Suspend Tourism Malaysia DG – or Live In Shame!

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is the author of the scandalous “Minit Kelulusan” below.

The promotion of the new Director-General of Tourism Malaysia (TM) Datuk Musa Yusof continues to raise eyebrows over his alleged involvement in the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” RM99.693 million IT deal. The meanderings over the rip-off can be interpreted as ridiculous mutterings meant to make the public dumb as a box of hammers.

For those who want to know in details about the “Speedy Gonzales – Geeko” RM99.693 million deal, please read HERE.
When the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), YB Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi was collared by a reporter yesterday on the questionable promotion, he said:

“It is likely that a senior Tourism Malaysia officer was promoted before he or she was suspected of being involved in a dubious deal.”

Isn’t it absurd that the Ministry is still in the dark over the identity of the “he or she”, who has had a hand in facilitating the payment of RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/”Kajian” and sealing of the “Speedy-Gonzales-Geeko” contract of RM99.693 million on 4 April, 2018.
Plainly, it is an obvious case of wilful blindness.
When Datuk Musa was asked about the glaring issue of conflict of interest, he played dumb, saying he was not aware about the matter and would instruct his officers to study it.
For the report of the above, please read HERE.
The MOTAC Minister was responding to the FMT report in HERE.
With plumes of smoke rising above him, Datuk Musa shouldn’t have stooped to such stupidity.
The giveaway is the “Minit Kelulusan” dated 19 January 2018 below, which was duly signed by him.


The “Minit Kelulusan”

“Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” which was approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG, in lighting speed.
Page 2 of the “Minit Keluilusan”
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan”
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.
On 19 January, 2018, when Datuk Musa was TM’s Director for International Division (Africa/China) he proposed a so-called “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko”.
Please examine the above “Minit Kelulusan” for the so-called “Joint Promotion” properly.

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Musa knowingly suppressed the blatant facts that KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA in his said “Minit Kelulusan”.
Yours truly  wonders if the omission of pertinent facts was to hide the conflict of interest on his part.
On the face of it, the said proposal would appear to be a normal “Joint Promotion”.
If one were to properly examine Musa’s proposal, it was not a normal “Joint Promotion” but a proposition crafted with hidden agenda.
It was a contentious proposal that saw infant IT firm, Geeko, submitting a plan to appoint itself to provide a digital platform – and got a whopping RM1,167,900.00 for the report/”Kajian”.

The Unholy Relationship

At all material time, Datuk Musa knew very well that KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC) is a shareholder of Geeko and that he is the president of KOPEMA and Datuk Ammar G Gapar is his deputy.  Datuk Musa knew that he and Datuk Ammar are members of the top management of TM.  Please read the previous posting on “conflicts of interest”,  HERE.
From the Minister of MOTAC’s statement yesterday, it is crystal clear that he is now aware of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal and Datuk Musa’s involvement.
By implication the Minister would not have appointed Datuk Musa if he was aware of the latter’s involvement in the dubious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Now that the Minister is aware of Datuk Musa’s involvement through the above “Minit Kelulusan”, he has to act firmly.  He is duty bound to protect the image of TM and at least suspend Datuk Musa forthwith until MACC has cleared him of his active role in the suspicious “Speedy Gonzales-Geeko” deal.
Next:  Another Explosive article on MOTAC/TM.
Please Stay Tuned.

31 thoughts on “Suspend Tourism Malaysia DG – or Live In Shame!

  1. Shameless Musang

    “IT IS LIKELY THAT A SENIOR TOURISM MALAYSIA OFFICER WAS PROMOTED BEFORE HE OR SHE WAS SUSPECTED OF BEING INVOLVED IN A DUBIOUS DEAL.” Dear Minister, you are a real joker. If you want to protect your crony say so. We will see how long can you protect Musa. By the way, Musa promotion has not been confirmed by KSN. Lets hope that KSN is not going tolerate this and not confirm this fella.

