Enough Is Enough With Hidden Charges!

When booking airline ticket one must watch out for the add on & hidden charges imposed by a certain airline..

The Ministry of Transport and MAVCOM should investigate a certain airline which has been imposing hidden charges on the innocent travelling public.

The hidden charges are as follows:

RM20 for Booking Service Fees;

RM8 Credit Card Processing Fees;

RM4 Debit Card Processing Fees;

RM6 Direct Debit Payment Fees & etc per passenger.

The total of these hidden charges is RM38 per passenger.  Such hidden charges are against public interest and should be stopped immediately.

The Minister of Transport and Ministry of Transport should launch this investigation and not be led by the nose and dance to the tune of the airlines.

Now everyone must be cautious on the other add on by airlines when booking ticket.

The travelling public should avoid or boycott airlines that imposed hidden charges and/or add on to the cost of ticket until it stop its unscrupulous acts. Lets teach them a lesson.

4 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough With Hidden Charges!

  1. The Pariah Airline

    What is the Minister of Transport and MAVCOM doing about it? The public has been taken for a ride. It must be the low cast airline that is why the Minister and MAVCOM dare not take actions.

  2. CY Wong

    I feel the frustration of hidden charges by AA, I am a frequent traveler, and its a pain when i login to do online booking in their websites and have to pay so many charges. Even i do instant transfer from my bank account via e-banking is also being charge RM4.00… But here I am not defending AA, I am a traveler and I survey every possible airlines that is possible before I choose the best and cheapest price for my needs to travel. AA has the cheapest price compare to all airlines even after all those hidden charges.

  3. Low Cost Lower Value

    Many of their customers are laymen. Don’t expect them to read between the fine lines.If this world have no fools,their business model will fails and they will close shops.

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