Is Tourism Malaysia Everyone’s “ATM”?

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia. He is a genius by all counts.

Updates at 11 am on 29-01-2019:  The Minister of MOTAC and Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of TM will be launching a Joint Incentive Tourism Development Programs in KLIA at 2 pm today (29-1-2019). The press should ask Datuk Musa about his involvement in the Speedy Gonzales deal and whether the deal was planned well before the inception of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd on 6-11-2017.  Please see below for the publicity generated by the misleading “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko” scheme devised by Datuk Musa Yusof in HERE


It is now clear that the shady “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal involving Tourism Malaysia (TM) and an infant IT company, Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko), was planned months ahead.

The new revelations which are part of yours truly’s continuing probe into the ambiguous “Speedy Gonzales” deal show an amateurish rip-off of TM funds.

Fundamentals in awarding contracts and making payments were neglected, suggesting that TM was an easy agency to milk, or rather an automated teller machine (ATM).

The Arrest & Remand of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & Ms Elizabeth Ken

Both Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Ms Elizabeth Ken were in orange “uniform”.

The “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal exploded when Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and the CEO of Geeko, Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying were arrested and remanded for four days by MACC on 10 January, 2019.

The Little Napoloens In TM

The little napoleons in the top management of TM have had inkling of the dubious “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal as early as in November 2017 when Geeko was incorporated.

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof , the then Director of Bahagian Promosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika), was a known promoter of digital platform/Geeko deal in TM.  Datuk Musa knew or ought to have known that in 2016/2017 TM had already paid RM40 million to Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken), which was represented by Raja Firdaus and Mr Ron Chow the director of Kraken, to provide TM with digital marketing platform. Why was Datuk Musa so active in promoting another digital platform through Geeko in 2017/ 2018?

In January 2018,  a ‘foolproof’ scheme was devised to avoid seeking MAMPU’s approval to appoint Geeko to prepare a report /Kajian for TM to appoint Geeko!

The Relationship Between Datuk Musa & Geeko

Of course, Datuk Musa didn’t put in his “proposal” of his precarious position of conflict of interest:   that he was on the TM top management; and president of KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC).

KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. What a brilliant “proposal” by Datuk Musa!  From the said “proposal” below you will no doubt conclude that Datuk Musa is a genius!

No wonder he was promoted to be the DG of TM in a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ fashion.

The little napoleons in TM love quickies.

The evidence below clearly shows that Datuk Musa not only played an active part to promote the shady “Speedy Gonzales” but was also instrumental in securing the appointment of Geeko as the “go-between company” on the pretext of providing the digital platform for TM.

For the benefit of new readers, let yours truly reproduced some of the glaring facts.


Pic of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei when he was released by MACC. He was the chairman of TM. He is the current chairman of Ancom Bhd and MD of Nylex Bhd.

 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei

At the material time, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was the high- flying chairman of TM. Currently he is the chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD for Nylex Bhd and CEO of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).  The defunct print and online Malay Mail are part of his ‘empire’.

He is also a well-known corporate genius but not after May 9, 2018 though. He has many outfits like Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract with MRT),  Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (exclusive advertising contract in Malaysia airports), Ancom Chemical Sdn Bhd (exclusive Methanol contract from Petronas), Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd and many others.

Geeko, Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd and Berlin Puncak Sdn Bhd share the same registered office address and the same company secretary, Mr Stephen Geh Sim Whye. What a co-incidence?? Please read HERE.

Ms Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group. She is also the CEO & shareholder of Geeko.

Ms Elizabeth Ken

Elizabeth Ken is one of the shareholders and CEO of Geeko. She is also the media specialist of Redberry whose CEO is, of course, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei.

Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko)

On 6 November 2017, Geeko was incorporated. Elizabeth Ken and her company EN Vouge Sdn Bhd and KOPEMA (Kakitangan Koperasi MOTAC) are the shareholders. At that material time, Datuk Musa Yusof, was president of KOPEMA and director of Bahagian Pomosi Antarabangsa (Asia/Afrika). Datuk Ammar A Gapar is one of the director in TM and the deputy president of KOPEMA.

The little napoleons in TM have been playing deaf and dumb over the ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal. Then we witnessed the sudden crowning of ‘Musa the Great’ as the Director General (DG) of TM.  It was a “Speedy Gonzales” promotion.

