Unmasked – key players of the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal

2nd left: Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & 4th left: Elizabeth Ken

Updates at 9 pm on 15-01-2019:  Today Puan Siti Nor Binti Minu, Setiausaha Bahagian Kewangan of MOTAC, was summoned to MACC to give statement for more than 6 hours.  Soon Puan Azleen Binti Mat Zip, Director of Finance Tourism Malaysia, will also be summoned by MACC to give statement too. She should explain how TM could operate in deficit to a tune of few hundred million Ringgit.  She should also hand over the TM payment voucher with the signature of one high ranking officer of TM, who collected the cheque in the sum of RM11,960,160.00 (first payment) on behalf of Geeko! 

This particular high ranking officer must be a very kind hearted man indeed!!

Stay tuned.

Updates at 10:00 pm on 11-01-2019: 

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken are due to be released between 8:30 am – 9 pm tomorrow morning. Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah will be back to MACC HQ for questioning. He will bring along Puan Nora, the legal advisor of TM to accompany him. 

Updates at 12:30 pm on 11-01-2019:

Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah, KSU of MOTAC, has been summoned to MACC HQ this morning. Datuk Mirza the former DG and the person who signed the “Speedy Gonzales” contract will resume to give his statement today.  Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was a powerful corporate figure before 14th GE. His many outfits have been awarded exclusive contracts from Petronas, MRT, MAHB and others. The Malay Mail’s editor-in-chief, Datuk Wong Sai Wan, is a director of Siew’s outfits. Malay Mail is connected to Redberry Media Group.  Stay tuned.


If the government procurement policy is followed, the rakyat would have been spared from witnessing the famous and powerful Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (Elizabeth Ken) in the orange uniform.

Under the government procurement policy, it is mandatory for all companies to be registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) before doing any business with any ministries or agencies.  In the case of the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko direct nego contract worth RM99.693 million with Tourism Malaysia (TM), TM chose not to adhere to the mandatory requirement of MOF.

The Glaring Events:

On 6 November 2017 Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) was incorporated. One of its shareholders is Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia Berhad (KOPEMA). KOPEMA’s president is Datuk Musa Yusuf (Musa) and deputy president is Datuk Ammar (Ammar). Musa is the newly appointed DG of TM, HERE.

At the material time, Musa was known to be one of the active promoters of the shady Geeko deal. Musa knew or ought top have known in November 2017 or even earlier that Geeko was the “Special Purpose Vehicle” for someone and he was one of the main facilitators.

On 4 April, 2018, at 11:45 am, Lembaga Perolehan ‘A” (Lembaga) of Ministry of Tourism and Cultures (MOTAC) chaired by Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah (Rashidi), KSU, attended by Datuk Mirza Mohamed Taiyap (Mirza), the recently retired DG, and two others. It approved the shady Geeko deal. At that material time, TM did not have the fund for the Geeko deal.

It must be noted that 2016/2017 TM already entered into a contract with Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken) to provide TM with digital marketing platform. The little napoleons in TM happily paid RM40 million to Kraken for producing apps and some advertising without question. Of course, one of the director of Kraken is none other than Raja Firdaus, a close family friend of Datuk Ammar. According to the Lembaga minutes of 4 April, thereuswas no reference made about TM had already signed an agreement and paid Kraken to do digital marketing platform for TM. For full details of the Kraken’s deal and the questionable relationship between Raja Firdaus and Ammar, please read HERE. This Raja Firdaus is well connected in MOTAC and TM.

It was clear that the said Lembaga meeting was just to meet the requirement on paper. No more no less.

On 4 April, 2018, the Geeko deal was evaluated and negotiated. The agreement was prepared and signed on the same day. Mirza signed on behalf of TM and Elizabeth Ken for Geeko.

The shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko Contract dated 4 April 2018.
Certificate of Registration of GEEKO with MOF dated 6 April 2018.

On 6 April, 2018, Geeko was registered with MOF, two days after the signing of the said “Speed Gonzales” Geeko agreement.

Therefore, on 4 April, 2018 the Lembaga met and approved the shady deal, and Mirza signed the said “Speedy Gonzales” agreement, at that material time Geeko was not registered with MOF. Under such circumstances, the Lembaga and TM should not have dealt with Geeko let alone proceed to approve the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal and proceeded to sign the said agreement on 4 April, 2018.

On 23-4-2018 Geeko submitted a claim for RM11,963,160.00 to TM.

