Auditor-General: What about the RM130 million deficit in TM?

Pic of Dato’ Dr  Siew Ka Wei when he was released after 4 days remand by MACC. He was the chairman of TM when the shady Speedy Gonzales RM 99.693 million Geeko deal was struck. He is the current chairman of Ancom Bhd and managing director of Nylex Bhd. He is also the CEO of Redberry Media Group which is the owner of the defunct Malay Mail.

Updates at 6:30 21-01-2019:  Tomorrow and Wednesday MOTAC and TM are having a “Workshop On The Directions of Tourism & Cultures” in Dorset Hotel, Putrajaya. Is this another “Last Kopek” for Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, KSU of MOTAC?  It seems that as his retirement day is approaching, he  is “working” extremely hard.  He is on the overdrive mode now. KSN should make him the role model for all civil servants.

Updates at 9:00 pm on 19-01-2019:  Today the Timbalan KSU (Pelacongan), Dato’ Haslina Binti Abdul Hamid (a known crony of Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah), has returned to Kuala Lumpur from a special mission overseas trip to PR China.

Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah will be back tomorrow from his one week trip for a conference in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Perhaps this is his “Last Kopek” trip before his retirement in a few weeks time.  It is very normal for high ranking civil servants to take their garden leave before their retirement. But not for Datuk Rashidi. Rumour has it that he is an extremely “dedicated” man who will sacrifice his life for MOTAC and that he is prepared to slog his guts out for another six month without pay!  Yours truly would rather believe that as the head of MOTAC he has too many “unfinished businesses” to seal up before he bid farewell to MOTAC. What a conscientious civil servant!  KSN should make him a role model for all civil servants.  

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of TM cum powerful president of KOPEMA (the shareholder of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd), is also attending the same conference as Datuk Rashidi in Halong Bay.

It is a good thing that both of them are away from MACC HQ for a week of peace and tranquillity in Vietnam.  Rumours has it that next week both of them will be extremely busy having many “minum teh tarik” sessions with MACC officers. Good luck to the “Awang & Adik Team” and the other little napoleons in TM.  

Please stay tuned.

Updates at 8:30 pm on 17-01-2019:  Yesterday Puan Zaleha Binti Asmahan, TM’s Director of Information Technology Unit, was called to MACC HQ for statement.

Officers from the Auditor-General are now carrying out a special audit in Tourism Malaysia. The Auditor General office should have carried out this special audit some two years ago then the shady Speedy Gonzales deal could have been avoided.  As the saying goes, it is better late than never.

TM has been an ATM machine for some of the little napoleons for years.  They don’t give a damn to the regulations and laws.  They have been operating TM under deficit of more than RM130 million for the past two years.

Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah (KSU MOTAC) & Datuk Mirza Mohamed Taiyabv (former DG of TM)

It seems that Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah is not bothered about the sorry state of TM. The then DG of TM, Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamed Taiyab, was running “amok” in TM. It was for this reason that on 4-4-2018 Datuk Rashidi chaired the special Lembaga Perolehan “A” (Lembaga) with the support of and suppression of the real status of TM by Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamed Taiyab.  It was the Lembaga that kickstart the shady RM99 mil Speedy Gonzales Geeko.

At that material time, TM was in no financial position to go into any contract with any parties involving RM99 million (the shady Speedy Gonzales deal).  As we already know that TM was operating under a deficit of more than RM130 million.  In fact the little napoleons in TM used the budgets for other approved activities to cover initial payments to Geeko. Just imagine these little napoleons were so bent to ensure the smooth passage of this shady deal at all costs. Both Datuk Rashidi and Datuk Seri Mirza are fully aware of the Procurement Regulations and Policy and yet they saw it fit to flagrantly breach the MOF procurement regulations and policies.

The Arrest & Remand Of Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth Ken

Pic of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman, and current chairman of Ancom Bhd & MD of Nylex Bhd and Ms Elizabeth Ken.

Both in orange “uniform”, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd and MD of Nylex Bhd, and Ms Elizabeth Ken. They were arrested and remanded for four days by MACC to help with the investigation into the shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ RM99 milion.

Elizabeth Ken (with face covered) has been running very high in Redberry as its ‘media specialist’. This was the picture of her when she was released. Why was she shy to show her beautiful face?  She was known to be a high flyer. She loves to be in the limelight!

It was due to this shady Speedy Gonzales deal, which was evaluated and sealed within one day, that the former chairman of TM, Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, who is also the chairman of Ancom Bhd and director of Nylex (M) Bhd, and MD of Redberry Media Group, was arrested and remanded for 4 days by MACC.  Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (Elizabeth Ken), a media specialist of Redberry, was also arrested and remanded together with Dato’ Siew Ka Wei. Please read HERE.

