.

As of this date, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah had already retired as KSU of MOTAC. However, in the above picture of the webpage of MYBeauty, he is still the KSU of MOTAC. This is most misleading to say the least.

There is also an obvious deletion of Tourism Malaysia as the party responsible for advertisement and promotion. The sudden deletion of Tourism Malaysia has also not been explained in MyBeauty’s website.


The Original Version Of MyBeauty Webpage

The original version shown Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, was the Chairman of MyBeauty.

It must be noted that the original version showed that Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah was the Chairman of MYBeauty, and Tourism Malaysian and MyBeauty were responsible for the advertisement and promotion. The amended version shows only MyBeauty is responsible for its advertisement and promotion.


The Other Glaring Amendment 

The glaring changes is “Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as” Oriental Mace Group Bhd.

It is strange that in the original version of MyBeauty’s website,  “Dybiotech Berhad” was glaringly not stated.  It is a normal commercial practice that all companies will state its current name in all its publications but not for Oriental Mace Group Berhad. The glaring omission of Dybiotech Berhad had caused unnecessary confusion to members of the public at large.


The Original Version

This original version was without “Dybiotech Bernard formerly known as”

The obvious amendment for this section of MyBeauty’s webpage is “Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as”, which was previously omitted. Perhaps MyBeauty now realised it had made a grave mistake in not stating the current name of Oriental Mace Group Berhad.

Why MyBeauty’s website was amended as follows:

  • Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah is no longer the Chairman but still is the current KSU of MOTAC.
  • Professor of Economics Tourism Dr Wong Kong Yew is no longer the Co-Chairman but the Chairman of MyBeauty.
  • MyBeauty is no longer established by Tourism Malaysia, HRDF, Oriental Mace and TRIPS. It is now only established by MOTAC and Malaysian Beauty College.
  • Tourism Malaysia is no longer responsible for MyBeauty’s advertisement and promotion.
  • MyBeauty was introudced by MOTAC with the collaboration of Dybiotech Berhad formerly known as  Oriental Mace Group Berhad.
  • Malaysian Beauty College is supported by MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia, HRDF/Ministry of Human Reesources, Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).


MOTAC/Tourism and HRDF/Ministry of Human Resources to explain:

How much fund had been used to establish MyBeauty and support Malaysian Beauty College?

Whether establishment of MyBeauty and support given to Malaysian Beauty College were mooted in accordance with the existence rules set by the government?


MACC should also look into this matter.  


Next Change – The Chairmanship of Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the then KSU of MOTAC, in MyBeauty.

Saty Tuned

13 thoughts on “Why MyBeauty’s Website Has Been Amended?

  1. Anonymous

    MyBeauty has too many things to hide. MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia and HRDF have a lot to answer. This is not a simple matter. How could government departments involved with such an organisation.

  2. Mohamed

    I am surprised that there is such a Malaysian Beauty College. How could a college can use the country name Malaysian. It is a nonsense.

  3. Heng

    What a con job! Minister of Tourism & Human Resources must tell us how much MOTAC & TM and HRDF have sponsored MyBeauty. Now MyBeauty suddenly is not established by TM and HRDF. Next week it will be established by another Ministry. This organisation is too smelly to handle.

  4. Zaki

    When MyBeauty started to react to the article and amended its website, it speaks volume. I will be very cautious to deal with such organization. It is strange that government agencies have established and sponsored it. An investigation ought to be commenced.

  5. TM Watch

    Another month had gone by. When Siew Ka Wei, Elizabeth ken and Mirza will be charged for their role in the Geeko’s scandal. The new DG was also involved in this deal where he facilitated to pay RM1.1 million for the kajian to be be prepared by Geeko and then to appoint Geeko. Musa is obviously one of them main players.

  6. Con Job

    HRDF is part of Human Resources Ministry. The then CEO Vagnesvaran was involved in some scandals and had to resign. HRDF & TM should come clean to state whether they have established MyBeauty as was previously stated in its website. Now that MyBeauty had changed its stand on this. HRDF and TM could check its record and inform the public about it. keeping silence is not the way to go.

  7. Kang

    MOTAC/TM are great. Before Geeko scandal subsided, MyBeauty is up. How many more scandals are in MOTAC/TM?

    What is happening to the case involving Siew Ka Wei and his sweet friend Elizabeth Ken?

    1. Hafiz

      After the arrest and detention of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth Ken by MACC, there is no news of follow up actions. There is no action against Musa who was instrumental in getting Geeko to be appointed under the bullshit scheme “Promosi Bersama”. Lets hope that MACC will charge the crooks in TM soon. TM & MOTAC can only recover after the crooks are charged for their wrong doings.

      The new KSU should look into the rental accounts in connections with Saloma and its other outlets. Outstanding rentals were not charged interest, no actions were taken and etc.

    1. Togethermalaysia

      I am sorry to say that I could not find the important photo. Please put the link or photos into the comment. I will not reveal the source. Thank you. Do have a pleasant weekend.



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