When yours truly first wrote about the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei defended Geeko deal to the hilt. The little napoleons in TM have gone into silent mode since then.

The Conflict of Interest

Clear case of Conflict of interest, read HEREHERE.

The “PLAN”

On 19 January, 2018, about 73 days after the incorporation of Geeko, Datuk Musa and other little napoleons hatched a scheme called “PROMOSI BERSAMA TOURISM MALAYSAI DAN TENCENT/GEEKO TECH BAGI PROMOSI PASARAN DIGITAL (SMART TOURISM)” (“Promosi Bersama Geeko”) that  cost TM a whooping RM1,167,900.00 for the so-called report/Kajian.

If TM were to directly appoint Geeko to prepare a report/Kajian for an IT Project it would have to submit the plan/proposal for approval to MAMPU. That would be time consuming and may not get approval.

Datuk Musa and the other little napoleons in TM must have mooted the scandalous Geeko/Digital Platform many weeks if not months before 19 January, 2018.

From the said proposal for “Promosi Bersama”, it will not be too far fetched to suggest that Datuk Musa and gang must have planned the scandalous Geeko deal well before the incorporation of GEEKO on 6 November, 2017.

The Bomb Shell & so-called Proposal For “Promosi Bersama TM dan Geeko/Tencent”

Please see the said questionable proposal “Promosi Bersama” by Datuk Miusa Bin Yusof below.

Page 1 “Minit Kelulusan” from Datuk Musa for his “Proposal Bersama” To Be Approved by Datuk Mirza, the then DG.


Page 2 of the “Minit Kelulusan
Page 3 of “Minit Kelulusan
Page 4 of “Minit Kelulusan” was signed by Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, now the DG of TM.


In a nutshell it was just a simple proposal for a report/Kajian to be prepared by Geeko to appoint itself to be a “special purpose vehicle” for someone. What a brilliant proposal!

The Glaring Conflicts of Interest

Firstly, the important glaring conflict of interest was that Datuk Musa did not declare in the said proposal:

The possible conflict of interest on Musa’s part as the president of KOPEMA because KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko. He is also the director of Bahagian Antarabangsa (Afrika/China).  At that material time, it seemed Datuk Mirza, who was previously charged twice for corruption, very innocently approved the said  “Promosi Bersama” for RM1,167, 900.00.

The said astronomical sum was paid for producing a report/KAJIAN. Not bad for a five-month old company to be awarded and paid RM1,167,900.00 by a government agency for a simple job.

Secondly, on 19.1.2017 the appointment of Geeko was not only unprecedented but violated the regulations of Ministry of Finance (MOF) because Geeko was not registered with MOF.

Geeko was only registered with MOF on 6-4-2018. However, the “Speedy Gonzales” contract was signed on 4-4-2018, two days before the said registration. This is evident of the little napoleons in TM who did not give a damn about MOF rules. TM is just a cash cow for some.

Thirdly, there was no real promotional activities for the so-called “Promosi Bersama TM dan Tencent/Geeko”.

The Glaring Points In The Said “Promosi Bersama”

Page 2 of the said “Promosi Bersama”.

Para 2.2        Objektif Pelaksanaan Smart Tourism adalah:

Para 2.2.2     Membekalan laporan data industry pelancongan bagi membantu dalam process  decision making.


Page 3 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 3.1        Table

No. 5 in the table:  Final Summary Reports

Deliverable: Project Summary report


Page 4 of the said “Promosi Bersama”

Para 4.           JUSTIFIKASI BAHAGIAN (Glaring section)

4.1      Projek ini adalah wajar  dilakukan bagi membantu dalam pembangunan SMART Tourism. Khidmat dari Syarikat Tencent Technology yang digunakan oleh kajian ini juga adalah bersesuaian memandangkan syarikat ini adalah syarikat gergasi di China yang mempunyai pengalaman yang meluas dalam bidang teknologi.

The glaring questions are: 

Why didn’t TM go direct to Tencent Technology?

Why TM had to appoint a five-month old company to do the “KAJIAN” to use Tencent Technology?

Why was there a need for a “KAJIAN” from a five-month old company to appoint a big company like Tencent Technology, which is equivalent to Google or Yahoo?