The Auditor-General Should Look Into The Following Deals

Shady “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million

The background of the shady Speedy Gonzales deal are:

  • 6-11-2017 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) was incorporated.  Elizabeth Ken with one share, her company En vogue Sdn Bhd 14,999 share. KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitangan MOTAC) 10,000 share. Datuk Musa Yusup, the newly appointed DG is the president of KOPEMA and Datuk Ammar A Gapar (one of the director in TM) is the deputy.
  • February/March 2018 TM’s committee rejected the shady “Speedy Gonzales” deal. It was later bulldozed through and Geeko was appointed to do a study of the “Speedy Gonzales” deal and Geeko recommended Geeko to be appointed to be the “Special Purpose Vehicle”.  For the so-called study Tm paid Geeko about RM1.3 million!
  • 4-4-2018 the shady Speedy Gonzales RM99.693 million was evaluated, negotiated and sealed. On this date Geeko was not even registered with ministry of Finance.
  • 24-4-2018 (20 days later) Geeko submitted a claim for RM11,693,160.00 to TM.
  • 27-4-2018 Datuk Seri Khani Daud, the then Deputy DG for Promotion, approved the claim with lighting speed.
  • Early May 2018 TM issued payment of RM11,693,160.00. TM being involved in hospitality business, as expected one of its top ranking officer was so kind as to collect the cheque on behalf of Geeko!

It was because of this shady deal that Siew Ka Wei and the Redberry’s media specialist and Geeko’s CEO, Elizabeth Ken, were arrested and remanded by MACC for four days.

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof is the newly appointed DG of TM. At all material time when the shady was hatched, evaluated, negotiated and sealed, he was quite a powerful director of TM. He is the president of KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitanggan MOTAC).  When Geeko was incorporated on 6 November 2011, KOPEMA is a shareholder of 10,000 shares.

Siew Ka Wei had said “Geeko was a “special purpose vehicle” for Tencent Holding.

It will not be wrong to assume that Datuk Musa was fully aware of the setting up of Geeko as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” for someone.  Siew Ka Wei said in a press statement on 1-6-2018 that Geeko was a “special purpose vehicle” for Tencent Holding, the giant tech company in Shenzen, China. However a week later Siew Ka Wei did an about turn to contradict his earlier statement. Yours truly is curious as to why was it so necessary for this corporate genius to directly contradict his earlier statement!  Please see below the extract of Siew Ka Wei’s press statement to contradict his earlier statement.

Star report of Dato’ DR Siew Siew Ka Wei, Chairman of Tourism Malaysia, press release dated 8-6-2018. The total about turn on his earlier statement that Tencent Holding chose Geeko Tech as its “Special Purpose vehicle”!

Lets see whether Datuk Musa dares to deny that he had knowledge from day one about the shady ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko deal.  

Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken)

In 2016 Kraken was appointed by TM to provide a digital marketing platform. A digital marketing platform contract was signed for RM40 million!

Kraken was never a digital marketing provider. It was just a small time computer programing company. After the two year contract, Kraken only provide a few mobile apps and some advertising works. Auditor-General must thorough investigate into all the so-called works done by Kraken against the payments made too it.

The Famous Raja Mohd Firdaus Raja Zainal a.k.a. Raja Firdaus

Raja Firdaus Mohd Firdaus Raja Zainal‘s name card. (Executive Director).
Kraken’s List of Directors in the record of SSM.

Kraken is not a bumi company too.

List of shareholders of Kraken in the SSM report.

Raja Firdaus’ business card showing him as the Kraken’s executive director. In the SSM report he was not even a director of Kraken. He is a very close friend of Datuk Ammar A Gapar, a director of TM, and many other little napoleons in TM. He was seen to have accompanied the then Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and/or other high ranking officers of TM on overseas trips. He has class and only traveled in First Class or Business Class.

Raja Firdaus was and still is very influential in TM.  He was the personal assistant to Datuk Kadir Shaik Fadzil, when the later was the then Minister of MOTAC.  MACC should investigate how many direct nego contracts were awarded to companies directly or indirectly connected to Raja Firdaus.

Datuk Tam Yun Tong, one of the  champions for direct nego contract

Datuk Tam Yun Tong (Datuk Tam) is another big player in direct nego contracts for taxi wrapping in Japan and bill board advertising in Japan, Korea and China. He is another powerful figure in the advertising department in TM. When the current Minister of MOTAC visited Japan a month or so ago, the Minister had to pay homage to Datuk Tam.  Just imagine how powerful is Datuk Tam. Please see the photo below.

The new Minister of Tourism & Cultures have been surrounded by the smooth operators. The minister pay homepage to Datuk Tam (2nd left in pic after Datuk Rashidi, KSU of MOTAC).

Raja Firdaus and Datuk Tam are the two household names in TM.  Please read Why TM Loves Direct Negotiation Contracts?, HERE, & HERE .