On 27-4-2018 Datuk Seri Khani Bin Daud (Khani), the deputy DG (Promotion) of TM, approved the claim for payment. This payment should not have been approved because on 4 April 2018 Geeko was not registered with MOF.

Prior to May 9, 2019 (polling day for 14th GE) TM made the full payment of the RM11,963,160.00 to Geeko. This payment was approved and paid unusually fast by the standard of TM. The speed in which this payment was made was unprecedented.  The cheque for the said sum of RM11,963,160.00 was also collected on behalf of Geeko by one of the top officials of TM. Guess who?

For documentary proof to support the chronology of events for the shady Geeko deal, please click HERE.

TM Has Been Operating Under Deficit For Years

To digress a little, from 2017 to now TM has been operating under a deficit.  As of this date, the deficit stands at about RM130 million.  Auditor General already uncovered this deficit and instructed TM to resolve it. Until now TM has yet to resolve because it has no money to pay its debtors. But it managed to squeeze from somewhere in TM or MOTAC to pay the RM11,963,160.00 to Geeko.

Why The Shady Geeko Deal Was Not Terminated??

It seemed that MOF had instructed MOTAC and/or TM not to make further payment to Geeko and to terminate the shady Geeko deal.  However, until now, MOTAC and/or TM have not taken step to terminate the shady RM99.693 million Geeko deal.  See how powerful these little napoleons in MOTAC and TM.

The Main Players:

left: Dato Siew Ka Wei, 2nd left; YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, the then Minister of MOTAC & 3rd left: Datuk Mirza , the then DG of TM. This picture was taken in the afternoon of 4 April 2018 during the launching of Smart Tourism 4.0 in connection with Geeko at Istana hotel.
Left: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, KSU Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan. Picture taken during the 14th GE campaign.

Rshidi, Mirza and Khani must be held accountable because from day one (4 April 2018) TM should NOT have dealt with Geeko let alone signed the said agreement and made payment.

Musa being the president of KOPEMA knew or ought to have known about the “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal when KOPEMA became the shareholder of Geeko in November 2017. Musa was also part of the top management of TM.

Mirza has been called up and interviewed by MACC for the past three days.

The Relationship Between Datuk Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth Ken

Elizabeth Ken is the CEO and shareholder of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. She is also the media specialist of Redberry Media Group.
Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin. Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei. These are the two powerful corporate figures before 14th GE.

At the material time Datuk Siew Ka Wei was the chairman of TM, executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and managing director/CEO of Redberry Media Group (Redberry).

Elizabeth Ken is the media specialist of Redberry, CEO and shareholder of Geeko.


On 8 January 2019 both Siew and Elizabeth were arrested and detained by MACC.  On 9 January 2019, MACC obtained an order from the Putrajaya Magistrate Court to remand both of them for four days until 12 January 2019 to assist MACC in its investigation into the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal. Star reported today:  “MACC Looking At Cronyism Angle”.

The Minister of MOTAC and Auditor General must step in to also investigate how could TM operate on a deficit of more than RM100 million from 2017 until now.  All government agencies were supposed to operate on an approved budget but not for TM. TM must be a special specie. Hence it has been embroiled with scandals after scandals.

The shady ‘Speedy Gonzales” Geeeko deal could not have been sealed by just two persons namely Mirza and Elizabeth Ken, both of whom were the two signatories to the said agreement.  MACC should also interview Rashidi, Khani, Musa and Ammar, the other main players. The reason being that Rashidi, Mirza, Khani, Musa and Ammar, are in the top management of MOTAC or TM. They knew very well of the mandatory requirement of registration of a company with MOF before dealing with it. But they chose to ignore the mandatory requirement.

The officers in Redberry should also be interviewed in order to get to the bottom of this shady ‘Speedy Gonzales” deal because of the direct relationship of Elizabeth Ken with Redberry and Geeko.

MACC Should Re-Visit The Case Connected To a “Datuk Seri” In TM

In September 2016 MACC raided Tourism Malaysia HQ. MACC officers was there for 4 days.

Just to recap.  On 22 September 2016 MACC raided TM, carted away documents in connection with purchase of flight tickets that were made from a travel agent, which belonged to the relative of the “Datuk Seri”. MACC investigated this matter and it went quiet until today. For more detail of this case, please read HERE.  MACC may want to re-visit this glaring case, which was abruptly closed.