Isn’t it obvious that Geeko was a go-between for this “Speedy Gonzales” deal? (On 1-6-2018 Dato’ Siew Ka Wei had declared that Geeko is a “special purpose vehicle” for Tencent, which he subsequently did an about turn 7 days later.)



Jumlah kos anggaran adalah sebanyak RM1,167,900.00 menggunakan peruntukan sedia ada mengurus 2018 Bahagian Pegiklanan, Tourism Malaysia.

At the material time TM was (and is still) operating under deficit of more than RM130 million.

If this is the case, where is the so-called “PERUNTUKAN”?

Was the so-called “PERUNTUKKAN” a means to siphon off RM1,176,900.00 from TM?

The Salient Facts:

Datuk Mirza (ex-DG of TM) approved the said above proposal  “Promosi Bersma” by Datuk Musa and Puan Azleen Mat Zip, TM Director of Finance, paid RM1,167,900.00 to Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd.  Puan Azleen had a copy of the so-called Report/”KAJIAN” prepared by Geeko to appoint Geeko/Tencent.

Sources in TM also confirmed that there was no agreement for the so-called “PROMOSI BERSAMA GEEKO/TENCENT” to support the payment of RM1,167,900.00.  The Head of Internal Audit, Puan Salinda binti Sany, picked up this glaring transaction during the audit exercise and questioned it. However, there was no further action. The issue just died down.  WHY?

Puan Salinda did prepare an audit report on this matter. Where is the audit report now?

Now we know why Musa, the newly appointed DG of TM, was and is a genius in “planning” and more importantly drawing up the “fool proof” proposal.

There must be an in-depth investigation into this so-called  proposal for “Promosi Bersama” and the “Kajian”, which cost TM RM1,167,900.00, by MACC.

KSN should examine what Datuk Musa had done or his role in the “Speedy Gonzales” deal when his DG post is up for confirmation.

Next: Another MOTAC/TM bombshell.

Please Stay Tuned.




37 thoughts on “Is Tourism Malaysia Everyone’s “ATM”?

  1. Lim

    It is really a Speedy Gonzales deal. It was all planned as early as November 2017 when Geeko was incorporated. For all we know it could have been much earlier. These little napoleons are taking the rakyat for a big ride. It is now the time for MACC to take them for a holiday in River Bamboo Resort.

  2. Nordin TM

    A report or Kajian which term the little Napoleons love the term cannot cost RM1.2 mil. RM1.2 mil is daylight robbery. A Cajan prepared by Geeko to appoint Geeko. What a joke. TM is ATM for all the crooks. Datin Musa: this was a Kepala Bapak Kau’s deal. MACC this is a clear case that the little napoleons in TM and Musa knew about this Geeko deal as early as the 4th quarter of 2017 if not earlier. MACC please get those responsible and parade them in orange jerseys.

  3. Nazri TM

    The picture is very clear now. It was a scheme planned since November 2017 when Geeko was formed. Musa knew all along about the scandalous Geeko deal then. He cannot say he did not know. He is the president of KOPEMA and KOPEMA is the shareholder of Geeko period. Apa nak cakap lagi? tanggung aja la, si bodoh dan si tamak. I agree that a Kajian cost RM1.1 mil is unacceptable and scandalous. No wonder Musa was so bloody active in promoting this Geeko deal. Now let see what MACC is going to do with this little napoleon (now the DG). Amat memalukan pihak TM.

    Si Musang no need to give us amaran not stop writing in social media. This is our right. We are not scared of u.

  4. Azmin

    SPRM has to investigate into the RM40 mil contract for Kraken Interactive involving Raja Firdaus and Ron Chow. It was a con. Kraken ended up doing one or two apps and the rest for advertising. Kraken was supposed to do digital marketing platform. Raja Firdaus was representing a few companies then. Manoharan the now director of advertising for TM is a close friend of Raja Firdaus. Watch out for this ‘Mano’ fella.

  5. YB, a little bird told me that more than RM70m from the more than RM130m budget deficit have gone to Global Renown Ltd, a BVI tax haven company.

    From massive amounts of taxi wraps, to outdoor billboards that doesnt allow a change of creative for the entire 12 months, to delivering “geishas” to high ranking tourism officials.. we all know who owns Global Renown Ltd.