    1. Haji Nasir

      YB WCK, as a senior lawyer and ex TM Chairman, please clarify and help us to understand;

      Seksyen 10(1) Akta LPPM (Akta481)
      “Menteri hendaklah melantik seseorang yang layak dan patut, atas apa-apa terma dan syarat sebagaimana yang ditentukannya, untuk menjadi Ketua Pengarah yang adalah ketua pegawai eksekutif Lembaga.”

      So, it is the power of the Minister to appoint and to confirm the DG rite not the KSN?


  2. Amir

    Datuk Musa is a known Siew Ka Wei’s macai. With the revelation of the minit kelulusan it is evident that he was in the know of this dubious (to borrow the minister word) deal as early as in January 2018. Three months before the signing of the agreement. Musa, are you no shames of what you did to the rakyat money? To Musa, screw the rakyat as long as he is the DG. He will be cursed until he steps down.

  3. Farid TM

    Now that Musa and his scheme of things have been exposed, he should resigned. He is a shameless. He will hang on to his post until the last second. Typical behaviour of the little Napoleon inTM. We hope that he will also be arrested like his former boss Siew Ka Wei and good friend.

  4. Anonymous

    Hay! The Musang: Have you instructed your office boy to study your Promosi Bersama bertarikh 19 Januari? What is the result? If your office boy cannot tell you the real story why don’t you ask Datuk Mirza about it. Mirza approved your proposal and the financial director Azleen pay the RM1.1 mil to Geeko. Since you are so stupid pls consult your former boss Mirza and the payer Azleen to refresh your poor memory.

  5. Roslan

    Datuk Musa, jawapan yang amat bodoh – Tak malu kah? lebih baik menagaku salah jer lagi baik. amat jelas Dauk Musa telah bersalah. Mesti kena dipanggil/tangkap SPRM. Lebih baik meletak jawatan aja.

  6. Musang Besar

    Datuk Musa ni budak suruhan Siew Ka Wei. Dia presiden KOPEMA dan KOPEMA pemenggang saham Geeko Tech. Elizabeth Ken CEO Geeko tech. Korang tau lah Elizabeth Ken tu siapa??? Elizabeth adalah pekerja syarikat Redberry – Siew Ka Wei adalah MD Redberry. Musa ni satu kumpulan dengan Elizabeth. Musa tak layak menjadi DG TM. Mencuci tandas di TM boleh la!

  7. Anonymopus Watcher

    Datuk Musa will never resigned because he had “worked” so hard to become DG. The special Joint Promotion was the Speedy Gonzales scheme to get Geeko on board of TM. This thick skin fell will never resign. Don’t waste your time. The only way to the Minister to suspend or for this fella to step down is by putting more pressures using social media. Let viral the story and see whether the useless Minister will act against his crony.

  8. Lee

    Musa wanted his officer to study the Minit Kelulusan that he had signed or this blog? Either way he looks like a bloody idiot. Everybody knew of his involvement through this Minit Kelulusan including the blurry minister Ketapi. Ketapi also knew about the story. Only an idiot like Musa will try too fool the public about his involvement. A typical idiot will only behave like this. It is a case of an idiot appoint another idiot. MOTAC & TM is just a sad case for the PH government.

  9. Solidarity Support for DMY

    Guys, we need solidarity. This is our organization. It’s time to show support to our DG. United we stand, divided we fall. Boss, you’ll never walk alone.

    1. Boss Ku

      To the cronies, Solidarity is let us do another Geeko deal and screw the rakyat money. It is due to this herd mentality that TM is in the shit ‘dulu, Kini dan selamanya’. Now we know TM is an ATM to the little napoleons and their supporters. I hope to see when the Musa wore the orange uniform how many of the little napoleons will go to protest at SPRM HQ and the court to show their solidarity. I am sure that on that day the supporters will become PONDANs.

    2. Shameless Crony

      When the Musang was comfortably in the Geeko game as early as in November 2017, in January 2019 “the Joint Provision” cost of RM1.1 mil and in April the signing of agreement for RM99 mil, did the MUSANG talk about solidarity with his cronies. The MUSANG kept his involvement and … a secret. Now his involvement in the Geeko scandal has been exposed wide open, crony like you asking us to stand by the MUSANG. We cannot blame you as a crony. A crony is always a crony and brainless. Cronies will sell their soul or their mother for little benefits. Where is your self respect and maruah??? Another shameless guy.