Stay tuned

19 thoughts on “Unmasked – key players of the shady “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko deal

  1. Anonymous

    YB, How about the double payment of RM5 million when the promotion agreement was clear that only one payment to be made. Datuk Musa please explain why you are so stupid or pretend to be stupid to make the double payment. This could be a case of Kong Kali Kong. Minister, why are you keeping quiet about this matter? Why did you appoint such a useless guy who is indirectly involved with the Geeko scandal. Minister, please make the little napoleons like Musa, Mirza, Rasshidi and Khani to pay for the losses incurred due to the Geeko scandal. This Geeko deal stinks!

  2. TM Anonymous

    I agree that a contract of such big sum cannot be concluded by Datuk Mirza and Elizabeth Ken. The whole management team in TM and MOTAC were all involved to MAKAN the rakyat money. This deal should not be allowed to take off the ground because Geeko was not registered with MOF. This is the basic rule in government procurement.

    For a start, Datuk Rashidi should not have approved the Geeko deal because of the MOF registration issue. Ultimately the ex Minister Nazri Aziz must be also aware about this stinking deal and he of course must have agreed. Without the Minister approval this deal cannot go through too. It is all a conspiracy to cheat the rakyat. They must be hauled up by MACC.

    I was one of the TM staff at the launching of the Smart Tourism 4.0 where Nazri, Siew Ka Wei and Mirza were the super stars to launch the function on the same day as the signing of the agreement.

    The key player, Elizabeth Ken is also very close to Nazri Aziz third wife, Hafline.

    These bastards must be put in orange uniforms and charged. Thereafter, surcharged them for all the losses incurred by TM.

  3. Do Re Mi

    Datuk KP, tindakan yang tepat dan bijak arahkan Unit Integrity monitor posting on social media yang boleh buruk kan lagi nama TM. Tetapi, lebih molek kalau Datuk sebagai KP arahkan Unit Integriti ambil tindakan kepada mereka yang berkempen memakai Logo BN masa PRU14 including your SO and right hand man E52 in HR Div. Kepimpinan melalui teladan. Jangan mula amal double standard, jangan mula cakap tak serupa bikin, jangan buat malu Bangsa Johor. Respect is to be EARNED not DEMANDED.

    1. Hamid TM

      Setuju!! Respect has to be earned and not given to the MUS-ang on the silver plate. How to give him respect when that idiot is the president of KOPEMA and KOPEMA is the shareholder of Geeko from the date of incorporation. Don’t tell me that idiot didn’t know what Geeko’s plan or intention. That idiot was known to promote Geeko deal fiercely. That idiot is also very close to Siew Ka Wei.

      ThaT IDIOT ALSO MADE DOUBLE PAYMENT OF RM5 MIL TO ETHIHAD. Contract only for RM5 million. And yet he chose to pay RM5 million twice. Isn’t he an idiot? a clear of a moron if not idiot.

      Please don’t be in the state of arrogance of power. The idiot’s position as KP has yet to be confirmed by KSN. SO no need to be berlagak la. Nantik tak dapat confirm, baru lah malu. An idiot will alway be an idiot regardless of position. Tak pauyah nak threaten la – Kita sequa tak takut. Even Tun M pun take tunjuk action sepgrrtti Soi Godoy now. F… You.

  4. TM Watch

    Tourism Malaysia should not have consider Geeko’s proposal at all because it was not registered with MOF. WQhateve is done on 4 April was wrong and not valid. If it is valid then the officers in TM & MOTAC must be held responsible for all losses incurred by TM. They must be made to pay for the RM11.963,000. Elizabeth is just a toy la to the cigar man.

    It is a very clear case of corruption or corrupt practices. Let see whether the cigar man can kaotim again to close file.

  5. Apatengok2

    If all the wrongdoings r proven, then I hope all those people involved will be charged accordingly. This will be an eye opener or act as an iktibar to officials of motac n tm to not do things at own whims n greed. If not, yb datuk wck n tm watchdogs will come after u. Great job, YB!!

    Honestly, I can’t see anyone in TM who is eligible for the DG post. We need someone like dato’ faridah hussain to take the helm. Then TM can be like it used to be. #draintheswarm

  6. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    Time for MACC to look deep at Siew-er’s Ancom books.
    Grapevine has it there are gory stories with Ministry of Education…
    Contact me here for more…

  7. Conman Musa

    The documentary evidence in YB’s blog is enough to charge Datuk Mirza and Elizabeth Ken. Both of signatories to the Speedy Gonzales Agreement. Now that Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth were released, the indication is clear that MACC is also going after the bigger fish.

    All those involved in the deal in MOTAC & TM have to face the music. The list should be like this:

    1. Datuk Musa Yusup (current DG), working closely with Siew Ka Wei and a staunch promoter of the Geeko deal since 2017 until sealed. He pjs the president of Kopema and Kopema is shareholder of Geeko Tech. He was fully aware of the impending Speedy Gonzales in November 2017 or even earlier.