    MACC also should investigate this shorty Dato Seri Tam…

    1. The little bird in TM

      Bro, You have hit the nail on the head! Don’t you agree TM is an ATM to some people. Geeko is the classic case of a premeditated scheme by the little napoleons and the bosses.It was facilitated by the little napoleons.

  6. The little bird in TM

    Musa: Do you want to tell us that when KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko you as its president didn’t know anything about Geeko? Can you stop spoiling the name of TM and quietly resign as DG. We have no respect for you in our heart. But this type people will hold on until they are charged in court and suspended. Musa or Musang will go down in history to be the shortest DG. May be will soon be in Sungei Buluh to accompany his real boss – you all should know who la.

  7. Mohamed

    Musa tak payah nak berlagak di office. Jika berani, mengeluarkan satu Kenyataan Akbar bahawa kamu tidak tahu dan kena mengena dengan skandal Geeko sebelum 19 January 2018 (Tarikh cadangan kamu) dan/atau 4 April (Tarikh menandatanggani surat pejanjian).

  8. Orang TM

    This Musang is not fit to be the DG. As a director he made proposal “Promosi Bersama” not in the best interest of TM. He knew all along that high ranking officers planning to appoint Geeko as a go between company with Tencent. Yet he made the 19 January proposal knowing that TM will be screwed big time and made TM to pay out RM1.1 million for a report. If confirmed as DG by KSN, he will be lagi teruk. KSN: please kick this fella out before he embarrass TM and us further..

  9. Yusuf TM

    Musa main qualification to be a DG was the facilitator for the appointment of Geeko. His proposal of 19 January 2018 was a clear evidence of his active role in appointing Geeko by paying it about RM1.2 million to do a Kajian to appoint Geeko to screw TM. Musa, can you lift cup your head to lead TM? Aren’t you not ashamed of what you had done as a member of the top management of TM? May be not. You are more interested in stopping us from discussing the Geeko deal in the social media. We are not going to be cowed by you ok. You can try and we will carry on too expose your nonsense. We hope that KSN will not confirm you as the DG of TM. We also hope that you will be hauled up by MACC real soon.

  10. Yunus TM

    We in TM know who is this Musang. Beside the Datuk Mirza, this Musang is other main player in the Speedy Gonzales deal. Just read his proposal of 19.1.2018 the title: “PROMOSI BERSAMA TM & TENCENT/GEEKO”. In 2018 there was no Promosi Bernama TM & Geeko. We in TM knew that initially the little napoleons in TM wanted Deloitte to do the Kajian but Deloitte couldn’t do its becos it was Singapore based company. Since Mirza, SKW and Musang wanted this deal to be moved fast. Musang came out with the idea of Promos Bersama. RM1.1 ml of TM/Rakyat money was paid to Geeko. Can you imagine a mere Kajian cost RM1.1 mil (almost RM1.2 mil).

    Datuk Mirza and SKW: The Speedy Gonzales deal was a Kepala Bapak Kau deal! Many in TM would love to see SKW and the sweet Elizabeth Ken, Mirza and Musang to be charged and sent to Sungei Buluh soon so that trey can accompany Najib. Perhaps Azleen Mat Zip the financial director should also be charged for making payment without due diligent. The Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong too fore approving the first claim by Geeko.

  11. TM Anonymous

    Padan muka kpd Siew Ka Wei dan Elizabeth kena pakai jersey oren. Tak lama lagi Mkirza dan Musa (DG terbaru dan terhebat) pun akan memakai jersey oren juga. Mirza telah kena dua kali kes rasuah dan dibebas keranas teknikal. Kali tiga, Mirza akan bursar di Sungeu Buluh. Padan muka!

  12. Rosli TM

    Pls look at YB’s posting:

    You will see that bloody Jangut Mirza signed the agreement with Geeko on 4 April 2018. It was only on 10 April (6 days later)he gave the letter of appointment to Geeko. Signed agreement first and then letter of appointment. We suspect the Geeko agreement was backdated so that RM11 mil first payment could be made. This time around Mirza cannot lari lagi.

