The ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Promotion!

Datuk Musa Bin Yusof, the newly appointed DG of Tourism Malaysia.

Datuk Musa bin Yusof (Datuk Musa) was the Director of International Promotion Division (Asia/Africa) in Tourism Malaysia (TM).  On 3-11-2018 Datuk Musa has been promoted as the new Director General (DG) of TM for 2 years with effect from 2-11-2018 to 1-12-2020 by YB Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi, the Minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Cultures (MOTAC).  Datuk Musa is the youngest in the management team of TM. He must have very ‘special’ capabilities that the others do not have. No wonder he is the president of KOPEMA.

Datuk Mirza, who was appointed as DG from within TM and just retired as DG on 2-12-2018, after 14 years.

The lighting speed or ‘Speedy Gonzales’ promotion of Datuk Musa is unprecedented in the history of TM.

The unprecedented appointment letter from the Minister of MOTAC.

Why was this ‘Speedy Gonzales’ promotion unprecedented?

Firstly, Datuk Musa was promoted not from the rank of Deputy DG, Datuk Razip Hassan and by En Zulkifly Said, who was recently promoted. Therefore, Datuk Musa had by-passed these two high ranking officers.  Secondly, Datuk Musa’s promotion as the DG is for a period of two years only.

TM is a “closed service” agency which means that the members of staff in TM cannot be transferred out to other government department.  However, the post of Director General of TM is an “open post”, which means that other PTD officer or any person from the private sector could be appointed as DG of TM for a specific period.

Datuk Musa’s Position After The Expiry Of 2 years?

After the two years period, what will be the position of Datuk Musa in TM?  Will Datuk Musa be absorbed back into TM as Deputy DG or any other post or he will be retired from TM thereon?  This will be a predicament for Datuk Musa, the Minister of MOTAC and/or TM.

Let’s hope that the said letter of appointment above was not designed by the little napoleon or ‘Black Sheep’ within MOTAC and/or TM as part of a scheme to sabotage.

Is Datuk Musa the fit and proper person to be promoted as the DG of TM?

Let us examine the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ direct nego contract worth RM99.693 million between Geecko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) and TM.  Please look at a few of the glaring events below:


The SSM Report on Geeko

6-11-2017        Geeko was incorporated.                          

      Three of the seven Geeko shareholders are:          

       Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying                                                               1 share

        En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd                                                     14,999 shares          

        Koperasi Kakitatangan Kementerian Pelancongan

        dan Kebudayaan Malaysia (KOPEMA)       10,000 shares                                             

The two shareholders in En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd are Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (Elizabeth Ken) and her sister, Jessie Ken Tzu Hsein.  For more details, please read HERE.

The President of KOPEMA is Datuk Musa Bin Yusuf, the newly appointed DG of TM.

Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying, CEO of Geeko & Media Specialist Of Redberry Media Group

Ms Elizabeth Ken, CEO of Geeko and Media Specialist of Redberry Media Group.


Ms Elizabeth Ken‘s profile in the website of Likendin.

Dato’ Seri Dr Siew Ka Wei, The Then Chairman of Tourism Malaysia

Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin (the business partner of Dato’ Seri Siew Ka Wei). Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei, the MD of Redberry Meida Group, executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and the then chairman of Tourism Malaysia. The defunct Malay Mail was part of Redberry Media Group.

Elizabeth Ken is the CEO of Geeko.  At the material time Elizabeth Ken was the media specialist of Redberry Media Group (Redberry). Redberry is part of Ancom Bhd (Ancom). By coincidence, Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei is the executive chairman of Ancom and at the material time he was also the chairman of Tourism Malaysia.

Sometime in March 2018, TM appointed Geeko to do a ‘Kajian’ and thereafter TM appointed Geeko to set up its digital marketing platform.  By the way, in 2016 TM had already appointed Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (Kraken), a computer programming company to set up its digital marketing platform!  Of course, the famous Raja Firdaus was the executive director of Kraken and he is a close family friend of Datuk Ammar Ghapar one of the directors in TM.  For more details, please read HERE.

Kraken had been paid a handsome sum by TM for setting up the so-called ‘digital marketing platform’ and yet TM in a year later had to by direct nego contract appoint Geeko, which was a 5 months old company, for RM99.693 million to again set up the ‘digital marketing platform’!

On 4-4-2018  the scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko RM99.693 million deal was evaluated, negotiated, agreement prepared and executed in ONE day! Yours truly is sure that it is a big surprise to everyone that the government agency has became so extremely efficient.  Geeko was only registered with the Ministry of Finance on 6-4-2018, 2 days after signing the said contract.  Please read HERE.

TM was so efficient that there was no proper or usual exit clause in the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ contract.

At The Material Time, Was Datuk Musa aware of the “Speedy Gonzales’ Deal?