    2. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (IKSU of MOTAC) chaired the Lembaga “Perolehan ‘A” on 4.4.2018 when he knew very well that Geeko Tech was not registered with MOF. Further, Speedy Gonzales contract was not budgeted for and TM has no fund to meet the RM99.693 million. Zt that time TM was running in deficit. It is his duty to reject the deal from the outset. But this guy pretend to be stupid and approved it. Of course, that ex-MACC suspect was also part of this Lembaga Perolehan A and he didn’t object it.

    3. Datuk Mirza signed there Speedy Gonzales agreement on 4-4-2018.

    4. Datuk Khani Daud (the ex deputy DG for promotion) approved the claims of RM11 plus million from Geeko Tech on 27.4.2018.

    5. A few days before GE Puan Azlin (director of Finance) paid the RM11 million plus.

    Of course this Speedy Gonzales deal could not have been sealed in 1 day if the Minister didn’t approve in one way or another.

    YB please publish the above. These 5 high ranking officers must be charged for corrupt practices times and surcharge for all losses suffered by TM. .

    In the mean time KSN should stop the promotion of Datuk Musa Yusup as TM DG. Since MACC is probing the corruption in TM, Musa himself is the subject of investigation should be ask to step down to ensure a smooth investigation.

    All of us in TM, do not be scared of the threats by Musa who is a suspect in the Speedy Gonzales scandals. If we know of anyone trying to help or do cover up for these crooks just expose them in YB’s blog. I am sure that YB will publish it. This is the only way to put those culprits behind bar and a thorough clean up of the corruption infested TM. Before Mirza was charged twice for corruption and acquitted due to technicality. In 2016 the Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong – a seducer of a TM staff (who wis married) was investigated for corruption because TM was instructed to buy ticket from his gfamiklhy company. Do you remember this case?

    Don’t be scared of those little Napoleons. Exposed them with facts. I believe YB will never reveal his source. Be braver and write in YB. Blog to get ride of the crooks who spoilt the image of TM.

  8. Anonymous

    MACC please check why MOTAC is not taking action on the outstanding rental of more than RM100,000. We know that the Saloma was rented out to the crony of the ex-minister. Rashidi covering up this matter.

    What is MOTAC minister going to do about the RM130 million deficit incurred. by TM. Why was TM allowed to operates under such a huge deficit. mThis is a case of person spending beyond his means. Check the direct nego contracts – most of them awarded to the cronies.

  9. Ex MM reporter

    MACC must investigate Titanium Compass (Siew Ka Wei and Wong Sai Wan are directors). Wong Sai Wan is the half past six editor of Malay Mail. Titanium have been awarded exclusive advertising contract for 10 years in the MRT station and etc.Other than Titanium is associated with Siew Ka Wei what is so special about Titanium. Siew was running very high when Najib was the PM.

    When I was a reporter in Malay Mail, it went all out to support Najib. I also know that Siew was playing dirty politics in Langkawi during the last general elections to ensure that Tun lost. Please investigate.

  10. Poor Carol

    SPRM should investigate into all the exclusive contracts granted to Siew Ka Wei related companies: Ancom Chemical Sdn Bhd, Redberry, Titanium Kompas (the faceless journalist Wong Sai Wan is a director), Meru Utama (Malaysia Airport).

    Ancom Chemical with Petronas, Meru Utama with Malaysia Airport, Titanium Compass with MRT. that asshole Wong Sai Wan called himself a journalist but having business interest. Ay Chinaman where are you trained?Editor in Chief never have interest in business. No wonder Malay Mail tutu kedai in December. With Wong Sai Wan as editor in MM online, it is just a matter of time it will tutup kledai also.

    Its must be damn shameful for Carol, when Siew and Elizabeth were paraded in orange uniform trying to cover up their face, When the Speedy Gonzales was signed, they were so proud especially the gas bag Siew. Why was there to be shameful? Dare to makan dare to face its. Never mine, Carol can still meet friends all she needs to do is to wear orange t-shirts and cover her face while in public.

    Both can cover their faces with their hand (to show their double Rolex watches), the whole country and the region like Singapore and Thailand already knew that two are Siew Ka Wei, Ancom Bhd’s chairman & Redberry and Elizabeth Ken is his …. and Redberry media specialist. what a big joke.

