More Arrests On Visa Processing Scandal?

The famous MACC’s orange jersey to be worn by more famous players.

Updates 03-11-2018:  Syed Hussein Alhabsee, 17 others sue DPMM (Malay Chambers of Commerce) president. This is about RM5 million fund allocated to it by PMO. They claimed that the RM5 mil was not credited into DPMM’s bank account. They also claimed that RM1 million was credited to DPMM from a company known as ‘REDBERRY’, (as reported by Sun Daily quoting a Bernama report) HERE.

It is strange that this law suit story was first reported in Malay Mail Online, after a few hours it was taken off!  Is the ‘Redberry’ referred to in the Sun Daily the same as the Redberry Media Group connected to Dato’ Siew Ka Wei as stated in this article under S5 Systems Sdn Bhd, which was involved with visa processing scandal?  

MACC officers have raided Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) and arrested two of its officers and another ex-high ranking officer of JIM, who is a Datuk, was also arrested, HERE.

Yours truly believes that the arrest of three persons is just the tip of the iceberg. There should be another ten or more personalities connected to the visa processing scandal to be arrested in the near future.

Yours truly had written several articles about the operations of visa processing fees which have been going on since 2012.  The visa processing business has been monopolised by three companies namely, Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB), S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd.  Please read HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

The former Deputy PM, YB Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi, was charged with three counts of corruption involving one of the three visa processing companies, Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, HERE.

Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd is the smallest of the three. UKSB is the largest whose daily collections of visa processing fees totalled more than RM500,000.00! A very lucrative business indeed.


Wan Quoris Shah Bin Wan Abdul Ghani aka Wan Badak.

Beside Wan Quoris Shah Bin Wan Abdul Ghani aka Wan Badak, Harry Lee Vui Khiun is the other main player in UKSB.

To get to the bottom of the visa processing scandals, MACC will have to interview Datuk Alias Ahmad, who was the DG of JIM when UKSB was just in its infancy. In 2012 he officiated the opening of UKSB office in Beijing. He was the last DG for Ministry of Education. He just retired a few months ago.

S5 Systems Sdn Bhd

Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin. Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei. These are the two powerful corporate figures in Malaysia.

The man behind S5 Systems Sdn Bhd, is the famous Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin (popularly known as Alamin), who is a business partner of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei. Both Tan Sri Al Amin and Dato’ Siew Ka Wei are also connected to Ancom Bhd, Redberry Media Group, Malay Mail, Ancom Kimia Sdn Bhd (5 years methanol exclusive contract with Petronas Chemical Group), Meru Utama Sdn Bhd (7 years plus 3 years exclusive advertising space contract in Malaysia airports), Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (10 years exclusive advertising space contract in MRT and Station) and many more

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei was the former chairman of Tourism Malaysia (TM), which was embroiled in the scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales’ RM99.693 million deal with Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) involving public fund.  TM loves direct nego contracts, Global Renown Ltd and Geeko were part of it, HERE

The CEO of Geeko is Ms Elizabeth Ken, who by coincidence is the media specialist of Redberry Media Group, an outfit of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei.

In June 2018 a report was lodged with MACC about the scandalous Speedy Gonzales deal, which was valued, negotiated and sealed within one day. It is a simple case which was supported by full sets of documentation, HERE.

Yours truly believes that since Ms Elizabeth Ken is the media specialist of Redberry Media Group, she will be able to assist in the MACC investigations into this scandalous ‘Speedy Gonzales’  deal.

We all hope that there will be more arrests in connection with the above scandals involving the visa processing companies and the Speedy Gonzales RM99.69 million Geeko deal.

Please stay tuned.

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