Was this not a case of conflict of interest? 

Yours truly would like to believe that Datuk Musa as the president of KOPEMA, which is one of the shareholders of Geeko, and as a Director of International Promotion Division (Asia/Africa) was totally unaware of this ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko deal worth RM99.693 million.

At all material time, Datuk Musa was part of the management team of TM and President of KOPEMA, which is a shareholder of Geeko.  Geeko entered into the ‘Speedy Gonzales” deal of RM99.693 million. Was this not a clear case of conflict of interests?

If at all material time Datuk Musa was fully aware of this ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko deal, did he declare his interest as the president of KOPEMA to TM’s top management?

Just Before 14th GE, TM Paid Geeko RM13,263,160.00

On 27-4-2018, in the midst of 14th GE campaign, Datuk Khani Daud, the then Deputy DG, approved the first payment of RM11,963,160.00 to be paid to Geeko.

Within about a week or a few days before the 14th General Elections on 9-5-2019, TM paid Geeko more than RM13,263,160.00 (RM11,963,160.00 + RM1,300,000.00 [study done by Geeko to appoint Geeko]). By TM standard, this could also be called the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ payment!

As president of KOPEMA, Datuk Musa must come clean to account to the public to state how much KOPEMA had actually received from the said sum of RM13,263,160.00 from Geeko.

Minister of MOTAC To Explain The Double Payments of RM5 million

TM entered into a joint promotion contract with Ethihad Airway UAE for RM5 million. TM was so efficient that it rushed into making double payment of RM5 million to Ethihad Airway America and another RM5 million to Ethihad Airway UAE! It seemed that the TM officer concerned could not read and understand the agreement or differentiate which party TM was contractually bound to pay.  This is typical of the officer in the management team of TM.  What a sad case!

Yours truly calls upon the Minister of MOTAC to explain to the rakyat:

Why was there a need to do this joint promotion with Ethihad Airway when MAS, our national airline, was ignored to the extent that it has no representative on the Board of TM? (TM also spent a lot of time having joint promotion with Singapore Airline but with no payment. In this case TM paid RM5 million twice. Very strange!)

Why TM was in such rush to pay the RM5 million twice?

Was in a case of someone and their cronies have a stake in this matter?

What is the status of the double payments of RM5 million ?

What action had been taken for the gross negligent act of the officer concerned?  Whether the officer responsible for the gross negligent act, which may cause TM to lose RM5 million, will be surcharged for the losses if any under the General Order?

Status of The Report To MACC

A report on the Speedy Gonzales RM99.693 million Geeko deal had been lodged with MACC.  We hope that MACC will expedite its investigations into this scandal and take the appropriate actions against the culprits.

Please stay tuned!

28 thoughts on “The ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Promotion!

  1. Anwar TM

    With this little napoleon as KP, TM is as good as going down the drain! He cannot even handle simple issue on making payment to the right party. Why should TM be made to suffer for the possible loss of RM5 million. The minister should surcharge Musa on all losses including interest for the duble payment of RM5 million.

  2. Penyagak TM

    Masa Tengku Adnan menteri pelancongan si Musa terlibat dalam scandal magazine racks dan telah kena warning. Ingat tak?

    Jaganlah nak kita percaya dia tak tahu langsung transaksi Geeko. Dia lah amat rapat dengan Siew Ka Wei Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

  3. Daljit in TM

    What is he been doing as President of Kopema? The MOTAC canteen is rented by Kopema but it has been owing huge outstanding rental to MOTAC. But the KSU is closing his eyes. The few hundred thousand Ringgit outstanding rental from the tenants at Salomas, what is the KSU doing about it. Musa as DG, God bless TM. He cannot even manage Kopema properly.

    A good write up by YB. Don’t tell me when Kopema joined Geeko Tech as a shareholder in November 2017, Musa as its president did not know the reason why Geeko was set up. Don’t tell me that Kopema bought the 10,000 shares in Geeko blindly without knowing the main purpose Geeko was set up. Don’t tell me Musa didn’t know that Geeko was set up as a special purpose vehicle for someone and his cronies. Don’t tell me Musa didn’t know who is that somebody. That somebody is his good friend! We in TM know who is that someone. Musa is a shameless guy! I hope MACC will take the necessary actions against all those involved in the Geeko deal.

  4. Con Man Musa

    Geeko scandal will live to haunt Datuk Musa throughout his tenure for two years or more until a few officers in TM are charged. we are in TM we know what Musa had been doing behind the scene on Geeko deal. I fully agree with other readers: Datuk Musa is the president of Kopema. From day one Geeko was set up, Kopema was its shareholder together with Elizabeth Ken. Datuk Musa better own up that as president of KOPEMA you were fully aware that Geeko is the special purpose vehicle of your sahabat karib. Stop pretending. You can fool outsiders or MACC officers but you cannot fool us inside TM. Datuk Musa, beranikah sumpah bahawa kamu tak kenal siapa Elizabeth Ken dan Elzabeth Ken ni ada perhubungan intim dengan siapa? Kaki penipu!