  11. Elizabeth Kunt

    I heard that poor Carol is sobbing in the house. Dare not socialise now! Feeling very malu I suppose. Her hero must must licking his wounds at home. Before the duo being napped by MACC, Carol and her husband were running sky high. Now both husband and wife can no longer talk big, drop MO1 name or PMO. Now have to eat “curry rice” and humble pie. When the gas bag is charged for corruption, that will be the DAY for all of us to laugh. We hope he could run to MO1 for help. Lets see.

  12. Anonymous

    SPRM has to investigate into the ways in which Siew Ka Wei’s outfits had been awarded all those exclusive contracts. How Petronas gave the monopoly of Methanol contract to Ancom Chemical. How MRT award exclusive contract to Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd? Malay Mail’s editor in chief (Wong Sai Wan) is a director in several of Siew Ka Wei’s companies. One of them its Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd. All these monopoly contracts must be stopped.

    The Speedy Gonzales RM99 mil contract could not have been signed so easily without the approval of the ex Minister of Tourism Dato Nazri Aziz. Elizabeth is very close to Hafline, the 3rd wife of Nazri. The above are a few tips for SPRM.

  13. Ancock

    this MO1 crony Siew Ka Wei was campaigning against Tun M in Langkawi. During the 14 GE Malay Mail office was busy printing campaign material for BN. Every other minute he will be dropping MO1’s name and PMO to impress corporate figures and his friend. After 14 GE, this crony did a u-turn trying to suck up to Tun. Buying a table for few hundred thousand Rnggit for a Tun Siti Hasmah charity function. Good for Siew Ka Wei to give back to society. But he was still arrested and detained for the Speedy Gonzales dirty deal. We hope SPRM will charge this fella and that sweet little thing the media specialist of Redberry asap. Cant wait.

  14. TM Insider

    We look forward to see that Siew ka Wei be charged in court. Datuk Seri Mirza should also be charged because he was one of the main players in the Speedy Gonzales scandal. he signed he agreement.

  15. Little Bird in TM

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Who was that kind hearted high-ranking officer? It would appear that Speedy Gonzales is an insider job using Geeko as a SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE. A conspiracy to makan the rakyat money. Datuk Mirza must not be spared. He was charged for corruptions twice. He got away with it. He bragged about it and laughed at MACC.

    In the Speedy Gonzales deal he was the main player who signed all the letters and agreement. He is definitely the facilitator. If Siew Ka Wei and Elizabeth Ken have been detained, how could this culprit Mirza be spared. Strange! This jangut crook should be charged for what he had done to TM. He allowed TM to operate in deficit of RM137 million. Why? He had made TM to be a useless organisation with scandals after scandals involving corruptions and corrupt practices.

    1. Budak TM

      Setuju! Kenakan si Jangut! Kerajaan perlu surcaj semua pegawai TM dan MOTAC yang terlibat dengan Speedy Gonzales iaitu: Siew Ka Wei, si jangut, Khani, Azleen, Musa dan Rashidi. Siew Ka Wei dan Elizabeth Ken kenapoa tutupkan muka dengan jersey oren. Dulu datana ke TM action dengan pegawai TM. Sekarang bazrulah tau malu. Padan muka. Saya nak tengok Siew, Jangut, Elizabeth, Khjani, Musa, Rashidi dan Azleen (Kewangan) diheret ke Mahkamah. Pada masa tu – padan muka! Nak makan wang rakyat, terima la. Tak panah malu bila pakai jersey oren.
      YB Kenapa tak sebut nama pegawai yang menggambil chek bagi pihak Geeko. Kenapa Azleen Mat Zip bagi sedangkan pegawai tinggi TM bukan pihak Geeko. Kenapa Azleen tak repot masa tu. Azleen pun bersekongkol? Dalam TM ada banyak cacin dan ulat! kami berharap “Ini Kalilah!” berishkan TM dari geng cacin.

  16. Orang TM

    Perompak/penyagak ni perlu disumbat ke dalam Sungei Buluh dengan segera. Musa, tak perlu mengacam pekerja TM. kami tak takut langsung. Kami akan mendedahkan skandal kamu dan napoleon kecil yang lain. Kami menunggu kau memakai baju oren (team Netherlands)!

  17. Samdol

    Tak perlu ancam tak perlu kecam bos2 kitaorg
    Kitaorg semua di belakang bos2 yg di kasehi
    lg byk korg attack bos2 kitaorg lg kuat kami support boss2 kitaorg taw
    Kpd bos2 kitaorg, jgn peduli komen2 negatif. Berani krn benar. Nothing to fear except God.

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