  10. Anon

    OMG! The Minister did not know the gender of the high ranking official involved in the Geeko scandal – a she or he. To hide the identity of the high ranking official, the minister should say he is a pondan. So easier to cover for his crony. So he is a pondan, Mr Minister and the pondan is also your crony. Musa the pondan still want to hide his involvement. Please carry on to protect the pondan and we would like to see for how long. We will carry on to expose him.

  11. Shameless Crony

    As a TM staff we are ashamed of the little napoleons & cronies who are only interested to screw TM. There is no financial control in TM. That lady Azleen Mat Zip is just a brainless cashier. She will pay out money approved by her superior without question.

    The ex DG Datuk Mirza (who was charged twice for corruption before) should also be hauled up by MACC becos this fella approved the Promosi Bersama for RM1.1 mil when there was no such promotion. Mirza was the one that sign all letters to Geeko and the Agreement for RM99 mil.

    The culprits for the Geeko scandals are:

    Siew Ka We bekas pengurusi
    Mirza, signing all documents.
    Musa & Ammar (president & Deputy president of KOPEMA)
    Musa as Pengarah Promosi Antarabangsa
    Azleen Mat Zip, Financial controller for paying monies to Geeko without questioning.

  12. Kamal in TM

    It is unbelievable that after Musa had been exposed of his involvement in the Geeko scandal by documents there is still crony asking for solidarity. The crony should call for solidarity to support Musa to come out with more joint promotion in order to syphon money from TM. MACC must act quickly to rid out all the musangs in TM. TM cannot afford to go on with financial scandals year in year out.

  13. Anon

    We thought that with a new minister Ketaqpi of MOTAC things will improve with more accountabilities and transparencies. He is worst that Nazri. He pretend to be stupid like his crony Musa. We shall keep on to expose both of them until they realised that they have to accept responsibility and resign. No more free meal tickets for both the Minister and Musa.

  14. Rizal TM

    When Siew Ka Wei was running high during Najib’s time, he was literally bragging how close he was to Najib. He was also bragging of his relationship with Irwan Serigar in MOF. Siew Ka Wei’s runner in TM was Daljit Singh. Everyone in TM know about that. Musa is the macai of Siew. Now Musa is the DG of TM, he will no doubt sweep everything under the carpet. Until now Musa and/or his master Ketapi has yet to terminate the Geeko’s contract. It would appear that both of them are trying very hard to maintain the Geeko contract!

  15. Syed TM

    Surprised that the Minister did not know Musa is a He or She! The Minister should have defended Musa and said the Joint Promotion was legitimate and the production of the kajian by Geeko cost RM1.1 mil was very reasonable. The Kajian done by Geeko to appoint Geeko as contractor for the Digital platform was most correct and cheap. No brain at all. He had made himself to look like a bloody fool.

  16. TM Watcher

    The kittle napoleons are the worms ion TM. TM can only be effe tribe when these worms are exterminated. The proposal for Promosi Bersama is a classic case. The little napoleons are good in arranging a scheme to get money out from TM. MACC must come in and clean them up once and for all.

  17. Songlap in TM

    Ministyer Ketapi, you know the Musa has been suspected of being involved in the dubious Geeko deal. May be you are problem in differentiating whether the Musa is male or female. Nevertheless, it doesm’t whether he is male or female. You know he or she is Musa. Yoiu have no option but to suspend Mjusa for now. This is elementary. Stop behaving like an idiot. Suspend your crony until he is cleared of corruption.

  18. Little Bird in TM

    If the Master of the crony refused to suspend his crony Musa then KSN must move in to take the action ignorer to protect the image of PH government. Ketapi is a hopeless case. MOFTAC under Ketapi is getting worse by the day. KLSN please do something before the rakyat lost their confidence in PH government\. No decent leader can defend Musa’s involvement in the Geeko RM99 mil scandal. In fact Musa and Mirza have to be surcharged for payment of RM1.1 million fees paid to Geeko.