Direct Nego Contracts

The government had a standing policy against direct nego contracts. But Direct nego contracts had been highly encouraged and the norm in TM. Hence the deficit in TM hit an all time high of over RM130 million. No other Ministries or government agencies dare to operate under such a huge deficit and/or let alone enter into shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal under the circumstances.

If the Auditor-General Department were to comb through all the direct nego contracts totalling about RM90 million, it will discover many scandalous transactions. There are also many direct nego contracts connected to two or three cronies of certain powerful figure in MOTAC itself

Another explosive article will be published soon.

Please stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “Auditor-General: What about the RM130 million deficit in TM?

  1. Corporate Con

    Con men doing the con jobs. Those little napoleons in TM and TM must be made to parade with the orange uniform. These are traitors. Tencent must be hauled up to answer question whether it was true that it picked Geeko as a special purpose vehicle. Geeko as a special purpose vehicle seemed to suggest that it was a dirty deal. The conglomerate Tencent Holding has not officially denied it. MACC should get to the bottom of this scandal and also how TM was allowed to operate with a deficit of RM130 million.

    Detaining Siew Ka Wei and his … Elizabeth is not enough. Both should be charged soon. There are enough evidence to charge these two.

  2. Little Bird TM

    No government agencies dare to operate in deficit of more than RM100 mil except TM. This is evident of TM is a can of worms! The high ranking officers are very loaded. Lets hope that MACC and Auditor-General could jointly get to the bottom of this huge scandal

  3. Rashid TM

    Why that full of actions cigar munching man covered his face? Before GE14, he was so arrogant and very loud. He has been dropping Najib’s name every where he went. Being taken in by MACC he covered his handsome face. He made himself out to be a hero but now a chicken. Served him and his sweet little thing right. He played with the rakyat money then be brave to face the music lah. Why so shy? The poor sweet little thing Elizabeth is the CEO of Geeko why so shy. covering her plastic surgery face. Before come to TRM office full of actions. Hanging around in the chairman’s office. Bossing around. Now she has to do another plastic surgery so can do another deal for another RM99 million with another agency. We also want to see the top management officers in TM to wear orange jerseys soon.

  4. The MUS-ang

    Why Datuk Musa is so quiet – silence like a mouse? Is Musa part of the scheme of Speedy Gonzales? Yes, I would think so. It is too good to be true that he was not aware of the speedy Gonzales deal. He is the president of Kopema and Kopema is a shareholder of Geeko. so is that shorty Datuk Ammar, another little Napoleon to watch. He helped Raja Firdaus a lot. We know that Datuk Musa was very close with Siew Ka Wei. He was helping to get the videos together. In fact, beside Datuk Mirza he is the other main player in facilitating the Speedy Gonzales deal. SPRAM must interrogate Musa & Ammar the two known little napoleons in TM.

  5. TM Anonymous

    Itu MUSANG mana berani bercakap kerana terlibat dalam kes speedy gonzales. MUSANG tiada hak dapat promosi sebagai DG TM. pakai uniform oren ok.

  6. Con Artist Siew

    MACC should also look at the outstanding rentals in Soloma and MATIC. Should also check on how this ball career for Siew and Nazri (Daljit Singh – ex TM Board member) got stalls in MATIC and whether he pays for the rental durian stalls. Heard that there few hundred thousand RM rental outstanding and not collected by MOTAC, MACC please help the rakyat to check on the matters and the role played by Datuk Daljit Singh.

  7. Bekas Ahli Kelab

    Heard they performed solat hajat for a very specific reason followed by a sermon by DDG. Wow, so pious after returning from ICT. Never mind,least still remember God. Ask from the real God not Godfather!!

    1. Hanif TM

      They remember God!!! I think evenGod fears them. God fears them because of what the nonsense they have been doing for years in TM wasted hundred of million of RM. The top management must be hauled up by MACC and charged them. Once and for all clean up TM and MOTAC. This is the time for MACC to do because the evidence in YB’s blog too overwhelming – menjolok mata! Yet I have read one of the si bodoh in TM still defending Datuk Musa. The fella should know that this Musa is Siew’s crony and the most active promoter of the Geeko deal beside Datuk Rashidi, Datuk Mirza and Datuk Ammar. I really cannot wait to read what is the coming explosive story about the scandalous Geeko contract. I am looking forward to read the next article and hope that these little napoleons will be paraded in orange uniforms and send all these crooks to Sungei Buluh for a long holiday. Lets hope that to happen soon. Then we TM caN begin with a clean slate without these crook.

  8. Carol

    YB; When will the next explosive story will be published? Please do it and soon possible? We need to know about about the Geeko’s Speedy Gonzales deal, Siew Ka Wei, Mirza, Musa, Ammar and gang. Please expose them kaw2. I agree with another reader that Datuk Daljit Singh is another one to be exposed. He was the facilitator for the boss in MOTAC. Daljit Singh should be investigated.