  5. Anonymous

    Who was involved in this double payment nonsense? Which little napoleon did this stupid thing? Was there a disciplinary action taken against the officer? or he was rewarded for making double payment?

  6. Siam

    YBhg Datuk Musa is very capable man. His leadership proven with Kelab Rekreasi TM, Koppema and various divisions under his supervision. Just give him a chance to lead. Work together with him not for him but for the country.

    1. Con Man Musa

      Kebab Rekrasi and TM are two different things. Please don’t be confused. Musa is the president of KOPEMA and KOPEMA is a shareholder of Geeko Tech when GEEKO was incorporated in November 2017. In February/March TM commissioned Geeko to do a study about digital marketing platform and paid RM1 over million to Geeko. On 4.4.2018 the Geeko deal was negotiatied, contract prepared and signed on the same day.

      Please don’t bullshit us that Musa did not know the purpose Geeko was set up and the deal involving RM99 million. BY the way Musa is in the inner circle of TM top management. If Musa is not aware of this scandalous deal then he is not fit to be the KP.

      If he knew then the next question is whether he declare his or KOPEMA’s interest in TM officially and exclude himself from the discussion or meetings in connection with this Geeko deal.

      If this matter not made clear officially then Musa’s integrity is with Big Question mark! MACC should also interview him re the Geeko scandal.

      Until today this Musa is still keeping quiet when questions have been asked of him how much did KOPEMA receive from Geeko Tach. Geeko had received almost RM12 million from TM. Thanks to Datuk Seri Khani for approving the payment. Within one week before GE, TM paid the RM12 million. Is TM so efficient in paying its suppliers or vendor? Of course, NOT!

    2. TM Insider

      There is no need for you to tell us how good is Datuk Musa. We know he is damn good. Thats why he is the president of Kopema. Have you seen the audited account of Kopema. Subsidy received from Koperasi. What Kopema use the subsidy for?

      Yes how much rental owing to MOTAC for the canteen? Care to tell us?

      Did Musa object to the Geeko deal? of course not!

      How much Kopema received from the Geeko deal?

      Remember the magazine rack scandal when Tengku Adnan was the minister?

      Who was responsible for the RM5 million double payments to Ethihad?

      From all the above, we got to be impressed by Datuk Musa’s big achievements.

      Thank you

  7. Hassan MOTAC

    Musa as president of KOPEMA should tell us how many years KOPEMA has been owing rental of the canteen to MOTAC and how much?

    If KOPEMA can afford to buy special shares in Geeko Tech why can’t it pays up the rental in arrears to MOTAC?

    Do you know that the recently sneaky jangut of TM has been coming to MOTAC to see the KSU but do not. Know for what purpose. May be to set up another special purpose vehicle like Geeko.

    On another note, the Minister of MOTAC should check from Rashidi (KSU) how many months outstanding rental that the outlets in Saloma are owing. I am told a few hundred thousand Ringgit!!! Why no actions?

      1. Con Man Musa

        I thought that Kong Kali Kong had been sent to Siberia!. How to Kong Kali Kong? May be can kong in Bangkok!
        On a serious note. When is the KSU going to take actions on outstanding rental of a few hundred thousand RM for the Salomas outlets???? Has the KSU briefed the Minister? if yes, why is the Minister not taking any actions?

  8. Hamid

    The new KP of TM should tell Malaysians which stupid officer was responsible for making double payments to Ethihad. May be he cannot tell because he is not aware and not interested to find out. TM is a joke! Ka! Ka! Ka!

  9. Si Bodoh

    Siapa lagi yang buat bayaran 2 kali? Si Bodoh KP! Tak tau la dia bodoh atau ada agenda lain. Datuk KP, kamu ni buta hurufkah?

  10. Hanif TM

    Only an idiot will make a double payment! Who is that idiot? Datuk Musa did you pay the RM5 million twice? If yes, you are the most qualified person on earth to be KP for TM. No wonder TM has been operating in deficit. You are a joke for PH Government!

    PH govt should send it a team of officers from the auditor general to do a thorough audit into all the contract signed by Advertising department in TM. It is rotten in there.

  11. Elizabeth the mistress

    Musa cannot say that he is not aware of the Geeko deal. As president of KOPEMA and KP, he must account for his relationship with Geeko, Elizabeth Ken (Redberry staff), Siew Ka Wei (the MD of Redberry Group). MACC must investigate into the relationship. Minister of MOTAC, the appointment of Musa is just incredible and memalukan!