  19. Con Man in TM

    The Minister is a real joke! He could not differentiate Musa is a she or he. Musa is a coward, he is a shameless He. We hope that the Minister will not end up in the same category with Musa. It is a matter of time that MACC will call upon Musa to explain his grand idea on the Promosi Bersama for RM1.670 mil.

  20. Anonymous

    The Minster and his crony Musa should explain how could TM been operating in deficit – few hundred million deficit? TM has not been paying suppliers but it was able to pay Geeko RM12 mil in the 1st week of May 2018 (before GE14). Not to mention the RM1.1 mil the Promosi Bersama which was devised by Musa. This is a clear cut for MACC.

  21. Redberry Insider

    The insiders in Redberry said: Siew Ka Wei a former MACC detainee is not having an open house this year in Ancom, Redberry, Genovasi and Malay Mail. When Najib was in power Siew Ka Wei was on cloud 9 screaming away of his closeness with Najib. Before his arrest he swore to all that he is close to Tun Dr M. Of course many other business men also do the same. But this Ancom corporate figure had forgotten that he camped in Langkawi with Irwan Seregar for 2 weeks to ensure that Tun will not be elected.

    This corporate guy Siew knows how to be malu and that he will get just a handful of ANCOM staff attending his open house unlike previous years the royalties, BN politicians, corporate figures were there to grace his open house.

    Where is his Elizabeth, the Redcherry media specialist? Is she in hiding too? Padan muka! Ka! ka! ka! Ka! Ka!

    1. Loh

      It is so nice to know about the sorry state of affairs in Redberry/Malay Mail. The ex reporters have been treated like dirt. This is Karma. This is the result of over dose of dropping of Najib’s name when Siew was flying very high. Now he is like a tikus hiding in the longkang. Now Carol is also like a tikus hiding. No more socialising. Now only Siew , Eli Carol know how to be MALU. What a good CNY for three of them.

      1. TM Anonymous

        I would add “Padan Muka” to Siew Ka Wei. When you played with public fund then you must be prosecuted and put to shame. When Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken are charged for in court that will be a good day for TM staffs and Malaysia as a whole. Can’t wait for the day to come. We are counting the day to see Siew Ka Wei, Elizabeth Ken and the Musang to be in their purple uniforms. That day shoujld be made a public holiday for TM so that we can go to court to laugh at them.

  22. Samsul TM

    We used to see Elizabeth Ken stationed in Chairman office on 16 Floor. This was when Siew Ka Wei was the chairman. We also know that Musang was very close to Siew. No wonder the Musang proposed the fictitious Joint Promotion just to appoint Geeko. Elizabeth is the CEO of Geeko. Elizabeth is also a close associate of Siew. Beside these, MACC should also investigate into the activities of Datuk Daljit Singh, a former TM Board member. He is a crony of ex Minister Nazri Aziz. Daljit Singh organise Vasaki Festival for a few years and MOTAC paid about RM1 million each year for the function. We know the figures were inflated.

  23. Yaakob of TM

    Not only the Musang should be called upon two answer about the RM1.1 mil “fees” for the non existence Promosi Bersama, Mirza too because he gave the approval then payment made by the financial director Azleen Mat Zip. She will pay anything without proper checking. As long as the little Napoleons approved she will pay blindly. She has a lot to answer. Azleen is not a financial director. She is just a cashier to make payments blindly. If Azleen performed as a financial controller TM will be facing scandal after scandal. Prosecute her too because she had failed in her duties as a financial controller.

    YB when is the next explosive story on the Musang, other little napoleons, Siew Ka Wei and his sweet little thing Elizabeth Ken.

  24. Kepala Bapak Kau

    This Musang is the main culprit of Geeko scandal. In Nov 2017 Koppema is the shareholder of Geeko. Musang is the president of Koppema. On January 2018 Musang proposed to appoint Geeko to prepare Kajian for TM resulting in the appointment of Geeko. Now he will play the Najib’s Game: Saya tak tau. Saya tak kenal siapa Siew Kai Wei. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

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