  9. A Guy in TM

    If SPRM want to get to the bottom of the scandals in MOTAC, SPRM must call the list of officers below for statements:

    Dato Siew Ka Wei
    Elizabeth Ken
    Datuk Mirza
    Datuk Musa Yusof
    Datuk Daljit Singh (TM Board member)
    Datuk Ammar Gapar
    Raja Firdaus (Agencies rep)

    Datuk Musa (new DG) is the key promoter for the Speedy Gonzales Geeko deal. We know about him very well. Keep him for a few days in SPRM Resort and he will tell all the story. Musa is the president of KOPEMA. Ammar is his vice president. Kopema is the shareholder in Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. One needs not be a genius to know that these two little napoleons know a lot of the Geeko scandal.

  10. TM

    SKW the corporate genius during Najib’s time is now behaving like a corporate pariah. Be like Isa Samad and Azeez Baling, they didn’t many attempt to hide their faces. The corporate genius was behaving like kid. Thinking that the public wouldn’t know about him just becos he covered his face. During Najib time boleh la. He was powerful and loud. The whole world already knew that he was arrested and remanded by SPRM. We also knew that he was one of the main guyas in the speedy gonzales RM99 mil scandal. He should be proud to represent Holland Football team for World Cup! We in TM are waiting to see him and the little little napoleons in TM to be charged together. Can’t wait for the day.

  11. Zul TM

    Speedy Gonzales is a fly by night project. Geeko is a special purpose vehicle for the con man. We hope that MACC will charge the culprit soon and send them for a long holidays in River Bamboo Resort. The culprits must be rid off from TM once and for all.

  12. Anuar TM

    It will be a big joke if the ex Minister of MOTAC Nazri Aziz did not know about and did not approve the RM99 million Geeko deal. We knew that they were all in it together. MACC please look into this aspect. Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken cannot be the only two culprits in this dirty deal. Get the ex Minister to give his statement.

    1. jamaluddin TM

      Since you are asking for evidence, you must have been reading Malay Mail all the while. Not wonder you r asking for evidence. What is there to kacau SPRM. SPRM got all the evidence already la. SPRM had already arrested and detained Siew Ka Wei and the sweet little thing – his Redberry Media Specialist Elizabeth Ken. With the glaring evidence exposed, more in TM will be arrested. We hope SPRM will sapu sekali bersih in TM. So that TM can start without those TM crooks.

    2. Rosli TM

      You are either blind or have been blinded by Malay Mail. Can’t you see all the documentary evidence published in YB’s blog? Ignorance is bliss. Why were Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken arrested and detained by MACC? Use your otak before you talk! Please carry on reading Malay Mail and you will be a real idiot. We hope the Auditor General will investigate into the RM130 million deficit incurred by TM. No other government agencies dare to operate in deficit except TM.

  13. Jamil TM

    stating the obvious that Nazri Aziz was aware of this Geeko deal. Datuk Daljit Singh is another fella that MACC should get hold of for an interview. He was the facilitator. He is also a close buddy Siew. Once they are interview more things will be out. Datuk Musa was another crony of Siew when he was in TM. Dig out everything in the advertising department – the cash cow dept. Manoharan is the head of advertising now. This fella was untouchable. He was the only officer in TM history that remained in overseas posting (India) for more than 10 years. We hope that MACC will clean up TM. It is a can of worm. we the lower rank officers know for sure. Get rid of the little Napoleon then only TM could operate smoothly otherwise it operates like a cartel. Good officers are put in cold storage and cronies/yes men were promoted.

  14. Anonymous

    Rashidi is on the last Kopek spree. He is tying up the loose end for his …. If you are in MOTAC you will know what I am talking about. Need not go further. He will be hauled up soon. MOTAC and TM is a big can of worms. Need spring cleaning once and for all.

  15. The little bird In TM

    Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (Chariman of Lembaga Perolehan ‘A”), Datuk Mirza (the DG who wrote all the letters and signed the Geeko agreement), Datuk Khani (Deputy DG approved the claims of RM12 mil), Datuk Musa (Director for International promotion (Afrika & Asia – now DG) the no 1 salesman of Geeko deal) and Azleen Mat Zip (director of Finance made all payments without proper checking/due diligent) should all be hauled up for investigations. If anyone of them had performed their duties properly TM would have been saved of ten of million Ringgit and need not be put through the mud.

  16. Wan TM

    YB, where is the explosive update? Please post it faster. Please make sure that it is like the atomic bomb for the little napoleons and their kuncu-kuncu. TM’s junior staff have been suffering under them. We have to tutup mata all the times. Now we will expose them kaw2.

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