“Geeko Gate” / “Speedy Gonzales” Scandal Hits The Parliament Floor!

Hansard of 3 December 2018

On 3 December 2018 YB Haji Awang Bin Hashim [Pendang Constituency] had brought up the “Gecko Gate” during the debate in Parliament.  Yours truly believes that it was the mistake by the transcriber and it will be rectified by YB Pendang when the Hansard for the 3 December 2018 is finalised.

Yours truly believes that YB Pendang  meant the “Geeko Gate”.

This was what YB Pendang wanted to know:

Kita hendak dapat maklumat adakah masih lagi Kerajaan Harapan mengekalkan mereka yang terlibat ketika skandal Gecko-Gate berlaku pada bulan April kalau tidak silap saya . Minta Penjelasan” from the former Deputy Minister of MOTAC, YB Datuk Wira Mas Ermieyati bin Shamsudin.

The former Deputy Minister of MOAC replied:  Okey saya harap ia dapat dimasukkan dalam sebahagian daripada ucapan saya dan saya harap soalan itu dapat dijawab oleh pihak kementerian.”

It was strange that YB Datuk Wira Mas Ermieyati bin Shamsudin [MP for Masjid Tanah], who was the deputy minister of MOTAC when this “Geeko Gate” was struck on 4-4-2018.  She seemed to have no knowledge at all about this scandalous deal and would also like to know.  What a secret deal!!!

Syabas YB Pendang for a job well done.  Yours truly hopes that other MPs will join in to expose this scandalous ‘Geeko Gate’ deal that was evaluated, negotiated, agreement prepared and signed in ONE DAY on 4-4-2018.

Yours truly had been informed by some MPs that YB Dato’ Mohammadin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism & Cultures (MOTAC) did not give any explanation whatsoever about the scandal known as “Geeko Gate” aka “Speedy Gonzales” deal, HERE.  Please also read the last posting of yours truly, ‘The Speedy Gonzales’ Promotion’ which will explain why the request for clarification from YB Pendang was very conveniently ignored.

It may not be the fault of the Minister because he had to look into many matters concerning tourism and cultures that had been brought up in the debate. More often than not, there were many officers from MOTAC to take note on matters brought up in Parliament and to provide the minister with answer for the Minister to reply.

Somehow the “Geeko Gate” / “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million deal had been conveniently overlooked! A classic case of the tv comedy in UK, the “Yes Minister”.

In Parliament they are many officers from various government departments or agencies (including MACC) taking notes. Yours truly hopes that the MACC officers will inform its HQ that the “Geeko Gate” or the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ RM99.693 million Deal had hit the floor of Parliament!

Five months have elapsed and there is no news from MACC. Yours truly hopes that some MPs would take the opportunity to ask follow up questions what is happening to the report on this ‘Geeko Gate’.

Please sit back and enjoy your pop corn from now. The show has just begun.

Stay Tuned.

13 thoughts on ““Geeko Gate” / “Speedy Gonzales” Scandal Hits The Parliament Floor!

  1. Botak in Redcherry

    “Geeko Gate” sounds great. Five months for MACC to investigate into this simple scandal is taking far too long. All MACC needs to do is to pick up Elizabeth Ken for an overnight interview she will sing like bird. She will reveal the real role of her special partner. Not sure partner for what!

    The cigar munching fella must be shitting bricks by now. His loudspeaker had gone very soft and he is hiding most of the time. Can’t wait to watch those responsible and have running high during MO1 time.

  2. Botak in Redcherry

    Musa is an innocent man. He does not know that his then good boss was deeply involved in the Geeko scandal. He is just the president of Kopema. Kopema is just a shareholder. That about it. What is the problem? Musa is very innocent ok. Until today he is not aware of Geeko scandal. Now he is the KP and he is still not aware about Geeko. That makes him a clean man!!!

    1. Anonymous

      How can u know whose clean and not? So biased judgment. Let the law decide coz it is not your job to do so bro or are you wiling to put your life in the line for Musa?

      If TM’s employee like you still don’t change your mindset of bodek and “yes bos” TM will always be in this kind of turmoil regardless who is it at the top.

  3. The Wolf in sheep skin

    Datuk Musa didn’t know about the Geeko Tech’s deal? Musa is part of the management team. If he doesn’t know about this deal until now then he should be the KP for the toilet in TM! We know that he is in the know about this scandal. He is one of them who is instrumental in getting the deal through.

    YB if MACC not moving then lodge another report with MACC on the previous report. Lets see for how long the MACC is going to cover this up.

  4. Anonynmous

    It is incredible that even the ex deputy minister didn’t know the stinking Geeko deal when the the deal was concluded one month before GE 14. Datuk Musa must not pretend that he was not aware of this matter. The fact seemed to show that he was in the know of this dirty deal in November 2917 when Geeko was set up.

    MACC must call Musa for a the Tarik session and provide him with 5 star overnight accommodation. Let him be another Mirza.

  5. Si Musang

    The Geeko Gate! Datuk Musa didn’t know about the Geeko Gate until today. Kopema blindly bought the share from the street. He didn’t know who is elizabeth Ken. He also didn’t know hat Elizabeth is connected to Redberry Media Group. He also didn’t know that Siew Ka Wei, the former chairman of TM, is the managing director of Redberry Media Group.

    Then he must be bloody stupid to think that we didn’t what had gone on in TM from January 2018 until the Geeko gate was exposed! Datuk Musa, we know too well of why Geeko Gate was set up the way it did.

    Musa should tell its members and SPRM where Kopema got the fund to buy the 10,000 Geeko’s shares when it can’t pay MOTAC the rental until now. MOTAC or the KSU pretend he does not know. Like the few hundred thousand Ringgit outstanding rental not collected for Saloma.

    The Minister for MOTAC should do a thorough audit of the direct nego contracts, outstanding rental for Saloma and the canteen in MOTAC HQ.

  6. The Corporate Conman

    More than 5 months is a bit too long to investigate a straight forward case. You can see from this link:


    that more than enough documentary evidence. For a start the transaction taken place in one day was damning enough. Government department like TM doing business with Geeko Tech from February up to 5 April 2018 but Geeko Tech was only registered with Ministry of Finance on 6 April 2018. Therefore, TM should not deal with Geeko Tech before 6 April 2018. Payment released to Geeko extremely fast – never happened in TM. These are the few element of corrupt practices.

    Charge those little Napoleons like the person who chair the Lembaga Perolehan A, signed the contracts, approved payment, made the payment to Geeko Tech and not to forget corporate guys without.

    The Christmas and New Year presents: To see these crooks are charged before year end.

  7. John Wick

    Reading all about the case and comments left by people who visited this blog( which i’m sure 90% are TM employees) is actually quite sad. It is sad because so many TM’s staff knows about all these and don’t have the balls to do anything. If you guys are so righteous and “berani kerana benar”, why don’t go report to MACC before these things happened? Barking things at the comment section of a blog like some kind of keyboard warrior don’t mean shit this time and day people.

  8. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    What Siew-er Ka Wei did with Geeko is peanuts vs what he is involved with ministry of education.
    All it takes is Macc to check Ancom books

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