  13. Joshua

    With all the shocking facts revealed, how could the Minister Nazri Aziz not aware of this hanky pinky deal. It is too good to be true if Nazri Aziz didn’t know about this deal worth RM99 mil. Without his approval such deal cannot go through. Mjusa, Mirza, Siew and Daljit Singh (Nazri’s no: 1 crony) must be grilled properly then the whole truth will be out. We are all waiting to see these people charged for what they have e done to our money. In the mean time, Musa must be made accountable for the Promos Bersama’s report cost RM1.1 mil. Musa, are you not ashamed of yourself?

  14. Leong

    Of course, the evidence shows that Musa is no angel. With the Promosi Bersama costing RM1.1 million, someone somewhere must be laughing to the bank. TM is a can of worms. The government should withhold all funds for TM because the holes are just too big. Until these culprits are charged the govt should not grab them any fund. Prosecute all the con-men quickly then only can move on. TM can no longer be headed by the useless Musa. He will only make TM MALU.

  15. Mokhtar

    Obviously the same person posted most of the comments with different names. Why so anti our new DG? It looks like more personal. Trust me he’ll be more stronger because he is naturally born to be a leader. A good leader. Yes he is. Judge him on his credibility, knowledge, experience, contributions and leadership.

    1. Yaakob TM

      For the benefits of Mokhtar

      We will now judge Musang as President of KOPEMA.

      What Musang did and do as the president of KOPEMA, director of International Promotion (Africa/China) and now DG?

      The Musang’s records speak for itself:-

      1. As president he did nothing except collecting rent from the stall owners in the cafeteria in MOTAC but owing big sum of rental to MOTAC until now. Luckily MOTAC also tutup mata otherwise KOPEMA will be wound up.
      Is this the quality of a leader? (Of course Kopema gave out loans, were the loans collected???? How much is the total bad debts for loans?? It is an open secret there are huge uncollectible loans.)

      Speedy Gonzales

      2. In November 2017 KOPEMA became a shareholder of the Speedy Gonzales company called Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. He didn’t even whisper to a single member of staff in TM let alone officially informed members in a KOPEMA newsletter. We came to know about this from reading YB’s blog.

      3. Until now Musang did not come out with any statement to explain how and why KOPEMA took up shares in Geeko Tech?

      4. At the time when KOPEMA took up shares in Geeko Tech, the Musang knew the purpose of setting up the company and Geeko is the special purpose vehicle for who but Musang didn’t any members of KOPEMA until now.

      5. Musang being president of KOPEMA kept the knowledge of the structure and purpose of Geeko Tech to himself – in fact he hid all these information to himself until now.

      6. On 19 Jan 2018 the Musang was so BRAVE and instrumental in coming out with the now famous PROPOSAL called “PROMOSI BERSAMA TM/TENCENT/GEEKO” which was in fact not a joint promotion but prepare a Report. This report was to facilitate the appointment of Geeko. This report cost RM1,1 million to TM. The most expensive report in the world. A report that was tainted by conflicts of interest. A report to be prepared by Geeko to appoint Geeko.

      7. Don’t tell us that the plan for this joint promotion was mooted on 19 Jan and on 19 Jan Musang wrote the proposal and sent it to Datuk Mirza for approval. If so then it is a real Speedy Gonzales Joint Promotion!

      8. Finally, as the top management of TM Musang should have stated clearly in the proposal of 19 Jan that he is the president of Kopema and Kopema is a shareholder of Geeko. Therefore, indirectly he has an interest in Geeko Tech. Instead Musang suppressed this important info. He had to suppress otherwise his proposal will be questionable.

      9. Musang is not that stupid. Surely he knew that Geeko is only a few months old company and was incapable of doing a digital platform. Musang said in the proposal that Tencent is a “syarikat gergasi di China dengan pengalaman”. It is only reasonable for an officer of Musang standard to oppose such a proposal and advise TM to approach Tencent direct to set up the digital platform for TM. Instead Musang deceived TM with his proposal and paid out RM`1.1 million.

      10. Until now Musang didnt take any step to terminate the Speedy Gonzales contract with Geeko. Musang us more interested in threatening TM staffs not to participate in social media. We know Musang has to many skeletons in his cupboard. Dia takut la!