    Kopema’s deputy President Datuk Ammar is no angel. We must watch this dangerous shorty too

  12. Another Kong Kali Kong

    For the double payments of RM5 million. The Auditor General must recommend that government should surcharge him. In fact the mistake done by the little napoleons were not real mistake but done with agenda. Therefore, they should be surcharged. They must be made to pay for it otherwise they will not stop.

  13. Carol Sewage

    What is the Minister doing about the scandalous Geeko deal, RM5 million double payment and many others? The officers responsible for the losses should be made to pay for it through surcharge. Datuk Musa should be made by pay for the RM5 million until it is recovered! The very minimum Datuk Musa should be made to pay for the interest lost for the RM5 million. He cannot say that it is not his fault. He cannot say that he didn’t know what he was doing. If an example is not set, the little napoleons will carry on doing all the nonsense.

  14. Azmi TM

    We inTM know that Datuk Musa was the person responsible for the double payments of RM5 million. How stupid or purposely to be stupid? It must be investigated by the authorities. He must be made to be responsible for such obvious ‘mistake’ otherwise it would appear that to get promotion in TM one must make stupid mistake at the expense of the rakyat.

  15. The Musang King

    How could a high ranking officer in TM paid RM5 million twice and for a different parties? Will Musa pay twice to two different shops for something he bought using his money? Surcharge him before confirming him as KP. He is not fit to be an office boy let alone KP. He is most fit to seal the Geeko deal.

  16. The Musa-ng Man

    All the “Bisu” in MOTAC and TM, tell us what are you going to do with the double payments caused by this little napoleon Datuk Musa. He must be made to pay for it. By all means reward him with the KP post for doing such thing which was against the interest of MOTAC & TM but he must be made to be responsible for it at least for interest charge for the RM5 million. . He cannot be allowed to enjoy his promotion and immune from all responsibilities for his misdeeds of double payments & others.

  17. Con Job

    If you want to be promoted in TM, you must commit many wrongs. Look at Datuk Musa, made double payments of RM5 millions to Ethihad and the President of KOPEMA and Kopema is the shareholder of Geeko Tech. As you know Geeko was the most scandalous deal in PH govt. The Geeko deal was done in one day. Musa got promoted to the KP.

    Another one fat lady was involved in misappropriation of fund in the USA and good for nothing. Of course she is a crony of the Jangut and she was promoted last year.

    Another management team, always on sick leave and entered into a contract with a non existent company and he got promoted.

    There are too many of this category of little napoleons in TM. Sad day for TM and rakyat.

    Lets hope that KSN will not confirm Datuk Musa as the KP. If confirm it will be dark days ahead for TM. Confirm him to be a ball carrier to Minister Mohamaddin Ketapi, who has no asset and his son was not involved in awarding of contracts. Ha Ha Ha

  18. Nor TM

    This fella is another Kong Kali Kong.

    He is also very close to the former Chairman Siew Ka Wei.

    To pay RM5 million twice qualifies the person to be an idiot. Now an idiot is heading TM. Memalukan Kerajaan PH.

  19. RM5 million Man

    We must write to KSN to complain about this RM5 million little Napoleon. He is also a Geeko. He knew all along about the scandalous Geeko deal. When Geeko was set up Kopema was already a shareholder. He is the President of Kopema. We hope that MACC will also look at this RM5 million Napoleon.

  20. The 5 million Ringgit Man

    KSN please be cautious with this 5 million Ringgit Man. He is very much one of the Geeko man. He is a close contact of the cigar man. If you dont believe me please ask Carol. Surcharge him for the double pavement. Why must TM be made to suffer for his brainless act.

  21. Musa-ng the Conman

    A few months ago MOF and CEP have directed TM to terminate the Geeko agreement, until this day the RM5 million Man has not terminate the Geeko agreement. Why are the little napoleons in TM so powerful? They dare to be in defiance of higher authorities. Or they have an interest in this scandalous deal?

  22. Anonymous

    What is happening with the MACC investigations into the Geeko scandal? The Musang is definitely involved. He is very closed to the conman in Geeko Tech. We can only hope that MACC will act soon before things will get worst in TM. What is happening to the RM5 million double payment to Ethihad? Only an idiot will make double payment for a transaction unless there were . other considerations.

  23. The Mus-ang

    This Musang is threatening us not to respond to social media regarding the Geeko’s scandal. Musang is asking the Integrity Department to monitor the staff. Tolong la. Musang you must be an idiot. You are the probblem. You were the one who was pushing for the Geeko deal. Kopoema is a shareholder of Geeko. What cock you are talking! We will carry on to viral the story. Paper cannot cover fire ok. You’re just as corrupted as SKW.In fact your are his crony.

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