      I hope Moktar will know what are the qualities, integrities and knowledge that we demand from our DG. We don’t appreciate cronies in TM because cronyism in TM that made TM famous for scandals after scandals. Thats why TM is the only govt agency operating in RM130 million deficit. Originally it was more than RM200 million. Musang didn’t bother to even highlight the deficit instead he contributed more deficit by the bullshit “Promosi Bersama” RM1.1 mil and Geeko’s RM99 mil deal.

      The Musang knew very well that there was no Promosi Bersama and the title was just to mislead and pay put RM1.1 mil to Geeko.

      We are looking forward to see Musang wearing the orange jersey playing for the Netherlands football team.

      Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! to crony.

      1. Anti Kroni di TM

        Padan muka kepada kroni. Itu Musaang memang tak layak jadi DG. Dia pandai guna kabel melalui peminpin Warisan di Sabah. Kecuali berlagak dan bully staff, dia ada kauiliti-kualiti yang ternyata dalam skandal Speedy Gonzales/Geeko Tech. Dia amat layak sebagai pemain bolasepak center forward bagi Holland. Kita akan meneruskan expose si Musang. Marilah kita menunggu menonton World Cup Final di mahkamah nanti.

  16. TM Guy

    Mokhtar was wasting his time to defend the indefensible Musang. Speedy Gonzales scandal were written all over his face. I agree that 19 Jan letter Promosi Bersama is a clear evidence of his involvement in the scandal. We in TM there was no activity in TM known as “Promosi Bersama TM/Tencent/Geeko. It is just a scheme for someone. Musang has quality – my foot. Yes Musang has the quality to bull shit and devise scheme like Promosi Bersama.

  17. Mat


    It is a case of “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.” I hope you will defend the 10 points by Yaakob TM. Don’t be a crony. Pls don’t go against facts. A Musang is always a Musang – even with whatever skin period. I agree that TM is an ATM for the little napoleons. RM1.1 million for a report! What a joke? Who is Musang trying to fool?

  18. Anonymous

    Kita tau Si Musa amat rapat degan Siew Ka Wei. I want to see how the Musa’s crony is going to defend him. The facts in the Geeko’s scandal are so clear. Why didn’t Musa clearly state inches proposal go 19.1.2018 that TM had already spent RM40 million to appoint Kraken Interactive to do digital advertising and nothing much have been produced and he knew about Geeko since November 2017 and he has interest in Geeko through Kopema. The cat was out of the bag already. He could no longer hide anymore. He hid these info from TM. SPRM must interrogate him. This shameless fella is definitely not fit to be a director in TM let alone DG. Cuci tandas pun tak layak!

  19. Jo

    if you respect the mandate of rakyat who voted for PH to be a govt, if you respect our PM who appointed our MOTAC Minister, so you should also respect the decision made in DG’s appointment by our The Minister under Tourism Act 481

    1. Rahman TM

      If the Musang wants us to respect him he should be respectful to the rakyat money in TM. Every TM staffs knew that there was no such activities called Promosi Bersama M/Tencent/Geeko unless it was done in top secret manner. We only heard and read in YB’s blog that TM paid over RM1 mil for Geeko to produce a report to appoint Geeko. The Musang should not have made the proposal because he is an interested party via Kopema. Until now the Musang didn’t admit in writing that he has indirect interest in Geeko.
      His appointment came from pulling cable and using Wasrisan leader otherwise no chance. Under then circumstances, what bullshit respect you are talking about. This musang is not fit to be DG. He is just a musang in cat skin! So what respect?

    2. Azman

      The Tourism Act did not state that Malaysia must give blind loyalty to crooks. Rakyat gave mandate to good leaders and not leaders who devised scheme to fool the rakyat. There was no activities for the Promosi Bersama except to appoint Geeko to do the report to appoint Geeko like the other readers had said. Some of us have seen the Geeko’s report. It was full of bull shit. Musa should touch his heart and reflect what he had done to TM. Then he will know why we don’t give a F..k for him after what he had done to TM. The authority should surcharge him under the General Order.

  20. Musang King

    We respect the govt and PM that does not mean that we have to stomach all the wrong doings. Respect has to be earned and not as of right. How to give the Musang respect when the documentary evidence is clear that he was in the know as early as in November 2017 of the Geeko scheme to screw TM. Yet the Musang chose not only to kept his silence but instrumental in coming with the Promosi Bersama to syphon RM1.16 mil form TM. We all know that there was no such programme in TM at that time. Geeko was appointed to just do a report and to appoint Geeko for the digital platform. Why can’t the Musang be truthful to declare his interest in the Geeko deal through Kopema and he recommended Geeko to do the report to appoint Geeko.

    With such dirty tricks, you expect us to respect that stupid decision. The Minister is not God. The Minister is our servant and not our boss. Look at what the4 Minister had done: He went to Japan recently. He had to pay homage to Datuk Tam who is the king of direct nego contracts in TM.

    The musang must be summoned to MACC for overnight tea session for his role in the Geeko scandals. If Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth sudah kena why is the Musang be exempted?

  21. Anonymnous

    Respect him for coming out with the idea of Promosi Bersama and to pay RM1.1 mil to Geeko to appoint Geeko for the RM99 mil CON-tract! Respect my foot! Respect him after he mask Sungei Buluh for holiday. Manusia yang tak malu dan tiada maruah.

  22. Suleiman TM

    Asking us to respect for the bloody Musang is an insult to our intelligence. Just look at what he had done to TM with the “Promosi Bersama” bertarikh 19 Januari? TM had to pay out RM1.1 mil for it and subsequently the first payment of RM12 mil. A total payment of RM13 mil so far. If the Musang wants to gain our respect pay back the RM13 mil. If not please get ready to wear orange T shirt like his boss Siew Ka Wei. Mau respect pergi mampus!

  23. Anonymous TM

    Since TM is funded by public money, Datuk Musa should explain publicly what was that Promosi Bersama all about and what were activities to support the payment of RM1.16 mil. He should also tell us when (the date) the idea of appointing Geeko to prepare the report came to his mind. Was the idea mooted in the committee or himself? Musa should stop pretending to be deaf and dumb. We now know your nonsense in TM. You cannot hide no more.

  24. Musang Hantu

    Itu Musang nak lari ke mana lagi? Tunggu dipanggil SPRM. Musang kaya la sebb ada projek Promosi Bersama Kepala Bapak Kau.

  25. Jamaluddin TM

    Why MACC is not Nazri Aziz not called up to give statement? A deal worth RM99 mil cannot be approved without the approval of the Minister. MACC please don’t forget to call Nazri for over night Teh Tarik. Don’t forget his top crony Daljit Singh too. Daljit was the4 board member of aTM. He is also very close with Sioew Ka Wei so much so that they shared the same under pant.

  26. Johari TM

    Yesterday the Minister told the press that the Musa was promoted to the post of DG before he knew about his involvement in the dubious Geeko deal. Now that the Minister knew about Musa involvement in the dubious deal he should suspend Musa immediately. If the Minister does not suspend him then KSN must step in to suspend Musa. Musa as DG of TM is no good for its image. In fact the whole lot of the little napoleons in TM are bad for TM.Clean up TM once and for all.

  27. Yusri

    Why are TM and MOTAC very quiet about the direct nego contract totalling about RM80 mil involving Datuk Tam, the MCA rep in Tokyo? All the advertising methods under this direct nego were outdated. Billboard, taxi wrapping and etc. MACC should look into this direct nego contract connected with Datuk Tam’s company GLOBAL RENOWN. The little napoleons will not do anything because they have been taken care of. They will protect Datuk Tam. Thats why when Minister or any function in Japan, the little Napoleon will bring them to pay homage to Datuk Tam. MACC should watch out Manoharan dire tor of Advertising. Without him many advertising nonsense cannot be possible. He is also a very close friend of Raja Firdaus.

  28. Azman TM

    Musa – You gave all kinds of instruction to junior staff of TM. We cannot do this and that. We cannot even participate in social media. Before you give us any instruction please go to the mirror and look at your bloody face and think what you had done in the Joint Promotion to get Geeko appointed to do a stupid kajian for RM1.1 mil. What a con job you have done. It is a Kepala Bapak Kau kajian that cost RM1.1 mil. What so special about Geeko? it is just a few month company with Elizabeth Ken as CEO. We in TM didnt know that you are a buddy to Elizabeth Ken until exposed in this blog. You bloody stop all the instructions to jaga your face. Your face is like a musang so no need to jaga.

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